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Belittled in einem Satz (in englisch)

Have belittled themselves.
He belittled us and insulted Samuel.
belittled her as female, foreign, unread, common.
She could not help feeling a bit upset and belittled.
Useless priest I could have told you that, the king belittled.
But Ren Fengping could not be belittled! He extended his hands and fan and.
Something that you've always had a talent for, but that everyone's belittled.

Any relevant cause belittled her enthusiasm for scones, croissants, and tarts.
Women should not be treated as house helps or belittled in their undertakings.
Because I needed you to show me how you won’t put up with being belittled.
Jesus never belittled himself by offering arguments in proof of the reality of the Father.
Whenever a conversation involved the supernatural, he had always belittled the notion of ghosts.
And what happened was you just get put down and belittled, and those words ring in your ears for years.
The entire Existentialist movement after the 2nd World War: was quickly forgotten, belittled, and ignored.
And Sage has never been arrogant about her power or belittled anyone in her family, Anna said angrily.
Ever since they’d met, he’d belittled her abilities, insulted her family, and now condemned her honesty.
Never to be cast aside or belittled again, but instead to be respected as women with a voice over the affairs of their own lives.
When Wordsworth was enthroned they carried pocket copies; and when Shelley was belittled they allowed him to grow dusty on their shelves.
So her need was for a son, she was being mocked and belittled by the other wife, Elkanah, and continually humiliated because she had no child, she was barren.
In his naivety, he belittled the entrant for lack of creativity, imagination, and inspiration, and from that day forward had vowed never to taste cheesecake again.
Considered useless and a complete failure by her family, she was sent to the abbey at a young age, where Rowena manipulated and belittled her until she became afraid of her strengths and impeded by fear.
Of course this excited a curiosity so vast that it almost belittled the main matter—but the Welshman allowed it to eat into the vitals of his visitors, and through them be transmitted to the whole town, for he refused to part with his secret.
We looked at the area of put down words, words which put people down, words which have a spirit content, a spirit of murder and death and when you've been exposed to put down words you feel belittled, diminished, crushed and withdrawn on the inside.
Why we are so restless till we have pulled down, belittled, be smudged? You'll say that without a little malice talk would grow very dull; you'll tell me it is the salt, the froth, the sparkle, the ginger in the ginger-beer, the mustard in the sandwich.
No, Japan would hold its head high among those who’d initially belittled its consumer products, but now military armaments made in Japan would no longer be sneered at once it became known she possessed enough nuclear weapons to level half of the developed world.
Over and over and over: the first flowering of good intentions good motives, good acts, good thoughts, good human emotions and feelings have been systematically attacked, belittled, ignored, laugher at, pooh-poohed, derided, poisoned, sabotaged, twisted, turned and reversed into evil.
How belittling, she.
was belittling him, it seemed.
belittling him for not seeing them.
Without belittling their origins I will.
Without belittling their origins I will present a very.
Being head of the house hold is not belittling nor is it a.
Praise was redundant, embarrassing, patronizing and belittling.
accuses the other, in venomous and belittling terms, of lacking.
She'd said she was sorry, for belittling him in front of his son.
The Count changed his tone in asking why Marisha was belittling Polish arms.
anger constructively in communicating our needs without belittling or destroying.
You cannot remain in the presence of a mocking, laughing, belittling, putting down person.
� She attended the class, didn't do much, and she received her "cute" and belittling grade.
Standing beside them, talking real gentle to them in a completely belittling tone, was Peter.
Admitting you’ve a belittling prick for a father can scarcely hurt your case with our Karyl.
Would you not wish to? He has spent years of his life belittling me and taking what is mine.
This night the woman of his belittling deprecations was thinking how great and good her husband was.
she said questioningly, feeling she was reciting the obvious and not wanting to sound belittling.
Part of him believed that Mitch thought he was protecting her, belittling how much she meant to him.
It would help if you got rid of all negative, scorning, mocking, belittling stuff that you're exposed to.
The man accused Steele of belittling the achievements of that and similar programs designed to assist blacks.
During those five days of vacations, Helen didn't stop for a minute criticizing or belittling me over trifles.
Yeah, we know how that one turned out and I am not belittling Mr Roosevelt before you get upset for I admire all U.
I think the key here is that the "asshole" has no empathy for the person they are belittling and are so centered on their own agendas that they.
This theology belittles the death of Christ.
Poseidon comes to his aid and saves him, but Ajax, acting out of his stupid arrogance, belittles the gods and brags that he had saved himself.
We’ll pick up again the theme of envy that we already touched on when we looked at how Ulysses deals with a Phaeacian prince who belittles him, so we can develop it more completely.
they will belittle us.
always belittle my son?.
We do not belittle this fact.
question and belittle this saying.
I don’t mean to belittle your.
And I would, by no means, belittle him.
To make Wellington so great is to belittle England.
up there with Love; unfortunately too many belittle it.
---Do not belittle this task here in the advanced segment:.
belittle their possibilities than they are to exaggerate them.
belittle the needs of their children, he quipped as he hit play.
magnify or belittle, and he’s looking for the ones that do neither.
When they did reply it was to belittle me and to aggressively silence me.
Let the vil ain be funny enough that he doesn't have to belittle the heroes.
famous heroes cannot be belittle! At that time, the words that my Father told me.
good at to belittle, blaspheme and humiliate at Buddhism as well as other religions.
wil belittle the value of good constructive ideas, but strangely enough, only a few.
Shame on the passions which belittle man! Honor to the one which makes a child of him!.
incorrect as this, where no one answers me but either belittle me in precisely the same manner as you do.
Number Thirty-one: Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history.
over figures, at least he wasn’t parading around his line and giving him reprimands to embarrass and belittle him further.
I can tell you that there are now only a few left here in Washington who would still belittle the performance in combat of those women.
So who was he to dare belittle Makienko? His scheme to eliminate the British scientist, Barclay, had been brilliantly conceived and executed.
I do not mean to belittle or demean the work of God in any way, but we are discussing marketing and what better example can we have but from God Himself.
There are many ignoble customs, social and other, which you still follow, although you know they tend to dwarf and belittle you and keep you acting in a small way.
She usually opens her mouth only to belittle me with offensive remarks such as I have all the ideas, I am clever, whereas you can't think of anything, you are brainless!.
The purpose of writing this book is surely not to ridicule or belittle any idea, activism or initiatives, which contemporary India as well as different other societies are witnessing.
Mental illness is no more severe than any other human flaw and to pity us or to belittle us is an insult to someone with most likely a lot of potential behind that wall of mental blockage.
Flattery never emanates from noble souls; it is the gift of little minds, who thus still further belittle themselves to worm their way into the vital being of the persons around whom they crawl.
She was determined to belittle Siri in return for the hurt, offence and embarrassment that he had caused and she drew herself up to her full height of five feet four and a half inches in preparation to put Siri in his place.

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