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    1. Depending on the state of their dress, their general fashion sense, their hairstyle and the amount of cleavage on show, Tom could calculate their “Naughty” ratio

    2. She still had long thick hair, well cared for, and her blouse was not open, but it was very low and her cleavage was still impressive

    3. hairstyle and the amount of cleavage on show, Tom could calculate

    4. “Is this beautiful lady the one we’re here to meet?” he turned and looked down the cleavage of Yellelle who was between Maroclo and Buduani at the head of the table

    5. He reached out and put his arm around the woman’s waist, burying his face in Sheila’s ample cleavage

    6. The imp leaned forward, licking his lips with his forked tongue while he took in Nathalia's cleavage

    7. Babylonian women dressed somewhat more liberally; how else could men see and appreciate their beauty? Men liked to see some cleavage and a glimpse of bare shoulders and calves

    8. Her ample cleavage would surely get his attention

    9. And that cleavage – wow! He could still clearly visualise her naked body in his mind’s eye

    10. Leaving little to the imagination, (or perhaps too much depending on one‘s point of view) the rippling effect produced by her coquettishly wavelike movement provided (Pre-Hays) audiences with a faint glimpse of her cleavage, pacifier and all! In a scene that otherwise requires keen perception and extraordinary brain/eye coordination, the viewer needs to remain watchful for the emergence of the subliminal ―dark‖ spot that quickly appears and disappears just as quickly

    11. The man, whose eyes had been riveted to Herminia’s well-exposed cleavage, nevertheless noticed their appraising stares

    12. Below was a crisp white blouse with starched collar and pearl buttons open to cleavage

    13. Then tuck it here, careful not to block your cleavage, and drape the rest like this, so your one leg is covered and the other is seen through the slit here

    14. elaborate white gown that highlighted her soft cleavage

    15. over his shoulder as he raced off toward the looming jagged cleavage

    16. When their order was brought out a kitchen hand with a low cut top and ample cleavage put the platter down in front of them

    17. As his eyes moved down to my cleavage, he gently held my back and his damp hair

    18. breasts with a noticeable cleavage between them, the skin creamy

    19. in the sleeves, she left the belt hanging loose, and the deep cleavage

    20. the barest hint of cleavage

    21. of his finger into the cleavage where the unbuttoned blouse gaped

    22. She had, as it was her custom, a pronounced cleavage wearing a sleeveless blouse and a skirt in gauzy fabric, adhering to the legs outlining her figure; and my fury would have exploded if I hadn’t seen Leonardo trying to get rid of her stubborn embrace with a grimace of annoyance

    23. ‘Out of the frying pan into the fire,’ Zeno grinned at Jarek as his mother took hold of her visitor’s head and pressed it to her bosom, practically burying his nose in her cleavage while conducting a thorough examination of the wound

    24. An impertinent shaft of sunlight set her wondering if showing a cleavage wasn‘t such a good idea

    25. It wasn‘t clear which of the vertical folds was the cleavage

    26. Even pulled up the maximum there’s always a sexy bum cleavage

    27. In the north the Baltic Sea was formed, cutting Asgard into the peninsulas later known as Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and far to the south the Stygian continent was broken away from the rest of the world, on the line of cleavage formed by the river Nilus in its westward trend

    28. As he had many times before the ardent man slipped his hand across Marti‘s sleek flank and lightly cupped her left buttock with expectant fingertips, the feel of gluteal cleavage causing an unremitting restlessness in his loins

    29. Rachel bought a sleeveless red dress with a deep cleavage that showed off her shoulders and upper body to great advantage

    30. spurs, a web belt, a loose short sleeved bloused top with an open collar that showed ample cleavage, a bush hat and a monocle

    31. Musafir kept on getting distracted by her cleavage, he was starting to melt and was contemplating going on to do other things instead

    32. His eyes seemed to bounce between their endearing cleavage and their toned, long legs

    33. He was stunned for a few seconds, but then couldn’t help checking out her cleavage; she slapped him so hard that he spun round 360 degrees

    34. exposes her arms, shoulders, cleavage and thighs’

    35. Victor licked his lips as he admired the ample, firm chest of the said Nancy, who had opened her coat to reveal a short dress with a wide cleavage

    36. Waist-length golden hair cascaded down and caressed her supple cleavage

    37. However, the tempting sight of her chest, quite visible thanks to the wide cleavage of her leotard and to the fact that she was leaning forward on her bike, encouraged him to continue conversing with her

    38. Alex’s eyes dropped to her neck, then to her cleavage, then back

    39. cut V-cut in the neckline liberally revealed plenty of cleavage

    40. provided him with a very generous view of her cleavage and soft,

    41. Her black dress clung to her body and revealed cleavage that could

    42. her bountiful cleavage, with delicate white lace at the cuffs and collar

    43. � Her battledress uniform, beret and boots were now in her suitcase and she wore a light blue and white two-piece outfit with a deep plunging cleavage that turned to various tones of royal blue and gold depending on the angle one looked at it

    44. I sit in the arm chair with the notebook and pen in hand dressed in comfortable clothes, a plain white T shirt with a low cut collar so you see a little cleavage and black jeans

    45. In the middle of winter she was dressed for summer, almost undressed, in a flowered, sleeveless taffeta dress whose hemline reached to her knees, but exposed arms as white as her bare legs, bare feet and the introductory cleavage of her magnetic bosom

    46. Refreshments today were served by Lorene Eagles who drifted in and out with a generous flash of cleavage, now wearing gold strapped high heeled sandals and a sympathetic smile

    47. Tarana had fallen at such an angle that her low-cut gown was exposing her cleavage to Karan, arousing his desires which he was having hard time controlling for the last one week

    48. He hoped to God the chick with the cleavage run-

    49. est necklace that he could and had Cleavage chick place it in a two piece jew-

    50. on the box that he knew of were the ones belonging to cleavage chick at the

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    cleavage segmentation division infraction fracture breaking