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Buttocks in a sentence | buttocks example sentences

  1. He had been shot in the buttocks.
  2. His hand brushed past her buttocks.
  3. He hits me again across the buttocks.
  4. His hands began molding her buttocks.
  5. A sharp object poked Liam in the buttocks.

  6. His hands cupped her buttocks and pressed.
  7. Her buttocks are the wall of a castle which.
  8. My back and buttocks wore the imprint of his.
  9. Kurt stoked her legs, her thighs, and buttocks.
  10. Great holes in chests, thighs, buttocks, stomachs.
  11. Red hand-marks glowed on white thighs and buttocks.
  12. Inhale and lift your hips and buttocks off the mat.
  13. She could feel his pubic hair against her buttocks.
  14. Slowly raise the pelvis while squeezing the buttocks.
  15. Firstly do not move your shoulders or your buttocks.

  16. Do not move the hips, so the buttocks stay on the floor.
  17. The Breathing Exercise tones your abs, arms and buttocks.
  18. The horse felt the light tap on it upper back and buttocks.
  19. He put his hands on her buttocks and plied them rhythmically.
  20. The wind was very cold against my exposed thighs and buttocks.
  21. Suddenly Mikey fell to the ground and his thighs and buttocks.
  22. The channel 1 — buttocks are strained and lifted (energy get.
  23. Flat on his buttocks with his legs out straight in front of him.
  24. There were no buttocks in school anywhere near that long or wide.
  25. If injecting a patient, the upper outer quadrant of the buttocks.

