offend sätze

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Offend sätze (in englisch)

  1. I try to offend equally.
  2. You will not offend me.
  3. He did not dare offend them.
  4. I didn't mean to offend you.
  5. I didn’t want to offend her.

  6. She didn’t mean to offend him.
  7. Master, you will not offend me.
  8. He will offend you by His freedom.
  9. He’s very difficult to offend.
  10. I hope that won’t offend you.
  11. The difficulty will not me offend;.
  12. Bang, I didn't mean to offend you.
  13. And it is not possible to offend me.
  14. Did I do something to offend you?
  15. Would so offend a virgin, and extort.

  16. Nothing can offend us! Gimme that!.
  17. I hope this story did not offend you.
  18. I'm sorry they offend you, heartily;.
  19. I long have ceased to offend the laws.
  20. If thine eye offend thee: pluck it out.
  21. You’ll offend the Gods by entering.
  22. I did not mean to offend you, Uncle.
  23. Really, I don’t want to offend her.
  24. If we offend, it is with our good will.
  25. This will seriously offend Bob's dignity.

  26. Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend that bird.
  27. True to his word, he does offend the good.
  28. Not to stop at his aunt's was to offend her.
  29. Thomas spoke smoothly, not wishing to offend.
  30. Nicholas Ivánovich tries not to offend them.
  31. I wondered if I had said anything to offend him.
  32. Why is that? What have I done to offend you?’.
  33. I didn’t want to offend the others at the table.
  34. One of my favorite jokes (which would offend some.
  35. I hope I did not offend you by bringing it to you.
  36. The following paragraphs may offend some readers and.
  37. Notwithstanding, lest we should offend them, go thou.
  38. Have I done something to offend you? Marcus says.
  39. I assure you I do not mean to offend you in the least.
  40. I don’t mean to offend you, of course, but I was.
  41. And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out: it is better.
  42. Ivanovitch; ‘but he cannot offend me, and I should have.
  43. And if thy foot offend thee, cut it off: it is better for.
  44. And I think now that there was a great deal to offend him.
  45. I won’t offend you with the details of what followed –.
  46. She had managed to offend everyone she cared about tonight.
  47. Meredith's mind a conviction that he should not offend Mrs.
  48. Thomas said cautiously, evidently not wanting to offend his.
  49. Matthew was amused by his words but didn’t want to offend.
  50. So it would offend a heku to call them such? she asked.
  51. Be not merciful unto them that offend of malicious wickedness.
  52. Im sorry, I did not mean to offend you, the doctor said.
  53. I promise if my daughter is spared, she will not offend again.
  54. I do not mean to offend, but… well, have you not failed?
  55. They do not seem to offend much against any of the other three.
  56. He tries to offend a lady of the evening (Monroe), to no avail.
  57. He would have to be very careful not to offend Crass in any way.
  58. Ok, Mistress Irene said slowly trying not to offend Kent a.
  59. Have I done something to offend you, Princess, that you would.
  60. A red rose, symbol of flaming passion, might offend her mourning.
  61. I didn’t mean to offend you, but consider my situation, Liam.
  62. However he did not wish to offend the brothers, with whom he now.
  63. I did not want to offend him for his ignorance and lack of motivation.
  64. Kawa Tzul Taka can mete out punishment to those who offend him; and he.
  65. I fear to offend, and this small letter will take many hours to rewrite.
  66. As far as she knew, she’d done nothing to offend this senior attorney.
  67. It is not our intent to offend you, or to disrespect you in any manner.
  68. You will want it to be different as not to offend those who are both blog.
  69. Suzy could see no end to the tedium but she didn’t want to offend her man.
  70. I’m not trying to offend you, but what I said was it would be believable.
  71. Mitya, indeed, had managed to offend many people during his stay in the town.
  72. The bright sunshine and warm breeze offend the sorrow overhanging the burial.
  73. If my words offend the unbelievers, so also will your words offend the ungodly.
  74. I nod in order not to offend him, just now that he’s so chatty and reasonable.
  75. If I offend you, you have my permission to move to the other side of the room.
  76. Psa 119:165 Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.
  77. You cannot offend me, for with my whole heart I sympathise with you and pity you!.
  78. Not wanting to offend either of the two sergeants, Colling accepted the invitation.
