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    1. Some hours later, a bomb explodes at Mr Gryparis' house, while it is empty

    2. They tried to fly past without opening fire as the junk’s reactor cooked off like a low-yield bomb

    3. “Bull! ‘Wolf’ was a bomb; and it had Nicholson and Pfeiffer,” she quickly retorted

    4. of a row of terraced houses by a thousand pound bomb

    5. And it costs a bomb

    6. Hell I even scanned it, but only for the usual bomb

    7. Meanwhile, Andrew had gathered all the other villages at the Kingston Bomb Shelter, and was solemnly writing down the names of the villagers who had been killed by the being that called itself ‘Justice’

    8. 14, the bible verse that had been recurring all over the village of Trouble Valley that was now no more but an old bomb shelter eleven villagers hid away in as the heroes of this story, Andrew, Jack, Monica, Julia and Matt headed for the Impenetrable Cavern, to finally set right what had once went wrong and bring peace to a universe torn asunder in chaos

    9. We could give you all our Abel Energy combined, but it would turn you into a walking bomb, set to go off at the slightest instant!” The Hesean said

    10. Sionn was sat down and holding his head in both hands! Deria said, ‘There was a massive bomb

    11. The information is that there was nothing we could have done about the bomb

    12. ‘No, because as I said, the bomb was undetectable, don’t keep blaming yourself; blame the agents for putting the bomb there in the first place, also the agents could have transferred themselves off the planet, but they wanted to die for the cause

    13. “No it wasn’t a bomb, it was beyond anything I’d ever seen

    14. the bomb are secured,” Johnson said

    15. “Once we have the bomb and your friends in custody I’ll put you out of

    16. The bomb was secured

    17. "If you'd started that thing before it caught fire, it would’ve gone up like a bomb

    18. If you’re so certain it's for me and not a bomb, you pick it up

    19. change money, we found that they all charged a bomb for

    20. The quick bomb screens have already moved into the quarantined stuff

    21. "All those preaching peace and brotherhood on one hand and firing off anger, discontent and bomb throwing on the other

    22. "There's more chance they'd bomb this institution than wipe out the whole planet

    23. Was Lucifer himself not The fuse of the God Bomb now lit?

    24. Here comes the holy war love bomb

    25. atomic bomb and became ill with leukaemia

    26. “Unable to internalize the power, it would be the equivalent of a nuclear bomb if they absorbed that it

    27. of those rebels, hatching a plan to bomb the president’s car

    28. Erin has stepped on a bomb! She has been sandbagged! But wait

    29. And so, not only is he safe, but Tammy now has to remove that bomb from the playing board

    30. Captain Lee was silent for a moment, then she replied, “Some bastard from the Holy Earth movement got aboard it with some kind of nuclear bomb

    31. One of the cores was booby-trapped with a bomb and we’ve no way of knowing what else has been done

    32. “Precisely, and doesn’t that have to be a bomb?”

    33. “Do we really have to remove the bomb?” asked Debbie, “If what Phil said about the device in the computer is true then the bomb should be virtually harmless

    34. “Would the device in the computer directly control the bomb?” asked Alan

    35. “Shouldn’t they wear pressure suits in case the bomb goes off and ruptures the hull?” suggested Debbie

    36. “We’re still in one piece and the bomb is away from the fuel line

    37. “It is a bomb then?” asked the captain

    38. It looks like a bomb, I think

    39. “The bomb is in the airlock

    40. “The bomb went off?” he said, bringing his flailing hand and foot back to the rungs of the ladder

    41. ” He went on to tell us that every morning at first light and every evening at last light this Turkish sniper would be active and would shoot someone an Officer if he could a Sergeant at second best or failing this the bomb makers other marksmen and even the medics

    42. I was injured further on in the galleries when a bomb went off and I was hit in the chest thigh and arm with shrapnel and I was out of it

    43. “My house was only two miles from where the bomb had fallen

    44. “Mere months after the bomb had been dropped, the British government released the details of their latest little ‘project’

    45. They would carry the rucksack with the bomb into Salverford and up to Ruby Tower

    46. After the person was clear from the prison, they would remotely operate the bomb and boom! Goodbye Phoenix Project

    47. “I was mid-way through a conversation with Mr Abbott – planning to cut it off soon, say I had changed my mind, deposit my bomb and leave

    48. Anyway, they searched my bag and found the bomb

    49. If I make it to five years, I’ll get that money back, and with my knowledge of Salverford, I can build another bomb, and this time it won’t fail

