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    1. Gradually, I turn the conversation and she tells me about the meal she had with Stephen; sounds to me as though my son was doing his best to divert her from what she says

    2. "Once the council has made an official proclamation to destroy Satan's World, were I to give the order to divert the hammer, would it be obeyed?"

    3. "Only after we attempt to divert that asteroid

    4. Within the hour we’re on the road – not surprisingly Abi’s subdued as we drive away from the house - with Ben doing his utmost to divert her

    5. You would not like it – it is very noisy and the traffic never seems to stop except on those occasions when, for some reason I cannot fathom, they raise the automatic bollards in the middle of the road and divert the traffic, making the street a pedestrian area

    6. Were the Americans, either by combination, or by any other sort of violence, to stop the importation of European manufactures, and, by thus giving a monopoly to such of their own countrymen as could manufacture the like goods, divert any considerable part of their capital into this employment, they would retard, instead of accelerating, the further increase in the value of their annual produce, and would obstruct, instead of promoting, the progress of their country towards real wealth and greatness

    7. You are trying to divert attention elsewhere, other than yourself

    8. Maybe he was simply insane; his mind conjuring up something to divert from the contemplation of death, and temporal eradication besides – the total ceasing of his existence; the mind going to the most extraordinary lengths to give him what mattered most in life: hope

    9. The state, by encouraging, that is, by giving entire liberty to all those who, from their own interest, would attempt, without scandal or indecency, to amuse and divert the people by painting, poetry, music, dancing; by all sorts of dramatic representations and exhibitions; would easily dissipate, in the greater part of them, that melancholy and gloomy humour which is almost always the nurse of popular superstition and enthusiasm

    10. “What’s your name?” she asked, trying to divert his attention from the laptop

    11. The marking aircraft always attacked from the opposite side from where the fast jets (Hunters) would come in for the strike to divert attention away from the strike

    12. The whole river might eventually divert through this channel again

    13. " I faltered to a stop, wondering how I was going to divert her attention away from the racket on the roof until Uncle Hobart finally made his appearance in the fireplace

    14. It was obvious that the American's accent was grating on Uncle Hobart's nerves, so I tried to divert his attention before he had the chance to say something that would land us in trouble

    15. He commenced to explain that with diminishing catches, it was increasingly necessary to divert to the port of Limon for purchases of fish to fulfill a contract for bi-weekly deliveries of red snapper to Tampa, Florida

    16. “The onus is on Faeries and others to stand together and divert this Enemy, which seeks to put human history back into the Darkest Ages

    17. With the help of mirrors (See image below) you can divert laser on different angles in room in such a way that finally the light must reach to this sensor, If any of the laser path is obstructed by anybody, The alarm will sound

    18. ally use mirrors to divert

    19. fire in the coal bunker would certainly divert the crew

    20. To divert his imagination, he said, “If she is in the camp, can she be rescued?”

    21. What’s the difference? She’s dead! She knows nothing! She feels nothing! his practical mind leaped to the defense of the eyes that could not divert themselves

    22. The evil spirits are wily and always try to divert their

    23. The width of Man’s shuffling gait and outstretched arms, as he vainly seeks out his true destination, testifies to the uncertainty he feels in his search for that unseen thing that seems designed to trip him or divert him from that path toward a truth that would grant him a vision that he does not naturally possess, and rarely understands the nature of

    24. Osama Bin Laden is not dead; this is an attempt to divert your attention

    25. engine and flipped round to divert his eyes from his hunter and saw a large grey ship on the horizon, heading in his direction

    26. 25 The elders who surrounded the king strove in many ways to divert his haughty mind from

    27. “Why does everyone in this riot have gruesome masks on?” Levi joked, trying to divert her attention and what she was about to bring onto her lips

    28. them — it will scream with anger, divert the child and he forgets

    29. tension, such as the effort required to divert attention away from an object with large attentional rest mass, the effort of maintaining a particular object as selected, the effort required to open up to an intentional source, and the effort expended in completing tasks in general

