chore sätze

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Chore sätze (in englisch)

  1. It was not a useless chore.
  2. Merely walking became a chore.
  3. Eating has become such a chore.
  4. Harriet had a new chore for me.
  5. Well, one little chore to go.
  6. And don’t think this is a chore.
  7. Getting her to the glass was a chore.
  8. I was going to have to learn a new chore.
  9. That last one is a chore, I told her.
  10. With that chore done I moved on into the.
  11. He wished he were responsible for that chore.
  12. House work can be a real chore, a bore in fact.
  13. There was no chore he would be unwilling to do.
  14. And if it is a chore, you won’t stick with it.
  15. I think even the lowest chore can be educational.
  16. This outdoor chore can be minimized in a few ways.
  17. We were so tired getting up was a terrible chore.
  18. From the onset, this day looked like a real chore.
  19. That present meant I was in store for a new chore.
  20. Instead of seeing it as a chore, you should think.
  21. Hindrance turns it into a burden, and task, and a chore.
  22. Trying to replace her with other women proved more a chore.
  23. Serving on juries was a time-consuming chore that everyone.
  24. It was wonderful to be a big brother---New chore number two.
  25. They think it’s a chore to raise kids, and they’re too.
  26. My swayed back was already aching looking forward to the chore.
  27. He had often performed this chore for his mom in their kitchen.
  28. Reading should be fun and interesting and not a grinding chore.
  29. Now it was merely a boring chore before exiting to the surface.
  30. It’s a small chore that could save you a lot in the long run.
  31. It was my chore to rake the carpet with a leaf rake every weekend.
  32. It was a chore to climb all the steps and she couldn’t wait to.
  33. Trimming is a grooming chore you'll want to be able to do yourself.
  34. This daily processing chore was considered to be an undesirable job.
  35. It attested to the huge size of the chore that Moshe had taken onto.
  36. Dressing and undressing had become quite the chore since his accident.
  37. The least pleasant chore was redoing the asphalt blacktop each summer.
  38. Afterwards he returned to the living room, thankful the chore was done.
  39. Really, any saltwater tank under 30 gallons is going to be a chore to.
  40. When Kate had gone to Cheltenham, it had been a chore, a necessary evil.
  41. Has your time with God become a chore? Write down those things and pray.
  42. Her hacking cough had become unproductive, and even breathing was a chore.
  43. This list doesn't have to be a chore: Whether from home, camper, or a ski.
  44. He finished his chore and headed back, he saw Kate and Daniel as he landed.
  45. It attested to the huge size of the chore that Moshe had taken onto himself.
  46. Cleaning in these days is a chore and yet we still manage to bring out the.
  47. Will you please go to her; she is in the Mess Hall, she has a chore for you.
  48. Lifelong changes will not happen if every time you have to eat it is a chore.
  49. They watched us doing our chore much as we must have watched when we were they.
  50. It had been a bit of a chore getting the rock down to the beach, Brumvack mused.
  51. Though she still felt dizzy from Tragus’s blow, it proved to be an easy chore.
  52. Time flew by for the first few hours and after that, it became a monotonous chore.
  53. Do this chore now and do this chore when you get a chance and by that I mean now.
  54. Dena, Elenir and Ravena set themselves for the long chore of constant monitoring.
  55. This is a monthly chore, consisting of keeping your website updated and ready for.
  56. Writing the notes became a tedious, time consuming chore and seriously, after note.
  57. Nicole allowed herself an inward groan, lamenting the chore that awaited her return.
  58. It became a chore at group when all he wanted to discuss was the shuttle explosion.
  59. If he had skipped out on a chore, he could always appease his parents by doing more.
  60. She’s treating sex with you more as a chore, that something to do that is pleasurable.
  61. What is the point to doing a job? What is the point of doing a chore? To get the job done.
  62. With energy the world is your oyster, without it even the smallest thing becomes a chore.
  63. She tried to help him drive Alex from her mind, but at times it seemed an impossible chore.
  64. But in a few minutes he turned around, deciding to get the chore over with once and forever.
  65. Jack, however, had not and was still quite interested in doing any chore Julia asked of him.
  66. Making a cup of tea was too much of a chore, and the thought of eating made my stomach roll.
  67. Nixon also wanted a secretary there in case he had dictation or some other secretarial chore.
  68. She said she had just finished a small chore in town and thought to pass by for five minutes.
  69. Once inside the bar the three friends took to the chore of draining their respective glasses.
  70. Another chore that Michael had to contend with was the mounds of medical bills that arrived each day.
  71. He did not force him, he did many a chore for him, always picked the best piece of the meal for him.
  72. Aesa went outside to start his weeding chore in the large vegetable garden in the field next to the house.
  73. It is a mere statistical chore to identify companies that have out-performed the averages in the past.
  74. Or maybe their wives or girlfriends are so unattractive that sex has become more of a chore than a privilege.
  75. While I’m aware that it’s no simple chore, she made clear, let me stress that a girl has her ways.
  76. Poor boy I’d put him through hell with this little chore, but once again he’d shown what a fine man he was.
  77. Instead, for most, exercise is a chore and to complete twenty minutes on a treadmill is sheer torture for some.
  78. Brock found that immersing himself in Skelda's thoughts was a nauseating chore, so cold and full of hate were they.
  79. There was water stored in barrels by our doors for this chore, but we still came to the well when the rain stopped.
  80. Alternatively, you might view the chore of exercise as a way of staying healthy for those who love and rely on you.
  81. When that happens food can become a chore forced on the children and the dinner table can become a daily battlefield.
  82. It should have been a tedious chore, but he liked looking back at the rows afterwards and seeing them clean and neat.
  83. But this is not to be regarded as another job or chore to be fitted into your busy schedule! On the contrary-meditation.
  84. She roots around in the cupboard grumpily, reluctant to carry out the chore … she so wants to get on with the painting.
  85. I should have not done so well on that dresser, because after that the next chore was six chairs for the dining room table.
  86. The food would be fresher, better, cheaper, healthier, less processed, and shopping would become a joy instead of a chore.
  87. Sure, at first it was fun, but it had gotten stale, mundane, and turned into a daily chore as opposed to a lifelong career.
  88. The law did not govern him; the board was removed from the oversight because that chore was expected of the superintendent.
  89. Apparently, privileges had been traded-shower times, chore schedules, the best slots for activities-in order to win support.
  90. The biggest chore of training was coping with the nitpicking, rank-pulling, much-loathed lieutenant who oversaw their flights.
  91. If you don’t really love what you are buying and selling, learning the necessary knowledge will be a chore rather than a joy.
  92. We got a tour of this spanking-new facility, had some lunch prepared by the clients, and then it was time to do our one last chore.
  93. He watched as she went about her chore with the ease of someone who knows where everything is in her kitchen and what to do with it.
  94. Why let cooking during the holidays become a chore; it is possible to enjoy nutritious meals without having to compromise on flavor.
  95. On days when there was a lapse in needed chore business, they sat in the great room and Harry would read from a new or favorite play.
  96. Now they were supposed to use the squat position from the sanding chore, but with a heavy towel grasped in both hands in front of them.
  97. She was grateful for Mitch’s willingness to deal with the money woes, but still found it a chore conforming to his bud-66 KEN MERRELL.
  98. It hadn't started big, just a diaper here or there, then there were more of them and soon he was doing the washing--- New chore number one.
  99. Even though the Holidays were coming, I did not see them as anything special, because every day was the same for me with the exception of a new chore.
  100. Going thru the social interaction of hiring one of them was a chore with the android, but not half as difficult as what he knew he'd have to do with it next.

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