    50. The “blitz” may be small potatoes compared to later bomb damage but it was serious enough then

    1. Once hostilities ceased, Dad went to visit Bob’s family – his own having been bombed out during the Blitz – and fell in love with Bob’s sister … by this time he had decided that he wanted to train as a teacher – there was a big demand for men to do that after the war, you know

    2. Dad’s family never really recovered from being bombed out and by the time I was in my teens they had more or less died out

    3. In response, Brazilian space-based weapons bombed the Basran and Chirpol refineries on the gulf, destroying the last rusting remnants of the oil-based jihad

    4. My mother’s family came here after being bombed out of Bristol during the war and stayed

    5. African descent, were killed when an Alabama church was bombed in retaliation of the Civil Rights Movement

    6. would be bombed and eventually the dictator removed from power and

    7. continued, “When much of the country had been bombed during the

    8. The Japanese bombed the Aussies mercilessly, but they never found the airbase

    9. force worked to gain the air, then bombed strategic locations in

    10. His youngest son Marc, and sixteen of Marc"s shipmates were killed on October 12, 2000, by Islamic terrorists who bombed the U

    11. “We ran over and over the plan, exactly what I should say in my interview, how I should claim that I enjoyed fighting, wanted to be famous, would play up to the cameras, and most importantly, I had to pretend that I hated Catholicism and fled Rome before it was bombed

    12. We can talk hours about why his leaders continued their war, ultimately causing them to lose their Empire—a good thing), or how Berlin was bombed three times by the RAF before the Germans finally bombed London, and so on

    13. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed by what government officials believe was the work of a domestic terrorist organization

    14. We know of only one instant where it was used by Security Forces and that was when Saddam bombed the Kurds in the 1980s with it

    15. Many historians believed that Germany would have bombed New York in 1946 with dirty bombs if the war did not ended in 1945

    16. When the Japanese military bombed Shanghai and Nanking, Roosevelt was among those most forcefully condemning them

    17. ” Lemay carpet bombed Japan on such a wide scale that toward the end of the war, he was running out of cities to target

    18. Some analysts noted the drop in attacks fit with the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan, that attacks supposedly once used to kill terrorists were actually being used as artillery against targets in Pakistan, targets that US planes could not have bombed without an international incident

    19. The rails and bridges have been bombed and have not yet been repaired

    20. Her hero was a rapist and terrorist who bombed public housing, made painfully bad 30 page speeches, demonized all religion and compassion, and deluded himself into thinking society would collapse without elites

    21. In El Salvador, the US military bombed the country for much of the 1980s, sent in advisers and a campaign of repression to break a protesters and a rebel movement

    22. It is also likely he would have bombed Libya far sooner than Obama did, and supported sending the rebels military aid

    23. If we bombed them first, we could provoke them

    24. What about using air power on the government of Sudan? Couldn’t that pressure them to stop arming the militias? Perhaps, but Sudan has been bombed by the US before

    25. They could sit on their butts and wait to be bombed and strafed

    26. Aristides—he’s the one who liked strafing hospitals, even civilian hospitals, the one who bombed that sick children’s home, the home for terminally-ill kids

    27. I would have bombed their training fields

    28. " The area had been bombed by the Americans during the war and some buildings were damaged or destroyed and bomb craters littered the area

    29. There was an airship bombed, but no

    30. On February 26, 1993 the World Trade Center was bombed, using a mix of urea,

    31. People have been panicking, going crazy and thinking we were being bombed or under attack

    32. There were two synagogues just south of 71st Avenue, but when I brought my wife back 2-3 years later, ALL the whites were gone, the blacks were distinctly “lower class,” and Norm’s Chappel Avenue Tap, our watering hole for watching the Blackhawks in black and white, had been fire bombed

    33. The first time I really, seriously bombed a speech was when I

    34. A house had been destroyed but not burned, looking like it had been bombed from a distance

    35. bombed it to defeat the ruler

    36. "We're glad to be here today at Long Binh where even the rats wear black pajamas" and "You know, Vietnam is the only place where you can get bombed without taking a drink" brought, if not the house down, then the troops up to their feet, since the shows are invariably held outdoors

    37. Air Force B-57 bomber and two F-4C fighter planes bombed and strafed the cutter in a one hour contest of futile signals, radio calls and evasive actions

    38. Stephanie was just short of being bombed

    39. For ten years CERKO attacked police stations and bombed government structures until the Imperial Military cracked down on them

