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    1. That means David studied God’s word with

    2. Nancy looked away, studied the floor a bit

    3. While he tried to convince her, she studied the menu

    4. “How did you find out where the Chip was?” Nancy asked as she studied the screens

    5. Ackers studied the holographic display on the wall

    6. He had studied for a year in Trinity College when he was a young man and still remembered the beautiful young women he had known then

    7. Then Athena, who has studied multimedia in London and is supposed to be a great expert in computers, yet she is completely off base

    8. She also trumpets forth that all men go crazy about her, despite her 120 kilos, and that she has studied microbiology - yet, she has never set foot in the university

    9. The telescopes aboard the ship had studied both stars on the first pass by

    10. I remembered a passage from an early English novel, one that I studied at university

    11. Desa watched as Nlara studied the river some more

    12. He did want to please her and would try a little too hard at times, but he was such a kid he couldn't help getting carried away in it, so he wasn't all studied

    13. impressed as he studied the king

    14. I studied how it's all done, the circuit designs to the lowest hardware level

    15. When Son studied Guard he was reminded of himself when he was in

    16. He and several programs studied those pictures and were sure they weren't him

    17. Wing collars, cotton caps and studied poses hang still,

    18. She studied all the references she could find on it, spending most of the day with it

    19. Catwhiskers at the Tavern he studied where they went

    20. Also, they have been studied to promote the presence of free-radicals

    21. They were the largest concentration of metals that had ever been observed, and had been closely studied because of that, but it was their motions of the previous year that caused them to send for him

    22. Nuran began to like playing the 'space man' game with Alan and showed off how well she had studied for this trip by taking over duty as his guide

    23. Breaking and entering was not something that Archibald had studied with his tutors, and so it was with some difficulty and quite a lot of noise that he eventually managed to force a window at the back of the ramshackle and degenerate building

    24. She studied her critics from beneath her eyelashes as she worked and exchanged glances with me

    25. friends; it is normal for every man to feel he is going to be analyzed and studied under the

    26. We studied our glasses of lemonade or beer while he was trying to draw attention and impress

    27. He studied the rendition, the acolyte's visual rendition was not up to normal personification standards, as if it hadn't been properly installed in the scene

    28. While Alessandra studied the handle, I found another door leading down to the crypt and although it might be a little bold to go creeping about like a burglar, I had to investigate

    29. He turned to Thom, "All the bodies you've studied so far have been co-orbital have they not?"

    30. “So we are in agreement then?” she studied Tarak’s face for a moment and then continued; “I can count on you for support if the time should come to call his honor into question

    31. Duncan studied the

    32. Duncan studied his face and recognized the man as the one he saw previously on the screen; Lord Tarak called him his First, his name was Kai

    33. ' She studied the tube of ash on the tip of her cigarette, aware of my unease, and then launched it into space with an unexpected blast from her lips

    34. "The one closest to our path has been studied for quantum computing data flow also

    35. At first it was an oddity that needed to be studied; but soon the Scathers began to see the far-reaching ramifications of this

    36. “Understand that over generations, the females had secretly studied all the books of the Scathers, learned all about their ships and how to operate them

    37. 'Yes, we studied there for twelve years,' I said

    38. They all studied the latest quantum mechanics texts together

    39. What if Alfred had been right and they should have stayed and studied the planet at 61 Cygni until the next expedition arrived? True it wasn't the wonder Alan had imagined, but it was still the only place outside Earth where macroscopic biology had been discovered

    40. She studied the hilt and balanced it

    41. He studied the sample again and made several other tests

    42. She turned and was silent for a moment as she studied the brave smile on Altera’s face, hiding the disappointment she most surely felt

    43. ” Everyone studied the ship, “The explosions came from inside the ship

    44. He did as she requested and she studied the creature pinned under debris

    45. studied with his tutors, and so it was with some difficulty and quite

    46. I have to give him credit for being tenacious; he went to the library and studied about the bird and how to raise it

    47. He might have known more about this civilization than she did, he studied all the old myths and fables

    48. Thinking this was unlike Duncan; she studied the woman carefully and suddenly realized that it was Naria

    49. The amount of data to be transferred was staggering, it would have to move billions of times faster than the state changes Thom studied, faster than the signals on the network from Alan’s world

    50. She studied the cabin carefully thinking it primitive at first, but reassessed her judgment when she realized the man wanted it to appear that way

    1. Several studies examining the media confirm that young girls are

    2. Studies have led to the realization that sexual interest and the need for sexual contact continue throughout the life cycle, although patterns differ somewhat for women and men

