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    1. His partner looks at the bottle of whiskey on the table with a mixture of longing and approbation

    2. Allcock was pleased that his young charge got to see his own domain, and voiced as much in hearty approbation

    3. Chloe was transfixed by the whelming emotions prompted by her stepmother's approbation of her management skills, and the prospect of remaining with her new friend in Stratford

    4. It was so very much more satisfying and rewarding than to be held up to public approbation

    5. ” The gentlemen at the table smiled and murmured their approbation of both the praise and the subject of that praise

    6. of countries accepted it with the simple approbation of

    7. The colony settled its own form of government, enacted its own laws, elected its own magistrates, and made peace or war with its neighbours, as an independent state, which had no occasion to wait for the approbation or consent of the mother city

    8. But if the company were bad stewards and bad sovereigns, when the whole of their neat revenue and profits belonged to themselves, and were at their own disposal, they were surely not likely to be better when three-fourths of them were to belong to other people, and the other fourth, though to be laid out for the benefit of the company, yet to be so under the inspection and with the approbation of other people

    9. The sovereign, though he might have some indirect influence in those elections, and though it was sometimes usual to ask both his consent to elect, and his approbation of the election, yet had no direct or sufficient means of managing the clergy

    10. As Dale Carnegie used to say "Be hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise

    11. Her screen’s glowing with approbation

    12. He blushed, basking in her approbation

    13. After all, their childhood was a mixture of their grandfather’s approbation and the reproaches of their parents

    14. Another yell of approbation answered him, as the half-starved blacks scurried to do his bidding

    15. ‘’Are there more objections or suggestions? No? Then I will send tonight a message to Tokyo, asking for the approbation of the plan I just outlined

    16. The charges are: criminal negligence on the part of President Truman concerning the armed forces of the nation, to the point of putting in grave danger the national security; and abuse of power, for having sent our soldiers, airmen and sailors to war in impossible conditions and while refusing to even ask for the approbation of the Congress for the said war

    17. Bank noted with approbation the fact that Ingrid was armed with both a pistol and a carbine

    18. Ingrid nodded her head in approbation when Hien showed her a beautiful children’s Chinese red silk dress, embroidered with gold and silver

    19. "I trust your spiritual aspirations and your pastoral and professional integrity but just want to warn you that if this thing goes too far, I may have to rescind diocesan approbation because of the possibility of scandal

    20. We don't want to be thrown into the sea with a millstone around our necks, now do we? I don't want to rescind your approbation and will try my hardest not to, but you need to know where I stand

    21. Those are the ones who should be forever revered as true ‘heroes’ and for folks whose jobs depend on public approbation to include all the ‘victims’ in that highest category of human behavior is to denigrate the true sacrifice made by the authentic heroes of that horrendous day

    22. To minimize any further loss of intellectual capital, the consultant, working together with the head of human resources and the CEO, develops a company policy that recognizes employee contributions with public approbation as well as pay bonuses and stock options

    23. approbation; for, after we had discoursed with Capellus

    24. and set them to judge causes; and with their approbation

    25. Picasso accepted that approbation with warm words and deeds: his house

    26. Anjali spoke in approbation “this mother has opened her heart to her dying son

    27. Everyone gazed at him with approbation

    28. * I beg to refer to my Sermon on the 'Secondary and Permanent Consequences of Sin’ as affecting the future destiny of the Saved, which, I will venture to add, received the approbation of the late Mr

    29. Stryver shouldered himself into Fleet-street, amidst the general approbation of his hearers

    30. To win of idiots approbation,

    31. The "Lay of Chrysostom" met with the approbation of the listeners, though the reader said it did not seem to him to agree with what he had heard of Marcela's reserve and propriety, for Chrysostom complained in it of jealousy, suspicion, and absence, all to the prejudice of the good name and fame of Marcela; to which Ambrosio replied as one who knew well his friend's most secret thoughts, "Senor, to remove that doubt I should tell you that when the unhappy man wrote this lay he was away from Marcela, from whom he had voluntarily separated himself, to try if absence would act with him as it is wont; and as everything distresses and every fear haunts the banished lover, so imaginary jealousies and suspicions, dreaded as if they were true, tormented Chrysostom; and thus the truth of what report declares of the virtue of Marcela remains unshaken, and with her envy itself should not and cannot find any fault save that of being cruel, somewhat haughty, and very scornful

