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    1. Ask for their favorite comic strip, a school paper that they are proud of, or a drawing from their trip to the park

    2. Torn apart by the migration to cities, bothered by economic storms, the families tend to strip themselves of unwanted relatives and convert to what is commonly called nuclear families

    3. Dave finishes cleaning a fish he has just caught, takes a strip of the flesh and re-baits the hook, tosses it over the side

    4. The cavernous roof with its harsh strip lights folded into starry night

    5. The stars twinkled out one by one to be replaced by a flimsy, whimsy of strip

    6. This wallpaper will make a mess when we strip it and there is nothing like trying to get soggy bits of wallpaper out of a carpet! Jack was frightful when it came to preparation … brilliant at decorating, but I was always the one who had to think ahead and make contingency plans

    7. coastal strip and climbed slowly across the ancient Cretan soils; a cat mewling with

    8. She put on her league strip with the focus and intent of an undertaker

    9. "We have to strip off the Chief’s artificial limbs, access her neural interface processors and splice her into Tipperary so she can act as the CDCS to control the discharge

    10. He closed the door leaving just enough light so that I could see to strip off my old clothes and put on the new

    11. At the far end of the room one of the windows had been shattered and a cold and icy breeze filled the room, making what was left of old strip blinds flutter madly against the window frames

    12. A short while after our evening meal, with the sky black and cold beyond the strip of window left unblocked in our room, we heard footsteps outside our door

    13. Menachem looked up at the thin strip of night sky that we could see

    14. It takes a certain kind of suffering to strip us of all the vanity that we so easily cling to

    15. With the night sky calling forth the hunter in her soul, she opened the curtains, stepped out onto the balcony and gazed down the dusty little lane that ran towards the local coastal strip, with its bright lights, its noise and its scurrying human possibilities

    16. And he'd cut a strip of the bacon to see how that was doing

    17. In the surround sound of cars beyond strip lights,

    18. One cupboard holds a fiendish collection of knives wrapped in a leather strip of pouches, one for each knife

    19. Wrapping the strip up, I carry it over to the bunk

    20. I strip off my shirt and put my boots on – feeling a total fool in the process

    21. What could be better? The young man and his adoring wife immediately flew to Hollywood and as soon as they arrived they telephoned the film star’s agent, who happily arranged dinner for the four of them at a swanky restaurant on the strip

    22. “When you first board the ship and the hatch opens, look for a thin strip of blue metal

    23. The magnetic strip

    24. restaurant on the strip

    25. She thought for awhile there would be a strip search involved, but instead they had perfect simulations of walk-thru detectors

    26. handed him a strip of dried pork, cheese, and a

    27. ‘Oh, we’ll strip off

    28. Plastic aprons shine under the strip lights

    29. “And this is so good,” she held up a fruitbread strip

    30. ‘They must have forgotten to strip the bed after I left

    31. At the back of the traveller’s hotel at Roundswell, across a thin strip of grass and beyond a six foot high chain link fence, beyond a car park full of new model Peugeots waiting for eager buyers, the dark hulls of low rise industrial units lie at anchor

    32. He can see a narrow strip of dirt and gravel, he can see across the courtyard to the opposite barn where Davie is supposed to be getting the van sorted out, and he can, if he swivels his eyes upwards, see sky above the barn roof

    33. A strip of brighter light above the water bed

    34. Their first impressions were only more stimulated when on the narrow strip of road across the tidal basin the edifice grew to fill their whole vision

    35. "Won't that make it hard to keep the floor shiny? I mean, wouldn't it be better if we remove the old wax first?” Why hadn't she just kept her mouth shout, she never thought they’d take it to the point of sanding the floors – she figured they’d just chemically strip them

    36. There’s five in that field meant for two normal sized ones so we don’t want them to strip it bare

    37. It comprises the Gaza Strip and West Bank

    38. Heather tore a strip from the bottom of her dress all the way around then

    39. A mini strip mall

    40. Strip the clothes of identity

    41. Then she showed me how to wrap a second strip of cloth

    42. Again, she was surprised that he didn’t strip his chiton to wring it out

    43. packaging tape out of the desk drawer, puts a strip on her

    44. "No, but this is Ashcote, where you have strip clubs like the Godly Succubi

    45. the landing strip was already prepared

    46. He only bothered to strip down to his underwear before lying on top of the covers next to Russell and falling into a fitful sleep