    30. In business we must be alert to the things that divert our attention, things that could cause us to move backwards in our quest

    31. immediately tried to divert Joseph, and this time he

    32. A portion of the attackers had to divert their efforts to protecting the city from this bombardment, but the rest continued the attack

    33. 25 The elders who surrounded the king strove in many ways to divert his haughty mind from the design which he had formed

    34. “Yes, yes, my son, but what are we to do about it that hasn’t already been done? We need to divert their attention from what you will be doing in taking the people east across the lowland

    35. “We’re on the move!” Moshe shouted anew, with a wave of his arm, toward the larger group, hoping to divert attention from the sudden outburst, as he thought, Caught talking to myself again

    36. 12 Nor did she divert any of them from death nor grieve for them as for the dead

    37. "Divert or hold all inbounds `til I tell you

    38. Church tried to divert accusations of sexism by saying that women

    39. Criticize, oppose; oppose, criticize, then block and divert

    40. Mythos sirens and the traffic began to divert out of the way

    41. His plan had been to divert the blame a little further from his own failures, to level the playing field before the anticipated questions were asked by Bellack

    42. And then whoever is pulling the strings can divert other resources to handling Raidan

    43. One might say that Dandy is trying to divert the attention away from all the scandal that has plagued the rising superstar as of late

    44. The Roswell Crashed Saucer story was a cover-up, what they call misinformation intended to divert attention from the real story

    45. We needed to think about practical issues, divert the

    46. It was decided that the bold face Salome will stay at The Borrascosa to cover our absence before the angry eyes of Gertrude and Leticia and to divert the diligent questions that could be asked by any member of the servitude, as she had done the previous day

    47. " The Maharashtrian party Shiv Sena's MP Sanjay Raut questioned the timing and asked "is Sachin being used to divert attention from the problems plaguing the Congress?" TheCommunist Party of India's Gurudas Dasgupta sad that "I welcome the decision to nominate Tendulkar, but at the same time when Sourav is in his top form, his name, too, should have been considered

    48. It was then that I decided to hide my indecency for the rescue of morality and dismissed all thoughts that involved kissing or eyes; and with extreme subtlety, I tried to divert the response against-attacking with another question:

    49. thinking about it as you swing will only tense you up and divert your

    50. Jesus sought to divert their minds from miracle seeking to the finding of a real and personal experience in the satisfaction and assurance of the indwelling of God's spirit of love and saving grace

    1. He could do it at a time when the presentation was getting loud, and everyone had their attention diverted

    2. ’ Angie commented, diverted from the subject of the hotel

    3. “Whatever ship this is, they have been trying to close with us for years by now, if it is Pink Dawn diverted to intercept us, or if it is Curitiba or even Al-Harron turned around to intercept us

    4. The thing that made him most confident he was on the right track, this had all started happening as soon as they were diverted to the Kuiper Belt

    5. He refused to give him up, diverted their attention to other possible avenues and gave long lectures on investigative technique and the protocols under which his department operates

    6. Just before the gate, she diverted off the course path, and set off across the high grass, to the copper rock, near the ponds edge

    7. She diverted her thoughts, to the problem at hand

    8. A certain quantity of materials, and the labour of a certain number of workmen, both of which might have been immediately employed to augment the food, clothing, and lodging, the subsistence and conveniencies of the society, are thus diverted to another employment, highly advantageous indeed, but still different from this one

    9. Were it possible, as perhaps it is not, to establish this intercourse universally, and all at once ; were it possible to turn all at once the whole farming stock of the kingdom to its proper business, the cultivation of land, withdrawing it from every other employment into which any part of it may be at present diverted; and were it possible, in order to support and assist, upon occasion, the operations of this great stock, to provide all at once another stock almost equally great; it is not, perhaps, very easy to imagine how great, how extensive, and how sudden, would be the improvement which this change of circumstances would alone produce upon the whole face of the country

