blanket sätze

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Blanket sätze (in englisch)

  1. I push the blanket away.
  2. Maybe it was the blanket.
  3. He offers her a blanket.
  4. She put a blanket over him.
  5. There’s a blanket on the.

  6. A security blanket, I guess.
  7. As I drew the blanket up to.
  8. She coming under the blanket.
  9. We covered him with a blanket.
  10. A shimmering blanket of flies.
  11. She took the blanket with her.
  12. He covered her with a blanket.
  13. June pulled the blanket closer.
  14. His only comfort was a blanket.
  15. Smith wrapped him in a blanket.

  16. He raised the blanket carefully.
  17. Or is that electric blanket on?
  18. I had my same blanket and same.
  19. As before, the blanket beckoned.
  20. Martínez lay down on his blanket.
  21. She would go down in her blanket.
  22. It’s a gray, wool Army blanket.
  23. Then they took away the blanket.
  24. A foil blanket was over her head.
  25. Cal would tie his blanket, with.

  26. Use an electric blanket at night.
  27. The blanket was torn from his body.
  28. A woman covered him with a blanket.
  29. A blanket of calm settles over me.
  30. He returned the blanket to Nerissa.
  31. I quickly threw a blanket over her.
  32. He took the blanket off the floor.
  33. She can’t go out in that blanket.
  34. Here is a blanket to keep you warm.
  35. I dragged the blanket into the hole.
  36. Yukino pulled the blanket over her.
  37. She also requested an extra blanket.
  38. The blanket that covers you at night.
  39. He gripped the corner of the blanket.
  40. She had a blanket on her so it was.
  41. Do you need another blanket?
  42. Why would a blanket be in the loft?
  43. I hid under the blanket on the couch.
  44. Frank rolled himself into his blanket.
  45. The room was warm, why the blanket?
  46. She tossed the red, warm blanket aside.
  47. I took the thick blanket and laid it.
  48. Justin saw a flash of the pink blanket.
  49. I spotted a blanket and grabbed that.
  50. He stood and went back to his blanket.
  51. We needed a blanket in order to sleep.
  52. Jacob found a blanket to put over her.
  53. But instead, this blanket filled him.
  54. Claire put down the gas can and blanket.
  55. Is there water here, a blanket?
  56. He pulled the blanket off and stood up.
  57. Somebody had covered her with a blanket.
  58. I lay the blanket over her and tuck in.
  59. They had brought only one blanket apiece.
  60. The wool blanket pooled around her waist.
  61. You feel this nice soft blanket, Willie.
  62. Her shoulders drooped beneath the blanket.
  63. Bring a blanket and come prepared to sin.
  64. A blanket lay in a heap next to the lamp.
  65. No, but there's a blanket in the truck.
  66. She got a blanket and draped it over him.
  67. She drew a ratty blanket up to her chest.
  68. Akenji moved his blanket to a nearby tree.
  69. Gavroche cast a pleased eye on the blanket.
  70. He approached the blanket with trepidation.
  71. Sun is in the zenith, casts a hot blanket.
  72. A soft blanket of woven leaves covered us.
  74. Sam slowly pulled the blanket off her head.
  75. She instinctively lifted the blanket and.
  76. A blanket of Stars, cover the sky at Night.
  77. Her mother covered her with a blue blanket.
  78. The blanket cupboard was in the same place.
  79. A blanket, in the alarm of fear caught up;.
  80. I hoped it wasn’t in the baby’s blanket.
  81. It covered everything in a blanket of white.
  82. Kate was sitting next to Jay on the blanket.
  83. He pulled back the blanket that was upon her.
  84. Heather produced a blanket from her picnic.
  85. Concealed by the blanket of night, and the.
  86. There was a tree beside their blanket that.
  87. THE DAY UNFURLED LIKE a yellow beach blanket.
  88. Alicia came running out, draped in a blanket.
  89. Groaning, he tossed the blanket over his head.
  90. Her head almost disappeared under the blanket.
  91. Recovered now, Nerissa unwrapped the blanket.
  92. The way you have it suggests to me a blanket.
  93. There was a muffled chirp beneath the blanket.
  94. Get the thing covered! A blanket or something.
  95. He cowered under the same blanket of hate and.
  96. I have the blanket draped around my shoulders.
  97. We’d better sleep under the same blanket.
  98. There will be a blanket to cover yourself with.
  99. Claire hurried to cover her with a blue blanket.
  100. Lucky could see the stars through the blanket.
  1. Clouds could be coolers by blanketing the sun out.