    40. We did a terrible job of protecting the steel works and saw them being bombed virtually out of existence

    41. In addition, Tante Hertha’s mother in-law, Anny Müller, had been bombed out once more, and she and her sister, Tante Trude, moved in with us as well

    42. Whilst we were in France with her father, the house they were living in was bombed by the French Resistance

    43. In Darwin we learned that that city was actually bombed heavily by the Japanese during World War II

    44. "The Resistance has bombed Major Muller’s residence," Barkow blurted out, looking at the captain and then at his fellow soldiers

    45. "Leftheri bombed the house--"

    46. The cliffs above the sea are bright with flare lights and bombed out shells of warships repurposed into reefs

    47. I bombed that speech

    48. It was nestled snugly in between a lawyer’s office and a dentist, sharing a mish-mash of architecture that only a city bombed during a great war could boast

    49. The Second World War saw a lot of the factories turned over to munitions and on a few occasions, it was bombed by the German air force

    50. The Loyalist paramilitaries had bombed both Dublin and Monaghan, killing thirty-one people, the highest death toll in the conflict in a single day

    1. ‘Was there much bombing round here, Henry?’ I asked, ‘I know Bristol was a prime target

    2. suggested and Jill discounted the options of shoe bombing, egg

    3. destroyed in the bombing, besides the bodies, was an old rusty metal spoon, which

    4. Delos would mention to the captain if he saw him that he thought bombing the planet was a bad idea

    5. Then came the first bombing of the Trade Towers, the embassy bombings in Africa, the tragedy in Mogadishu, and the bombing of the U

    6. So we along with more bombing squads up and down the line were chosen to mount a raid in two nights time all along the our section of the front

    7. And further, his cowardly fleeing into the countryside of England every night during the WWII bombing of England (the Blitz)

    8. He had always been uncomfortable about the bombing of Rome and avoided the subject, as many people did

    9. Dotted across the grey bed covers were drawings and photographs of Rome before the bombing

    10. Next to them, was a large image of Rome following the bombing

    11. He had visited once, before the bombing

    12. The bombing took place as the three hundred inmates were watching a scheduled fight match, deep in the underground arena

    13. Police have not named any suspects in the bombing, although they have confirmed that the bomb was homemade and was in Roger Abbott’s office when it exploded

    14. Although no group has officially claimed responsibility for the bombing, it is certain that Conservatives will likely take some heat from the liberal community anxious to score political points over this horrific event by (alleged) right-wing fanatics

    15. The aforementioned bombing has been traced to (former) members of a right-wing militia group from Michigan

    16. Like always the problem was to find the insurgents camps and with the technology of the day mark it accurately for bombing and then to bomb accurately

    17. Understanding the difference is historically important because the myth of indiscriminate carpet bombing took hold afterwards and we still read with much delight the sworn statements to this effect

    18. Artillery and aerial bombing followed suite for it must be remembered that the terrorist is either in a trench or on his stomach behind a tree or in a hollow

    19. " It was also very possible that a slower propeller aircraft would accompany the helicopters during the fire forces attack to either mark the bombing spot for the fast jets (if needed and available) or give fire support on request

    20. What is remarkable about the aerial fire support is the lack of time between bombing runs and the attack from ground forces

    21. This led to the famous "Green Leader" bombing attack in Zambia where the Rhodesian Air Force took command of the Zambian airspace with probably the most astonishing radio call ever made in Southern Africa

    22. There were no IED's as such though the bombing of civilian targets in towns and cities took place

    23. Though it was never seriously considered it could have been delivered by the Mirages using the standard NATO tactic of "toss bombing

    24. In this regard look at Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing

    25. He ordered a lot more than just one bombing attack and over six years and about 5000 Kurds died

    26. Meanwhile, the bombing had stopped and silence reigned, although there was still a ringing sensation from the blast in my ears

    27. Winston Churchill began ordering the carpet bombing of German civilians before the US entered the war, by over a year and a half

    28. Churchill ordered bombing civilian targets in 1942 as a way to placate the Soviets, to say Britain was contributing to the war effort without directly invading Europe yet

    29. Nine of the ten cities with the highest civilian death tolls during World War II were victims of Allied bombing, not Axis

    30. The argument of some that blames Hitler, the Nazis, Tojo, and the Japanese military for being the first guilty of carpet bombing cities ignores that fact

    31. McNamara's later assessment of his and Lemay's role in carpet bombing was harsh

    32. When Italian fascists used aerial bombing and nerve gas against Ethiopian civilians, Roosevelt again spoke out against the offenders in thunderous tones

