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    1. She could amuse herself exploring all the outdoors that Ava had built up

    2. A private citizen, who, in time of profound peace, and without any particular encouragement from the public, should spend the greater part of his time in military exercises, might, no doubt, both improve himself very much in them, and amuse himself very well; but he certainly would not promote his own interest

    3. The state, by encouraging, that is, by giving entire liberty to all those who, from their own interest, would attempt, without scandal or indecency, to amuse and divert the people by painting, poetry, music, dancing; by all sorts of dramatic representations and exhibitions; would easily dissipate, in the greater part of them, that melancholy and gloomy humour which is almost always the nurse of popular superstition and enthusiasm

    4. But she didn't really believe his stories, thinking he had made it up to amuse her

    5. The burial was marked by another scene of bloodshed, and more victims were chosen and executed, one of the mourners being sometimes seized and killed, if it suited the priest's caprice to further amuse the crowd

    6. You never have to worry (or is it wolly?) about being short of something to amuse you after dark

    7. That idea actually seemed to amuse him

    8. He told me to go amuse myself while he talked to Carlotta

    9. The very next day, Krishnan found someone else to amuse him and his desires


    11. It was a form of mild bullying which appeared to amuse him as much as not being allowed to help her with the housework

    12. But I think she would reject that method, and amuse herself by blasting and scattering you repeatedly until the curse was completely expended

    13. Trask and the girl were left to amuse one another

    14. He came back directly, Charly being in full control of the meal and reminding him his duty was to amuse her aunt

    15. as comical, as his moods in his drunken states would exasperate me as much as they’d amuse

    16. touch with Jan and Chantal through e-mails, most of which never failed to amuse me as

    17. The idea seemed to amuse him

    18. "Others’ faults" amuse us, fill with joy our recreational afternoons and may even be commented as one comments those famous Hollywood comedies, collected between friends and adorning them with scraps of truth; our own, on the other hand, are discussed in very low voice, whispered, surrendering as a tribute to the confidence

    19. Eight youngish actors had joined us to prepare for our Edinburgh Fringe offering of Macbeth, probably hoping to emulate the success of Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore whose revue continued to amuse worldwide

    20. All I've ever asked of my pupils is to treat me the same as I treat them: with politeness as equals while doing my best to amuse as well as edify

    21. She decorated the table with candles, opened a bottle of white wine, and played the perfect hostess until, pleading a headache, she left the ‗boys‘ as she called them to clean up and amuse themselves

    22. Let’s amuse this for a moment…

    23. What didn’t amuse him was carelessness

    24. Joe would not amuse her when he would come out with statements like “what does it feel like to be famous”

    25. The one thing that did not amuse me was how Lily's ex could say such cruel words to her, and Lily telling me he did that often

    26. Puppets are in fact there to amuse the audience and the spectators; so what 108

    27. ) She takes scraps from her mothers’ futile and abandoned sewing projects, and cuts them into shapes to be glued onto boxes and colored glass bottles, but that cannot amuse her much these days

    28. “But we amuse you sometimes?” There came no reply to this question

    29. Adapting to the change, they found ways to amuse themselves that did not involve their parents

    30. grams that served no other purpose than to amuse or

    31. On The Throne, We Will Amuse

    32. her own way to amuse itself and pushing things off high places and hearing them

    33. I still paint, but only at weekends, and mainly to amuse the

    34. Unfortunately, this would mean that Lady Jane had been wrong in her assumptions, a fact that would not amuse her given that she had been shown up by her own husband

    35. Sensing the tension between the two, Feltus interrupted so as to appease the coroner and amuse the other men, “Like they say, once a snoop, always a snoop

    36. Helping her to a sitting position, they looked at her as thought she was a ghost, which seemed to amuse her

    37. He would amuse himself by coming out with snippets of speech from scenes etched on his mind, trying it on with any woman within earshot; just in case …

    38. “Nothing,” Wickland said jovially, “I amuse myself sometimes

    39. The news of the deadly fight between the Russians and the ISIS fighters seemed to both amuse and please her handler

    40. His question seemed to amuse the young servant, who smiled and answered in a low voice

    41. finished the game they would amuse themselves by illtreating us

    42. That seemed to amuse Shanandar, who looked at Shoumak while speaking to Tina

    43. It is frustrating that even after the best possible meal, or sex, or whatever, the mind very quickly starts to seek a new stimulation to amuse it or even

