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    1. This assertion has caused a stir in some of the more conservative circles of the unliving that consider Dracula the exalted father of vampirism

    2. Cameras whirred and digital footage streamed across the closed world of conservative South London, so much so that nearly everyone in the neighbourhood wanted to invite Miss Jones to their parties, to their charity bashes and to their seasonal celebrations

    3. emotional tend to spend their money more often, as the more conservative, logical thinker

    4. She had no idea what it really meant, but she felt it was probably the equivalent of a wolf whistle, even though her sundress was a little conservative by local standards, at least in the chest

    5. conservative South London, so much so that nearly everyone in the

    6. “Did I mention that we weren’t a very social family? I beg your forgiveness if I’m a little conservative in some of my behaviors

    7. Any religion is conservative

    8. Even this is being conservative

    9. He is conservative like hell, and

    10. She was wearing a very conservative Hebrew garment that covered her body from neck to ankles, with sleeves to her wrists

    11. That explained why their clothes were so conservative

    12. ) Most conservative theologians would

    13. After what seemed an eternity Helez appeared, dressed in a lovely, very conservative, purple gown

    14. Alternatively, dreaming that you are an elephant may be reflective of your conservative views

    15. Her narrow-minded view was surely due to her conservative upbringing

    16. She, on the other hand, had had a very religious and conservative upbringing; a somewhat boring youth, with little excitement when it came to boys

    17. She would surely miss those moments of intimacy that sometimes came with bathing duty, but he had a wife now and Helez was rather conservative

    18. Its leading proponents - all of whom are associated with the Discovery Institute, a politically conservative think tank - believe the Designer to be the God of Christianity

    19. Another unsung black conservative hero of modern America

    20. Conservative British Prime Minister of the nineteenth century, noted that: „Wherever is found called a paternal government, there is found state education

    21. What you can expect from a liberal who has not the means to deal with a reasoned conservative assertion

    22. ) The implication follows, of course, that a conservative idealist is a contradiction in terms

    23. The stance or position of the typical liberal when confronted with an unanswerable statement of a conservative

    24. He would have us believe that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality

    25. close, but his definition is more appropriate for the neoconservative (ex liberal) such as himself, rather than for the traditional conservative

    26. No more, for he wrote only a few years prior to the advent of conservative intellectuals and scholars with names like Russell Kirk („The Conservative Mind: From Burke to Eliot in 1953), Wilmore Kendall, and Eric Voegelin

    27. ) And not infrequently, to act like thugs: Witness the radicals at all too many college campuses shouting down conservative speakers

    28. Ex CIA agent of Watergate fame, prolific writer, and conservative commentator

    29. It must be asked: Would conservative teachers or District Attorneys engage in the above activities?

    30. Check the surveys that have been done, in the interim, to determine how many conservative professors this country has

    31. Another black conservative unsung hero of present day America

    32. His (conservative) Supreme Court writings show a man of immense intellect, as well as a true patriot with an unbounded sense of humility

    33. The plan for the second half was to play conservative and pass when they had to and try and grind out a respectable game

    34. His father did his job, the epitome of a conservative Moslem

    35. Playing conservative, prevent defense, trying not to give up the big play, in a 10 play drive with 5 different receivers, Reilly went in untouched on a keeper

    36. I assure you though that our courts are conservative and unless you can prove that it is in your best interests or your parents unreasonable (read very unreasonable) this will not be given willy nilly

    37. A Conservative‘s Liberal and a Liberal‘s Conservative, Mr

    38. Representative of the conservative element of the Cubans, the breach was serious, and only the withdrawal of Shafter and the appointment of General Wood averted further disorder and a threatened rupture

    39. Is it a question of mistaken identity that the nineteenth-century Populist has suddenly transformed himself into a twentieth-century Conservative? Not in every case, perhaps, although I am firmly convinced however, that provided a ―proper‖ education, William Jennings Bryan would have been a reliable advocate of socially conservative principles were he living today

    40. Therefore, A Conservative is likely to consider a Moderate Democrat a (Conservative) Democrat and a Moderate Republican a

    41. Such designs may one day trigger sizeable defections of (Democratic) Party Moderates, especially members of the African American and Hispanic Communities who, despite party loyalties, remain staunchly conservative on a number of social issues, especially religion

    42. I am still trying to figure out what is meant by a Conservative with a ―Conscience‖ or what is now commonly referred to as a

    43. (Some of my conservative colleagues will undoubtedly take issue with me) Be that as it may, many of those left behind, law-abiding in every respect, were/are destined, it seems, to share a common environment with criminal elements and other (social) misfits who continue to create havoc in their lives, whatever their skin color

    44. The Republican Party has been operating under the mistaken assumption that it will be able to successfully rally its conservative base, never traditional allies to begin with, by pushing for higher tax cuts

    45. For Conservatives, a William Buckley, for example, to help define the moral and intellectual climate of conservative viewpoints

    46. ‖ The Conservative Movement, I believe, has yet to fully recognize the vast pool of potential converts, people who are principle conservatives in their everyday lives yet are seemingly unable to define themselves politically because their values are not being properly reinforced by the ―mainstream‖ media or are not being ―targeted‖ by conservative groups, including members of the Hispanic and African American communities, who, aside from their voting ―habits‖, are otherwise socially conservative in many respects

    47. Nixon‘s presidential candidacy (1968) although once in office, his casual indifference, if not outright rejection of conservative principles, and the voters who supported them, betrayed the confidence of his faithful followers who had come to expect so much from him

    48. Bush‘s (putative) conservative credentials to begin with

    49. ‖ Their resentment has manifested itself repeatedly over the years as Conservative influence within the party has gradually increased in proportion to its rapidly increasing numbers

    50. Republicanism has never been (instinctively) enthusiastic with conservative viewpoints; traditionally progressive and libertarian as many of the party faithful were/are in their social and religious attitudes

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    conservative conservativist bourgeois materialistic button-down buttoned-down cautious reactionary die-hard traditionalist conventionalist traditional unchanging conventional inflexible stable obstinate