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Diminished in einem Satz (in englisch)

never diminished her joy.
Her fear diminished slightly.
diminished without your consent.
her interest in school diminished.
The diminished ratio would have.
will have diminished significance.
’65 This would have diminished.

success would be severely diminished.
He looked diminished and downtrodden.
his fi gure diminished in the distance.
Risk is not diminished as time passes.
They gradually diminished as the arm.
drank until my hunger pains diminished.
see her again had not diminished with time.
The mortals’ faith diminished every day.
The intensity of his eyes diminished some.
But Shrank, with each word, was diminished.
Varek looked down and his smile diminished.
The rain was greatly diminished and I knew.
‘It has diminished greatly since Smolensk.
of our loving caresses also diminished a bit.
The mountain now seemed diminished, fragile.
rapidly diminished in intensity and retreated.
has diminished its power and influence for good.
is likely to be diminished by every such treaty.
Today, though, he found his position diminished.
However, the price received will be diminished.
Meanwhile, the pitcher of ale rapidly diminished.
him, but her love for him had in no way diminished.
raining, the intensity had diminished considerably.
F flat diminishing.
goods was diminishing.
And rapidly diminishing.
The radius is diminishing.
Your resources are diminishing.
The army was rapidly diminishing.
Everything around her was diminishing.
within the diminishing scope of its.
This showed diminishing buying pressure.
diminishing of estrogen and testosterone.
tramp was diminishing into silence on the road.
The heat from his hand was slowly diminishing.
Here: diminishing possibility comes into play.
one path, diminishing the interference pattern 2.
Byron response to famine and diminishing resources.
His suit seemed to be diminishing even as I watched.
He did, and the noise abated with a diminishing roar.
And the expected time for recovery is diminishing.
forearm diminishing, completely unscathed by the blast.
others see diminishing returns and hope for a rate cut.
encloses a portion of it, diminishing its width or area.
In terms of diminishing libido, stress is right up there.
manufactures, the profits of stock have been diminishing.
concentration faltering and the magic haze diminishing as a.
It was apparent that our chances of escape were diminishing.
―moral‖ nature of the Beast while diminishing that of Man.
Categories of diminishing reflections of the whole: fractals.
3 Competition, regulation, the law of diminishing returns, etc.
There has been such a tremendous diminishing of stress - its.
warmth and rubbed his chilled hands before the diminishing fire.
diminishes the point of the P.
that diminishes this probability.
of the company diminishes and –.
they grow up, their faith diminishes.
As their mass increases, their value diminishes.
Whatever diminishes constraint diminishes strength.
� To lie simply and inevitably diminishes the self.
from it once the prospect of higher prices diminishes.
And, in proportion as labor diminishes, needs increase.
fears, and it radically diminishes their enjoyment of life.
And as My light shines in the darkness, and diminishes not,.
It's just that it implies respect and diminishes the intimacy.
– but, I can assure you, a problem that diminishes with every.
As the greed for sex diminishes, the complexity of marriage starts.
The Value of Analysis Diminishes as the Element of Chance Increases.
The hits ratio should however improve soon as the range diminishes.
cal injury on the physical-biomolecular body diminishes as we advance.
Anything that diminishes, dies, or goes extinct is considered a failure.
I have heard its value diminishes with every transport, Garcia said.
himself, and wherever for a moment the outpouring of force diminishes, that.
mind, in that it can highlight our acorn, even as it diminishes its ability.
A new camp will be established here and will grow as the old site diminishes.
Once fixed costs change as they do in Year 4, that mirror diminishes and the.
(postresponse) gradually diminishes during extinction, whereas the signal that.
Whatever we do in life there is always a risk, but as we grow the risk diminishes.
not long remain in any country in which the value of the annual produce diminishes.
If they are not, then the index's status as a brilliant investment choice diminishes.
� When such language of recognition diminishes, it diminishes us in our everyday lives.
point where funding should be delayed or avoided because it diminishes the market price.
It diminishes the effect of further disputes and hard conflicts that may lead to disaster.
Sobriety diminishes, discriminates, and says no; drunkenness expands, unites, and says yes.
It should diminish in time.
in the room began to diminish.
fect from asanas will diminish.
It served to diminish public crime.
They do tend to diminish the flow.
evil presence diminish with his words.
Slowly, her shaking began to diminish.
The need for a legal system would diminish.
diminish others, or the power within ourselves.
which if violated, will diminish economic profit.
started to diminish, the villagers stopped their.
mass factor started to diminish in the same ratio.
Time would heal the grief and diminish the memory.
Secondly, costs significantly diminish our profits.
should diminish public opinion of the Jedi somewhat.
You will know better, and your fears will diminish.
The current and roar of the flow seemed to diminish.
Don’t diminish what you’ve done for us, please.
will diminish in respect to the growth of the distance.
Had his wants failed to diminish because there was no.
Humiliate, terrify, demean, diminish, bring to despair.
But the love and desire I felt for her did not diminish.
would diminish drastical y once out of the United States.
The difference in our age continues to diminish with our.
the stress will diminish (because it becomes exposed and.
come, so that you can effectively diminish its chilliness.
That another’s good fortune need not diminish your own.
diminish the forum and the value it holds for the members.
At the heart they mix and gradually diminish into empti-.

Synonyme für diminished

diminished lessened vitiated weakened atrophied wasted belittled small