    47. The gum that held it in place was strong but she managed to slowly pull the entire strip clear

    48. I could see a cloud of red on the surface and I made to strip my kit and go over the side after him but Elijah grabbed my arm and said

    49. I saw a man strip an ear of corn from a stalk, open it, then check its growth

    50. The site of the trenches we were heading for hadn’t changed much since 1914 and stretched from Switzerland to the North Sea coast where we faced the Germans across a small strip of No Mans Land or a salient that pushed forward in a bulge into the opposite territory

    1. "It was stripped off his back during the attack

    2. In fact, although even then he already had the easy confidence with women that made them fall for him today, still this girl had made him feel so vulnerable, so stripped bare of pretence that he had never been able to speak to her

    3. Parasites who feed off the poor after the banks have already stripped them of everything they possess

    4. I'm here to find out what happened to the man who was murdered, mutilated and stripped of his tattoos on June 17th

    5. As I stripped off my shirt I wondered how I could measure time accurately, how I could make the most of these small moments of freedom

    6. I lay there in my own ordure, alone in the dark in a stripped bare room, wishing for death to take me

    7. "You will be stripped of your technician's powers and all heavenly powers and held in a plain environment for the remainder of the voyage of this Haad

    8. Lack-A-Bed stripped his eyes of lashes,

    9. of bones stripped to the marrow, sucked dry,

    10. " Luray had broken off a long frond and stripped it, getting a curved stick over three feet long out of it

    11. It's relatively easy to hook lon with stripped archwood fronds, and in a few minutes they had a quarter of the water cleared and a nice little pile of the thick leaves beside them

    12. stripped me of my hopes

    13. ‘The fleeces are stripped in the shed over on the other side of the compound

    14. The house was stripped of the appropriate electronic devices and following a brief forensic examination of hard drives, flash disks and sundry other items of magnetic storage, the Detective Superintendent in command of the vice squad charged the young man with a number of crimes related to the storage and distribution of banned materials

    15. At one farm the Lord stripped down to his work pants and helped a farmer pull out a rather nasty root that was trying to take hold in his field

    16. “So you see, dega, that night when you dragged her out of her room, stripped her in front of your men, I was there

    17. house was stripped of the appropriate electronic devices and

    18. As Chrissie scrabbled out of reach as fast as she could, she saw that he had stripped off his clothes and was wasting little time

    19. Sheila’s room was stripped – anything not worth keeping she threw away – the rest she passed to Mickey to do with as he thought best

    20. According to the local scuttlebutt, the pump had been stripped out

    21. ‘We’ve stripped our beds as you asked – where do you want the bedclothes?’

    22. Hipolyta and Belle opened all the bungalow windows, stripped the beds, and scrubbed the bathrooms for the last time that season

    23. Then she stripped a few long thin twigs off of them

    24. She cut a sapling and stripped it’s bark, and then used it as a tiny cutting board to clean the tiny animals

    25. They make their last flight to places like Mojave to be stored and stripped of their parts or sold

    26. She’d spent weeks doing what he wanted, living in a stripped resemblance of a house

    27. way south, and the pilgrims regularly stripped down to

    28. several of the men stripped down to nothing in order to go

    29. they were stripped to their undershirts and had found a

    30. They each stripped to the waist in order to bathe

    31. In a vision, I saw two trees being stripped of their bark and they

    32. I saw the bark stripped off of the trees, and then they became

    33. In an area cleared of refuse the partially stripped hulk of a fine old machine lay exposed

    34. His men had taken a new Jaguar XJ and stripped the engine out to lighten it

    35. The front windows had been smashed and the shop completely stripped

    36. You will remain a colonel with a colonel's pay and privileges, but you will be stripped of all command responsibility

