command sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Command sätze (in englisch)

1. Command bridge of the A.
2. A command to have had.
3. David is now in command.
4. He spoke a command word.
5. Command bridge of the H.
6. Than a command to parley.
7. Under the command of a.

8. Obey the command of God.
9. Your wish is our command.
10. To command over the ring.
11. But he can command you.
12. I have chains of command.
13. This is my first command.
14. The giant yelled a command.
15. Your desire is my command.
16. Rimmer, was now in command.
17. They all moved on command.
18. The single word a command.
19. Command came from the top.
20. Calvin had to lose command.
21. High command did have its.
22. I’m the pilot in command.
23. But the command is too late.
24. A command? I ought to obey.
25. He whispered a command word.
26. He, at the command of the.
27. Your wish is my command.
28. I have to stop and command.
29. I'm in command of this pass.
30. Command, this is Apex One.
31. The command tent is ready.
32. Four on your command ship.
33. He might command her to….
34. He sent out a stern command.
35. Woman at the command of the.
36. You can cancel that command.
37. And such would be my command.
38. The NOw is IT's command for.
39. He thinks he’s in command!.
40. Hogg and his command to take.
1. He begins by commanding that.
2. Rod–A commanding rule or a law.
3. It is more commanding than the Mastiff.
4. He spoke gently but with commanding tones.
5. The man walked with a commanding presence.
6. Put me through to your commanding officer.
7. He’s my commanding officer, I said.
8. Commanding Officer of the Transvaal Scottish.
9. I sensed no anger, just a commanding presence.
10. The Commanding Officer of a Bombardment Group.
11. As cited, the RCMP's commanding officer in B.
12. I could have been commanding Javerian soldiers.
13. Out of the fire there spoke a commanding voice.
14. There was a subtly commanding tone to her voice.
15. Dionus was, after all, their commanding officer.
16. The face was friendly and yet subtly commanding.
17. Barkow entered and saluted his commanding officer.
18. In his eyes gleamed a light, keen and commanding.
19. He was ex-military and had a commanding presence.
20. CO: commanding officer of a station, base or ship.
21. Now all of the Commanding Officers and Chevalier.
22. But they don't know that it's God who's commanding.
23. Hanor! Tarmon barked, commanding his attention.
24. Tempted to lose themselves, but another commanding.
25. About to leap forward to protect her, a commanding.
26. The convening authority is the commanding officer.
27. His robe and flowing beard made a commanding presence.
28. The commanding officer had observed the men carefully.
29. Oh yes we can! the Admiral said in a commanding.
30. You get to the hill, Yuta said in a commanding tone.
31. The commanding tone in her voice surprised even herself.
32. He had always been so strong, so powerful and commanding.
33. It makes a difference when the commanding officer has.
34. Next to him in midfield was the commanding Kadazan-Dusun.
35. From there we had a commanding view of the new building.
36. She was mother, teacher, and commanding officer to the boys.
37. The Rottie is a tough, commanding, brave, devoted, likes to.
38. Mark glared at his Commanding Officer, What did you do?
39. Alison heard the deep, commanding, masculine voice behind her.
40. Brent turned and looked into the eyes of his commanding officer.
1. They did as he commanded.
2. He had not commanded them.
3. King commanded him to stop.
4. Just as when He commanded.
5. We were commanded to follow.
6. He commanded it to be given.
7. What is it? commanded Louie.
8. Our Lord Jesus commanded it.
9. He was not commanded to sing.
10. Look at me, he commanded.
11. Stop it! I commanded her.
12. Commanded to look after my dog.
13. Just put it on, he commanded.
14. He said that his god commanded.
15. The man commanded authority to.
16. Today he commanded one destroyer.
17. Wendy commanded her fighter wing.
18. The orc who commanded her armies.
19. In fact, she commanded that you.
20. All stop, the Elf commanded.
21. Would you have commanded any of.
22. Get me water! she commanded.
23. Then he commanded the anti matter.
24. Give me that, Raya commanded.
25. No, stop, commanded the King.
26. Shake it off, Brie commanded.
27. Israel that which he was commanded.
28. When Moses commanded the children.
29. The Knot did as they were commanded.
30. As you commanded me, your Holiness.
31. Moses was commanded only to count.
32. Now, look at me, he commanded.
33. And he still hadn’t commanded her.
34. Euphrates, as the Lord commanded me.
35. Raze the city, she commanded.
36. Take it, the shaman commanded.
37. Bring them out, he commanded.
38. Lord God of Israel had commanded him.
39. Joseph commanded his servants, the.
40. First, strip me, she commanded.
1. God commands us to be.
2. Commands end with ; or \g.
3. Brigadier commands and I do.
4. They help commands and staffs.
5. She gave us her last commands.
6. The commands were not a burden.
7. These commands are as follows:.
8. Doth he obey thy Commands?
9. None but my father commands me.
10. My mother obeyed Karen's commands.
11. James 3:1 commands that not many.
12. It won't respond to their commands.
13. Hands in the air, he commands.
14. The LORD thunders commands to his.
15. Mastiffs who always obey my commands.
16. What amazing resources she commands.
17. Morrel looked obedience to her commands.
18. Select any of the following commands:.
19. The Word of God has commands such as:.
20. He commands a submarine named Nautilus.
21. Suck, he commands, his voice soft.
22. Both units need commands to gain access.
23. He had a bass voice and barked commands.
24. This is equivalent to these two commands.
25. If we follow His commands and keep all.
26. If it stands between me and his commands.
27. They totally overlook that God commands.
28. I need to turn off the commands and make.
29. An example is of an asset which commands.
30. Find out Which Commands You Use Most Often.
31. Thinly veiled commands, supply lists, maps.
32. Commands used by Carter, Sadie, and others.
33. Do you reduce my commands to the rantings.
34. They train the dog to obey certain commands.
35. One is, a demon? He, he commands my blood.
36. And this A-hole commands all of them?
37. Did not the Cuamhnόir obey my commands?
38. Commands or statements from God do not mean.
39. You will have to use hand and voice commands.
40. Certainly, he rejects ALLAH’s commands and.

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