  2. Fruit Flies revolved around him, blanketing the air.
  3. She sighed in relief, the cooling sensation blanketing her pain.
  4. A cloud drifted across the moon, blanketing the field in darkness.
  5. Outside the building, gray clouds had thickened, blanketing the city.
  6. A cloud drifted across the moon, blanketing the field in darkness again.
  7. Aurous rain showered down, blanketing that bloodbath beneath hot stardust.
  8. It was snowing outside, the satiny whiteness evenly blanketing West 51st Street.
  9. After blanketing, the area shall be compacted with the help of Dozer to restrict.
  10. Not a whining, restless child’s boredom (although I was not above that) but a dense, blanketing malaise.
  11. Unks just stares ahead, straining to see his way through the remaining fog, blanketing this lower section of town.
  12. More than likely, the bugs would thrive afterwards, blanketing the defenders' corpses with their maggot offspring.
  13. More than four hundred thousand people were spread out before him, completely blanketing the majestic piazza of St.
  14. The clouds seem to have dropped right down and were hanging low above them, blanketing the world in a soft stillness.
  15. With grey clouds still blanketing the sky, she depended on her watch and her body’s tiredness to alert her when it was night.
  16. It should have been quiet with a foot of snow blanketing everything, but what she heard—what she felt—was total and complete silence.
  17. One night I made camp in a grassy spot from which I could see the evidence of those fires: a hazy scrim of smoke blanketing the westward view.
  18. Joe Billie stopped, as silent memory, his meaty hand covering Elise‘s mouth and his fey stare blanketing the open ground to rival the moonbeams.
  19. Light was quickly being swept away by the hovering dark cloud that had descended the valley, blanketing all that stood still in a heavy coat of snow.
  20. It is by reason of this cosy blanketing of his body, that the whale is enabled to keep himself comfortable in all weathers, in all seas, times, and tides.
  21. The sun started rising in the east and she could see that dunes of snow covered the surfaces of everything, blanketing the longhouses, the courtyard and every tree around.
  22. Worse still, the communists were now mixing a few explosive shells with the smoke shells now blanketing the American positions, thus making any shifting of American forces very risky.
  23. With one brief pulse of blue light the device below exploded into a fireball and almost immediately the heavens opened up in a downpour of rain that began to melt the snow blanketing the valleys below.
  24. Then he sat where the fire roasted his body and waited until all the walls had sunken down with fluttering crashes, until the last ceiling bent, blanketing the floors with molten plaster and scorched lathing.
  25. Sancho repeated it three times, and as he did, uttered three thousand more absurdities; then he told them more about his master but he never said a word about the blanketing that had befallen himself in that inn, into which he refused to enter.
  26. It only got crazier the next day when Yellowstone was rocked by a large quake and, as a result, a plume of ash was blanketing a large area around the awakening caldera forcing a huge mandatory evacuation of most of the northern Rocky Mountains.
  27. And me crumpled down and smelling Grandmother's wind-cooled coat and the voices comforting and blanketing me with their solidity and their always-will-be-here sounds that would go on forever, myself always young and us always riding on a summer night in our old Kissel with the side flaps down.
  28. While all of that is happening, children are engaging in promiscuous sexual behavior at younger ages, street gang memberships are increasing, violent crimes are rising, suicides are becoming more common, and hopelessness is blanketing communities all across America—with the church sitting right in the midst of it all.
  29. He tried to climb from his horse on to the top of the wall, but he was so bruised and battered that he could not even dismount; and so from the back of his horse he began to utter such maledictions and objurgations against those who were blanketing Sancho as it would be impossible to write down accurately: they, however, did not stay their laughter or their work for this, nor did the flying Sancho cease his lamentations, mingled now with threats, now with entreaties but all to little purpose, or none at all, until from pure weariness they left off.
