study sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Study sätze (in englisch)

  1. A 1954 study by H.
  2. A recent study of U.
  3. Study of the law ---.
  4. Latin, the Study of, n.
  5. Rob was a quick study.

  6. Here, sit in the study.
  7. She drove home to study.
  8. Form, the study of, 81.
  9. You came here to study.
  10. He could study at home.
  11. I study the tracks we.
  12. He had to study it and.
  13. She tried to study his.
  14. Wilder are in the study.
  15. I study the Bible daily.

  16. He’s not in his study.
  17. I tried to study in the.
  18. They rushed to the study.
  19. After the study, 19% of.
  21. Botany, the study of, 36.
  22. Study where it came from.
  23. Study of drawing, the, 80.
  24. One study found that the.
  25. Geology, the study of, 36.

  26. A study published in the.
  27. We used to study together.
  28. A study conducted by the.
  29. In the study of American.
  30. In the two-year study by.
  31. The setting of the study.
  32. Lots of reading and study.
  33. That is why we study karma.
  34. Your study was a fiasco.
  35. She sat at her study table.
  36. Study it and learn from it.
  37. Next would come the study.
  38. They study each other again.
  39. We will study and decide.
  40. The second round of study.
  41. Study his type of thinking.
  42. They study each other a beat.
  43. Read and study the scripture.
  44. I stood in George’s study.
  45. Mario was too old to study.
  46. They were in Elmore's study.
  47. The Harvard study supports J.
  48. The study was its usual mess.
  49. What an odd thing to study.
  50. Now you are ready to study!.
  51. Case Study 1: Will It Blend?
  52. Aya liked to sit in the study.
  53. And she must study statistics.
  54. She took a moment to study me.
  55. Study what you are afraid of.
  56. Thomas was leading the study.
  57. Dylan needs you in the study.
  58. They came in and did a study.
  59. He dove into the Bible study.
  60. Sithias wants to study her.
  61. I would have loved to study.
  62. More study of the situation.
  63. She attended the bible study.
  64. Levin led him into his study.
  65. You study the course and it.
  66. On the Study of Combinations:.
  67. Behind them, in the study, Mr.
  68. I did not study every page.
  69. Calling him into the study Mr.
  70. They went to school to study.
  71. And he rushed out of the study.
  72. The problem was what to study.
  73. Peter walked away to his study.
  74. To study carefully the first.
  75. In conclusion of the study, Dr.
  76. Study this Book of Instruction.
  77. The same study indicated that.
  78. Lennox was a study in contrasts.
  79. Study your moves and your play.
  80. I need to study the location.
  81. His wife went to study at the.
  82. You know if you study something.
  83. The three of you should study.
  84. In the second study, the same.
  85. We'll go upstairs to my study.
  86. A study showed that of the 58.
  87. Brooke vanished into the study.
  88. I will study them this evening.
  89. I made a study of that, Mother.
  90. With his in-depth study of the.
  91. It has to study relevant things.
  92. She began to study nutrition in.
  93. Her father retired to his study.
  94. The bible study welcomed Darlene.
  95. As she continued to study this.
  96. Make a study of names and faces.
  97. Dieters in the study also felt.
  98. If you study this, it will help.
  99. I also saved all that study time.
  100. The study was published in the.
  1. Or maybe she was studying.
  2. Studying the words in an.
  3. She was studying the abyss.
  4. He was studying the violin.
  5. He was quietly studying her.
  6. While I was still studying.
  7. I could not stand studying.
  8. He turned to me, studying me.
  9. So I went to studying it out.
  10. He was studying his paperwork.
  11. He was studying her intently.
  12. It seemed to be studying him.
  13. By studying the way numbers.
  14. Henry kept studying the floor.
  15. I was studying on scholarship.
  16. You will be studying for life.
  17. Little studying, and lots of.
  18. He was studying her intensely.
  19. He stopped and went to studying.
  20. And a lot of studying to do.
  21. He has been studying this new.
  22. She was studying in class KG-2.
  23. Back there and here studying me.
  24. He was studying forensic science.
  25. He was studying for his painting.
  26. The most complete studying the.
  27. I owe it all to studying maps.
  28. He was still studying his hands.
  29. He was studying for a PhD in 47.
  30. They have been studying all night.
  31. Nathan smiled again, studying him.
  32. The lengthy hours spent studying.
  33. He stood studying Charles Halloway.
  34. Horn sat there studying the pyramid.
  35. They are studying in Switzerland.
  36. She spent most of the time studying.
  37. Vicky returned to studying the board.
  38. When not studying, I surfed on the.
  39. You’ve been studying your history.
  40. Barnes chewed his beak, studying her.
  41. After studying the psychology of the.
  42. Anne found herself studying this man.
  43. We’re still studying the script.
  44. After studying the segment we should.
  45. After studying this Unit you should:.