    37. He stripped down in the bedroom and laid his clothes out on the bed

    38. You can be stripped of your magic and confined in what they call a three-d reality box

    39. detained a group of pilgrims, stripped them of their

    40. She quickly stripped and jumped into the water

    41. Many of your highly refined foods are stripped of the nutrients and

    42. The crows soon stripped it to the bone

    43. “Yes, meaning all?” I nodded in confirmation and he quickly stripped down to his boxers

    44. He knew, having compared his to other boys his age, that he had a good size cock, the longest one he had seen yet, so it was almost with pride that he quickly stripped off his undershorts and lay back, his long prick standing straight up and quivering wildly as if it had a life of its own

    45. He quickly stripped off his pants and tossed them aside

    46. He then removed his shoes and socks and stripped down his pants

    47. There are some who argue that before their fall, they were clothed with light and that falling into sin stripped them of this covering and left them naked

    48. They stripped Him and put an expensive robe on Him

    49. I stripped off and crawled under the covers and my head had only just touched the pillow when I went out like a light and languished in a state of unconsciousness

    50. She kissed and hugged her and reassured her that she was in safe hands before hurrying to fill a hot mustard bath, so that within minutes Rosemary was stripped and soaking to bring some warmth back to her chilled bones

    1. Big bodies humphed and blumped in the darkness, snapping large twigs and stripping keltoid fronds with loud rips

    2. It does so by stripping away the damaged outer layers of the skin

    3. Humans nurture thongas by preying on their predators and let the thongas grow as thick as they can without stripping the prairie

    4. Chrissie posed, allowing her gaze to wash across the upturned faces in front of her – Sheila, face closed yet unpleasantly appreciative – Mickey and Kev getting into a right going state of excitement – Chas, his eyes stripping off the tiny scraps of fabric clothing her, his hands in his lap, invisible in the shadows – Ozzie, drunk and clapping not quite in time to the music

    5. renewing us by stripping away the false views we have of

    6. stripping of the bark is a time of testing, persecution, and

    7. The other thing was that all the girls and women were stripping off their clothes, both the

    8. Alone, she’s been responsible for stripping half this isle’s population

    9. It feels weird… for once that a man would actually look away from the figure of my body, rather than stripping me with his eyes while drooling all over the floor with lecherous thoughts rushing through his mind

    10. We got into my room and I sat down on the bed and began a rambling apology but before I could say much Helen had taken my boots off and before long she was stripping me of the rest of my uniform

    11. Weather stripping was applied, and since we didn’t want the porch to be too dark, an $80 sheet of acrylic replaced one of the plywood panels so that Andy could enjoy the sunshine during his forced sabbatical

    12. Halon stared at the young wizard and thought about stripping him of his powers

    13. Slowly, majestically, the storm's forces built to a crescendo high above the Brockenhurst Mountains, the sheets of rain scouring the vegetation from the land below, stripping all life from its bedrock, driving even the smallest ant from its nest

    14. The words shook me, blew through me, stripping away every hesitation, every extraneous thought, until all that was left was him

    15. “You remember, where I told you I gathered the head-ache remedy, by stripping bark from the old weeping trees? Do you mean up there?”

    16. Both of us watch the purification happen, and I wonder if he is thinking what I am: that it would be nice if life worked this way, stripping the dirt from our lives and sending us out into the world clean

    17. Long ago when the world was new, the trees were still green when winter came and the North Wind roared down, stripping them of every leaf

    18. Pushing Indians from “promised lands” into reservations and deliberately stripping them of their culture by breaking the chain of their traditions and sending their children to the Indian schools, if not “ethnic cleansing” in the modern sense, was at least a cruel practice and a failed idea

    19. What had she gotten herself into? The thought of stripping off her clothes and lying naked in a bath in front of this strange man…well, it was just too much

    20. stripping off some of the insulation from the roof

    21. Maria felt better that I was doing this mission with Jesse, although I didn’t tell her about the stripping part of it

    22. 48 And all the sons of Jacob, after having hit the armies of the kings, returned and came before Judah, and Judah was still killing the eight captains of Jashub, and stripping off their garments

