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    1. · Not letting little things bother to an extent that is unrelated to its seriousness

    2. “In a moment,” Ackers didn’t even bother to look at him as he spoke

    3. He walked into the kitchen to grab a bottle of Scotch he’d been saving for their anniversary and didn’t bother with a glass

    4. Air travel does not bother them

    5. The TV, which is wedded to sensationalism, is least bother about the influence of the story on young mind or the frustration of intellectuals in being helpless to correct the situation

    6. "Four tons of aluminum, isn't that enough? What more could be going on? We were just over this, you don't think it's worth the bother, 'let him have it,' but I do think it's worth the bother

    7. ‘And I wouldn’t bother getting all up in the air about anything you may have said or done …

    8. "Yeah, I've heard that one before," he said, didn't believe it then or now, but wasn't going to bother getting into an argument about that with a potential customer

    9. ‘I’m sorry to bother you, but is Stephen there?’ a female voice asked

    10. She didn't bother turning her head around as she spoke and Sammy seemed only to notice her for the first time

    11. ‘Yes, does it bother you?’

    12. ‘I’ll repeat the question … does it bother you?’ I asked again

    13. Version two had introduced the partial binding, whereby the device and the host's mind could inter-operate without the bother of typing or talking or displaying images on a screen

    14. Why do they open the shop, then? Later, I spent some time with Alice and our cousin Niki but I couldn't avoid the usual boredom: These two are married with children, respectable persons in society; they don't even bother to conceal their contempt for me

    15. Why would they go to the bother of transporting me out here? Why would they keep me alive with food and water? I was worth something to them

    16. It didn’t seem to bother Timms much to see the image of the Chief like that, with bundles of control cables thick as her thighs and arms coming out of her pelvis and her shoulders

    17. The bother of making the purchase is worth more than the land is

    18. Since Herndon had long had a mistress back in Sao Luis, she fit into his life without undue bother, except for the fact that Jalloo would ask Elond if she might borrow him and they might discuss him the next day and be distressingly matter-of-fact about it with 'why don't we do it like that's?' going back and forth

    19. That being the case, and assuming it was nothing to do with the JJ issue – after all, why would anyone bother with such a personal thing? – it had to be something to do with her job …

    20. I’m hoping it will be the last and then I won’t have to bother you again

    21. I heard you had some more bother

    22. to bother the Alderfolk, Infact he welcomed it

    23. As a child, it didn’t bother me overmuch – you just accept life is how it is

    24. Why did she bother to go on at all? Why didn't she just tell the others to go on without her so she could just sit down here and let life run it's course

    25. "We don't bother with all of that

    26. ‘Would that bother you?’

    27. Does it bother you?"

    28. And what of the last argument, I mentioned, that health food shops are expensive markets and eat up the household budget? True in a sense maybe, if you do not bother to learn vegetarian cookery

    29. Daniel called to Jake for help; Jake this kid needs a place to sleep where the others won’t bother him

    30. She also thought about how little bother he had been because of his origin

    31. True the other people or ghosts from YingolNeerie chasing them into the wilderness had been a real bother, but Alan himself was still just a human kid, no different than he would have been if he really was raised by fundamentalist hermits on the desert rim

    32. Jimmy buzzed back and heard a young man’s strangely colloquialised voice ask, “Sorry to bother you, guv, but I’m a bit down on my luck

    33. “That’s too far for him to bother crossing without magic,” Alan said when she left a long enough gap that he could get something out

    34. Jake told her not to bother herself, they had both been sent by Alakar for just this reason

    35. "That's not math, and why does that bother you?"

    36. "Does it bother you that I'm so vain?" she asked

    37. The climate does not seem to bother Rayne in the least, but I must admit that the thin air had

    38. ''Don't know why I bother here

    39. Unfurnished would be less bother

    40. “But then I’ve got nothing to fear either have I? I mean, who’s going to bother with someone like me? All I’ve got is my mother’s old ring and grandma’s pot”

    41. Thom didn't bother to yell at the burst of information creation that set off

    42. Except he found himself to be extremely cautious of the thorns, which for so long had not been a bother to him

    43. “I really didn’t need to bother you with this, but I was curious how it was done?”