  46. Not studying to know the particular.
  47. Michael was studying the three of us.
  48. Mick asked, still studying the wallet.
  49. Then he returned to studying his shoes.
  50. He looked up to find Mary studying him.
  51. Terrie and I were up late studying.
  52. And you were studying theology?
  53. We might have spent a month studying.
  54. Gabriel here was also studying before.
  55. As expected he was studying in library.
  56. Admiral Sheaar stood, studying Garcia.
  57. Tom knelt a moment longer studying Mrs.
  58. Pon then went back to studying the maps.
  59. She was studying art at the university.
  60. Paula was still studying with Nizhevoss.
  61. I was studying everything she was doing.
  62. At the same time, he was studying Caris.
  63. They’ve been studying their behaviors.
  64. He approached us, studying Thalia and me.
  65. She won’t believe I’m only studying.
  66. I just kept studying for the Monday test.
  67. He has won awards and honors, studying.
  68. Both have a lot of reading and studying.
  69. She had no idea that he was studying her.
  70. Simon was studying the ground at his feet.
  71. My friend I have been studying these.
  72. While studying the Catalog of Mountains.
  73. He held the ball for a while, studying it.
  74. Manda went back to studying the directions.
  75. I was studying his build, which was large.
  76. The Paymaster, Stanley, was studying him.
  77. So in studying this information you have.
  78. Half of the children learned by studying.
  79. She was studying it while we were married.
  80. When you are studying, use the 30-3-2 rule.
  81. He was studying hard, and growing serious.
  82. After studying the details of the case I.
  83. He lay down next to her, studying her face.
  84. An international student studying in the U.
  85. Thomas began studying with his classmates.
  86. Just by my studying of Kepler this became.
  87. Chiron was still studying me, his eyes sad.
  88. York, spent her years studying and earns a.
  89. Chakras exist in reality and any studying.
  90. As everyone was studying a silence folowed.
  91. The officer walked to-and-fro, studying us.
  92. While studying the trembling man before him.
  93. Mary was supposed to be in Japan studying.
  94. It represents exactly what we are studying.
  95. I'm studying the technique of using the pan.
  97. She was studying to be an interior designer.
  98. We were here to talk, not for mere studying.
  99. What about my studying? he complained.
  100. Lydia watched her mother studying her bagel.
  1. I studied this new boy.
  2. I studied the sky again.
  3. He studied me, and his.
  4. I studied the plans too.
  5. I studied the print again.
  6. The Devil studied his son.
  7. He studied me and sighed.
  8. I studied to be a doctor.
  9. We studied for the next.
  10. And he had studied his map.
  11. He studied Starret for a.
  12. He studied her face fondly.
  13. All of us studied the floor.
  14. He had studied for a good.
  15. She studied me with concern.
  16. Ray studied the chess board.
  17. She turned and studied him.
  18. He has studied all of them.
  19. He played sports; I studied.
  20. John studied my face happily.
  21. Nadir studied the way ahead.
  22. Amber had studied every show.
  23. Zia studied a few more lines.
  24. Ive studied them for years.
  25. Joey took it and studied it.
  26. I studied as hard as I could.
  27. His boss studied the picture.
  28. Matt studied the map closely.
  29. He studied it but saw nothing.
  30. I studied the unlikely woman.
  31. He studied over 893 men and.
  32. A field is the range studied.
  33. He studied her every movement.
  34. Caris studied Minnie’ s arm.
  35. Suzy studied him for a moment.
  36. She paused and studied him.
  37. She studied his shadowed face.
  38. Claire studied his naked back.
  39. Hal studied his tattered shirt.
  40. Claire studied the man closely.
  41. I studied with the Doc, I did.
  42. Ivar stood and studied the map.
  43. He studied her with affection.
  44. He studied it when she napped.
  45. No, but I have studied maps.
  46. Manda studied the new arrival.
  47. Frank studied the girl closely.
  48. He studied at Wisconsin Uni-.
  49. When I first studied priceline.
  50. He studied her for a long time.
  51. Th is topic has been studied.
  52. Whitey had studied their faces.
  53. She studied the photo again.
  54. He studied the slope once more.
  55. The priest studied the numbers.
  56. Kevin studied the man carefully.
  57. I studied it with my naked eye.
  58. Sam studied her eyes and smiled.
  59. Martha studied it, oozing envy.
  60. He studied Sir Richard’s eyes.
  61. Claude studied his face, then.
  62. It was a most studied behavior.
  63. I studied her for a few moments.
  64. He worked and studied; he had.
  65. I studied Carton's face intently.
  66. Morse studied the door once more.
  67. But she had also studied other.
  68. Evette studied the unbeaten man.
  69. I hesitated and studied her face.
  70. He studied my eyes for a moment.
  71. He studied the page for a moment.
  72. I studied Keta for a few seconds.
  73. I studied him for a few moments.