  79. Ghosteater, I’d like to ask you a question, but I’m afraid I’ll offend you.
  80. Then let them delete also the words that he or she imagines might offend someone else.
  81. Stu and Spock not wanting to offend, thanked him and tasted the fruit based concoction.
  82. Despite my apparent unconcern, the last thing I want to do is offend his sensibilities.
  83. I didn’t mean to offend you, but compared with me, you are really but a child, Undina.
  84. She looked down her face still the color of crimson and said, You didn’t offend me.
  85. Psalms: 119:165: Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.
  86. I was going to revise it so as not to offend, but realized that it is perfectly stated.
  87. If this doesn’t offend you, I can camp outside: I have a small but sturdy tent with me.
  88. He would rather condemn poor children to failing schools than offend the teachers unions.
  89. She felt uncomfortable with the gesture but didn’t want to offend Willow by pulling away.
  90. As if I could offend anyone here! I should offend you again by even suggesting such a thing.
  91. I hope this doesn’t offend you, but I’m not surprised that she did what she did to you.
  92. I hope it doesn’t offend you that God would speak through a star, because apparently he does.
  93. The resolution calls on members of the United Nations to prohibit statements that offend Islam.
  94. It was furtherest from my desire to hurt or offend you, whom I had hoped to protect and comfort.
  95. Although he is a shop assistant, even their tavern keeper did not dare to offend him…Alas!.
  96. If it wouldn’t offend Rosemary, I’d put a bug in Lana’s ear about trying to steal the chef.
  97. She hadn't meant to offend him and she knew it would be wrong starting a new relationship with a baby.
  98. Only an imbecile would choose to invade a country while not prepared to offend some of the inhabitants.
  99. Not wanting to offend, he tried to choose his words carefully and tactfully, but he was not quick enough.
  100. The very name seemed enough to offend the other Imperial, who took a quick drink before inquiring testily.
  1. But perhaps I’m offending you.
  2. The offending companies and the U.
  3. Offending you guys was not my intent.
  4. Who are you worried about offending?
  5. Studying the offending orders, Jack noticed.
  6. The offending boy turned from pink to crimson.
  7. On the table stood the offending loaf unswathed.
  8. Anger is offending, even disgusting and troublesome.
  9. The driver's door of the offending car is still open.
  10. In these cases, avoiding the offending supplement or.
  11. The doctors soon removed my offending appendix and had.
  12. Torture is the noblest production of the offending devil.
  13. And was that the head and front of his offending?
  14. He indicated the offending jar with a contemptuous sweep.
  15. He pulled his tunic sleeve down to cover the offending mark.
  16. Not a long-winded boy, are you? There’s the offending device.
  17. Display the errors one by one, focusing on the offending field.
  18. Gabby grabbed her arm as she went to tear the offending page out.
  19. He then, who talks about the prophets offending them has no faith.
  20. He started out topunish the offending officers, but on the way repented.
  21. Where pronunciation is tricky you should consider editing the offending.
  22. Peter screamed in agony as his friend dug out the offending ball of lead.
  23. The offending rookie ran alone and carried a full ammo crate for inspiration.
  24. They liked blue better but chose green to avoid offending the carpet too much.
  25. And he had begun to see his lack of sons as a judgment on him for offending.
  26. The offending fireman thrashed up from the water begging the Doc to forgive him.
  27. I, Ren Fengping at the risk of offending the wrath of everyone…alas! You have.
  28. The offending player, who had not used the mRocK ball to make a kill, was eliminated.
  29. I shrugged and struggled for words to explain how I was feeling without offending her.
  30. The driver of the offending Mini-moke is a little white-haired old lady of at least 70.
  31. Norm and Boran had achieved this by altering and replacing 42000 offending DNA strands.
  32. Instinctively, he had reached down for the offending object and tossed it back in the.
  33. She vaulted lightly to a seat on the pine tree, and laid the offending muff on a bough.
  34. The president called in the offending agent and said, Naughty, naughty, mustn’t do.
  35. After pocketing the offending ticket, Loofah surveyed the carriage without much interest.
  36. Necessity excused stratagem, but stratagem was limited by the dread of offending Dorothea.
