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    1. There was another faction who felt that it was acceptable to do daily business with the locals but retain their own culture with no more 'political boundary' than land ownership, and a third group who wanted to remain in voluntary association like the core of any other ethnic group, but not be required to join one contiguous territory

    2. He was listed as a member in good standing of the Gengee City Merchant's Association

    3. He had sat with him at merchant's association block meetings

    4. Business could still be conducted verbally in the Gengee City Merchant's Association, both he and Taktor conducted verbal business

    5. They hadn't declared themselves a tribe to the Gengee City Merchants Association either, but a few of them were members in good standing because of their businesses

    6. "Join a merchant's association," doostEr said, "There's always influence trading going on in them

    7. Whilst agents working across could always fall back on the Migraine Association, it was preferred by the Errdian powers that be that such a course of action was literally the last to be used under any circumstances

    8. ‘Iain, do you know where the Migraine Association office is in Taunton?’ Kara asked, following him up the stairs towards the room designated for her use

    9. ‘Well … the man I saw at the Association offices in London – Gerisse Stowman, his name was, he struck me as being extremely uneasy when I announced my presence – he plainly knew my reputation - and he became even more bothered when I said I was coming down here

    10. He can contact me through the Taunton Migraine Association office – but needs to be DISCRETE

    11. Wasting little time, she strode along the pavement and turned into the side street where the Association was based, arriving at the door slightly breathless and consequently more than a little annoyed that it should be so

    12. Kara reckoned it was a walk of two miles, three at most, from the side street where the Association was sited to the railway station and she had a good two hours in which to cover the distance

    13. The phone call to the Association office had been equally frustrating – Wiesse couldn’t do either of the days she requested

    14. ‘Berndt has told me how you worked for the Migraine Association and used that to trace the holders down

    15. ’I worked for the Migraine Association – it meant I could access the Errdians directly – not that everyone registered, but a lot did

    16. a list of association

    17. The men’s bathroom raised a couple of less than complimentary remarks from the secretary of the association … mostly on the subject of empty toilet rolls and how no man she had ever met could understand the mechanism which required the replacement of an empty toilet roll with a fresh one

    18. Almost a third of them were associated with the Kassikan in some way, counting those in close association with a Kassikan employee or contractor’s employee

    19. Apparently it holds some association

    20. the library, was the biggest contributor to the Police Benevolent Association, and

    21. They each found their association mutually beneficial

    22. In fact, the "Online Publishers Association"

    23. The association stems from the legend that his body was washed ashore (ie scallop shell - the sea) on the Atlantic coast nearby

    24. area’s historical association with their founder, Saint

    25. for his association with Pierre, but he had no idea if they’d

    26. Fizzicist then became chairman of the Dort Valley anti progress aircraft association

    27. Its association with elefteriá is,

    28. The association between Mythology and

    29. You could use it as a way to build credibility through association (a very

    30. The association of banks

    31. save the system, the association of banks are

    32. neighbours, so the association is not

    33. - As the association of lies with the size of the

    34. Its association with such images made the whole

    35. lemons, so that their association is not even a

    36. will gain great information and build your reputation through association

    37. Association – AMACON, 2004) and his thesis was on how to become an

    38. He is a member of the American Bar Association, Houston Bar

    39. Association and State Bar of Texas

    40. What does an association of thieves have to do with…well, what you’re doing here?

    41. National Association for the Education of Young Children www

    42. The physical brain and the body contain the Ideas that are generated by the spirit and Soul and mind in association with each other

    43. Today, members of Cayce’s organization, Association for Research and Enlightenment (A

    44. Today, there is even an International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) for those who wish to obtain more information on such a phenomenon

    45. All synthetic replication these days, but what mattered was the basic association

    46. association with the capital's meat industry, going

    47. Most Professional Golfers Association courses run at a 10 to 12 stimp rating

    48. Ladies golf has been around for sometime but the popularity has consistently grown and the association has not disappointed its fans

    49. They are not even in the same league, however, with the Modern Language Association, whose emphasis is ever on modernity at the expense of language

    50. who held positions of responsibility with the National Cranberry Association, and later on, she later became famous

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    association connection connexion affiliation tie tie-up friendship affinity companionship fraternisation fraternization fellowship brotherhood intimacy coalition corporation organisation organization league club company relation recollection correlation impression combination remembrance response