    44. With which words, he picks me up and carries me up to the stairs … at least that is the intention … he has a spot of bother opening the door to the stairs one handed and has to put me down again … so much for romantic gestures …

    45. people proud, why bother with us down under?' Fred said and laughed

    46. You might have a spot of bother with him – I doubt he will get the idea that we are moving next door

    47. The young man didn’t bother to turn and look, but continued to

    48. ‘Oh, don’t bother, I’ll put it through to her myself

    49. I didn’t even bother calling Dave to find out if he was interested

    50. “Yes, yes Commander, this will be the final time we will have to bother with these creatures

    1. That scared me and that bothered me

    2. I know I shouldn’t have let this get to me—my parents were just trying to do what was best for me—but it still bothered me that my life growing up was so intertwined with a murderer like Robert Hansen

    3. Hermann tried to cover his ears with his pillow, but then he was bothered by the sound of the whistling from his own nose

    4. I have to admit that he wasn’t overly bothered when she went away, so maybe it is just as well he didn’t propose, but all the same, it is worrying that he hasn’t settled down

    5. Torn apart by the migration to cities, bothered by economic storms, the families tend to strip themselves of unwanted relatives and convert to what is commonly called nuclear families

    6. ’ He said quickly, obviously bothered that he has upset me

    7. A very hot and bothered young lady, obviously acting as waitress for the day, bustles over to collect it

    8. No one has bothered to fix it

    9. Why you have even bothered to tell me I don't understand

    10. I motioned for Will to stay where he was but I needn't have bothered

    11. deepest philosophical foundations, let alone be bothered to write it all down – that

    12. This hasty decision based on fear and dogma bothered him

    13. Then it occurs to me, I never even bothered to explore his thoughts this morning

    14. ‘All the papers about JJ were still there, if that’s what you mean … aren’t you bothered that someone’s been through your belongings?’ she sounded incredulous

    15. He found it hard to string a sentence together, not because he was slow, but because despite being considered an intelligent man, he simply could no longer be bothered

    16. ‘Well … the man I saw at the Association offices in London – Gerisse Stowman, his name was, he struck me as being extremely uneasy when I announced my presence – he plainly knew my reputation - and he became even more bothered when I said I was coming down here

    17. Unless you’re travelling somewhere or, like me, live alone and can’t be bothered to cook something, everyone eats at home with the family or whatever group they share their home with

    18. "It hasn't bothered me that bad til just now," she told him

    19. The other side of the issue bothered him also

    20. fly into Buttercup, so Alderfolk Pottypears had not bothered to

    21. It was warmer sleeping by the fire anyway and no predators bothered them

    22. The men don’t appear to be bothered and spend most of the journey arguing good naturedly over how they are going to find Drens

    23. Trying not to appear bothered by Joris’ deduction, I laugh and admit he is right

    24. Before answering, he debates with himself, razor in hand, and decides he can’t be bothered

    25. The dull, colorless, empty feeling brought on by the absence of yaag hadn't bothered her during the later part of the camping trip as much as it had before Desa made Alan share his body with her, but the quest for a buzz was still there and the presence of a keg was irresistible

    26. They needn’t have bothered

    27. The students weren’t bothered at all

    28. are great for filtering those who do not wish to be bothered

    29. Anxiety writ large across her face, she’s clearly bothered about me and that touches me deeply

    30. On the contestant’s left arm Adam and Eve danced around an apple tree in full bloom, bothered neither by their nakedness nor by the tambourine-playing snake that accompanied their wild gyrations

    31. While waiting for the kettle to boil, I check that the freezer is empty and turned off but I needn’t have bothered, David had left it all sensibly

    32. By the time the coffee’s made, Ben and Gary have got all the stuff in and piled it all up in the hall - and there it will just have to stay there until tomorrow, can’t be bothered to deal with it now

    33. ’ He replied, obviously not at all bothered by it

    34. I am only grateful that Alastair, being of a typical artistic temperament, is not overly bothered with practicalities and can camp here without going insane as long as the one or two things which are important to him are accommodated

    35. I sip my gin and tonic, playing for time, but I might as well have not bothered

    36. The thing that bothered him, who had caused her to write it? Who had sent it? The only answer that made sense was Brazilian intelligence, but he didn’t know how they would get to his mother’s Angel

    37. It’s a good job I’m not bothered about money because the price tags on the lingerie displayed to us by the very discrete lady in the next shop we visit are an education

