bomb sätze

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Bomb sätze (in englisch)

The tick of a bomb.
He was a smart bomb.
And it costs a bomb.
I shoot a paint bomb.
A member of the bomb.
He dropped the bomb in.
What if it's a bomb?

So I mailed him a bomb.
It exploded like a bomb.
I had him toss me a bomb.
What is an atomic bomb?
Sir, the bomb is ready.
We think she is the bomb.
Then the bomb really blew.
The bomb had been dropped.
Bomb and put it on my tab.
To build the Terrible Bomb.
He appears to have a bomb.
This is the thing to bomb.
You have to make a bomb!.
Perhaps put a bomb inside.
It must have a been a bomb.
The Bomb Squad was readied.
We have to bomb that train.
Like a bomb, you know?
People are killed by bomb.
PRODUCED BY: The Bomb Squad.
He didn’t want to say bomb.
She’s a walking time bomb.
An atomic bomb is pure evil.
The bomb is one of a bottle.
Bomb release in two minutes.
All the bomb parts includ-.
Use the bomb or lose the bomb.
It looks like a V1 buzz bomb.
The bomb that God gave us.
The bomb is in the airlock.
You carry a bomb yourself.
Mal stiffened up from the bomb.
A real bomb would be serious.
The bombing was not working.
A fierce bombing fight began.
The bombing had achieved zilch.
What if the bombing starts?
There was no restraint in the bombing.
He had visited once, before the bombing.
That likely means the US bombing of Iran.
Worked on the World Trade Center bombing.
We don’t know who ordered that bombing.
It returns when there is a fresh bombing.
Bombing, wars, conflicts have spin fruits.
Louie’s bombing scores were outstanding.
That bombing left you in a worse condition.
They weren’t equipped for bombing per se.
Romney spoke of bombing Iran and blockades.
The only thing that saved us was the bombing.
I’m pretty much recovered from the bombing.
Trenchard was into the strategic bombing thing.
He was in the habit of wanting more bombing.
It was read, heavy bombing was still continuing.
That was the reason for the bombing raid he had.
I have a possible suspect for the church bombing.
MFH was a suspect within a few days of the bombing.
The Allied bombing had been vengeful and complete.
They took credit for the bombing, she told me.
After the controversial bombing of Dresden, Germany.
It is from the morning of the bombing, at about 6 a.
Might Flight 587 have been a case of a shoe bombing?
Tom, his mind still on the bombing raid, missed the cue.
It was preferable to bombing and strafing ground troops.
And scores of people will be killed too in the bombing.
The suicide bombing jihadists are bad, mad and nightmare.
Rather than forsaking bombing, Nixon once again embraced it.
Almost a week had elapsed since the bombing of the Sector1.
No supporting bombing from the twin and four engine bombers.
After the Sector7 bombing, the whole place’s been put on.
The castle and town were razed to the ground by the bombing.
No aspect of the war provoked as much controversy as bombing.
Kissinger said Nixon usually wanted to intensify the bombing.
You heard about this Wall Street thing? The bombing?
Why was Afghanistan bombed by the U.
The book had already bombed anyway.
Didn't you say it was bombed?
There was an airship bombed, but no.
A flight of B-24’s had bombed Tobruk.
Stephanie was just short of being bombed.
Now the Taliban had bombed the mourners.
I would have bombed their training fields.
The countries that are bombed have changed.
I dive bombed, but he kept chewing the trunk.
If we bombed them first, we could provoke them.
Yes, er… we bombed you back to the stone age.
The Americans have bombed my country with two atomic bombs.
They bombed my family, which was only trying to sell fruit.
Only overwhelming odds, including being bombed from the air.
The first time I really, seriously bombed a speech was when I.
They could sit on their butts and wait to be bombed and strafed.
It had only been bombed once, and two attempts were foiled –.
We’re rebuilding the parts of Kelleys Island that were bombed.
Someone had heard that Naoetsu was slated to be bombed that night.
As a result 2 Moslem nations were bombed and attacked by the West.
She bombed the brutish forces of Mickey from the sky and enslaved.
And the thought of being bombed or shot at tended to focus the mind.
The Soviets - the KGB bastards -- they bombed my apartment in Rome.
A munitions plant destroyed is more important than a capital bombed.
The rails and bridges have been bombed and have not yet been repaired.
So I wrote Blue Northern, naming it after Joey’s song, and it bombed.
What about the babies? How will they be safe if we are fire bombed?
The real truth was that no-one knew who had fire bombed the Khan’s shop.
Then again in 2005, she flew home from London the day before it was bombed.
The Japanese bombed the Aussies mercilessly, but they never found the airbase.
He used the bombed surface to climb to the roof and steal the police helicopter.
If the Japanese bombed there, the only planes they would hit would be made of plywood.
It was at the village of Zudkerque, where Fritz had bombed and blown up a dump in 1916.
Deadly streets packed with refugees’ camp were bombed to carry the big load of death.
But Damascus was bombed by the government of Israel, or at least everybody assumed it was.
People have been panicking, going crazy and thinking we were being bombed or under attack.
These aircraft bombed at masthead height by daylight and inflicted a fearful casualty rate.
A house had been destroyed but not burned, looking like it had been bombed from a distance.
In December, after American planes bombed the field, the POWs were ordered to dig shelters.
The mother of all bombs.
We knew they had bombs.
Then came a serious of bombs.
Each carried bombs and napalm.
Bombs, here and there, explode.
Ages ago, the bombs fell, and.
Put bombs in their shoes?
When it comes to bombs, dummy.
Louder when the bombs hit closer.
Neither are silent drone bombs.
Bombs left in paint cans no doubt.
Yea, they found bombs in his desk.
His tortures will be worse than bombs.
There are bombs here? Andy said.
Pastors, botched penises, and bombs?
Allied bombs demolish the rail station.
Twelve bombs on trains in the capital.
It looked as if bombs had gone off in.
Are there bombs in that briefcase?’.
Hand bombs, Rainbow Waters replied.
Hands would drag bombs forward on carts.
Ted threw the last of his bombs and said.
They’ve put it to use testing new bombs.
Destroyed buildings with incendiary bombs.
Car bombs have exploded in Abuja and Lagos.
Little dinky bombs, and he bought into it.
Ish emptied a box of bombs on the cylinder.
Hiroshima bombs, but that is just speculation.
There were some 500 pound bombs that had to.
We would need three bombs and three carriers.
Half the world dead of leprosy bombs!.
He attached bombs to the door and blew it open.
They flung makeshift bombs from their aircraft.
We’re dropping bombs on Paris, she says.
The bombs are ours, the bombs that we let fall.
Fires in the hospitals and bombs in the schools.
None of the security sweeps uncovered the bombs.
It throws the bombs out and helps clean the mind.
I found out at Dimona we only had a few bombs.
The cloud army threw cloud bombs at the children.

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