  37. If he was always going to worry about offending Sebastian then he’d be better off alone.
  38. Keeled over in agony, he gazed at the offending item that was only a few feet away from him.
  39. Saldon and Manna drew themselves to a stop and drew their weapons, surrounding the offending bush.
  40. Leesa shook the offending instrument, as if that might bring it back to life, but nothing happened.
  41. Humphrey took a green pen and wrote BALLS across the offending item before assigning it to the bin.
  42. Helene was faced by a new problem- how to preserve her intimacy with both without offending either.
  43. If at all possible, talk to the offending party – but cool off first if your emotions are boiling.
  44. Peg was relieved to see him and stood back in frustration, then aimed a kick at the offending object.
  45. Herman anticipated that Jacques was about to make some sort of offending remark at Harvey's expense.
  46. Hélène was faced by a new problem—how to preserve her intimacy with both without offending either.
  47. With this I see that the possibility of offending God for five minutes of physical pleasure is absurd.
  48. Yet now contemporary Christian leaders are so concerned about offending international sensibilities (i.
  49. He dropped to his hands and knees, and started spreading the towels on the offending stain on the carpet.
  50. Hunter turned to look for the offending git and was surprised to see Gareth walking calmly in his direction.
  51. He's got hands and feet, he can run to the chemist's without offending your feelings by being too benevolent.
  52. I looked around to find the offending party and punch him in the fucking mug—and found Wash staring up at me.
  53. The ostrich plucked the sock from Shooter's hand, deftly flicking the offending object over the roof of the car.
  54. Her hand immediately moved to grasp the javelin, instinctively trying to rip the offending shaft out of her body.
  55. Having said his piece and banished the offending police officer, the inspector went to examine the handiwork of Mr.
  56. Working her hands closer toward the offending object, she realized her phone was still in the pocket of her jacket.
  57. They are often areas that are chosen to be ignored until the offending emotion and person attached to it is removed.
  58. Those torches were tossed on the aid society building, the printing press, the bank, and other offending structures.
  59. Stop! Damalis stayed with her hand raised while Negel turned to the offending voice; it was the Daughter of Light.
  60. The ostensible reason for such change is the need to avoid offending people of other faiths in today’s diverse society.
  61. You should tell me, Visola said softly, staring at the offending finger, because I use knives with great precision.
  62. They may not be effective to everyone the first time, like the repeat offending blockheads Mac represented, but they worked.
  63. Debbie was attempting to hold a torch beam on the offending device while the doctor stretched his neck to get a better view.
  64. Michael, after tutting at the state of Dave’s carving knife, busies himself with a steel, sharpening the offending article.
  65. Essentially, she said that my fears had been focused on how I would look, and on not offending people, as if the words were mine.
  66. The third Painstik to come into contact with a player will cause the offending player to receive all the pain into his own hands.
  67. Most of the time, Lunarey didn’t find any interest in those things, yet she acted intrigued every time to avoid offending Kelia.
  68. Likewise, even a man of conviction, who was at heart a coward, would not have turned my offer down out of the fear of offending me.
  69. Pilate feared offending the Jews: so he did that which he knew in his conscience was unjust, he delivered up Jesus to be crucified.
  70. Flustered but enraged this Devata fought back by weaving a web of lightning that paralyzed the offending Danava with electrocution.
  71. He appeared to feel a little threatened and seemed to be trying to state his case as strongly as possible without offending anyone.
  72. And if you have any thoughts that you will be able to mold the person out of his or her offending habits at a later date, forget it.
  73. Yosef felt better: the woman had been quite skilled in answering Yeshua in a way that would quiet him down without offending the boy.
  74. A swathe of pink chiffon draped over the offending flesh was rather fetching, she thought – not stopping to wonder what it would fetch.
  75. He had just parted from my sister, had seen her leave him in the greatest affliction; and if he felt obliged, from a fear of offending Mrs.