  1. It was blanketed by a.
  2. They were blanketed with a.
  3. She blanketed herself in roses.
  4. Thomas blanketed the state’s attorney’s.
  5. Then suddenly they were blanketed in darkness.
  6. The snow was beautiful and blanketed everything.
  7. Casey gestured at the Milky Way, blanketed by stars.
  8. She blanketed him with her body and began to flex her.
  9. Traces of the black snow that had blanketed Moscow were.
  10. Dust blanketed the inside, and cobwebs wrapped around his face.
  11. And, even when the clouds blanketed the full moon, we continued.
  12. Nettles and spiny bushes blanketed most of the surrounding areas.
  13. The room was blanketed in darkness until the blacks were removed.
  14. Wispy clouds blanketed the tops, then floated away and dissipated.
  15. Silence blanketed them the rest of the ride to the Schofield house.
  16. She was much more content, to gaze at the blanketed valley of snow.
  17. Finally, one day, a solid mass of thick, grey cloud blanketed the sky.
  18. Three days ago the hum would have relaxed me and blanketed my thoughts.
  19. The sphere of world around them closed in and blanketed all surroundings.
  20. The room was blanketed in darkness until Tom removed the blackout curtain.
  21. It is blanketed by thick snow in winter, every summer sprouting wildflowers.
  22. She struggled with the feeling of sadness that suddenly blanketed her heart.
  23. Those agents at the Portland airport must have blanketed the state with those.
  24. Blanketed in white, the snake glared at Helios and rushed to ascend the shelf.
  25. Their progress was hampered by the smoke from the fires that blanketed the planet.
  26. It was pitch black outside when Jess got all the horses into the barn and blanketed.
  27. Creating a thin fog that blanketed both the investigator car and the surrounding area.
  28. Darkness blanketed the room, though she could feel heat radiating from the nearby stove.
  29. Tony Willis cracked open his eyes, winced, and put a bandaged hand on his blanketed chest.
  30. There was no moon as the night sky was blanketed behind what was left of the summer storm.
  31. They moved quietly through the mist that blanketed the street to congregate before our horses.
  32. Similarly her journey had taken no longer than an hour, yet night blanketed the firmament above.
  33. Monsoon clouds blanketed the city the following morning, threatening a deluge and fraying tempers.
  34. A low mist blanketed the ground, blurring the fields and the yard in watercolour shades of grey and green.
  35. Snow blanketed every rooftop and weighed on the branches of the stunted mulberry trees that lined our street.
  36. And the books! The lower floors are blanketed with them—Becquerel, Lavoisier, Fischer—a lifetime of reading.
  37. The damp, mist blanketed the graveyard, only a lone owl gave a hoot as Max glided stealthily over the wet grass.
  38. When its doors parted, Mitch stepped out onto a plush white mat of carpet that blanketed the expansive penthouse office.
  39. The only clouds in the sky were blanketed lazily over the hills and the mountains, as the dawn sun shone over the valley.
  40. The kitchen cupboards were blanketed with several coats of paint, much of which encroached onto the edges of the glass panes.
  41. Steep, wooded mountains blanketed with snow surrounded the valley of the Oos, and only looking up the river could you see anything ahead.
  42. The stained glass fan, cast a delicate pattern on the wooden floor, as the first rays of the lavender sky emerged over the blanketed hills.
  43. The warm evening air blanketed his thoughts and it was only on the Doctor’s verandah, shuttered and cooled by fans, that he began to talk.
  44. She searched the edge of the clearing, scanned the trees surrounding it, and peered at the white, undisturbed snow that blanketed the open space.
  45. Two or three minutes later the murdered man, the blanketed corpse, the lidless coffin, and the open grave were under no inspection but the moon's.
  46. Within a mile of their entry into the woods, someone knew she was headed their way and shadowy figures holding rifles and sawed-off shotguns blanketed them.
  47. The weather had been milder today, but not nearly amicable enough to melt any of the snow that blanketed the entire country and had for what seemed an eternity.
  48. By the time Boroszki had started the engine and they had cast off their moorings, the entire bay was blanketed in a thin haze that grew more dense with each passing minute.
  49. In the wake of Mazama’s destruction, ash and pumice blanketed the landscape for 500,000 square miles—covering nearly all of Oregon and reaching as far as Alberta, Canada.
  50. Any concept of a perfect content that is believed out to be exact and precise would always fade and be blanketed away just as soon as we gauge and meter it out into any finite test.
  51. Beth settled in a deck chair, grateful that the broiling meat blanketed the fishy odor hanging in the air so heavily that it could almost be tasted, and contemplated possible future homes.
  52. Litter blanketed the side of the road, chemical burns smiled from the safety of tree bark, and long-abandoned nests lay in trees, suspended by branches and only moving whenever the wind came up.
  53. Standing there in line, waiting for a freshly chopped barbecue brisket sandwich was painful as the rich inviting smoke poured out of the top of the smoker and blanketed him with its heavenly aroma.
  54. Blanketed in the serenity of a friendly environment, Pam immediately went to the couch, intent on catching up on past soaps and other TV shows, while Ray wandered down the hall and into the bedroom.