    3. Studies have suggested that walking at a brisk pace for three or more hours a week can reduce our risk for coronary heart disease by 65 percent

    4. However, these studies don't always take into account the efficacy of the treatments and may be based more on actual availability of the treatments and personal preferences

    5. ~ Studies have also shown that the nutrients missed by skipping breakfast cannot be compensated for in other meals, as the body is unable to process the vital nutrients optimally if consumed all at once

    6. ~ Research studies have also shown that the human body tends to accumulate more fat when a person eats fewer, larger meals than when the same number of calories was consumed in smaller, more frequent meals

    7. However, studies around the world have shown that such a process is not the one used by most of the world’s sewer treatment plants

    8. Some studies suggest that soaking in hot water (such as a hot tub or bath) before retiring to bed can ease the transition into deeper sleep, but it should be done early enough that you are no longer sweating or over-heated

    9. Recent studies have shed light on this phenomenon

    10. All Rose wants is to keep dancing, but deep down she realizes she will have succumb to her parents wishes and concentrate on her studies to become a doctor or a lawyer or something prestigious

    11. The reverend quoted passages out of scientific studies about how singing raises the white blood cell count

    12. There were studies of its history, its meta-molecular structures, its effects, famous cases, famous users who survived

    13. of Native American studies and

    14. He lets that information sink in, studies John’s face

    15. Khalid studies a spread sheet in the seat behind Russ and John sits gripping the seat armrests, beads of sweat on his forehead

    16. John looks over his shoulder in the direction of the firing, takes off his wedding ring slowly, studies it sadly for a moment, digs out a small hole in the ground with his hand, buries it, puts a rock on top

    17. Omar tastes his wine, smiles, holds it up to the light and studies it

    18. As one studies the Old and New Testaments they will find that God has given examples

    19. This special series of studies lends itself to a fuller discussion of the work of the preacher in the local congregation

    20. ‘Apart from that, he thinks it would enhance their studies into things like the war

    21. “As far as I've heard, he has a girlfriend in Patras, where he studies medicine,” Helen says cheerfully, as we walk down Kolonaki Square

    22. “Anyway, what is a would-be doctor good for? You should wait for him to finish his studies, and that could take ages! Like an old friend of mine, who had an affair with a medicine student, she waited for him to take his diploma, she even helped him financially to open his surgery, and in the end he dumped her! So, what did you expect? It's a fortunate thing that he hasn't called!” she concludes with a shrieking voice and her usual air of importance

    23. "I think we should let him marry the native woman in a Christian ceremony and let them quietly carry on studies in some outlying area," Victoria said

    24. Minister: An omen of benevolence and success in business and studies

    25. During the time he was abroad, he completed graduate and doctoral studies, receiving a Ph

    26. talked to Nihar about her studies and needlework which

    27. Have food stamps saved anyone? Has anyone been better off in life because they have health insurance? Does life get easier when we have these conveniences? Our tax money goes to pay for things like health insurance, food stamps, social security, Medicare, upkeep of unused buildings (that could be used to shelter the homeless if our Government really did care about us), great scientific studies like whether sick shrimp perform as well on a treadmill as healthy shrimp (this is a real study funded by the Government – it cost about 15 million dollars), army expenses, paying off the interest on our nation’s debt, veteran’s benefits, and government jobs such as postal workers or police officers

    28. Although science has yet to put the finishing touches on the studies

    29. Studies reveal that once it is applied on the skin, It can stay in the skin for up to seventy two hours

    30. In fact, I became so obsessed that whenever I appeared for Classics studies, the other boys would chant, 'Here he comes - The Idiot and the Oddity', punning Homer's title

    31. But I didn't mind, and anyway, they were closer to the truth than they realised and so by the time I left college, I felt a real affinity with Greece and not just from my studies but also from the long summers spent with my uncle, and as I grew and continued my interest, a new dimension developed with a cherished awareness of a different culture

    32. As you proceed with your studies of Yoga you will find yourself taking less interest in food and more interest in spiritual matters

    33. Their instruments had detected the possibility of naturally occurring condensates but they had not done entanglement studies

    34. emphasis on studies was low with more teachers bunking classes than students

    35. It had been hell battling the requisition thru for the larger chamber he was going to need to pursue studies of higher order condensates and that was on his mind thru the whole dinner