  76. Who wants to be remembered as the too-chewy, over-salted dinner that somebody else had to choke down at the risk of offending the chef?
  77. Turning on the tap she placed her mouth under the running water and rubbed her tongue with her fingers to get rid of the offending substance.
  78. If you violate the building codes, the local authorities can force you to replace the offending cable and possibly make you pay fines as well.
  79. When he refused to listen to their protests, they promptly appealed to Rome, and the emperor as promptly ordered the offending shields removed.
  80. The offending house was commandeered by the state as were all other houses then alienated from all ‘capitalists and landlords’ in the country.
  81. The Huron sprang like a tiger on his offending and already retreating country man, but the falling form of Uncas separated the unnatural combatants.
  82. Their theodicy is based on the belief that out of all evil God will bring eternal good, even to the offending individuals in the kingdom of darkness.
  83. The van halted and riot police not only formed a protective circle round the van, but other police officers fired life bullets at the offending crowd.
  84. The witches hesitated, and again it was the female witch that spoke, but hesitantly, as though she feared offending Sophie, or revealing some ignorance.
  85. If mercy requires that you rescue the smaller lad, does not justice demand the punishment of the larger and offending youth? In answering, Jesus said:.
  86. If one of the feed lines starts to block, the plant is supposed to be shut down so the offending valve can be isolated, removed, then cleaned and replaced.
  87. As an astonished press corps watched and recorded, the Chairman erupted and threatened to have the offending journalist arrested and prosecuted for slander.
  88. Norm put down to something in their genes not enabling them to survive on the modified food and he spent the next few months isolating the offending genomes.
  89. When someone once pointed out to Stalin that he should be careful of offending the pope, he snorted and asked sneeringly, ‘How many divisions has the pope?’.
  90. That was when they saw with horror what someone had done to their car – smashed the windscreen to smithereens and left the offending brick on the passenger seat.
  91. He’d wrapped his strong arms around pressing her middle inward and it had helped, but the pain had only gone away after she had heaved up the offending substance.
  92. None reminds the rotund about the obesity, for the fear of offending them, but when it comes to the lean, unmindful of embarrassing them, all tend to voice their anxiety.
  93. In our present multicultural, politically correct, overly sensitive culture, the only religious communities one need have no fear of offending are the Judaic and the Christian.
  94. The trick is to offer suggestions without offending anyone and without trying to impose your will on the administration, and feeling hurt or upset if they don't accept your ideas.
  95. This provided enough space for her to intone Kali’s mantra and sweep said sickle sideward, producing a surge that tore a rift in the ground as it traveled to the offending Rudra.
  96. Her bound wrists were useless but she managed to part the offending locks with her knees, saw blood on her garments and realized that she was bleeding from her wrists, ankles and nose.
  97. All but those guarding the trees where the offending Leafies were tied climbed into the central chamber and sat down to formulate plans which Kerry had decided needed to be carried out.
  98. Basical y the technique I’m about to share with you works by using your four fingertips to tap the appropriate acupressure point whilst thinking of the offending emotion, issue or pain.
  99. He had a terror of Earnshaw's reputation, and shrunk from encountering him; and yet he was always received with our best attempts at civility: the master himself avoided offending him---.
  100. Here are 5 very good verses telling us not to be afraid to engage when we have to, and be willing to take a stand and tell the truth even if it means initially hurting or offending someone.
