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    1. I paid my fare, we shook hands and with a toot of his horn, he pulled away and melted into the traffic heading for Athens

    2. However, he never stopped, with a toot of his horn, and a friendly wave, he simply drove on

    3. and Johnny gave a little toot on his trumpet as a signal that the tree

    4. We watched as the excursion boat, Little Toot, returned to the inland waterway from its last dolphin- viewing excursion

    5. He lighted the rock rolled in toot paper, and did the same to the one Red was holding

    6. However Hillary will do anything for a toot of coke… Yes, even that

    7. Time for a quick toot

    8. The driver gave a toot on the horn and the thumbs up and Greg wandered across to chat to him

    9. Only men, who for a few thousand earth-populating years had no idea whatsoever that all their mothers, sister and fun-loving playmates weren’t getting babies completely on their own, could have come up with having to make a choice between a 6-day creation in toto (they did allow as He was a tad too tired to toot on the 7th, at least!) or gazillions of years to settle down after the Big Bang

    10. A toot of a horn or a get-out-of-here shout typically scared them away

    1. of tooting car horns and good natured but serious protest

    2. "Wait just one darn tooting minute", Tom had lifted up the motor, "Its all solid

    3. called and asked us to see her in her office in Tooting

    4. communicate with – they were just tooting to one another with

    5. minutes later they were in heavy traffic, buses tooting

    6. If advice from one who is not older than yourself, but who, having lived most of his time in the wilderness, may be said to have experience beyond his years, will give no offense, you are welcome to my thoughts; and these are, to part with the little tooting instrument in your jacket to the first fool you meet with, and buy some we'pon with the money, if it be only the barrel of a horseman's pistol

    7. Winters and summer, nights and days, have we roved the wilderness in company, eating of the same dish, one sleeping while the other watched; and afore it shall be said that Uncas was taken to the torment, and I at hand—There is but a single Ruler of us all, whatever may the color of the skin; and Him I call to witness, that before the Mohican boy shall perish for the want of a friend, good faith shall depart the 'arth, and 'killdeer' become as harmless as the tooting we'pon of the singer!"

    8. "Put up the tooting we'pon, and teach your throat modesty

    9. Bang! go the drums! The trumpeters are tooting and the soldiers are saluting, And the cannon they are shooting and the motor-cars are hooting, As the—Hero—comes!

    10. He had arrived in town three weeks before, shaking his brown derby hat at people on the street from inside his shiny red Ford, tooting the horn

    1. He tooted the horn

    2. As William turned to face the oncoming traffic he could hear a car horn that sounded like the one Harpo Marx of the Marx Brothers tooted on TV

    3. Through another window, a guy tooted a trumpet

    4. We hugged superficially, and right then when I thought I had survived it all intact, that awful fanfare tooted again

    5. Blackthorn tooted, waved, backed out and drove away

    6. The angels tooted their horns

    7. I waited patiently for you to be born The angels tooted their horns

    8. He'd had enough by one in the morning so cashed in his winnings, tooted

    9. "He who tooteth not his own horn, the same shall not be tooted

    10. I tooted my horn, and he waved for me to come

    1. As I came to, I heard two short toots from the engine and, with a shudder, the car above me began to move

    2. Honk Honk! “Out of the way, Toots

    3. “What’s the big idea, Toots? We haven’t dated nearly enough for me to let you touch my horn

    4. “Out of the way, Toots

    5. “Ho-ho, Toots, you're cutting!” said the clown manning the Wheel

    6. “Hold on Toots the performance isn’t over”

    7. He toots his loud whistle as a bearded man dressed in white appears at the top of the steps

    8. weird; a jug of rain for roots and a chug of trains which toots, all to neatly fit into a book

    9. weird; a jug of rain for roots and a chug of trains which toots, all to neatly fit into a book

    10. “Not too far, toots,” said the headband man

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