  74. He studied her face for a moment.
  75. Damash studied the men’s faces.
  76. The Inquisitor studied him with.
  77. We studied the map, a little town.
  78. Scientists who have studied the.
  79. Manna studied the two adventurers.
  80. From the car she studied his face.
  81. He studied her face in the mirror.
  82. He opened the map and studied it.
  83. Yes, Jesus, I have studied him.
  84. She studied it for a long moment.
  85. With the studied air of someone.
  86. It has been studied by economists.
  87. Lydia studied the file names again.
  88. The nobleman studied him curiously.
  89. He studied Saul’s face carefully.
  90. I have studied and know that the.
  91. Sir Richard studied Donna’s eyes.
  92. She curiously studied his features.
  93. She then paused and studied its lid.
  94. The results are then studied by a.
  95. When we were alone, she studied me.
  96. It studied him, and finally settled.
  97. Youve studied about him in school.
  98. She had studied music, for a long.
  99. Ben studied the tree, then the pond.
  100. Morse studied the list with his son.
  1. Most of the studies in.
  2. The man who studies the.
  3. Studies in the Poetry of W.
  4. The fact that the studies.
  5. Two of these studies, but.
  6. Good luck with your studies.
  7. In two studies, Volkow et al.
  8. Ingres, studies of, 73, 274.
  9. He studies my face, and grins.
  10. Studies find all things are.
  11. Very smart, but never studies.
  12. He studies bugs and plants.
  13. Thus, a number of studies in.
  14. A host of scientific studies.
  15. I want to continue my studies.
  16. Studies have shown that many.
  17. Most studies use monthly data.
  19. Stool studies are all negative.
  20. Recent studies show that 3 to.
  21. Pradeep was good in his studies.
  22. The focus is studies right now.
  23. I cited research studies on a.
  24. Social Studies was sheer torture.
  25. A number of studies have found.
  26. Recent studies have shown that.
  27. Review of Economic Studies 1962.
  28. Studies have shown that even 20.
  29. In clinical studies, people who.
  30. Her studies are fine, Abigail.
  31. There are many research studies.
  32. These studies have shown a link.
  33. You gave her proof of my studies.
  34. The Administrator studies my face.
  35. More recently, studies have also.
  36. Studies on DMAE date back to the.
  37. During her studies, she had come.
  38. The results of these two studies.
  39. Looked to their needs and studies.
  40. An analysis of data from studies.
  41. He studies his reflection in the.
  42. Objective studies have shown that.
  43. Studies have shown that high-fat.
  44. Prior to his doctoral studies, Dr.
  45. These studies have found that it.
  46. Older case studies reported that.
  47. There should be success in studies.
  48. Studies of high-risk populations (e.
  49. He ought to go back to his studies.
  50. My Worth to the World: Studies in.
  51. Even more studies have found that.
  52. Many studies highlight that belly.
  53. Studies show that as men age, the.
  54. Diverse findings from other studies.
  55. Studies have shown that we should.
  56. Studies suggest that more than 50.
  57. For that reason, two studies have.
  58. Studies indicate that taurine may.
  59. She decided to focus on her studies.
  60. Studies in both rhesus monkeys and.
  61. Studies of the heart and the blood.
  62. Some of the studies reporting that.
  63. You have published 500 studies that.
  64. She moved on to her doctoral studies.
  65. He studies the object while keeping.
  66. My studies have uncovered a serious.
  67. Brief Overview of Some Case Studies:.
  68. A number of studies have shown that.
  69. Case studies are also a great way to.
  70. Tomorrow you will begin your studies.
  71. From the results of these studies he.
  72. The forensic studies were in progress.
  73. That is why the studies are being run.
  74. The Whedon Studies Association – www.
  75. I've been convicted by my own studies.
  76. Studies show that a large percentage.
  77. You have your school studies and your.
  78. Some preliminary studies suggest that.
  79. In fact, studies have shown that over.
  80. Studies have cited the involvement of.
  81. Please, I need to return to my studies.
  82. In some studies, this hypothesis does.
  83. Further studies are needed to confirm.
  84. A number of studies have investigated.
  85. At least two other clinical studies of.
  86. More studies are clearly needed however.
  87. Studies done with school children have.
  88. Some preliminary studies indicate that.
  89. Studies on humans and animals have not.
  90. These are real life case studies.
  91. Again, recent studies show that people.
  92. McCarty is responsible for all studies.
  93. I've given her oral proof of my studies.
  94. His studies must begin so he may learn.
  95. I majored in social studies for a while.
  96. Note that the above cited studies used.
  97. My studies rolled along at an easy pace.
  98. Essays on the reality of science studies.
  99. According to some recent studies by the.
  100. Studies have shown that customers linger.

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