  26. Brigit sat up slowly and painfully massaged her back and buttocks.
  27. You rule with the bra ins a nd the buttocks, never with the fists.
  28. I was sweating inside my body, under my armpit, and under my buttocks.
  29. I could see her white buttocks, but the glass panel fogged up quickly.
  30. He only beat her twice all month, and those times only on the buttocks.
  31. For a moment, Mark stared down at her perfectly feminine little buttocks.
  32. The buttocks are shaped like a flute, but how can it be held by a player?
  33. Sit on the floor with your buttocks supported on a folded blanket and your.
  34. The daughter’s in particular, with its rounded buttocks and narrow waist.
  35. His hand brushed down her back and for a brief moment fondled her buttocks.
  36. He pushed her forward against the wall, rubbed himself against her buttocks.
  37. In the stiff pull—straining hams and buttocks, split-second timed together.
  38. With the buttocks on the floor, cross your legs and place your feet directly.
  39. Squeeze your buttock muscles, noticing the tension in your buttocks and hips.
  40. Sit on the floor with your buttocks lifted on a folded blanket and your legs.
  41. Yet another by the pool, that bastard rubbing tanning lotion into her buttocks.
  42. Press your palms onto the floor as you slowly raise your buttocks off the floor.
  43. Sit on the floor with your buttocks supported on a folded blanket and your legs.
  44. She could see him standing behind her and felt his hands caressing her buttocks.
  45. He gingerly moved while seated on his buttocks, feeling more magnets make contact.
  46. This one definitely must have an anus between those buttocks of his, mustn’t he?
  47. With the buttocks on the floor, cross your legs and place your feet directly below.
  48. Clenching her buttocks and slightly bending through her knees, Mama came up with a.
  49. Back in the room he lifted the girl’s buttocks and spread a folded towel under her.
  50. His body was sagged and a small pool of blood had already formed around his buttocks.
  51. A sitz bath is a type of bath in which only the hips and buttocks are soaked in water.
  52. The burn area started just below her shoulder blades and extended below her buttocks.
  53. Her faded blue jeans are skin tight and show off her muscular legs and firm buttocks.
  54. When they reached my buttocks the combined energy of their hands felt overwhelmingly.
  55. Her buttocks pressed against the edge of the stout table that stood by the outer wall.
  56. Assef knelt behind Hassan, put his hands on Hassan's hips and lifted his bare buttocks.
  57. Tee! Hee! Hee! I giggled, lining up the sights on the mime’s buttocks as he ran.
  58. The famous contributor Abu Nawas praised wine and the beautiful buttocks of young boys.
  59. Farah was however most attracted to the faint scars on her legs, buttocks and upper arms.
  60. Scott put his hands on her back and traced her spine down to the cleavage of her buttocks.
  61. Her heart beat faster as he reached higher, his fingers exploring, squeezing her buttocks.
  62. About thirty seconds later the quivering white buttocks clenched in spasm and he collapsed.
  63. Lust for the hotness of his breath, the wideness of his chest, the firmness of his buttocks.
  64. Nature had found that the ideal location for these storage banks of fat was on the buttocks.
  65. He has extensive scarring on his back and buttocks, a healing shoulder fracture and right arm.
  66. I clawed at his back, scratching and squeezing his buttocks as I pulled him deep into my core.
  67. But his behind wasn’t hidden, and the two rounded buttocks had been modeled quite distinctly.
  68. Stop snivelling, donkey! Mabel complained, whipping him across the buttocks with a riding.
  69. Here was a young man with his shoulders and buttocks so beaten that he could not lie on his back.
  70. For the posters, Alwyn had submitted a photo of the cast that included an arty glimpse of my buttocks.
  71. It’s perfectly obvious that your fellow slave was leering at the sailors’ buttocks as they pumped.
  72. She gave his buttocks a hefty squeeze instead, maintaining the flow of her saliva by keeping her tongue busy.
  73. Gingerly Asia sat down on the rise between the small of John’s back and the corded strength of his buttocks.
  74. Ozzie’s hand caressed her bum, making her clench her buttocks – she hadn’t heard him come across the room.
  75. You know, Dad, Paul continued, after he landed on the steel seat so abruptly, his buttocks began to sting.
  76. When we turned him over, I saw that the skin on his buttocks had been flayed to ribbons with some kind of lash.
  77. He was entirely passive as her buttocks thrust backwards and then slid forwards, pulling his penis uncomfortably.
  78. She felt his hands on the top of her thighs support her weight a little then she felt his hands grab her buttocks.
  79. A few weeks later, she says her strep throat is better but now she has purple bumps on her legs and buttocks area.
  80. With this she turned and walked haughtily back to the desk, bent over it and hitched her skirt up over her buttocks.
  81. As his hands followed the curve of her neat, firm buttocks, he stepped back slightly for the finale between her legs.
  82. David's servants, and shaved them, and cut off their garments in the midst hard by their buttocks, and sent them away.
  83. Still sitting, he embraced her around the waist and drifted gentle hands down her spine and onto her smooth buttocks.
  84. The boy slithered backwards on his buttocks, until he fetched up against the trunk of the bush and could go no further.
  85. This way, your body is forced to burn fat deeply stored in those hideous places such as the stomach, hips and buttocks.
  86. Her back, chest and buttocks were covered with bloody whip marks and with at least a dozen deep burns from branding irons.
  87. He ran his hand up and down her back, relishing its smoothness and the dip at her waist rising to the round firm buttocks.
  88. Conal’s buttocks tensed and his breath caught in his throat when he saw movement, but it wasn’t the boy that was moving.
  89. He smashed her cheekbone, broke her nose and three ribs, and burned her buttocks and the soles of her feet with cigarettes.
  90. Louise seemed genuinely shocked by the sight of the scars left by whip strokes and red hot irons on her torso and buttocks.
  91. Not catching what I said, he began jumping up and down like a spoilt child, his buttocks jiggling in time with his movements.
  92. Place your hands on the back of your head, keep a straight look and squeeze your buttocks as you slowly push your knees out.
  93. He responded in kind and became ablaze with desire for her, his hands roaming over her slender waist and down to her buttocks.
  94. Now here she was with tears and mucus streaming down her face, too frightened to even remove her hands from under her buttocks.
  95. He slapped Sandy’s buttocks playfully, laughing as Meacham cried out, There’s some money inside the humidor on my dresser.
  96. Quickly, Mitchell released the trigger and then stepped on the man's arm; searching for the gun he had tucked near his buttocks.
  97. Tracey moved her hands down to Richard's backside, her fingers squeezing the firm buttocks he was hiding in his baggy grey trousers.
  98. Ingrid’s buttocks felt like lead after over seven straight hours of flying, and her bladder was starting to urge her to land soon.
  99. He then gazed, in a delirious state, at her small buttocks from behind while she made for a solitary room in the back of the house.
  100. Patients usually have the triad of palpable purpura (spots that start on the legs or buttocks area), joint pain, and abdominal pain.

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