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    1. paying the price for your calling

    2. calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance

    3. 2Tim: 1:9: Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his

    4. We are living in times where the calling and

    5. calling is all about, who is called, and how God

    6. grounded in your calling and life purpose

    7. But she wasn’t calling them off

    8. Frustrated, I leave a message that Liz phoned and that she has a problem she wants his advice on … that should get him calling one of us

    9. ought to be calling security, but none of that mattered

    10. was standing in front of her now in a Fred Astaire pose, arm outstretched, calling her

    11. I was simply calling by in courtesy to let you know that I will be investigating the recent incident in the Sunnyvale estate

    12. "Thank you for calling Detective

    13. "Actually, it was me who insisted on calling this in to Europol and to you in particular

    14. After some discussion yesterday, it had been agreed that I would use the main front door for the time being, while Stephen organises a spare set of keys for the flat, as we are now calling it

    15. What I’m calling about is to let you know that I’m moving over to The Stables tomorrow

    16. With the night sky calling forth the

    17. Dallas had never established control in the Northeast, instead it was ruled by gangsters calling themselves Judges

    18. I got Liz out of the house while the police went in after him but when they brought him out, he made one hell of a racket, calling out to Liz to help him one minute and screaming obscenities at her for being so evil the next

    19. know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of

    20. deep and endless, a calling wind from the birth of time itself, assured and confident

    21. I gagged with fear and the disgusting smell of rotting seafood that was his calling card, "never you fucking mind about my tattoos mate, where's my fucking bread?"

    22. dared to contemplate creation, baying at the stars, calling out in utter desperation for

    23. Only I knew that deep within the core of the shambling wreck that I had become, there was a small voice calling out with every insult, with every hurt, “Allahu Akbar

    24. Calling him a bloody bastard every time he pops into my head goes some way to resolving the issue of my feelings for him, but it’s much harder coming to terms with my utter stupidity

    25. Calling that name would cause her to assume these settings and appear

    26. Now that he was present in this space but not calling on any of them, the houris took turns changing to other appearance settings and coming forth to undress for them

    27. If it is our utmost desire to please the Lord in all things (and what is the point of calling ourselves Christians if we do not submit to the headship of Christ in all matters?), we will go to the Word of God to learn the Lord's will on this matter

    28. "It's not my real name, but I've been calling myself that

    29. He tries searching for her with his mind before finally calling out, "Misery!" The hollow emptiness that follows, swallows him as he holds out for an answer

    30. The question immediately asked is whether we’re calling these two statements synonyms or opposites

    31. With the night sky calling forth the hunter in her soul, she opened the curtains, stepped out onto the balcony and gazed down the dusty little lane that ran towards the local coastal strip, with its bright lights, its noise and its scurrying human possibilities

    32. Now, for God to call Abram out of his father’s house, God is calling him out from the gods of his father

    33. Song could be heard from the other end of the temple, calling out for

    34. ‘Nothing … oh, thank you for calling JJ’s father

    35. The sound of him; deep and endless, a calling wind from the birth of time itself, assured and confident

    36. Why is this important? Peter goes one step further than calling Jesus the Messiah

    37. begin intuitively drawing out another approach? Calling in a

    38. and Lyla were walking in the marketplace and a man calling Sons’ name

    39. He looked down upon the bright and savage earth for the first time in countless measures of eternity and there Smith saw something quite unexpected; the utterly familiar shape of loneliness embodied in the outlandish shell of the hairless ape who dared to contemplate creation, baying at the stars, calling out in utter desperation for the companionship that comes with that first sparkling moment of harmony within the song of songs

    40. ‘Where are you calling from?’

    41. The calling to display the Kingdom and priesthood is not something to take lightly

    42. walked out calling after the clerical staff, when they

    43. heard Bakul calling from the far end of the platform

    44. She walked up and down the beach calling them, to no avail

    45. The captain and a couple others wandered off from the group and it sounded like they were calling Alan when they got nearer the probe

    46. She took a wherry across the river to the Southwark side where the warehouse was situated, strolling along the lanes behind the Shakespearean theatre where herb gardens, supplying the nearby centre for the Herbmasters, occupied neat little patches of ground carefully tended by a cadre of gotteswomen specially trained for the purpose, the purple outfits of their calling showing up clearly as they toiled amongst the neat rows of plants

    47. Several times he yelled out in his delirium, calling on the names of those who were long dead

    48. Then the calling out,

    49. Many of us are unwilling to allow the threat of survival to persist when even our ministry or calling or legacy are at stake

    50. calling a name in vain hope of command

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