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    1. As he comes of age, when he is able to analyse the inputs, he is ready to receive wisdom from you

    2. ‘Yes … It was hell leaving everything behind as I did, but, just as the view from the top of a hill shows you what lies in the valley far more clearly than you can ever see when you are in the valley itself, it gave me a chance to analyse things … my emotions … recent events … without all the clutter

    3. While his brain can analyse fast, it

    4. I couldn't analyse, I had to do first and think later

    5. analyse the influences of Ural-Altaic peoples

    6. Don’t analyse it to death

    7. “I monitor and analyse Species 7

    8. ‘At least a very lifelike clone, until you analyse his cortical neural structure

    9. We may be able to analyse artefacts, which originated in the past, but we are not able to correctly identify all factors that would have been in place at the time when a particular artefact originated

    10. We may, for example, be able to analyse the composition of the atmosphere from an air bubble that was trapped in amber found today

    11. In short then: Showing evidence of the Bible’s supernatural design, the proven accuracy of the many facts within our means to accurately analyse, then we should also be able to rely on the information for which we have no verifiable answer

    12. Why would there be a difference? To analyse this apparent discrepancy, he made a list in which he collected all verses from the New Testament in which the word "God" occurred with the article "the" and all those without it

    13. If we analyse the first 5 books in the Bible, they have very interesting features when it comes to ELS’s

    14. If we analyse this phenomenon somewhat, it is logical to expect the word “Torah” to be found at various intervals throughout the Torah, due to the length of the word

    15. "I still need you to analyse the Moorhen

    16. Trying to hold on to the experience, trying to analyse it, caused it to fade rapidly

    17. How could any of them expect to cope with something like this? Every experience of the last – well it seemed only like five years rather than thirty-five, he had to analyse

    18. Planning is the ability to: Analyse the facts and formulate practical written plans of action that will achieve the goal in the most efficient way possible

    19. The idea behind Stress Diaries is that, on a regular basis, you record information about the stresses you are experiencing, so that you can analyse these stresses and then manage

    20. As well as helping you capture and analyse the most common sources of stress in your life, Stress Diaries help you to understand:

    21. They establish a pattern that you can analyse to extract the

    22. Let’s analyse this for a moment

    23. Probably because of Mallika, what had she done to him? And secondly trying to analyse a proper way of telling the girl of his dreams how he had gotten annihilated by an undersized teenager

    24. If you don't know how to do, you can analyse your competitor's title and Meta description on top 3 of google result

    25. He can’t analyse these stirrings

    26. Around and around in my head I was trying to analyse the inci-


    28. He began to analyse life and the marked impression his father’s death had left on him and the relatively young ages that generation of exiles were dying at

    29. Where I venture into the realms that currently are beyond what can be known I try to analyse the information available, with logic and reason to come to my own conclusions

    30. something, then analyse the belief by questioning its validity

    31. to understand and analyse the

    32. When I took a step back to analyse the processes of my own success twenty

    33. She started to analyse his words

    34. • Analyse and evaluate the impact:

    35. In His omniscience, God would be able to analyse this single syllable and the following prayer would be instantly encapsulated by it, thus making it redundant and saving everyone's time

    36. “I’m going to buy a sample, so I can analyse it

    37. I only wanted it so I could analyse it

    38. ‘If you analyse it logically, everybody’s truth is real, because everybody’s reality is real to them, to their consciousness

    39. I bet if you analyse it, you’ll realise that it was all orchestrated

    40. much that there’s a necessity to have a new field whose job is to compile and collate the data before the analysts start to analyse it

    41. little church and analyse al of the col ected data in order to ascertain where

    42. The gods analyse and record the results

    43. If you analyse carefully the mental functions or operations, no one process can be singled out and called attention to

    44. to analyse the profitability of a company using

    45. the thought, be aware of this negative sentiment, analyse it, rationalise

    46. merger, develop detailed plans, and analyse costs

    47. All members of the team analyse and assess project activities together

    48. The key to find the correct answers is to analyse the given case well and understand what is being asked

    49. He has to analyse the

    50. If the mind or thought is inward you analyse whether it is

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    analyse analyze psychoanalyse psychoanalyze break down dissect take apart canvass examine study