    23. “Thank you for stripping me off my manhood little one

    24. Stripping the president of this

    25. motive of essentially capping my pension and stripping me of my

    26. young girl stripping on the front stage, but then

    27. ’The only thing is,’ she continued, stripping off his tie and unfastening his shirt preparatory to removing it, before paying close attention to the rest of his clothing, ’a bath is much more fun if it is shared

    28. 48 And all the sons of Jacob after having hit the armies of the kings returned and came before Judah and Judah was still killing the eight captains of Jashub and stripping off their garments

    29. Five or six of them sat on the bench opposite and, stripping off to the waist, began to rub oil across each other’s shoulders

    30. Teams of less-skilled, less-paid workers went on foot into the forests to chop down the biggest and straightest oaks, then stripping off the branches and bark

    31. the atoms and molecules in the air and ionise them – stripping them into

    32. Instead, she jumps out of her seat and runs toward the water, stripping off her beach cover on the way

    33. stripping the hardwood floors on the lower level

    34. out at sea by stripping

    35. Stripping, on the other hand can be nerve-wracking if you’ve a pimple or don’t look as good as the previous bloke, but it’s exciting and can be as creative as you want

    36. First thing in the morning until noon was housework, then work on stripping and sanding

    37. ‗Sure, but I‘m not interested in stripping

    38. The only way to cope is to jam them ever tighter into cities while stripping the land and mass-producing a narrow range of foods

    39. She was sitting just outside the doorway, stripping bark from a pile of umbika he’d brought her

    40. It left, and Scara went back to stripping bark

    41. Once the supports are in place, I start stripping the rot from the boards

    42. This is what happens as a player moves further in their cocoon as they run Robert‘s process and do their spiritual autolysis, letting go of their judgments, beliefs, opinions, and fears, and especially stripping away layers of the Ego; they simply stop having the limiting experiences they had inside the movie theatre appear in their holograms

    43. I know from my direct experiences of testing and challenging this model that an individual player can significantly change the range of frequencies its ‗Infinite I‘ can use to create its holographic experiences by letting go of judgments, beliefs, opinions, and fears, and stripping away the layers of Ego

    44. "Hey, if I stop running it'll kill me," he called out, stripping off as he walked through the house

    45. Leaving the holdall on the floor he goes into his bedroom, stripping off his clothes he gets in between the sheets and closes his eyes

    46. Also giving the crabs and shrimps a head start in stripping the bodies of flesh

    47. illusory world, stripping naked the irrational and returning us to

    48. Nicolas was standing in the middle of the room, stripping out of his clothes

    49. When it was sure nothing was there, it turned back to stripping the bush of its leaves

    50. stripping and swirling around like a carousel

    1. As soon as her husband throws off his shirt and tie upon returning home, she snatches the strips of clothing and begins to iron

    2. Bush strips off his jacket, tosses it in the corner, walks over to a refrigerator against the wall, opens it up, takes out a can of beer, pops the top and begins to chug-a-lug

    3. They sliced the panips with strips of karga over them

    4. He cuts the rest of the raw meat of the fish into thin strips, hands a piece to John, puts some in his mouth

    5. They stuffed our mouths, held us while they tore strips off us

    6. Their meal arrived, berry pancakes and bacon strips was what he called it, here the slang translated literally to 'patters and toast

    7. ' The toast was the toasted strips of lizard-like garden pests that made up at least a third of the meat in the local diet even deep in the city

    8. Both cooks in the village set up at his fireplace, one with a hearty thonga stew and the other with some crispy, tasty, spicy, thin rolls with lots of lorv and kalic seasoning the thonga strips

    9. I watch as he strips his tunic off and puts his boots on

    10. There was a pretty nice bed in it, she showed Ava a chest of clothing, which had some of those flounced skirts, plain but colorful skirts and open-fronted blouses in it, several long strips of soft cloth, a bronze hand mirror and an oil lamp

    11. George had custom rod orders to fill and set Harry to the task of sectioning and planing the strips while he directed the girls in wrapping the guides, strippers and tips

    12. I was picturing you for coated karga strips on seasoned greens

    13. I cut that left over plywood into little strips and I cross nailed little pieces into that opening between the two sections of the 5 foot circle of plywood