    10. The labour of the English colonies, therefore, being more employed in the improvement and cultivation of land, is likely to afford a greater and more valuable produce than that of any of the other three nations, which, by the engrossing of land, is more or less diverted towards other employments

    11. Scott diverted his trajectory down toward Josh

    12. His HUD told him there was in effect no fuel left in the tank, power was being diverted to essential systems

    13. The revenue of every established church, such parts of it excepted as may arise from particular lands or manors, is a branch, it ought to be observed, of the general revenue of the state, which is thus diverted to a purpose very different from the defence of the state

    14. The object of his scheme was to promote all the different branches of foreign trade, particularly the carrying trade, by taking away all duties upon importation and exportation, and thereby enabling the merchant to employ his whole capital and credit in the purchase of goods and the freight of ships, no part of either being diverted towards the advancing of taxes, The project, however, of taxing, in this manner, goods of immediate or speedy consumption, seems liable to the four following very important objections

    15. somewhat diverted by her circle of friends and had followed her

    16. Raven saw a chance and knew he should attack Khan while his attention was diverted, but he could not think of what to do

    17. The shields absorbed and diverted much of the onslaught, but even still, some of the energy from

    18. With their attention diverted, perhaps, just maybe, I would be able to sneak in from behind enemy lines

    19. Larkey’s quarters to stash the gold, and his attention became diverted elsewhere

    20. diverted to a mall, and found a café court, where she had pasta and I ate Chinese

    21. Perhaps they had a chance after all, they might be able to escape back through the labyrinth while the defenders attention was diverted with what was happening at the rear of the sett

    22. A lot of the river went past, but a small amount must be diverted into the ground here

    23. Some of his own cabinet diverted (in other words, stole) weapons and ammunition, sending it to secessionists

    24. Suspects often gave inaccurate information, telling their abusers whatever they could think of to stop the torture, leading to resources diverted to stopping attacks that were never going to happen

    25. They looked up and diverted towards him

    26. She diverted hers, provoking a sneer

    27. No amount of reasoning that he had acted for the general good, that he had diverted a future disaster, held any comfort for him

    28. It was as if it had remembered something of great importance, or its attention was suddenly diverted elsewhere

    29. I have diverted them with a task, and for that I humbly apologize

    30. Tens of billions of gallons of water have been diverted away from farmers and the water is

    31. River were diverted away from Albuquerque

    32. Vera diverted her attention from the oven

    33. As we neared the city, which I noticed had spread out quite a bit to the east and southwest since my previous visit, we were met by sentries who diverted us around the city to a huge encampment to the south

    34. Attention diverted from them as thoroughly as if they had sunk into the stone itself

    35. Palin and the inept conduct of the Republican campaign diverted what scant attention there was away from the true nature of Obama’s background and makeup

    36. One test assumes a building engineer who discovers toxic gas in a school’s forced air heating system that would kill five children in a room if not diverted

    37. other investigators uncovered millions of dollars that had been diverted

    38. diverted from the find to pay for costs that should have been covered by

    39. ” At the very last possible moment our household goods were diverted from New Orleans to Pascagoula, a move for which I, as a new government hire had to pay for

    40. Swinney diverted attention away from Nick’s comment and Jesse was relieved to hear conversation resume

    41. instantaneously diverted any more of my

    42. Diverted in a split second

    43. Moshe had felt it too, but his attention had been diverted

    44. Moshe’s attention was diverted by Rimmon’s return with Korah in tow

    45. We got some TAC air diverted to him, but the weather was going sour

    46. Moshe's attention was diverted by Rimmon's return with Korah in tow

    47. At that moment, a young woman, face diverted toward the

    48. Parenthetically, outside attempts to aid the suffering population in North Korea are diverted to maintain the army

    49. obsidian structure, until his gaze was diverted to the roof of the

    50. diverted back to the house as a stampede of feet came from

    1. His boot slipped on a patch of mud, diverting his attention as he leapt to keep himself from falling

    2. Diverting the subject, he said, ‘I understand you have gained some useful information from your captive

    3. The Caymans weren’t the most diverting place on the planet

    4. One reassuring thought: as she sat alone in this featureless white room awaiting her fate, the back-up squad should be keeping the Darangi busy, diverting them into the outer reaches of the compound

