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    1. Here in this damp little island, where the eyes of the masses dim with disappointment when still young, this man enjoyed the luxury of profession and vocation

    2. in Catwhisker’s chosen vocation as a blacksmith, plenty of

    3. ‘What does it mean, becoming a Gottesman?’ I asked, impressed by this example of vocation in action

    4. 'Oh, being a Teaching Assistant was great but not a driving vocation

    5. How he came to choose medicine as his vocation in life is a mystery to Alex, a puzzle that he’s spent too many hours trying to unravel

    6. was, in fact, a respected writer of poetry - a vocation not

    7. An apprenticeship was arranged and Harry embarked upon his fledgeling vocation while still maintaining his Malvern studies

    8. “I favor a more mundane vocation, I'm afraid

    9. No doubt the result of his vocation

    10. For example, a person may have a calling or vocation to enter the priesthood

    11. Convinced him that he might have a vocation

    12. The excitement of the past few weeks—from the drought to the arrival of Rufus Lickspittle to the mysterious kidnapping—had all but distracted him from his main vocation

    13. I don’t think there’s a vocation in this world better suited for either of you, other than anything that has to do with cars of course

    14. In every vocation the meaning of the work is less in the

    15. the best of symbols of what is possible in the vocation

    16. It may be said that while it is true the vocation of art is

    17. there is no honest vocation that cannot be made to

    18. That is, in every honest vocation,

    19. particular vocation gets its meaning as a phase of that

    20. work in his own vocation and to envy the apparently

    21. What vocation is higher than that of the teacher,

    22. vocation: the assertive manner, high-pitched voice,

    23. Thus every vocation has its own dangers, and these are

    24. attitude in the vocation

    25. the words "vocation" and “avocation” are currently

    26. and earn their living in some honest vocation, and do

    27. the vocation is multiplied

    28. vocation refreshed, inspired, and so better equipped to

    29. Whether the work is in vocation or avocation, the spirit

    30. which looks upon the vocation as a profession, up to

    31. held, that will enable us to go forward in the vocation,

    32. supposedly " higher " vocation, who would better be

    33. Any honest vocation is worth all the consecration and

    34. the one way to make of the vocation a path to the

    35. vocation, directed by innate aptitude and passion

    36. Roger does not wish to abuse the readers’ patience using his professorial vocation to inundate them with names and dates to prove this point

    37. Believing that no student nor group of students have a right to deny other members of the college community the freedom to choose whatever vocation they wish, including the Marine Corps service, and piqued by the words “Communist” and “thinkers”, Roger decided to write a response to the challenging column

    38. Being a doctor was more than a vocation for him

    39. The biggest problem is that the teaching vocation has failed to

    40. But once again, self-esteem, this time of the teaching vocation, belies the results

    41. In a vocation

    42. you CAN succeed in any vocation

    43. It is this ability that sets him apart from others; it gave him his vocation

    44. Not only his eyes, but there were parts of his thoughts he could no longer find, the things in his life he still held dear, no matter what he had done—friendship, vocation, and love

    45. "Around here?" How to concisely describe his new vocation? "Plays fix-it man, I guess

    46. Tula, whose efforts in this art of the investigation of the foreign adversity seemed to bloom of a vocation inherited from her ancestors, adhered to her person from the moment of her birth, and in this way, without very much determination or emulation, she appropriated of the human melodramas to promulgate them in all its extension, such as a decree, for the populous streets of town

    47. “A male nurse” she corrected him, “and a very noble vocation at that”

    48. He recognized that it was necessary for most men to devote themselves to the mastery of some vocation, but he deplored all tendency toward overspecialization, toward becoming narrow-minded and circumscribed in life's activities

    49. Came every vocation to build a Hebrew nation

    50. This is a job not a vocation and I will not be trying to screw you

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