    36. mother will stuff him with studies the moment he reaches Class X

    37. "So she tried to advance your studies?" Glayet was clearly puzzled by that

    38. The hole has been fixed and your studies will not be affected

    39. I don't want kids to think about studies when they

    40. She said I can only take tuitions for studies

    41. I don't need the power of the main tangler, just a thin little beam and some tracking software and I can make many more studies

    42. If it is for studies, they spend like crazy

    43. I gave up studies, and now that I think of it, even my future

    44. The only duties Biology had left were the studies of the real data that Alan had shunted aside, and monitoring the enforcement of Alan’s sentence

    45. "First thing to keep in mind is that these studies aren't verified," Heymon told him as he settled into his chair

    46. 'I wasted my studies, fought with my parents, threw away my career

    47. 'Why are studies so boring? Why do you have to do something so uninteresting

    48. Studies have proven that when the energy of

    49. “No observational studies have been made

    50. We offered studies and sports at the same place but we never, not once, spoke

    1. effectively is to study the contract thoroughly and

    2. We have to study them and take timely remedial actions to avoid ill effects

    3. She was a founder of a major study at the Kassikan, she has a small percentage to the rights to all Yingolian crystals

    4. A huge study that tracked thousands of nurses found that those who ate just an ounce of nuts or peanut butter five times a week lowered their risk of Type 2 diabetes by at least 20%

    5. Another study revealed that 57 percent of women and 36 percent of men who die of injuries received the damage in a fall

    6. A study found that females of many species, including humans, respond to stressful situations by protecting and nurturing their young and by seeking social contact and support from others, particularly females

    7. The study refers to this response as "tend-and-befriend

    8. As much as He gave us His word to study and

    9. learn or study a lot but never comes into maturity, is

    10. pray and study the word, but that will not make much

    11. Although this is the first study to show that laughter has such an effect, Miller had previously reported that people with heart disease generally responded to everyday life events with less humor than people who were healthy

    12. It was what had led her to study the field of explosives with such passion and tireless commitment

    13. The team not only makes a study of the market but also is in a position to closely monitor the chosen companies to assess their present and future prospects

    14. ‘Will you be in for dinner tonight, Stephen?’ I asked from my standpoint in the doorway of his study, watching him pack his briefcase

    15. You helped me get that Study going at the Kassikan

    16. ’ He said, loosening his tie and going into his study to look at the machine

    17. Svadhyaya or study of the sacred text and of one's self

    18. She was the founder of a Study and on the central committee of another

    19. I shake my head as he rushes into his study … oh Stephen, Stephen, you do wear your heart on your sleeve! Chuckling, I take myself out of earshot … it would be far too tempting to listen in and Stephen didn’t close the study door properly

    20. To study the path is to study the Self,

    21. And we should not study an English word singly

    22. "I should have done a route study for this," doostEr said, "We may have to stop and do one even yet

    23. His wife went to study at the

    24. He stops to study a photograph of a Teekra as a teen-ager with an older woman

    25. He had always met her in company and just missed engaging, somehow, for the whole 9 months of his study term

    26. "You can still study the planet, you simply have greater means available to you now

    27. Study what you can, verify what you can, I suspect you can learn a lot from them

    28. I hear them go off into his study to use the phone

    29. "Too much to catch up on there, I'm just following the details of the evolutionary sequence, that's been my study

    30. She continued to study the planet, but was determined to continue with the evolutionary trees and leave the sociology alone

    31. Everyone who follows Christ must study

    32. "There is an asteroid six miles in diameter aimed to impact on the study planet

    33. please consider the following word study and the application for today's preachers

    34. When Christians respect and study the Bible, strong leaders are developed, the church

    35. In our study, we will consider just three terms:

    36. This is not the way “Majority Rule" is used in our study

    37. The local congregation (both men and women must study

    38. He should have locked the door, this was technically a security violation, but Jaseem was in no mood to study schematics if he even paid any attention

    39. wrote which places a great responsibility on the individual Christian: (YOU) Study to

    40. Use this study as the beginning of correcting this work of Satan

    41. He was disappointed that they would not get to study here, but the fifty year voyage to Altair would be far quicker than the thousand year wait till this one could be inhabited again

    42. In this study we are working in the highly important and

    43. When brethren study the contents of this book, they should find assistance in helping a congregation function

    44. However, not all study and learning is dependent upon the individual

    45. The new class of students are seated directly in front of us, divided into the two main areas of study, agriculture and engineering

