bender sätze

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Bender sätze (in englisch)

  1. Bender pursed his lips.
  2. He’s on a bender somewhere.
  3. Bender made the introductions.
  4. I had been on a peanut butter bender.
  5. Dudley Moore went on a 10 year bender to.
  6. Court and Bender met the F-100F the next morning.
  7. When Bender reached 600 knots he came out of burner.
  8. All told, that little fender bender cost me four sols.
  9. Bender maneuvered into a position just off its right wing.
  10. They’re called drug addicts jacked up on the latest mind bender.
  11. Two years after buying it, Jenny’s red Echo had a fender bender.
  12. Bender switched to Da Nang Tower and got permission for a straight in landing.
  13. Admiral Bender attended the meeting accompanied by other Coast Guard officers.
  14. When the SAM was in position Bender faked it down then he pulled hard on his F-4.
  15. At the same time, he heard the voice of Jack Barnes tell him Ron Bender was missing.
  16. There were no big farewells between Court and Bender, or promises of keeping in touch.
  17. Bender drew two coffees, sat at Court's table, and handed him two TWXs he had picked up.
  18. If only Jack Ward and Doc Russell were here along with Ron Bender and even Ted Frederick.
  19. Court and Bender debriefed with Intel and gave them all the Trot 11 information they could.
  20. Just be ready to land from a flameout pattern, Bender said as he moved the throttles outboard.
  21. The pictures of the humiliated Ron Bender and the smiling Apollo crew alternating in his mind's eye.
  22. Bender and Court followed the burning Marine F-4B as it turned east toward the South China Sea just a few miles away.
  23. Which is how, more than a month into my bender, I discovered the photo of Sam Cicciaro on the front of the New York Post.
  24. He did place addendums on his info TWXs to the 37th at Phu Cat listing the survival methods he and Bender were developing.
  25. The subsequent story quoted the Hanoi Nhan Dan newspaper as saying that Major Bender was now a criminal being held in Hanoi.
  26. When Bender was satisfied Court had absorbed and played back all the gun and route information he could absorb, he called it a day.
  27. Bender explained how the F-4 could protect itself from SAMs by using the Radar Homing and Warning gauges, the RHAW gear, as he called it.
  28. Being depressed I thought it was a good idea and with a few other mates we went on a bender for a few weeks before stopping to get back into routine.
  29. Page one of the Los Angeles Times had a full shot of a bent over man identified by the Democratic Republic of Vietnam as Air Force Major Ronald Bender.
  30. Though the very first one, when he had just spent the night in jail after drinking to the point where he blacked out and went on a sexist, racist bender.
  31. One afternoon, before their final mission, Bender said he was going to show Court exactly what the Russian SA-2 Guideline SAM with a 286 pound warhead was like.
  32. Me and one of the mates made a pact to never go on such a big bender and to only get into the narcotics with each other present, he could see what Bridget was trying to do, fund an endless 24/7 party lifestyle.
  33. I remember thinking: This can’t be happening again, and then the world suddenly reassembled itself and I was myself again, staring at a very old woman who looked like she’d just woken up from a terrific bender.

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