  55. The Apache’s commenced an attack run on the wounded Hind with their stubby wing mounted Hellfire air-to-surface missiles, and seconds later an enormous fireball and smoke cloud blanketed the landing field.
  56. As for the long, narrow strips of beaches of Diaoyu Dao/Uotsuri-Shima, their adjacent slopes, where the Chinese had dug defensive trenches, were also blanketed with 48 napalm canisters that exploded in spectacular fireballs.
  57. Over the scene before me were hundreds, if not thousands of banners and flags gently flapping in the curly smoke of a multitude of campfires and grills that had settled into a thick layer of blue haze that blanketed the valley.
  58. We sallied forth together, we took the road together, we wandered abroad together; we have had the same fortune and the same luck; if they blanketed thee once, they belaboured me a hundred times, and that is the only advantage I have of thee.
  59. The blanketed animal could not see nor would have comprehended the final indignity as two yellow cur hounds crept from under Charlie‘s pickup and retrieved the two sand covered organs to retire behind the barn and savor the colt‘s misfortune.
  60. The cries of the poor blanketed wretch were so loud that they reached the ears of his master, who, halting to listen attentively, was persuaded that some new adventure was coming, until he clearly perceived that it was his squire who uttered them.
  61. An unbelievable peace has blanketed the valley for nearly three months, but how long will it last? For every one discovery Emma has found out about her Great Great Grandparents during the past year, there were three more questions to haunt her mind.
  62. Pentahelm had reserved a horse and buggy at Lorrent's livery and had informed the man that she wished to take a long ride in the country air in order to get out of the town and to enjoy the winter countryside that was blanketed in brilliant white snow.
  63. The landlord and landlady immediately came to the conclusion that the madman was their guest, the balsam man and master of the blanketed squire, and they told the curate all that had passed between him and them, not omitting what Sancho had been so silent about.
  64. For all that his simplicity never reached so high a pitch that he could persuade himself it was not the plain and simple truth, without any deception whatever about it, that he had been blanketed by beings of flesh and blood, and not by visionary and imaginary phantoms, as his master believed and protested.
  65. There were just enough token documented cases of Nazi atrocities to paint the entire regime black with lies, just a few documented cases was all that was needed to use as a base for the mountains of totally fabricated Jewish lies and fiction which became an industry of total fiction that blanketed the entire western world and Stalin’s USSR.
  66. I found a big easy chair to settle into and rested for an hour, the warmth of the day like a swaddling cloth in which I was safely blanketed, the wind gently caressing my face, my iniquities seemingly vanquished to oblivion by half sleep, besotted by visions as pure as snow, eyelids like rich velvet curtains drawn on the horrors which played out only for me.
  67. Senor, I know not why your worship wants to attempt this so dreadful adventure; it is night now, no one sees us here, we can easily turn about and take ourselves out of danger, even if we don't drink for three days to come; and as there is no one to see us, all the less will there be anyone to set us down as cowards; besides, I have many a time heard the curate of our village, whom your worship knows well, preach that he who seeks danger perishes in it; so it is not right to tempt God by trying so tremendous a feat from which there can be no escape save by a miracle, and Heaven has performed enough of them for your worship in delivering you from being blanketed as I was, and bringing you out victorious and safe and sound from among all those enemies that were with the dead man; and if all this does not move or soften that hard heart, let this thought and reflection move it, that you will have hardly quitted this spot when from pure fear I shall yield my soul up to anyone that will take it.