    5. As it happened, I needn't have worried about diverting Aunt Martha's attention, because the local police did just that for me

    6. You see, just before it crashed a couple of hackers were in the middle of diverting money from the Bank of England to an off-shore account and somehow, BT's system going down plugged them into my PC at the police station

    7. She turned to conversation, diverting her attention as he pressed and probed her abdomen raising nausea and burning pain

    8. Beth battled just to keep her footing, making little headway towards the door, but the luggage bay opened, diverting attention down the side of the bus, allowing the bottleneck to clear

    9. Colling was concerned that the Russian would not be satisfied with their drinking one glass with him, and hit upon the idea of making the man a gift of a bottle of the Countess’ cognac, diverting his attention long enough for them to slip away

    10. I preferred my history unvarnished, but it was rather diverting reading

    11. It is rather interesting work and was diverting while I waited

    12. “Joe, honey, you’re now diverting from the story

    13. figured that I could tough it out by diverting my mind with some

    14. But to bend her over his knee and threaten, to make her squeal a bit—that would have been diverting

    15. board, which means we‘ll have to open the ships labs for use, and start diverting power from the

    16. 2 Peter shuddered at the thought of the Master's dying -- it was too disagreeable an idea to entertain -- and fearing that James or John might ask some question relative to this statement, he thought best to start up a diverting conversation and, not knowing what else to talk about, gave expression to the first thought coming into his mind, which was: "Master, why is it that the scribes say that Elijah must first come before the Messiah shall appear?" And Jesus, knowing that Peter sought to avoid reference to his death and resurrection, answered: "Elijah indeed comes first to prepare the way for the Son of Man, who must suffer many things and finally be rejected

    17. They also conspire to hatch up counter postulates and float conflicting and diverting ideas

    18. Under the impression that this was diverting Harry from more threatening

    19. Greg and Avi ascended the side stairs leading to the stage temporarily diverting the attention to them

    20. Sylvia’s ship appeared in front of Elizabeth out of range of the enemy ships that were still dodging the robot missiles which were diverting to converge on Rebecca’s ship

    21. Göring ordered counter raids on London thus diverting the Luftwaffe from its original purpose; that is the destruction of the RAF

    22. But once parked in the lot, and out of the car, the aroma took on a charmer effect diverting the attention of the sternest of thinkers

    23. Diverting her attention from the slaver’s platform, Nancy telepathically scanned the minds around her

    24. diverting all of its energy to your core

    25. The power elite have seized on the countries invasion fears, as opportunity to reshape the police into a private enforcement tool for their own use, and have been diverting military style weaponry to it

    26. The early evening skies of New York City were filled with police and fire department airships flashing their warning colors to air traffic over the Empire State Building, diverting taxi zeppelins and autogyros wildly away from the aerial blockade

    27. Diverting his eyes from

    28. Diverting his thoughts toward their final destination, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised

    29. “No, ma’am,” he eventually said, slumping his shoulders and diverting his eyes toward the floorboard

    30. Diverting his attention to the bus driver, Paul couldn’t help but notice he was wearing a Pearl Jam T-shirt, off brand blue jeans, and a set of gold-colored earrings in each of his ears

    31. You can imagine how important that will be in diverting attention and countering any allegations that might start flying around about the Government having instituted a ‘shoot to kill’ policy

    32. “What do you think some of the most popular guy costumes will be?” she asked, diverting the subject away from Rave

    33. have been only a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in,

    34. ‘In its section on party funding in Africa the IDEA handbook notes that those sources of funding most incompatible with democracy are kickbacks from recipients of government contracts and other largesse, diverting state resources to the governing party through front organizations, and donations from foreign sources such as business owners, multinationals and governments