    32. "Books that have been printed with the king's licence, and with the approbation of those to whom they have been submitted, and read with universal delight, and extolled by great and small, rich and poor, learned and ignorant, gentle and simple, in a word by people of every sort, of whatever rank or condition they may be--that these should be lies! And above all when they carry such an appearance of truth with them; for they tell us the father, mother, country, kindred, age, place, and the achievements, step by step, and day by day, performed by such a knight or knights! Hush, sir; utter not such blasphemy; trust me I am advising you now to act as a sensible man should; only read them, and you will see the pleasure you will derive from them

    33. "Then this fame, these favours, these privileges, or whatever you call it," said Sancho, "belong to the bodies and relics of the saints who, with the approbation and permission of our holy mother Church, have lamps, tapers, winding-sheets, crutches, pictures, eyes and legs, by means of which they increase devotion and add to their own Christian reputation

    34. This same Knight of the Lions, who was called not long since the Knight of the Rueful Countenance, sends by me to say may it please your highness to give him leave that, with your permission, approbation, and consent, he may come and carry out his wishes, which are, as he says and I believe, to serve your exalted loftiness and beauty; and if you give it, your ladyship will do a thing which will redound to your honour, and he will receive a most

    35. Without shutting herself up from her family, or leaving the house in determined solitude to avoid them, or lying awake the whole night to indulge meditation, Elinor found every day afforded her leisure enough to think of Edward, and of Edward's behaviour, in every possible variety which the different state of her spirits at different times could produce,--with tenderness, pity, approbation, censure, and doubt

    36. I am much concerned to find there was anything in my behaviour last night that did not meet your approbation; and though I am quite at a loss to discover in what point I could be so unfortunate as to offend you, I entreat your forgiveness of what I can assure you to have been perfectly unintentional

    37. Ferrars, not aware of their being Elinor's work, particularly requested to look at them; and after they had received gratifying testimony of Lady Middletons's approbation, Fanny presented them to her mother, considerately informing her, at the same time, that they were done by Miss Dashwood

    38. He bestowed his hearty approbation however on their species of house

    39. As John Dashwood had no more pleasure in music than his eldest sister, his mind was equally at liberty to fix on any thing else; and a thought struck him during the evening, which he communicated to his wife, for her approbation, when they got home

    40. "Yes," continued Elinor, gathering more resolution, as some of the worst was over, "Colonel Brandon means it as a testimony of his concern for what has lately passed--for the cruel situation in which the unjustifiable conduct of your family has placed you--a concern which I am sure Marianne, myself, and all your friends, must share; and likewise as a proof of his high esteem for your general character, and his particular approbation of your behaviour on the present occasion

    41. They were brought together by mutual affection, with the warmest approbation of their real friends; their intimate knowledge of each other seemed to make their happiness certain--and they only wanted something to live upon

    42. and to ask his approbation of the alliance between the two countries, which he

    43. "He might spare himself the trouble," said Heathcliff "I could do as well without his approbation

    44. answered by gracious nods of approbation, whilst he looked goats and

    45. approbation run through the whole company, which now consisted of

    46. myself with having passed my examination with the approbation of the

    47. The scout turned to her with a smile of honest and cordial approbation, as he

    48. Morrel, that's the whole truth, on the honor of a sailor; is not it true, you fellows there?" A general murmur of approbation showed that the narrator had faithfully detailed their misfortunes and sufferings

    49. "Excellency," said Pastrini, "I am delighted to have your approbation, but it was not for that I came

    50. Uncas pressed closer to his side, and regarded the speaker with a look of commendation, while his father expressed his satisfaction by the ordinary pithy exclamation of approbation

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