    33. Then the British Cabinet actually approved indiscriminate bombing of Germany in May 1940, three months before Churchill approved retaliation for the bombing of East London during the Battle of Britain

    34. The German bombing was purely accidental, but even had the British government known that, there is little reason to doubt they would have acted any differently

    35. Each government responded in kind with one bombing in retaliation to the others

    36. Even if one accepts American carpet bombing of both Germany and Japan as misplaced anger over the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese attack was on a military target

    37. Yet the bombing of civilians were not much of a public issue until author Kurt Vonnegut in Slaughterhouse Five described the firestorms in Dresden he survived while a POW

    38. Instead the writing has been primarily from military historians asking the question: Was it an effective tactic? The first survey performed by the US military concluded bombing German civilians did not work

    39. Japan faced more devastation and shock from conventional bombing than the A-bombs ever wrought

    40. Yet if Japan's population was truly so fanatic and would always fight to the last man, seemingly neither conventional bombing nor A-bombs should have brought surrender

    41. There were military targets in both cities, but they were small and could have easily been dealt with by conventional bombing

    42. For eight years after Mexican independence in 1821, Spain kept trying to reconquer Mexico, blockading, bombing, or invading Mexican ports

    43. There seems little doubt Obama thought drones a better option than trying to kill by bombing runs

    44. Even a likely short bombing campaign that would have lasted perhaps only days was opposed by virtually all Americans across the political spectrum, by even the most conservative and the most fundamentalist

    45. Cuba faced perhaps more US assaults than any other nation in the Americas, a US bombing and invasion followed by the threat of nuclear war (Section Eleven again), then likely biological warfare (See Section Five) and extended terrorist attacks from Cuban-Americans for decades (See Section Six)

    46. The Confederate Secret Service also killed perhaps 2,000 Americans with its state sponsored terrorism, bombing over 200 ships

    47. The worst act of terrorism prior to September 11 was carried out by the Confederacy, the bombing of the USS Sultana

    48. When Kennedy quit working with the exiles publicly, only two years later the bombing campaigns began

    49. It began right after Clinton's election, and its biggest loss of membership was right after the Oklahoma City bombing

    50. In the 1970s and 80s there were bombing campaigns by still more Puerto Rican terrorists

    1. It had gotten to the point where the generals were so desperate they were always planning to wipe out entire towns just to stop the random bombs and mayhem

    2. Rose relates a horrifying tale about the bombs which were dropped … some of her family were killed in Bristol in an air raid aimed at one of the factories … and she was also anxious about Wally as they were engaged by then

    3. with the news of smoke and bombs

    4. “The crazy black cannot detonate those bombs without the codes or the keys

    5. bombs badly, this is a total self confidence killer

    6. Ish emptied a box of bombs on the cylinder

    7. Tom was reminded of the nuclear bombs detonated by the

    8. Yeah his body could really use a ride on hers, but she was tossing bombs awfully close to places Fenais was especially nervous about

    9. Suzie, Lian and Sam were hurling petrol bombs at the greenhouse, as Suzie bashed up the Abel Berries with a Baseball Bat

    10. Freddy backed up the stairs of the bleachers, grabbing his bombs from each

    11. "I've got every authenticator I can run sniffing their crystal for bombs

    12. border, used to treating bombs as flimsy fire crackers

    13. had twenty five bombs on board which

    14. Erin is using her number eight guy, the miner, to advance and he is impervious to bombs

    15. Now as well the Turks were throwing bombs down and two Fusiliers right in front of me took the brunt of these being peppered in shrapnel and their screams will haunt me till my dying day

    16. Star bombs and signal flares turned the sky into a fireworks display of a huge magnitude and the night was rent with blood curdling screams

    17. Of course, if for some reason the device were to lose power, enough that one of those bombs was able to hit, then the result would be total annihilation

    18. Anyway we were sitting in the bottom of the trench Elijah, Eli, Johnny, Ted Wallace and I making bombs out of jam tins which is what we used on the peninsula

    19. These would be used later on either on raids or as offensive defensive weapons when you used the bombs you would light the fuse and let it burn for a few seconds and then heave it

    20. Standing in the trench later on waiting for the off we were dressed just in shirts trousers and boots and carrying only our rifles with spare clips of ammo in our pockets three of the patrol were carrying jam tin bombs and both Lieutenant Smith and Sergeant Wallace were carrying pistols

    21. After you have gathered this information sling in your bombs to give them a scare and get the hell back here I don’t want any heroes out there just get the information and get back here in one piece and remember if you fail we will only have to send out another patrol so good luck