  1. Please do not be offended.
  2. I’m sorry I offended you.
  3. Clearly I had offended her.
  4. He did not appear offended.
  5. I could be offended, Mr.
  6. They were in no way offended.
  7. She was offended and pissed.
  8. The young woman was offended.
  9. I am not offended by my joke.
  10. I was quite offended by this.
  11. I am not offended at jealousy.
  12. Youre the one most offended;.
  13. Probably she is offended by it.
  14. So, I got ready to be offended.
  15. I was more curious than offended.
  16. I have offended her and hurt her.
  17. He thought you might be offended.
  18. While you are extremely offended.
  19. They tended to get offended easily.
  20. Please, don’t be offended by me.
  21. But which spirit have I offended?
  22. Bob didn’t seem offended, though.
  23. She was too busy looking offended.
  24. I should be offended but I'm not.
  25. She had hurt Robert, offended him.
  26. You ought not to have offended him.
  27. You are the offended party, count.
  28. You have offended the spirit of….
  29. Most by this circumstance offended.
  30. My apologies if I’ve offended you.
  31. So I send this song to the offended.
  32. I thought I might have offended her.
  33. Besides, who remains to be offended?
  34. Tracey hoped she hadn't offended him.
  35. Lisbeth didn’t get offended by that.
  36. Sir Thomas heard and was not offended.
  37. He was rather offended at her laughter.
  38. I was not! Travis said, offended.
  39. The offended Klingon tried to tackle.
  40. The strange thing was, I felt offended.
  41. The Chinese ambassador looked offended.
  42. She stares out, looking rather offended.
  43. I hope you're not offended or something.
  44. It was Zorokin’s turn to look offended.
  45. I was surprised at how offended I wasn't.
  46. I hope I haven’t offended you, Alex.
  47. I assured him that I was not offended.
  48. I felt more offended with him than ever.
  49. He glared as if my presence offended him.
  50. Was he embarrassed? Had I offended him?
  51. I apologize if I have offended any burn.
  52. Now it was Cherry’s turn to be offended.
  53. At the time, I do remember being offended.
  54. He was relieved that she was not offended.
  55. I’m not offended, hastened the kid.
  56. He gets offended when we try to rescue Him.
  57. What happened that night offended my wife.
  58. The country wasn’t offended when he did.
  59. I know, and thats why Im not offended.
  60. He was getting more offended by the minute.
  61. I would be offended if he were not jealous.
  62. The nurse straightened up, clearly offended.
  63. Micaiah gave a wise answer to the offended.
  64. He was never offended, and never perturbed.
  65. So he wasn't offended by my Huldra comment?
  66. They're angry and offended, he thought.
  67. I’m a bit offended, to be entirely honest.
  68. I was afraid you might be offended by them.
  69. What? Caris was astonished and offended.
  70. Now One Who Tells Of Things Past was offended.
  71. Gould was very determined not to be offended.
  72. Clarence said, Please, don’t be offended.
  73. It was the statement of a fact that offended.
  74. Had I offended him in some way? Had I fallen.
  75. You have offended against all that is sacred.
  76. You have offended a Bollobane student with.
  77. Narrowing his eyes, the husky appeared offended.
  78. No, I’m not offended because you’re right.
  79. What about your listeners? They’re offended.
  80. I felt so guilty I couldn’t even act offended.
  81. You’re offended that I’ve asked you?
  82. For nothing in the world would he have offended.
  83. We will be offended, and others will be offended.
  84. Carrie wasn’t offended by his probing questions.
  85. All this sleeping through the night offended her.
  86. What have I done that has offended you, sir?
  87. She was more offended that he believed her to be.
  88. For the first minute she had been offended at his.
  89. I smiled back trying to show that I wasn't offended.
  90. He was worried that I was offended by his ignorance.
  91. I was deeply offended by his use of the ‘S’ word.
  92. That is a human term, Navok said, not offended.
  93. Egypt and his baker offended their lord, the king of.
  94. Had he even flinched, the offended one's companions.
  95. She had offended him in some way without realizing it.
  96. As for me, I was mortally offended by his last words.
  97. The nurse was slightly offended by the tone of voice.
  98. I don't know if I should be offended or complimented?
  99. It was clear that Selenin’s speech had offended Wolf.
  100. If it offended me I'd throw it away and buy some more.
  1. This offends me.
  2. Li Hongzhi repeatedly offends the.
  3. It's so free it offends the church people.
  4. Whatever makes one conspicuous offends the canon.
  5. Every such occupation with other people offends her.
  6. Only what offends me is that he doesn't love me at all.
  7. I'm sorry if this offends you, but you signed up for this.
  8. Besides, Laigle de Meaux, that bald-head, offends my sight.
  9. This offends against Ineos policy, so Mr Deans was suspended.
  10. He’s miffed about his son making a choice that offends Ares.
