backwards sätze

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Backwards sätze (in englisch)

  1. She sat backwards on the.
  2. He left the road backwards.
  3. He was now lying backwards.
  4. Alfie took a step backwards.
  5. Why only backwards in time?

  6. War spelled backwards is raw.
  7. Give way by moving backwards.
  8. Walk backwards along the wall.
  9. Sam was now walking backwards.
  10. Time is going backwards, not.
  11. He fell backwards, shocked by.
  12. He fell backwards to the floor.
  13. Backwards, it reads ‘Not Fear.
  14. If that sounds backwards, it is.
  15. You could try working backwards.

  16. She continued to inch backwards.
  17. All evil is a backwards dynamic.
  18. She stumbled backwards a few feet.
  19. He fell backwards, shocked by the.
  20. Tossing her backwards onto the bed.
  21. Hannah stumbled backwards and fell.
  22. Begin counting backwards from 100.
  23. The horse may try to move backwards.
  24. She made a face and moved backwards.
  25. Holden Caulfield cap on backwards.

  26. And they took another step backwards.
  27. The Parthians could shoot backwards.
  28. Crosswell was standing backwards on.
  29. I walk backwards as I remove my jacket.
  30. This has spoiled everything backwards.
  31. The T-Rex attempts to move backwards.
  32. Italy seems not to have gone backwards.
  33. Harry saw stars, reeled backwards and.
  34. Instruct the patient to walk backwards.
  35. She stumbled backwards and almost fell.
  36. The Leader almost took a step backwards.
  37. I retreated a couple of steps backwards.
  38. He entered the digits in backwards and.
  39. She was bending over backwards to help.
  40. I had the severe urge to work backwards.
  41. They bend backwards to prevent bloodshed.
  42. He made a loud gasp as he fell backwards.
  43. She stepped sharply backwards, horrified.
  44. Hero pronounced backwards: oreh, is aura.
  45. This includes any word spelled backwards.
  46. Push your head backwards into their hand.
  47. You may have heard of Professor Backwards.
  48. He was falling backwards away from Frank.
  49. Then he set me backwards on an old horse.
  50. Emory went forward and she went backwards.
  51. She stepped backwards and raised her chin.
  52. In essence, we work deductively backwards.
  53. The priest flew backwards and then moves.
  54. In fact, I prefer looking at it backwards.
  55. The attacker will fall directly backwards.
  56. In other words, and when worked backwards.
  57. You propel yourself backwards out of path.
  58. He stumbled backwards and fell on his back.
  59. He lurched backwards, trying to tear them.
  60. He hurtled backwards and fell to the floor.
  61. The messages flicked backwards and forwards.
  62. As he tumbled backwards, he was forced to.
  63. If one could go backwards in time then it.
  64. Gripping the hair he pulled backwards and.
  65. He was staring backwards as though he had.
  66. She took a step backwards at his onslaught.
  67. Halfshaft took a suspicious step backwards.
  68. They moved backwards while still squatting.
  69. We are not as backwards as you may think.
  70. I swallowed noisily, taking a step backwards.
  71. Then there is only one small step backwards.
  72. All of a sudden, Morta took a step backwards.
  73. That is thinking very Newtonian and backwards.
  74. Ensure that the chair does not tip backwards.
  76. He walked me slowly backwards towards his bed.
  77. Their faces were backwards, and they didn't.
  78. Tammas gave a cry as he fell backwards, his.
  79. And one of the arches makes it run backwards.
  80. Her father hurtled backwards towards the house.
  81. It sent her hurtling backwards out of control.
  82. I gave a step backwards and the door caught me.
  83. Petr stumbled backwards and sat heavily on the.
  84. Scott’s body with his head hanging backwards.
  85. She flew backwards into a stack of cereal boxes.
  86. The man stepped slightly backwards, standoffish.
  87. All at once the children took one step backwards.
  88. Ryan heaved backwards to break free of its grip.
  89. She whispered, No… and stepped backwards.
  90. I even thought about telling the story backwards.
  91. The karawians forced Ryato and Alaric backwards.
  92. He winks and then drives backwards to the street.
  93. We both had our Holden caps on backwards.
  94. But instead, Brodin was the one flying backwards.
  95. A horse should willingly move backwards with the.
  96. You are thrown backwards by the force of guitar.
  97. However, she resisted the urge to walk backwards.
  98. Most internet marketers seem to have it backwards.
  99. Brock staggered backwards, his eyes rolling wildly.
  100. That day had seen us swing backwards and forwards.

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