    38. had not bothered to contest the proceedings, so neither the famous

    39. I found out later that his knee continually bothered

    40. If his parents had bothered to look into his

    41. She seems slightly bothered and Alastair picks up on this

    42. Looking at it bothered her stomach

    43. As I drive away it suddenly occurs to me that Bunty had a certain magnetism for men … Stuart obviously found her attractive in some way, he wouldn’t have bothered seducing a lump of lard

    44. Actually, he was more bothered than I was about the working relationship, suggesting that I ought to transfer to a different paper, but that would be stupid

    45. that should have bothered him

    46. ‘Can I ask a few things about the Foundation first of all?’ I asked, maybe she is just bothered about the personal side of her links with Danvers House

    47. I’m not bothered either way really but it does seem very strange that I have jumped in with both feet quite so fast

    48. There was something that bothered him about Ava, something in the way she ran from her past, her past in the form of Jorma and all her old friends, her past in the form of Tdeshi

    49. “That wouldn’t have bothered Tdeshi that much,” Jorma said

    50. “She wouldn’t eat bugs, but she wasn’t bothered by them enough to do more than say ‘eew’

    1. ‘I think it is precisely that which is bothering the Inspector

    2. ’ Stephen said, completely glossing over the fact that it is also bothering him

    3. His face shows clearly that something is bothering him

    4. ‘What is it precisely that’s bothering you?’

    5. ‘Why should you think that anything is bothering me?’ I asked, avoiding the question

    6. ’ She said not even bothering to protest; barely listening as he went on about taking risks

    7. They tied their clothes to the rail and then went over the side, not bothering to walk back to the stern where a ramp had been let down

    8. Not bothering to dismount, I pull up my sleeve … my forearm is a mass of red lumps, all burningly itching

    9. Take a clean sheet of paper and write out everything that is bothering you

    10. He knew something had been bothering her for days now

    11. That never stopped bothering him, but he didn’t want to talk about it

    12. the body what’s bothering it and, once we’ve treated

    13. it had started bothering her that day for no apparent

    14. “That's your own fault! Hie thee hence and stop bothering us!” Ningla said

    15. “We wouldn’t have come here bothering you in that case

    16. Not bothering with make up, she walked out of the room

    17. “What else is bothering you?”

    18. But I am the strongest of the Order, and therefore by right, I am this world's Supreme Protector," LeCynic said, not bothering to hide the licks of energy dancing in his eyes

    19. No longer bothering with the mug, Alec two-handed the pitcher

    20. " He continued on, mumbling to himself, never bothering to lift his head

    21. He continued studying the object, not bothering to wait for a reply

    22. Investigator, hardly bothering to even look at the

    23. ‘Thank you,’ said Janice, not bothering to deny her alleged relationship with Axel

    24. ‘That costs more,’ said Marie, not bothering to hide

    25. No longer bothering to dance with the gods’ blue flames, he came at his next target head on

    26. Something was bothering him

    27. If your long hooked nose has been bothering you for years and you

    28. This dream also represents areas in your life which are bothering you, disturbing you, and hurting you in some emotional way

    29. To dream that you are a captain indicates that you are taking charge of your emotions and confronting the issues that are bothering you

    30. Alternatively, there may be something that is bothering or irritating you

    31. For once she felt tranquility, as she cleared her mind of all that was bothering her, yet there could be none of that in Alataria

    32. To dream that you are being chased by a turtle indicates that you are hiding behind a facade, instead of confronting the things that are bothering you

    33. After rinsing he walked straight over to the pool, not bothering with a loincloth – it was late and he was alone after all

    34. They entered her office in that way cops do when aggravated: not bothering to ask if she was in the middle of a consultation, which she was

    35. ” she replied, without bothering to switch on the navicom

    36. Russell shook his head to clear it before stepping into his pants, not bothering with underwear

    37. “Something is bothering you, son

    38. going back to, sitting on their tall barstools either side of Eric, sometimes talking to each other but most of the time not bothering

    39. other questions still bothering him had been

    40. “Is something bothering you, Adem?” Carl asked with a concerned frown

    41. I shook my head and thought what a woman I had never met anyone like her and I had no idea why she would be bothering with a condemned man like me for still I could not help feeling affection for her

    42. He had been so hurt he hadn’t stopped to think it might be bothering her as well

    43. Either this is something you do not possess, or you are deliberately not bothering to use that thing inside your head

