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    1. After two years he wasn't so sure she didn't have a point

    2. " She turned and bent over to pick up the quilt, making sure the guy in the boat could see her spreading

    3. the potential Health and Safety issues; he was not sure whether he

    4. Make sure that you use a variety of methods to build your customer database

    5. "No tunnel, that's for sure," Herndon said

    6. sure that they haven’t come out again

    7. "I sure feel like a nice lazy Afternoonday on the beach," Ava said, "It's good to be here while it's still summer

    8. Rom: 4:16: Therefore, it is of faith that it might be by grace; to the end the promise might be sure to all the seed;

    9. "We don't know for sure," Ava said, while Herndon scowled, "but you have to understand that because of the exchange rate there are sums of money involved here that even we can't calculate

    10. bit poor at times but I was sure that I had been here before

    11. There is insufficient evidence for us to know for sure the best

    12. "We still have the maps," he said, "But you can be sure she has the claim ticket

    13. They had been quite sure they would be the ugliest people in town, judging by the tourist channel on TV

    14. I’m sure attendance will be fine

    15. Always be sure you have a snack handy or that you eat before leaving the house so you are not tempted by the fast food restaurants while you are out

    16. He was due to fly back to NYC that evening, to stay in his flat before joining Tatania for Valentine’s day, but he was sure he could fit in some more pleasurable socialising

    17. I love you, therefore you should sleep around a bit until you’re quite, quite sure whilst I get on with all this work for you, regardless of the outcome

    18. Sam was not sure he really wanted the ball, but he got up from the sofa and straightened himself out

    19. So, be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist what is in it

    20. Also, make sure that you keep updating all of your doctors about any medicines to which you have had a reaction

    21. Ask questions if you're not sure you understand how to take our medicine

    22. Hermann gripped his duffel bag with his feet to make sure it was still there

    23. “It sure didn’t land on its feet after that

    24. By the time she got to the door she was sure it was Herndon by his voice and found herself running into his arms

    25. Johnny shrugged, “Yeah, sure

    26. My friends say I should have slurped up his liquefied remains a long time ago, but marriage should last forever, shouldn’t it? But now, looking at him wave around that big jaundiced hourglass on his backside, I’m not so sure

    27. Sasha's hand reached for the door handle, though she wasn't sure what she'd do with it—the car was going at least 60 or 70 miles an hour on the freeway

    28. She wasn't sure he would be able to get thru there at anything but the highest tide

    29. "Yes!" with excitement, "A real one! At least he found a rich friend who took it!" She wasn't a good enough judge of expressions to be sure that her excitement was genuine

    30. “Nancy, make sure you stay behind me

    31. It is always wise to test the soap out on a small section of the plant to make sure it will not harm the plants

    32. Herndon was taking a second pass thru it, but they'd already made sure they'd examined every piece of paper in that box, a second time

    33. She was pretty sure from the depth of the dust that Jorma and Venna had not discovered it either, but Hernon was too wound to listen to that much reason

    34. The Operator pulled the Chip back toward himself and held it close, not sure what he was going to do to effectively guard it

    35. "But now we can be sure she has the claim ticket," he bellowed

    36. “I’m not so sure about that,” Johnny remarked as he looked down at the unconscious guard

    37. "I'm sure I'm going to need your help again before this is over

    38. ” She’s much happier not knowing, I’m sure

    39. By the time Herndon woke it was deep in Nightday, she thought it was week Voratainin but she wasn't too sure

    40. Make sure it’s child proof

    41. Henry is pretty sure that we dug it out earlier this year when the carnival committee had a gangsters and molls themed evening

    42. 'Not sure, that's the problem

    43. Scar entered the dimly lit room, making sure to keep a wide berth around the many people in the room

    44. The only thing Scar felt he knew for sure was that if he attacked her and failed, it would be the end of him

    45. They were pretty sure when they left there would be little if any life on the planet already

    46. Some things had to be investigated instead of assumed, and now that he knew for sure the door was locked, he knew exactly how to proceed

    47. He checked the driveway again to make sure the car was still gone

    48. She wanted to come and hold your hand, but that would only have drawn attention to her, and I’m sure you wouldn’t have wanted that

    49. Ackers had turned over every moveable item that he could lift and dumped its contents all over the floor, he had tossed all Johnny’s clothes from the closet, he had even taken apart Johnny’s old computer and made sure that the Chip wasn’t hidden anywhere in that prehistoric machine

    50. She told me that Henry has been really worried, desperately trying to remember when he last saw the gun, Stephen … they are pretty sure it was lent out with a load of other stuff for a themed party sometime back in March

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    certain sure indisputable trusted certainly for certain for sure sure as shooting sure enough surely unfailing trusty reliable trustworthy infallible honest confident positive convinced assured cocksure undoubted secure safe firm stable steady solid enduring fast precise accurate unerring inevitable unavoidable destined