  11. Public sentiment is quick to know and to feel what offends these.
  12. Woe to him who offends a child! Father Anfim taught me to love children.
  13. You’re not working on a case! It offends me more than it should.
  14. If Mother offends her, I think dark forces must still be influencing her.
  15. In every man there is a witness for a 'law, against which he offends by sin.
  16. Cass playfully offends her as he continues laughing, Stop tickling me girly!.
  17. An arch-vil ain with this code might kill an underling who questions, or offends him.
  18. This tax, therefore, so far offends against the first of the four maxims above mentioned.
  19. The parish has put up with a lot from that man … but it's his arrogance that offends most.
  20. He doesn’t like the smell; it offends him, he says, but what he really doesn’t like is my weight.
  21. We are always ready to complain indignantly that others’ hatred offends us, but we never see our own.
  22. She issues a motherly scolding when she feels I have done wrong but defends my reasoning when my ―ugly American‖ abrasiveness offends others.
  23. This proposition frightens and offends her (she loves him), opens her eyes to her position and to that of her mother, and makes her suffer deeply.
  24. That it was from WeCare’s button-pushing rag I discovered what happened at the abbey the night the Hoar Frost King was destroyed offends me endlessly.
  25. I tell you, it offends me a lot! Is there anything I can do to help bring the assassins to justice? If there is, you can count on me, and on all of us from Winghoof!.
  26. The rise of the common man, yearning for a better life for himself and his family, offends them because it displaces their preeminence as the directorate of social and political values.
  27. My friends, today you witnessed the power of hellfire and I can see in your faces that it offends you as it does me, remember I told you there is little or no honour in the way I will fight this war.
  28. I may also enjoy the precious privilege of assuring you of my fond, faithful, and unalterable affection, whenever you visit your favorite bower, unless, indeed, it offends your pride to listen to professions of love from the lips of a poor workingman, clad in a blouse and cap.
  29. This miserable, ill man, who has lost his mind from the exercise of power, with these words offends everything which can be holy for a man of our time, and men,—Christians, liberals, cultured men of our time,—all of them, are not only not provoked by this insult, but even do not notice it.
  30. Rubens was a painter who gloried in the unrestrained expression of the zeal to live and drink deeply of life, and glorious as much of his work is, and wonderful as it all is, the excessive use of curves and rounded forms in his later work robs it of much of its power and offends us by its grossness.
  31. O, it offends me to the soul to hear a robustious periwig-pated fellow tear a passion to tatters, to very rags, to split the ears of the groundlings, who for the most part are capable of nothing but inexplicable dumb shows and noise: I would have such a fellow whipped for o'erdoing Termagant; it out-herods Herod: pray you, avoid it.
  32. The reader does not know what the author wants,—whether he wants to show the whole emptiness and baseness of Paul, who with indifference turns away from the woman and offends her, only because her form is spoiled from being pregnant with a child by him, or whether he wants, on the contrary, to show how agreeable and nice it is to live the way this Paul lives.
  33. Consider that his was a mind which shrank from pity: have you ever watched in such a mind the effect of a suspicion that what is pressing it as a grief may be really a source of contentment, either actual or future, to the being who already offends by pitying? Besides, he knew little of Dorothea's sensations, and had not reflected that on such an occasion as the present they were comparable in strength to his own sensibilities about Carp's criticisms.
  34. Disaster to the world because of offences! because it needs to happen that offences come but disaster to that man by whom the offence comes! Therefore if your hand or foot offends you cut them off and throw them from you; It is better for you to enter into life lame or maimed rather than having two hands or two feet to be thrown into the everlasting fire; and if your eye offend you pluck it out and throw it away from you; It is better for you to enter into life with one eye rather than having two eyes to be thrown into the fire of Hell.
  35. You have heard that it was said by them of ancient times: You shall not commit adultery but I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart and if your right eye offends you pluck it out and throw it from you because it is profitable for you that one of your body parts should perish and so that your whole body should not be thrown into Hell; and if your right hand offends you cut it off and throw it away from you because it is profitable for you that one of your body parts should perish and that your whole body should not be thrown into Hell.

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