breach sätze

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Breach sätze (in englisch)

1. The breach was purely her.
2. And I shall heal this breach!.
3. Cap’n barged into the breach.
4. He tried to find some breach of.
5. We could not breach their gates.
6. Yours is a serious breach, hooman.
7. We may have a security breach sir.

8. In short, it ended in a total breach.
9. Maybe the breach would change things.
10. He took a few steps toward the breach.
11. And what about the Isfet breach?
12. You breach the surface, catch a breath.
13. But an Isfet breach certainly qualifies.
14. You know what an Isfet breach is?
15. This feeling is already a breach in Ana-.
16. Still, a breach need not mean capitulation.
17. The security breach with the satellite had.
18. That is a naturally-occurring Isfet breach.
19. Have you found the breach? Bill asked.
20. It was a breach of the spirit of democracy.
21. There had been no breach of Allied security.
22. Upon that the Pole had leapt into the breach.
23. But let us say that there is an Isfet breach.
24. But no matter which side the relatives breach.
25. As a result of the security breach, the tribes.
26. More honour'd in the breach than the observance.
27. That would be a serious breach of etiquette.
28. Apparently some breach in the bottom hatch seal.
29. He's going to use her to breach the interstice.
30. MARTHA: (Sobbing behind her veil) Breach of promise.
31. I perceive a spatial breach that has been sealed.
32. And the one who is quick to forgive heals the breach.
33. He would respond to any breach of shooting etiquette.
34. Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more.
35. One of our field agents has reported an Isfet breach.
36. He passed through a breach and entered the town again.
37. There has been scarcely any breach of the law by women.
38. Mostly on sealing the breach from when the Hab blew up.
39. We have a breach! he nervously yelled into the mic.
40. Weapons fire, probably a core breach, no survivors, and.

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