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    1. He knew he was a long way from the authorization to edit the grant list

    2. Before anything else happened, he went right to his authorization file and bumped his magic authorization and got back his med panel

    3. " He was pretty sure she had enough command of magic and enough authorization to make the stuff appear and disappear at will, but he wanted her to know where he was coming from

    4. "This is his Heaven after all, Theology controls the authorization levels

    5. He gives the authorization to the flight attendant and then sneaks out of the hotel and boards the jet before it leaves for Washington

    6. Ferguson reminded Major Barretson that they would also need an authorization to draw additional gasoline that could be traded for diesel fuel

    7. Lewisohn and obtaining his advice and authorization, Colling gave the men injections of penicillin, and packages of the new penicillin tablets, reminding them that they would have to unwrap them from the foil they were sealed in, and hold them in their mouths to get them to work

    8. Elizabeth told him to request a travel authorization for Prague, and two weeks’ furlough

    9. There were also Army travel authorization forms, furlough orders and safe passage documents addressed to the various Occupying Powers made out in his name

    10. Each of these files represents an illegal investigation done without authorization

    11. The travel authorization to Prague was accompanied by a letter offering employment from a tool and die firm in Czechoslovakia

    12. dollars and an Army travel authorization from Paris to Grabensheim

    13. I will provide a travel authorization by rail to Krakow, then the Party can furnish motor transport

    14. He handed them to Colling, who saw that they were, in effect, a safe conduct and travel authorization good anywhere in Poland

    15. Boxer waiting for his to produce his authorization of

    16. If they catch you in their waters without authorization, they knock holes in the bottom of your boat and hand you over to the Polish Coast Guard or the Red Navy

    17. authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and

    18. When he signed the Intelligence Authorization Act 2005, he wrote

    19. The official authorization of the payment begins the rendering of

    20. Carl hated Amelia but calling in Devin on such short notice and without authorization was near mutiny

    21. without previously asking his authorization

    22. They got authorization to tap his phone, and a surveillance team

    23. A recent example is having his Secretary of Health and Human Services change a Healthcare Law passed by Congress, without Congressional authorization and which he has then defended publicly

    24. Written authorization was required for the monster army to mobilize such large numbers

    25. paid by the townhall, which runs a dogpound that has no veterinarian authorization, as

    26. commercial purpose, will only be authorized to do it with a municipal authorization,

    27. spectacle cannot do it without a previous authorization of the competent entity or

    28. 2 million shares were outstanding, with a total stock authorization of 18 million shares

    29. It is unwieldy enough to have target authorization requests come up from J-3 Operations at MACV, in conjunction with Seventh Air Force, through CINCPAC, without being shunted off to a side office such as mine

    30. Natas gave me the authorization to

    31. For those transmissions which fail to have my authorization, a fine of ten percent of monthly salaries will be levied

    32. but most of them required an authorization to do that

    33. -Of course! I am part of the escort that will take them to the island -and saying this he handled the authorization which had been signed by the Committee

    34. “You don’t have authorization to be watching these monitors

    35. It needs your authorization for that part of things, and then I‘ll take the rest

    36. I also testify to the completion of the records of the superuniverse, by authorization of the Ancients of Days, having to do with the termination of all sin-rebellion in your universe and endowing you with full and unlimited authority to deal with any and all such possible upheavals in the future

    37. Jim’s team was the bloodhound of the Agency with authorization, if need so, to

    38. Judas paid out funds on Andrew's authorization

    39. They do not carry any authorization to enter our property so we are within our rights to defend an illegal attack

    40. "Who gave authorization for your Department to become actively involved?"

    41. authorization documentation for the ten new, yet to be fueled, nuclear reactors listed on the manifest

    42. He read their authorization signed by the base commander for them to proceed to an undisclosed location off the planet

    43. speaking to the news media without authorization

    44. So long as they had a letter of authorization from the CM and photo ID from his representative

    45. Rachel's arrest on the charge of leading a military invasion without authorization

    46. In February, when the sixteen sons of Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía returned, still marked with the cross of ashes, Aureliano Triste spoke to them about Rebeca in the tumult of the celebration and in half a day they restored the appearance of the house, changing doors and windows, painting the front with gay colors, bracing walls and pouring fresh cement on the floor, but they could not get any authorization to continue the work inside

    47. She then spent a good ten minutes exposing the situation concerning the Imperium, finishing with a request for the authorization of the High Council to launch a rescue mission to save Nancy Laplante

    48. cautious to vote against authorization to declare war because they didn’t want to be seen as

    49. authorization to declare war without serious debate are guilty of neglecting their

    50. ‘’Yes, General! She completely bypassed the chain of command and contacted foreign officials without proper authorization

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    authorisation authorization empowerment authority sanction dominance potency say-so mandate support ratification decree permission writ command