    22. He Eli and Johnny were carrying the bombs in our group while Nobby Clarke me and another lad had the rifles to provide them covering fire when they chucked their bombs

    23. But I knew that in a moment that they would get quite a wakeup call when our bombs were chucked into their trenches

    24. Elijah had handed his bombs over to someone else and he and Ted now began to cut the Lieutenant free the first couple of snips and the cut wire whipping echoed in the night air

    25. From our right hand side came the flash and explosions of two bombs going off and two more snips from Elijah and Ted and the Lieutenant was free

    26. It was time to get out of there and we ran our feet pounding the earth as we ran hell for leather back towards our lines the bombers had flung their final bombs and we had now all caught up with Elijah and Ted who were Helping Lieutenant Smith who despite his denials seemed to have picked up an injury

    27. We were sat in the bottom of the trench on the fire step wondering whether or not to make some more jam tin bombs when Major Danby, Captain Melstone and CSM Domby dropped by they walked straight up to where Johnny Eli and I sat talking so we jumped up stood to attention and saluted

    28. Chelsea, though little bits of the old order clung on, in council flats built in the gaps where Hitler's bombs had fallen - those that hadn't been sold off in the Thatcher era - and in the sixties blocks of the nearby Boxington Estate

    29. “The place were most of our casualties occurred and where Snowy got his was underground in these galleries and saps the fighting was vicious down here hand to hand using bayonets and bombs and it was brutal in its intensity

    30. It was all bombs now the Turks had a lot as well as grenades which were still like rocking horse shit for us to get hold of

    31. Some of the bombs were thrown back three and four times between the trenches before they exploded

    32. “I saw blokes who had lost a hand like this picking up more bombs with their good hand and throwing them back you think they would have had more sense

    33. bombs, but the inside was beautiful

    34. “Okay you blokes carrying bombs when I give the order chuck them as far foreword as you can I will give them a few shots and we will drop back in the trench like magicians rabbits”, and he smoothed his moustache with his finger

    35. Frank and I had been issued with a couple of Mills bombs apiece so we got them ready to throw when ordered while the rest of the lads crawled back to the trench and dropped into it

    36. “Give I to them lads”, and we heaved our bombs forward while he rattled off a few shots

    37. “Because they were probably still unconscious before from your bombs but the have certainly woken up now

    38. Hearing this they clamoured for information so we told them about the wiring party and how we had attacked the Hun patrol with bombs and bullets

    39. I had my rifle and Ted had a pistol and a couple of Mills bombs as we pushed forward he whispered in my ear

    40. Marksmen like me carried rifles while some of the men had pistols and bombs and a few were carrying home made coshes with which to subdue the prisoners with

    41. But then all hell let loose as machine guns and rifles began firing and we began to give covering fire as the bomber s threw there bombs

    42. “That’s bombs going off now they must have stuck”, and we listened to the explosions

    43. “Sorry Billy Boy I quite forgot how many raids we had been on but you are a sort of good luck charm to me and anyway who wants to live forever?” We went over the top that night and I was one of the riflemen and Frank had his homemade cosh a pistol and some bombs he was part of the snatch party that was once again led by Lt Pearson

    44. I was also carrying a load of empty sandbags I had a pair of wire cutters attached to my belt plus I was carrying five mills bombs and a load of flares as well

    45. We hit the German trench yelling like banshees and rolled right over the top of them we threw mills bombs into the trench then stood on top pouring rifle fire into the survivors

    46. “Have any of you still got any mills bombs with you a few of us still had and so he said

    47. “Right follow me then and on the count of three we will lob them down this bunker entrance alright one, two, three”, and we all trough threw our bombs down the entrance of the bunker

    48. ” He had a rifle and bayonet with him and he was festooned with mills bombs that he had gotten from somewhere and he seemed to epitomise all the fine points of the British soldier

    49. The RSM stayed at our post and pretty soon he had swapped his rifle and was throwing Mills bombs with gusto at the enemy

    50. He was caked in chalky dust this stuck like glue to you clothing and put a grimy film over your skin if you added the smoke and burnt powder from our rifles and bombs then you ended up with grimy chalky white looking soldier

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    Synonyms for "bomb"

    bomb bomb calorimeter dud turkey bombard fail flunk flush it attack with bombs explosive device mine nuclear weapon booby trap grenade

    "bomb" definitions

    an explosive device fused to explode under specific conditions

    strong sealed vessel for measuring heat of combustion

    an event that fails badly or is totally ineffectual

    throw bombs at or attack with bombs

    fail to get a passing grade