    44. “Well, that’s what’s bothering me, sir

    45. Why were they bothering, why not just walk away

    46. If Hollowcrest wanted me dead, he could have arranged it without ever bothering to meet me

    47. ‘There's no point bothering to chat me up,’ she told him frostily

    48. I reached for my flak and flung it loosely around my body, not bothering to Velcro it together, and not caring to snap the chin strap on my helmet, as dust from 3 more explosions shimmered through the streaks of sunlight that darted across the room from small holes or cracks in the upper portion of the concrete block wall, near the ceiling

    49. Or if its strength might let it rip the grates open without bothering with a handle

    50. A bit later, my shoulder was being rubbed, and I turned to look and see what was bothering me

    1. What bothers me most, is that she often tries to be clever and she likes slighting the others -especially me

    2. However, what bothers me most is that shrew of Lucy Parissis: She is a wayward old-maid who has come to Pangaea recently

    3. "It bothers me

    4. It bothers some people that I

    5. “That bothers you doesn’t it?” Alan asked him

    6. He does not really care if the boy learns piano or not, but feels it is immoral taking the money and not giving the lesson and it bothers him

    7. I imagine that bothers the tribal elders, but there’s not much to do about it

    8. That’s what bothers me about this

    9. Now, the thing that bothers me is this

    10. “That’s what bothers me

    11. It's running off and leaving me alone with the theirops that bothers me

    12. Turtle "Oh, no! It bothers us no more than air, after we have once become accustomed to it," said the turtle

    13. "And that bothers you doesn't it? You should have said so

    14. Meanwhile, there’s also been whisperings of something else that bothers me

    15. She bothers me with all those scripture

    16. However, there is a sadness about you sometimes that bothers me

    17. “Another thing bothers me, Mary

    18. When I realize this, it bothers me a great deal

    19. bothers with me you know

    20. Does not bother me as much as it bothers her!

    21. Do you think that bothers The Lord?”

    22. That figure is absolute nonsense and it bothers me when facts are distorted for it is important to future generations to read the truth

    23. If it bothers you, bite your lip

    24. Well done! No, it’s not violating an ill-conceived campaign by the American government that bothers me, it’s the ruined lives

    25. What bothers me more is this shit the US is trying to get Costa Rica to accept, this time about sending US military troops here

    26. The other thing that bothers me is that this wall face is shadowed, but the others can’t possibly be

    27. “Is this why this place is full of foreigners? No-one really bothers with the curfew? Because the scotch it serves is barely three years old

    28. Al and Christina are just trying to help, but the fact that they don’t believe, not even in a tiny corner of their minds, that I have a chance against Peter bothers me

    29. But something about what she said bothers me

    30. Jaden is surprised that the thrust isn’t hot or bothers the sharks

    31. Decide where to start based on the answer to this question: "The thing that bothers me most of all is…"

    32. One of the things that really bothers me about mental health

    33. another thing that bothers me about this statement

    34. bothers me that she hasn't tried to call, and I have been pretty

    35. bothers me about it

    36. It’s nice that you trust my judgment, but it bothers me that a lot of people seem to be ready to go along with anything I say like a herd of blind sheep

    37. 5 yet because this widow bothers me I will defend her or else she will wear me out by her continual coming

    38. What bothers me most is that she isn’t being honest with me

    39. You can blow that candle out, if the light bothers your eyes

    40. That's what really bothers me

    41. What truly bothers him is the idea of his old trollop getting it

    42. In a resentful voice Frankie asked, "What if he bothers me?"

    43. He believes a massive frame is a useful distraction from a birth abnormality that bothers him more than being overweight

    44. And he won't admit this but I know it bothers him that I am not the typical dummy he is accustomed to dealing with

    45. It bothers him even more that I can express myself well

    46. Sometimes it bothers me that I can only protect and nurture these kids for the time they are with me

    47. bother me, but I can see it bothers you

    48. It bothers you a little less, maybe you wouldn’t have killed him, just cried on his shoulder

    49. And that's another thing that bothers me, why he lives in hotels

    50. “Smoke only bothers me in confined spaces

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    annoyance bother botheration infliction pain pain in the ass pain in the neck fuss hassle trouble annoy chafe devil get at get to gravel irritate nark nettle rag rile vex inconvenience oneself trouble oneself discommode disoblige incommode inconvenience put out commotion disturbance flurry vexation trial worry distress anxiety pester disturb perplex harass persecute upset grieve perturb