    44. There is a bewildering and mind boggling choice and availability of a kaleidoscope of information, fiction, non-fiction, entertainment, games and social networking to amuse and interest us

    45. Apparently my inadequate piloting abilities amuse him

    46. That notion seemed to amuse greatly d’Artagnan, who played with one tip of his thin moustache

    47. “You amuse me,” Hades said

    48. At the moment, he’s just an ornament to put in the corner of the room and amuse the children

    49. “It would amuse me,” Ragnar repeated, in a voice which tolerated no contradiction

    50. “I thought I’d amuse myself while the slaughter is going on

    1. Jerm shrugged, trying his best not to look amused

    2. Emma chuckles at the other end of the phone and I hear her explain to Adrian what she’s so amused about

    3. By the end of it Liz and I were thoroughly fed up with the exercise so when Stephen bounced in after a day in the office, we were not amused

    4. Nick appears at my elbow, an amused look on his face – he was clearly in on the secret - he hands me the tissue which his Gran has handed him in her usual, perceptive way

    5. “Well, I suppose a few days here, keep them amused and who

    6. them amused without drawing attention to yourself” said Joe

    7. Wiesse would certainly not be amused by that sort of inattentiveness … as a result I find myself watching the path carefully, straining my eyes for any such rut

    8. ’ Berndt’s amused voice said from the door of the stable

    9. I try to look as though I understand what he is talking about, though the amused look Berndt throws in my direction suggests that I am not as successful as I hope

    10. ’ Berndt said, obviously amused by my infatuation with the bird

    11. They stand erect, responsible and confident with hands on hips in ankle length skirts and boots of leather, amused by the fashions of the visitors on the quayside

    12. I can see from my reflection in the mirror, that I manage a very reasonable impression of amused surprise … I’m impressed …

    13. Gary is obviously amused

    14. him during his treatment seemed amused

    15. ‘What’s so funny?’ he whispered into my ear, he sounds amused himself

    16. 'Yes, why not?' he asked, amused at my reaction

    17. I think he realized my difficulty, I caught him several times looking at me with an amused expression on his face

    18. looking on with that faintly amused expression he so often wore and

    19. was slightly amused that his approach had been so transparent to

    20. She seemed a bit amused at it

    21. He was not amused when the call came in

    22. Tom was amused by this observation – it was a far cry indeed

    23. Oddly, he seemed amused rather than

    24. ‘Then you had better get back over to your place if the man has come all this way to see you!’ I said, amused by her embarrassment

    25. She noticed his clothes were gone and was amused by how shy he was that he couldn’t go down there without them

    26. paintings in the Scuola have always amused me

    27. She discarded both the hibernation and lost basin theory, believed the part about the slavery, and was amused by his love for Luray

    28. amused at the juxtaposition of profane, fanciful beasts

    29. It amused him that his little bivouac now contained over one hundred thousand dollars worth of fur at pre-pulse prices

    30. Theoton stood there with an amused smile stretching his prominent jaw

    31. Projectors, indeed, in every corner of it, have, within these few years, amused the public with most magnificent accounts of the profits to be made by the cultivation and improvement of land

    32. He seemed amused and it was confirmed, when he doubled over, holding his stomach from laughing

    33. Chloe ignored my insult, tossed her curls with an amused smile, then resumed her

    34. Takes her hands and smiles hopefully into her warily amused eyes

    35. She had an amused expression on her face

    36. But he was rather amused when he heard the man reply to Haelga’s overture with a very droll utterance of, “You intrigue me…Divines know Dibella’s my favorite…

    37. The way in which several recruits paused and stood gape-mouthed, bearing lop-sided grins, amused her greatly as she and the officer marched ahead

    38. As she quickly read the short message, she had to muffle an amused gasp

    39. Amused, the Nord wasted no time in sharing the summary of his worries with the feathered companion

    40. He amused Jesus by telling him stories about various animals

    41. Danny amused himself thinking it was a shame

    42. amused himself by thinking how much the man

    43. He heard Sharon's amused snort

    44. The picture of her standing at her door last night, in her kimona, flashed into his head; her standing there with her hair piled up in a towel and him miming and calling her Lotus Blossom and she hadn't been amused