    46. But you do not have to worry because we have done a lot of study in this regard and

    47. The door now opened directly to the study space he had set up for this

    48. He got up and lead Jaseem to his courtyard, which was now right outside the door to this study

    49. Herndon got back over there for the service and found the family in an uproar because the disease specialist they called had snatched the body off to the Kassikan for study and Ernesto's remains were now somewhere in the air over the Gengee arm, heading for the tunnel in the cargo net of a native floater, a lighter-than-air mobile plant

    50. "It was a grand time in my life," he said, thinking especially how much fun it was to found that industry and the study of virtuality

    1. through studying and searching scriptures

    2. Henry kept studying the floor

    3. Ackers caught Nancy studying the ceiling as they walked

    4. Spend time studying and searching for who Jesus is, and

    5. that, your laziness in studying God’s word may be caused

    6. This means that the children are still studying and dependent, when the person retires (especially if it is an early retirement)

    7. This involved studying one's self, self-inquiry and self-examination and other things that can help you get to know yourself more

    8. Terry Bolt, now dressed to the hilt in traditional garb, sits on one side of the bus, furiously studying a copy of the Koran and mumbling to himself

    9. John lies on a single bed, holding his wedding band in one hand, studying it

    10. "You were useful studying the planet in the past

    11. You've been busy studying the planet too, there's a lot to catch up on there

    12. Ava went back to studying the asteroid, its path and the paths of the debris

    13. There was a timid side of her that wished the planet was an interesting find of exobiological life and they could get the Heavenly Mother in here safely and rebuild Angel society while studying the microbial life on this planet

    14. What he had done the last four days was keep more to himself in his lab, making it look like he was studying toward his career as well as toward religious bliss

    15. He was deep into studying the circuitry around that channel when he heard Jaseem call his name from his door

    16. The one she'd been studying lead to the city Alan had stopped in

    17. She found beams radiating to all points of the compass from here, and some with much more traffic than the one she had been studying

    18. He said he was studying the native economy, he did produce some numbers, ships and tons moving on this river

    19. On the other hand, if I sit in studying every evening, this could be considered painful while I’m doing it, however in the long term I will have gained skills and knowledge and I could possibly go on and gain better employment

    20. I noticed that each one was intently studying John’s reactions to Diana

    21. “He’ll spend time with her, but all he’ll talk about is those signals he's studying,” Alan said in her defense

    22. Several times she caught James studying Elizabeth, and vice versa

    23. "You see what I'm getting at," Elmore said, "If you had one from a halo object, we could tell if the halo objects have this same effect you've been studying

    24. She scolded Ali for not studying for his test the next day

    25. This is the first time Ali is studying maths

    26. "Do I hear you saying there's nothing but servos on them?" she asked, studying his face for an answer

    27. "That's an inflammatory way to put it," he said, studying her face for a reason she wanted to get him to speculate so wildly

    28. Wasn't Gordon's Lamp the same? Did they have anything to come back to? Sometimes he wished Ava had never discovered Alan's hack and they had stayed in orbit studying the planet at 61 Cygni

    29. He read thru the entire New Testament once again, studying every reference to Heaven, not just those in Revelation

    30. She turned a dial and zoomed the camera in, carefully studying its features

    31. She's studying on her birthday, dedication dude

    32. I hope you have been studying that navigational book I gave you

    33. By this time Ava was studying the guys out there bidding, wondering if any attractive ones would be interested in her

    34. She was studying history with a view to teaching

    35. She circled Matai studying his face; she too recognized the mounting fear in his eyes

    36. There was once a group of women studying the

    37. were studying chapter three, they came across verse

    38. “Many people here have spent a lot of time studying this system

    39. Cutting up a frog and inspecting his sexual organs is not the same as studying my body from a distance and learning what it’s doing; when I don’t

    40. “That’s not what I thought when I was there in the Kassikan studying it

    41. So, how's the studying

    42. I don’t remember studying them here, but I didn’t study these basic subjects there either, I woke up in that drawer still knowing this material

    43. “These paintings were all she did here in Chardovia, while she was studying to be a gas technician so she could support herself at the study of art and fashion, her real goal

    44. Dave puffs out his cheeks and looks across at Carol, who is studying the attractions stacked in a wooden leaflet holder; World of Barometers, Cobbler Honey Farm, Tractorland, Gnome From Gnome

    45. what seemed like hours studying the swirling waters below the centre

    46. hours studying at home?”

    47. Bram looked startled for a moment, then looked again, studying

    48. Jean took a deep breath and began studying the

    49. After waiting for several turns, and after some minutes of studying the

    50. I was able to be teleported directly above this very asteroid, and have been studying it to the best of my knowledge ever since

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