  68. The fear blanketed the air,.
  1. He and his blankets were.
  2. The blankets were over her head.
  3. Blankets of flowers surround it.
  4. The dome is covered with blankets.
  5. Killian pulled the blankets off him.
  6. Worse, we don't have enough blankets.
  7. The blankets were still on the floor.
  8. She put them over the other blankets.
  9. Then I placed it on top of the blankets.
  10. Sam lay rolled in blankets beside Frodo.
  11. He snuggled down into the warm blankets.
  12. With one hand, he edged the blankets up.
  13. Valera pulled the blankets up to my chin.
  14. There were blankets and pillows on each.
  15. She looked at herself under the blankets.
  16. We could sacrifice a few old blankets.
  17. The doctor lifted the blankets tolerantly.
  18. Dick sent word he had a load of blankets.
  19. He pulled back the blankets and slid in.
  20. We wrapped ourselves in all the blankets.
  21. Then scampered over to the beach blankets.
  22. We walked closer to the spread of blankets.
  23. In the darkened sky above that blankets us.
  24. Shapiro watched the man carry the blankets.
  25. Thomas used blankets and wood to fashion.
  26. She gathered up loose blankets and heaped.
  27. Seconds later the blankets were pulled back.
  28. The blankets dropped as he sat bolt upright.
  29. I packed the blankets and the empty bottles.
  30. Of blankets; grainy wood; live hair that is.
  31. She pulled up the blankets around her, cold.
  32. That’s one reason I said to bring blankets.
  33. Oakley, and he unfolded one of the blankets.
  34. Some of the children were wrapped in blankets.
  35. You feel through the blankets for skin or hair.
  36. I groan and pull the blankets tightly around me.
  37. He carried the tray while Doc carried blankets.
  38. The other four had become two separate blankets.
  39. She folded the blankets, then she went to shower.
  40. The blankets on the bed were tattered and smelly.
  41. Quick, he said, in the blankets with her.
  42. Two new blankets were thrown across the two beds.
  43. I took some blankets out of the Formica-covered.
  44. Cover them with blankets to protect the upholstery.
  45. The square man grunted and sat back on his blankets.
  46. Yassap was awake and out of his blankets almost at.
  47. The blankets served to dampen her magical signature.
  48. Before I knew it, I too was wrapped in her blankets.
  49. There were even blankets enough to share with Becky.
  50. Willie blushed and clung to the top of the blankets.
  51. On each was a fresh pillow, blankets, a sleeping bag.
  52. He was wrapped in blankets and given a new place to.
  53. The blankets were too hot, and then she was too cold.
  54. This was upholstered with a few scratchy wool blankets.
  55. Gave us blankets and corn, that’s all that they owned.
  56. After drying, they lie on their backs on top of blankets.
  57. We parked our blankets as close to the water as we could.
  58. In the bathtub, I said as I got under the blankets.
  59. Sebastian helped her and arranged the blankets over her.
  60. He was swaddled in warm blankets, but it wasn’t enough.
  61. Then she lay down and pulled the other blankets over her.
  62. Ten minutes later she was in the trunk, blankets wrapped.
  63. Philemon went to a large cupboard that contained blankets.
  64. Then she scuttles under the blankets to press against him.
  65. Use pillows and blankets in your winter decorating to add.
  66. Little Tom, wrapped in three blankets, slept most of the.
  67. She smiled into the dark blankets where no one could see.
  68. A local resident had fetched blankets out for the victims.
  69. Dave has tossed one of the blankets from the bed over him.
  70. Taking one of the thermal blankets and wrapping it around.
  71. Cautiously he peered into it, but saw nothing but blankets.
  72. We haven’t heard anything from him except those blankets.
  73. They started to pack the blankets and supplies for the trip.
  74. She dressed quickly and put the blankets in the corner again.
  75. Before I knew it, I was lying on the sofa covered in blankets.
  76. I was laying on the sectional, draped in thick wool blankets.
  77. At the far end of the room lay a bed of straw and old blankets.
  78. Free! The word and the thought alone were worth fifty blankets.
  79. Soon the Crew were huddled together, wrapped in their blankets.
  80. They were draped in blankets and in a similar state of undress.
  81. Something hit the bed, something burrowed beneath the blankets.
  82. He gently draped one of the blankets over Kerala’s shoulders.
  83. And here he spotted something on the floor beneath the blankets.
  84. Sachie raced off and returned with some dry clothes and blankets.
  85. This is awful! She pulled the blankets up to cover herself.
  86. So is a tug-of-war over the blankets when a night sweat passes.
  87. Horses, get the horses, Soren said as he took the blankets.
  88. Eyeing him curiously, she sat up and pulled the blankets with her.
  89. I prepared myself for the worst and started stockpiling blankets.
  90. They waited in the road, lounging around on a pile of old blankets.
  91. It was also flea-infested, but there were a few tattered blankets.
  92. He stepped to the bed and laid his ax onto the messy grey blankets.
  93. He pulled my arm out from under the blessed warmth of the blankets.
  94. Lezura and Joey were sitting of their beads of thick brown blankets.
  95. She cocoons herself in fuzzy blankets and is asleep within moments.
  96. Little Nancy got a baby doll with a toy cot and miniature blankets.
  97. It’s a strong house, she thought, drawing the blankets around her.
  98. To the far left were some blankets and the remnants of a camp fire.
  99. He went to his bed and pulled the blankets down and laid the tiny.
  100. Giving up on finding any comfort in his blankets, he threw them off.

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