    45. The Hungarian waiter was highly amused at Jack's demonstration and had turned up the piped gypsy music and soon had them all dancing the Csardas awkwardly between the tables

    46. amused at my frustrated arrogance, but I don’t blame him; where I in his shoes, I would do the

    47. he was amused by the actions of his officers and men

    48. The rulers of Great Britain have, for more than a century past, amused the people with the imagination that they possessed a great empire on the west side of the Atlantic

    49. Jim was amused at my new interest in Max, but

    50. I suspect that Abigail Adams would have been amused by that statement

    1. The warm water diluting it only makes the stuff worse; a fact which amuses Gilla as I express my distaste and wince

    2. It amuses me that he appears disconcerted by her comment – obviously not at all sure what has been said!

    3. “Nothing amuses me, I am happy that you have made the decision to leave here

    4. A 12-year-old boy amuses himself far too much by dissecting a live frog with his favourite penknife

    5. Wonder why life had let fate withdraw its model brand well before its expiry time; but the lament in the obituaries about the loss to the society on account of those, who had long ceased to contribute amuses me; would the lack of meaningless hyperboles in them mean any disrespect to the departed? What about the living legends; the psyche of these spent forces makes an interesting reading; used as they were to adulations in their heydays, they tend to bemuse themselves at sundry events as the organizers eulogize them to add value to their own endeavors, and as if they came out of their oblivion, they head home to savor a peg or two to buttress their fantasy of falsity

    6. It always amuses me when a slimmer who loves fattening food tells me that they have no willpower

    7. When novelty is all that stimulates, amuses, or pleasures us, then the palate of our emotions has been dulled to gray and we are haunted by an ashen spiritscape that was scorched in the pursuit of conquering boredom

    8. of one who has so little a soul that he amuses himself by ruining others’ lives

    9. The thing amuses and interests me; I wonder if it would amuse and interest other people? I fear it would not, for when I try to imagine it being read by my various acquaintances my heart sinks with the weight of the certainty that it couldn't possibly

    10. And it only amuses you to see another try

    11. “And I cannot tell a lie, it amuses the hell out of me

    12. “Glad this amuses you

    13. It also amuses me that so much value is placed on these shiny pieces of carbon, which do not move me in the least and yet I plan to open a jewelry shop

    14. It amuses me when I read novels written by those who never had any religious faith or who have lost it, novels that describe religious training in the home as producing unhappiness and hypocrisy and morbidity, the atmosphere one of thick gloom

    15. "That is true," replied Emma; "but moving about always amuses me

    16. Heathcliff, be kind enough to bid this friend of yours release me: she forgets that you and I are not intimate acquaintances; and what amuses her is painful to me beyond expression

    17. The Badger laughed good-humouredly and said, 'All right, Ratty! It amuses you and it doesn't hurt me

    18. “I’m sure that amuses you,” I say to her, “but she’s gone now, so it doesn’t matter, does it?”

    19. We can afford to let Rainbow Waters play with them any way that amuses him

    20. ‘Why not, if it amuses him? Ca ne tire pas a consequence

    21. The reflection of that smile could not but have a little merriment in it too, even under dark eyelashes still moist, as Dorothea said inquiringly, "Something amuses you?"

    22. "That is true," replied Emma; "but moving about always amuses

    23. It always amuses me in SpikeTrade when two elite traders pick the same stock—one long and the other short

    24. ‘And to think it is Cyril Vladimirovich Bezukhov’s son who amuses himself in this

    25. His father lies on his deathbed and he amuses himself

    26. who amuses himself, because he is unhappy

    27. "It amuses me to hear the decanter run down the legs of the house

    28. His sister tried to laugh off her feelings by saying, "Nothing amuses me more than the easy manner with which everybody settles the abundance of those who have a great deal less than themselves

    29. Kedril listens, makes grimaces, and amuses the spectators by his reflections "aside

    30. “It amuses them, and the money comes

    31. “And to think it is Cyril Vladímirovich Bezúkhov’s son who amuses himself in this sensible manner! And he was said to be so well educated and clever

    32. “Oh, if that sort of thing amuses him”—contempt spoke in Cecilia’s tone—“let him have—his hank of hair!”

