categorical sätze

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Categorical sätze (in englisch)

  1. He had always been very categorical.
  2. On the basis of categorical differences between.
  3. Others in Marilyn Monroe’s life at the time were more categorical.
  4. Sara Noriega said in a categorical manner: We women intuit these things.
  5. Nominal: Categorical data where the order of the categories are arbitrary ex: development type, defect type.

  6. But what if our observations are categorical involving race or gender or some other categorical attribute?
  7. His religion would not permit it, of course: he had dared to broach the subject with the Archbishop, just in case, and his answer had been a categorical no.
  8. In 1938 the New York legislature, recognizing the validity of these objections to categorical exclusions, proceeded to relieve the situation in a rather peculiar manner.
  9. Now, categorical evidence provided by science over the last decades has shown that without little doubt modern humans (Homo sapiens) have only been on this Earth for about the last 180,000 years.
  10. Repeating the same steps as with the anthrax, he then proceeded to extract hantavirus, hepatitis B strain, malaria, and tularemia from their respective categorical positions on the metal shelves.
  11. There are categorical variations in any intelligence, slightly different ways of storing and retrieving information, and dolphins have access to some specialized capabilities like echolocation, but we can still reason.
  12. As ethical expressions, they take us to Robert Kane's understanding of a Kantian Categorical Imperative: the ends principle: Treat every person as an end in every situation and not as a means (to yours or someone else's end).
  13. Human consciousness, thought and emotion, freewill, intellect and discernment, etcetera, provide categorical evidence that the Creator has created humans as beings with the integrity for personal independence and individual sovereignty.
  14. If we start from this universal categorical imperative and unilaterally attribute it as everyone's motive for social behavior, acts towards others become external projections of self-desire – I am treating you x, so that you treat me x.
  15. Add to this that there are three passages of the New Testament,—perhaps four,—which have been regarded as categorical assertions of the doctrine of endless misery,—and we arrive at the explanation of a handling of words, at first sight so artificial and indefensible.

  16. Its flawed assumptions oftentimes fail to consider, however, that every Individual is subject to his or her own private set of moral and ethical assumptions that are naturally resistant to categorical imperatives or the conscientious ―merits‖ of narrow-minded viewpoints that seek to impose their (myopic) moral authority on others.
  17. Finally, it would surely have been more credible, more dramatic, and more sensational for readers of the gospels, if the authors had written that Saul who became (Saint) Paul had believed in the risen Christ with an unquestioning and categorical faith without having to first hear and ‘see’ being visually blinded – for three days - by Christ’s words and glory.

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