    35. When I started to practice meditations, I understood that this dodger visited my thoughts all the time in the moment of relaxation, and especially during concentration on meditation, constantly diverting my attention on outside matters

    36. Narasimha Rao, whom circumstances ascended to the gaddi, believed it was his destiny to be remembered as the ‘father of economic reforms’ in the Indian history, but, as the Sangh Parivar’s, mandir wahi banaayenge’ clamor and the Musalmans’ banaane nahi daenge crusade were diverting the national political focus and the public attention from his ‘reforms agenda’, he might have wished that Allah would somehow shift the dilapidated masjid to Pakistan for renovation

    37. By simply diverting his

    38. NuHope was accidentally making Sharebel's points for him, rather than diverting the conversation elsewhere

    39. “Hu's are info-gluttons for an endless stream of trivial updates to constantly stimulate their virtual attention, scattering their mind across a flood of information diverting them from themselves and each other as they endlessly chase the never-ending scroller

    40. Instead of distracting and diverting their attention elsewhere, she only made the men even more interested in the discussion she and Kathy were having

    41. Thus, they shall suffer regret and remorse, and then their abode will be in hellfire for the purpose of diverting them with their hellish pain

    42. In fact, diseases, poverty, and stress are means for turning the spirit away from this lower life and diverting it from its lusts

    43. So diseases, poverty, distress and misfortune are indeed means for turning the spirit away from this lower life and diverting it from its lusts

    44. It was a way of diverting attention from his face, which had heated up

    45. They try to calm their disturbed mind by diverting the mind elsewhere, by watching television, consuming alcohol, gambling, gossiping, etc

    46. Some of the pirates were now diverting their fire from us to the shuttle

    47. "So you've been doing your homework, haven't you? About your father in law, he probably suspected something, but I succeeded in diverting his suspicions by hinting the possibility of marrying you to his second son

    48. proposals addressed the issue of diverting water to needed areas

    49. They were diverting the sailor's attention so that someone else could do something

    50. What was the signal? Liam had never said! How would she know when to attack? The questions shot through her mind, diverting her fearful worries into a lower priority

    1. I address myself to the soup again, swallowing is helpful and diverts my mind … keeps those tears at bay too

    2. `I suppose one can say that but he has his own set of rules that he rarely diverts from

    3. There’s a spell on the oculus above that diverts rain to the cisterns

    4. Addiction diverts a man from his path, and he loses everything he cares about

    5. She diverts her view and moves on

    6. Actually that which obstructs the path of self-realization and diverts to disorders

    7. Females are naturally different from males so, the beauty of her hairs and the general body gives her temptation that diverts her from concentrating in prayer and her prayer should be done very silently in her heart

    8. Our obsession with which multi-millionaire sports heros are defeating other painfully wealthy game players diverts us to vicariously mean by attentively observing and critiquing virally famous personages' escapades

    9. Tweaking diverts you from creating new content

    10. straight line while the spin the object hold diverts the space in which the object is into a circle

    11. Your hopeful faith will grow as you see that He is always true to His word and never changes or diverts from it

    12. Work diverts the attention from illness

    13. This diverts suspicion and confuses it; and for the same reason I recommended that, even if you came back last night, you should not go home

    14. What diverts Pulaski instead is the thought of having to descend into darkness again, with the sun finally having started to rise

    15. It accepts everything royally; it is not too particular about its Venus; its Callipyge is Hottentot; provided that it is made to laugh, it condones; ugliness cheers it, deformity provokes it to laughter, vice diverts it; be eccentric and you may be an eccentric; even hypocrisy, that supreme cynicism, does not disgust it; it is so literary that it does not hold its nose before Basile, and is no more scandalized by the prayer of Tartuffe than Horace was repelled by the "hiccup" of Priapus

    16. Whilst passing from one moving scene to another, the reader learns a good deal as to conditions of life under review; but the information so conveyed is never obtrusive, and never diverts attention from the outstanding scenes and figures in this splendid romance

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