    33. Possessed of ample means, and more than ample leisure, she amuses herself in hours which might otherwise be devoted to gossip and tea, in putting together these various models of buildings, all differing in style, and of most singular materials

    1. Tatania dragged him from one VIP to another, introducing him before dominating the conversation with amusing epithets about speculative inappropriate behaviour from Sam

    2. What a lifetime it had been, especially the first few local years as they prowled around each other like two wary cats, amusing the local population

    3. The meal is a jolly one, with Wally telling some amusing stories about Nick as a child which Nick takes in very good part

    4. Wearing Manolis' sombrero had helped, amusing the holiday snappers but by then the joke was over, there was no one around and I'd had enough

    5. Looking back, it was quite amusing really, as we had a very public courtship with the entire congregation egging him on and trying to talk me into marrying the man

    6. ‘I’m glad that’s over though, it was not at all amusing when I arrived at the hall

    7. It was amusing that a person with a friendly name

    8. To my surprise, rather than coming back with an amusing comment, he sits thinking about my definition of love

    9. the his prize collection of amusing caricature pottery

    10. Dave walks me back to my flat relating some amusing stories about Bill on the way

    11. It was amusing to see that even his hairstyle

    12. Both Duncan and Alexei found the whole incident amusing

    13. She’d have been the first one to find it amusing, believe me

    14. The girl finds it amusing and gruesome

    15. “You find that amusing?” Ningla snorted, and then grinned

    16. Enjteen is amusing to us

    17. ending series of small emergencies and amusing incidents which, he

    18. ’ He said when he finished, he knows the effect his playing has on me, and finds it all rather amusing, calling me ‘his organ groupie’

    19. The girls continued to listen to everything Jesse had to say, and with such intent, that she found the way their eyebrows moved with the highs and lows amusing

    20. Of course, he found the sight of her desperately trying to grab a snaking hose amusing

    21. "Whooo! This Tetloan child is more amusing than he seems

    22. One of the prisoners found this to be so amusing that he collapsed on the floor in a paroxysm of laughter

    23. Amusing enough is that he thought this

    24. He couldn’t help but find it amusing that so recently he embraced hope, and now there was naught but hopelessness

    25. amusing and some annoying

    26. was nothing but an epileptic seizure is an amusing story, but must

    27. More amusing than

    28. the amusing ones, but some of the others,

    29. “Oh, that is an amusing story, but a long one!”

    30. And then I told her the amusing incident, of the times when

    31. Amusing, if it would not sad, is that the

    32. “This should be amusing

    33. In Liam’s case, he seemed to be enjoying my annoyance and found my icy personality to be amusing

    34. It was amusing to watch a panther cavorting like a kitten, but I needed to get some rest

    35. How the soldiers of both sides tried to cajole the unwitting by way of clever and flattering appeal was both amusing and tiresome – and all too often successful if attempted by a particularly silver tongue

    36. rather, he found it amusing

    37. If the pig's expression is anything to go by, it appears he finds this highly amusing

    38. But the Dutch government soon began to oppress the Portuguese colonists, who, instead of amusing themselves with complaints, took arms against their new masters, and by their own valour and resolution, with the connivance, indeed, but without any avowed assistance from the mother country, drove them out of Brazil

    39. Life in the front line trenches could be both deadly amusing and heartbreaking all at the same time and the lack of water was chronic and always a problem for we could never seem to get enough

    40. doorpost? It was amusing that the violence had

    41. Such a speculation, can, at worst, be regarded but as a new Utopia, less amusing, certainly, but no more useless and chimerical than the old one

    42. No one seemed to find that amusing, and not surprisingly, since it was their own jobs on the line

    43. since the SMI material was fairly pricey I was amusing myself by

    44. He found this entire conversation amusing

    45. It is always amusing to me to see pictures of a soldier with a few diagonal camouflage stripes across his face only

    46. * First thing my American Patriot learned and she also found it amusing so I suppose it is a woman's thing

    47. Mr Langford found it extremely amusing

    48. Apparently the horrified look that spread across my face was highly entertaining, even Patty found it amusing

    49. ‘Well I’ll bet this was a shock,’ he said with a grin that neither Dena nor I found amusing at all

    50. It was a little amusing as he was the only man on earth who knew Dena’s real age

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