buttocks sätze

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Buttocks sätze (in englisch)

1. He had been shot in the buttocks.
2. His hand brushed past her buttocks.
3. He hits me again across the buttocks.
4. His hands began molding her buttocks.
5. A sharp object poked Liam in the buttocks.
6. His hands cupped her buttocks and pressed.
7. Her buttocks are the wall of a castle which.

8. My back and buttocks wore the imprint of his.
9. Kurt stoked her legs, her thighs, and buttocks.
10. Great holes in chests, thighs, buttocks, stomachs.
11. She could feel his pubic hair against her buttocks.
12. Inhale and lift your hips and buttocks off the mat.
13. Red hand-marks glowed on white thighs and buttocks.
14. Slowly raise the pelvis while squeezing the buttocks.
15. Firstly do not move your shoulders or your buttocks.
16. Do not move the hips, so the buttocks stay on the floor.
17. The Breathing Exercise tones your abs, arms and buttocks.
18. The horse felt the light tap on it upper back and buttocks.
19. He put his hands on her buttocks and plied them rhythmically.
20. Suddenly Mikey fell to the ground and his thighs and buttocks.
21. The wind was very cold against my exposed thighs and buttocks.
22. The channel 1 — buttocks are strained and lifted (energy get.
23. Flat on his buttocks with his legs out straight in front of him.
24. If injecting a patient, the upper outer quadrant of the buttocks.
25. There were no buttocks in school anywhere near that long or wide.
26. You rule with the bra ins a nd the buttocks, never with the fists.
27. Brigit sat up slowly and painfully massaged her back and buttocks.
28. I could see her white buttocks, but the glass panel fogged up quickly.
29. I was sweating inside my body, under my armpit, and under my buttocks.
30. He only beat her twice all month, and those times only on the buttocks.
31. For a moment, Mark stared down at her perfectly feminine little buttocks.
32. The buttocks are shaped like a flute, but how can it be held by a player?
33. His hand brushed down her back and for a brief moment fondled her buttocks.
34. Sit on the floor with your buttocks supported on a folded blanket and your.
35. The daughter’s in particular, with its rounded buttocks and narrow waist.
36. He pushed her forward against the wall, rubbed himself against her buttocks.
37. Squeeze your buttock muscles, noticing the tension in your buttocks and hips.
38. In the stiff pull—straining hams and buttocks, split-second timed together.
39. With the buttocks on the floor, cross your legs and place your feet directly.
40. Sit on the floor with your buttocks lifted on a folded blanket and your legs.

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