atrophied sätze

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Atrophied sätze (in englisch)

  1. You could see that the boy’s legs were atrophied.
  2. His little atrophied legs hung down as Christ held him.
  3. The time she spent in the hospital had not atrophied her shape.
  4. Trying to will himself into total deadness, until his limbs atrophied.
  5. Closed-end stock funds, although popular during the 1980s, have slowly atrophied.
  6. His senses must have been blunted and atrophied with money and the getting of it.
  7. Otherwise their upper limbs would have atrophied like the useless paws of the Kangaroo did.
  8. When the seeds in our fruits become atrophied, the fruit itself gains largely in size and quality.
  9. And yet, externally, they are, to a man of perverted or atrophied artistic perception, precisely alike.
  10. Her teeth sank away from her lips, the delicate fingers hung like charred twigs from her atrophied wrists.
  11. That glow had then enveloped James, with his two atrophied legs growing back healthy and strong in a mere minute.
  12. He had atrophied, petrified, gone dim and quiet and slow, and only wanting, she decided with impulsive unfairness, to avoid trouble.
  13. For the most part they are able writers, educated and clever, but with their capacity of being infected by art quite perverted or atrophied.
  14. Over the years, the ‘umbrella’ party that could co-opt and accommodate conflicting interest groups has badly atrophied, to the point where decay has now set in.
  15. His power to reason has relieved them of many of their duties, and so they have, to some extent, atrophied, as have the muscles which move the ears and scalp, merely from disuse.
  16. If the possibility to walk or fly appears too late in the life of an animal, the limbs might already be so atrophied that it is too late for the animal to ever learn to walk or fly.
  17. Again, no one will say that rudimentary or atrophied organs are of high physiological or vital importance; yet, undoubtedly, organs in this condition are often of much value in classification.
  18. The receptive feeling for art of these people is atrophied, and in valuing artistic productions they must be guided by discussion and study, which discussion and study completely confuse them.
  19. Consider this… if Dolly could be born from just a single mammary gland cell, what can’t we do with our hundreds of eggs apiece, once our atrophied, but still-inherent powers are kicked back into operational mode? Want to know more? Email me at: [email protected]
  20. In reflecting on them, every one must be struck with astonishment; for the same reasoning power which tells us that most parts and organs are exquisitely adapted for certain purposes, tells us with equal plainness that these rudimentary or atrophied organs are imperfect and useless.
  21. But though it is impossible to undeceive these people, just as it is impossible to convince a man suffering from "Daltonism" that green is not red, yet, for all that, this indication remains perfectly definite to those whose feeling for art is neither perverted nor atrophied, and it clearly distinguishes the feeling produced by art from all other feelings.
  22. If this people has so atrophied its taste buds as to find tasteless food not only acceptable but desirable, what of the emotional life of the nation? Do they find their emotional fare so bland that it must be spiced with sex and sadism through the medium of the paperback? And if this is so, why are there no condiments save ketchup and mustard to enhance their foods?
  23. To live as do the rich, idle people, especially the women, far from nature and from animals, in artificial conditions, with muscles atrophied or misdeveloped by gymnastics, and with enfeebled vital energy, would be impossible were it not for what is called art—for this occupation and amusement which hides from them the meaninglessness of their lives, and saves them from the dullness that oppresses them.
  24. Had he been forced, like a lot of church kids, in order to set an example, to spend half his school holidays at the services? Had he never gone fishing for newts in the nearest pond, bringing them home triumphantly in a jam-jar? Had he never kept green caterpillars in a match-box, waiting for them to change magically into butterflies? Had his youth been the joyless one Rafferty imagined it to be? Spent joining in doleful hymns shut inside a damp church while the world and the birds outside were singing sweeter songs? If so, it was no wonder if his youth and capacity for joy had atrophied.
  1. He was in a containment chamber, but his skin color had returned, and from what she could see of the eel-green flesh on his hand, it was atrophying.
  2. This anarchy of nisms' death throes competing is The Game we find ourselves not only living in, but also being the architects of – an atrophying prison of suffocating trinkshit purchased at the Firewall's Reward Exchange.
  3. Eartheart's cancerous sores and lesions: brown sites metastasizing into superfund malignancies, tumorous military bases spewing global toxicity, industrial farming blooming red algae leukemia throughout her atrophying arteries.
  4. This produced the Droid Syndrome, in which the human brain became malformed due to its internal functions atrophying through the overuse of digital memory and apps as tool extensions of the self's mnemonic abilities and, therefore, imaginative capabilities – with less ideas, less recombination of them.
  1. Society atrophies and dies.
  2. The less a society shares the more closed it is and the more quickly it atrophies.
  3. The general instinctive awareness I call the sense of pure wonder is used less and less and basically atrophies into almost complete disuse.

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1. They've just been allowed to atrophy, that's all.
2. Neurons unable to connect effectively with other neurons atrophy.
3. Connections that are unused eventually atrophy, degrading the ability to.
4. The advantages that can accrue to ruling parties are a major contributing factor to democratic atrophy in Africa.
5. You can barely move, atrophy, a translucent tube down your throat, the urge to panic comes quick but you settle down.
6. For example, the drugs can cause thinning of the skin (atrophy), altered skin pigmentation, stretch marks, and dilated blood vessels.
7. But recent studies suggest you can prevent atrophy and delay the onset of cognitive decline by fueling your hippocampus with exercise.
8. As the world advances and science develops and solves the mysteries of our world, Christianity will wane and atrophy whereas Islam will bloom.
9. This paralysis lasted, however, but a short time; for Tess's energies returned with the atrophy of his, and she walked as fast as she was able past the barn and onward.
10. Eventually, unable to function, the neuron will die, leaving behind empty space (the atrophy seen on an MRI) and possibly a heap of amyloid-beta 42 in an amyloid plaque.
11. A couple of these were quite elaborate, containing children’s playground equipment that I supposed even adult ‘pets’ would use, rather than atrophy in such close confinement.
12. With the increasing grip that our own tools have over our lives; the human qualities of honesty, courage, love, and wonder slowly fade into disuse and atrophy with the passage of time.
13. That first week after passing his Series 7, Keith sat eight hours a day in the semi-privacy of his cubicle, watching the black leather oblong of his trading book atrophy like cooling lava on his desk.
14. Did you know your brain shrinks as you age? Most susceptible to atrophy is the hippocampus, a part of the brain responsible for memory and spatial reasoning, and the region first attacked by Alzheimer’s disease.
15. Along with all these questions, you may also want to ask about the steps taken by the facility to prevent muscle atrophy among the residents, if the nurses here are certified, and also about the food and the options.
16. The constitution would change by the atrophy of all the delicate clauses inserted by the chattering class at the height of its influence during the interregnum between Botha and Mandela, when both were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
17. Do you find irony in the fact that Alice, a Harvard professor and researcher, suffers from a disease that causes her brain to atrophy? Why do you think the author, Lisa Genova, chose this profession? How does her past academic success affect Alice’s ability, and that of her family, to cope with Alzheimer’s?

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