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    1. Although it was supposed to be highly confidential and felonious to breach, the people at W

    2. I need you to help me understand the damage to this ship’s systems and tell me if Tipperary can breach space

    3. "We don’t all have to be on this ship to make it breach space

    4. He said he mapped in the specific point he picked for us to breach space based on tidal shifts in local stellar gravity

    5. Now, her body extended all the way to the reactors and super-capacitors and particle emitters that would open the transit and breach space

    6. While an already crackling Tipperary settled in position just 2Ks from the point in the vacuum where she would breach space, Jordo zoomed in with his flight helmet and interrogated the closing alien warships one more time

    7. This was a problem he didn't know how to breach in this society, but he had to forge ahead

    8. It dawned on Tiffany that her father had opened the card that had come with the flowers, which was an outrageous breach of privacy

    9. “We may have a security breach sir

    10. If this security breach was a Brazilian tap, he had to know about it

    11. "Do you think Ava has that breach the spy exploited blocked?" Kelvin asked

    12. Matai could never learn what had caused the breach between them, but it was there

    13. had come with the flowers, which was an outrageous breach of

    14. So much so that the MD of the contractor company jumped into the breach, oh Sarah, you'd have loved it! The idiot said that she couldn't possibly understand the complexities of the building process

    15. Bram was not keen to have Alistair’s breach of the Guides’ rules too

    16. White of course, that 'a team of horses weren't going to breach that levee again

    17. As soon as news arrived of a breach then a century would be dispatched at forced march speed to engage

    18. The only thing moving was a throng of undead seeping through the newly created breach

    19. However, since no harm was done, if you never mention this breach of procedure again, neither will I

    20. Weapons fire, probably a core breach, no survivors, and

    21. And as much as she fought them once more, the tears swelled in her eyes and threatened to breach

    22. He took a few steps toward the breach

    23. It was the Absence that opened the breach, just as the Absence tears apart everything it can grasp

    24. Originally, the courts of law gave damages only for breach of contract

    25. When the breach of contract consisted in the non-payment of money, the damage sustained could be compensated in no other way than by ordering payment, which was equivalent to a specific performance of the agreement

    26. ‘My function is limited due to a breach in protocol,’ said the computer, tersely

    27. There were no signs of an invasion, beyond the sounding of a klaxon and what Zardino had told Raiya of an unidentifiable security breach

    28. My orders are explicit; any more breach of TD protocol will result in a court martial

    29. Apparently some breach in the bottom hatch seal

    30. What if Sicarius had found a breach in Myll’s house defenses and gone inside? What if he had been caught? What if, even now, under the influence of some magical torture, Akstyr and Sicarius were spilling kegs full of information on the emperor’s drugged state and Amaranthe’s plans? What if—

    31. “Tell the staff that there’s been a security breach and they must assemble in the canteen immediately

    32. Representative of the conservative element of the Cubans, the breach was serious, and only the withdrawal of Shafter and the appointment of General Wood averted further disorder and a threatened rupture

    33. It (naturally) follows that the less gifted should (otherwise) entrust their confidence to individuals who are better informed or suited to sustain or encourage them and that the beneficiaries of such gifts should never breach their sacred trust as it relates to their fellows, whatever their (social) position or rank, as emissaries of God‘s Kingdom and therefore equal in His Eyes, whatever their (inherent) differences

    34. Years later, President Bush (1988) would similarly disappoint them, although his breach with Conservatives was not entirely unforeseen by politically astute individuals suspicious of Mr

    35. The attacking soldiers were trying to breach her sister’s protective sanctuary! She clambered over the pile of timber and debris, pushing her way into the entry hall of Serenor

    36. In this manner, the learned classes, for example, are often dismissive of ‖pretenders who would breach their professional authority or the clergy, its moral authority, or, as such questions may relate to propertied interests, the upper classes who try to remain inconspicuous by drawing attention away from their wealth or by downplaying its significance or the working and middle classes, who, equally envious or threatened by other groups situated above or below them, are likely to spend nearly everything they earn as fast as they can earn it while stashing the remains or the lower classes who seek hollow ―comfort‖ in their anger and resentment of everyone else who may enjoy more of the ―finer things‖ which have been ―unfairly‖ denied them

    37. Crowley the chance to grasp through a breach of reality, and save his companions

    38. quick end was the healthier way, and launched a double-slash then stab combination to breach the

    39. And I shall heal this breach!

    40. And the one who is quick to forgive heals the breach

    41. We briefly spoke of deflowering a virgin and where one party seduced the other (usually the female but not always) under promise of marriage, she can claim damages for seduction as well as for breach of promise

    42. The client is now trying legal remedies for breach but that will not be settled in the next five years and he is thoroughly nailed

    43. For instance a recent failed attempt in Nigeria to rescue a British and Italian citizen caused a diplomatic breach between the UK and Italy since Italy was not informed before the failed rescue took place

    44. ‘Glad that the only breach to this plan had now been addressed’

    45. He would respond to any breach of shooting etiquette

    46. A flunky nipped into the breach, whispering into the ear of the Emperor

    47. When the opportune time arrived, they would then probably try to breach the walls in their weakest point, or storm them en masse, whichever would seem to offer the best chances of entering the city

    48. “Queasy at the sight of blood, Ursempyre? Don’t worry, they have still to breach the walls

    49. ” If a catastrophic runoff from the northern ice cap deglaciation had favored a western direction, it could have caused the Mediterranean to rise rapidly enough to breach the Bosporus in the north through some earthquake-caused crack in the narrow, eighteen-mile isthmus of hills that separated the Sea of Marmara and the Dardanelles from the lake-land (Black Sea) area

    50. In 314 however, war broke out between the two emperors…During the years which followed, Licinius turned against the Christians, finally renewing the persecutions, whereas Constantine, from conviction, policy, or both, interested himself in their controversies and by his intervention attempted to restore peace between the various factions, summoning two councils (at Arles in 314; Milan in 316) in unsuccessful efforts to heal the breach between the Christians of the Roman Church and the Donatists, whose strength lay mainly in North Africa

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    breach break falling out rift rupture severance gap go against infract offend transgress violate