    14. I put lots of wood strips will on my poker table


    16. strips out of his shirt, tying them around his thigh just below the crotch area

    17. By the time they had festooned the ceiling with strips of coloured cloth and hung a few glass ornaments up there, to glitter and shine, the day had turned to evening

    18. The handle covered in strips of wound leather

    19. “Oh Limos just in time, can you please tear the apron into six strips

    20. Elizabeth turned scooped up some potatoes that had been frying separately, along with some strips of thin meat slices, and placed them on plates

    21. We started moving up the beach again and we could see a Fusilier sat in the sand looking at the place where his legs had been though all that was left now was strips of flesh and the whiteness of smashed bone

    22. B: -- If we were created by God and He wanted people to know that his Word is true and the information contained therein reliable, would he not then authenticate his Word in some way or form? When you examine a dollar bill or money in any other currency – you will normally find things like watermarks, metallic strips and various other authentication devices that would tell you that the money that you are holding in your hand is the real thing and not a fake

    23. Many people see the Bible as a Book full of rules which strips you of your own choices - a set of laws that would stifle your lifestyles and put you in a cage

    24. “Oh yes Sir I’m sure the only thing left of Major Melstone was a few scraps of flesh some pulped bone and blood and a few strips of smouldering uniform which on one piece still had his rank badge

    25. For every position there were magnetic strips with player’s names, so they could be moved around

    26. The building illuminated, sensing his presence, fluorescent strips extending to a near vanishing point

    27. Close to the hovel in which I slept there was a curious fetish consisting of a large carved gourd, containing a few crocodile teeth, and a raised crown-work over the whole, made of long strips of hippopotamus hide

    28. I appropriated a couple of these strips as curios and placed them with my goods

    29. At the next camp there was no trace of them; the hide would be of no value, intrinsic or otherwise, to the natives, and no doubt my carriers, with more conscience than I, had quietly replaced the strips on the sacred spot

    30. Snip apricots into small strips

    31. As soon as the other pan of candy is cool enough to handle, cut it with scissors into 1-inch strips

    32. Then snip the strips into pieces

    33. She took in a deep breath to marshal her energies, then turned to follow the lad toward the heavy, wooden doors banded with iron strips

    34. William quickly created a makeshift bandage by tearing strips of cloth from one of the sleeves of his borrowed white shirt

    35. We completely ran out of bandages and were forced to use sheets that we torn into strips and folded over

    36. As the mower propelled me along the shed floor at an ever-increasing speed, I was vaguely aware of strange, violet coloured lights flashing passed overhead, and when it mounted a line of grow-bags, the blades clattered into life, cropping neat strips from my hair, until I ended up looking like some seventies punk star

    37. the backside of the Chanupa and covered it with strips of color

    38. In a way, “chendol” reminded me of the drink “tuba” of Pilar, Philippines, for that Singapore drink consists also of coconut milk, but mixed, however, with brown sugar, strips of green starch and red beans

    39. After smelling half a dozen on tester strips, I gave up and waved them away

    40. Before the next body of water fell across the cockpit, Dave grabbed the smallest spokes, re-inserted them and carried on steering, his huge fingers nimbly manipulating the slender strips of bright metal

    41. The trees appeared to come alive; the bark seemed to peel off in strips

    42. The wooden strips moved like animals; they rushed to assist the wounded guard

    43. Kat said, “I’ll do it; where’s the wax and cloth strips?”

    44. A few minutes later, there were some grunts and groans of pain as Kat ripped strips of hair off Brownie’s back

    45. After counting to five, he rolled back and turned one-hundred-eighty degrees to the right, spewing out radar-reflective strips as he flew

    46. ” He placed the long strips around her trim ankles

    47. The firs they wore were poorly made, haphazardly stitched together with thick strips of hide

    48. Municantir sat with an almost triumphant look on his dear face amid a pile of strips and pieces of paper

    49. Al walks in, and I don’t even have to ask him to help me; he just walks over and strips bedding with me

    50. My heart leaps and then plummets when I see Molly hobble across the dormitory, her nose purple between strips of medical tape

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