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Cleavage in a sentence

It had girls with cleavage on the.
Showing a hint of cleavage in the front.
He had made a great cleavage in his life.
Her ample cleavage would surely get his attention.
He hoped to God the chick with the cleavage run-.
I prefer the col ege girl who has cleavage and a sense of humor.
It wasn‘t clear which of the vertical folds was the cleavage.
Even pulled up the maximum there’s always a sexy bum cleavage.
Her black dress clung to her body and revealed cleavage that could.
Alex’s eyes dropped to her neck, then to her cleavage, then back.
Still the line of cleavage was not patriotic nor even international.
The generous swell of cleavage had done nothing to cool his interest.
He would crawl into the chasm of her cleavage, never to be seen again.
She gave him a nice view of cleavage as she bent down to see who it was.
Waist-length golden hair cascaded down and caressed her supple cleavage.
He notices her large breasts and cleavage filling out her peasant blouse.
Never before had the cleavage of the very rich and the very poor been so.
His gaze strayed to her cleavage once again and he replied in a low drawl.
No one was looking for depth from Marilyn, they were just looking for cleavage.
As his eyes moved down to my cleavage, he gently held my back and his damp hair.
From under the table, she tugged down on her shirt exposing more of her cleavage.
The neck was lower and showed cleavage, no matter how hard she tried to pull it up.
The shirt was unbuttoned deep into Jill’s chest, revealing round, jiggly cleavage.
His eyes seemed to bounce between their endearing cleavage and their toned, long legs.
Below was a crisp white blouse with starched collar and pearl buttons open to cleavage.
Scott put his hands on her back and traced her spine down to the cleavage of her buttocks.
Her own bosom was heaving, her cleavage stretching the fasteners on her pristine white shirt.
And that cleavage – wow! He could still clearly visualise her naked body in his mind’s eye.
The outfit conformed to her body nicely, and the shirt was cut so that it revealed ample cleavage.
An impertinent shaft of sunlight set her wondering if showing a cleavage wasn‘t such a good idea.
The deep cleavage of her dress, in line with the current fashion, made her charms even more evident.
She leaned over and smiled as she slowly got up to give the inspector a better look at her cleavage.
Her soul hissed and whispered dark secrets and her cleavage spilled from her low-cut, tie-died shirt.
The imp leaned forward, licking his lips with his forked tongue while he took in Nathalia's cleavage.
Jack then places his hand in her cleavage blushing as he did and Cassandra slid her hand in his jacket.
He reached out and put his arm around the woman’s waist, burying his face in Sheila’s ample cleavage.
You didn't want to be distracted anymore by all that skin and cleavage, and you were very honest about it.
He cupped my breasts with his hands and lowered his mouth to my cleavage, running his tongue along the curves.
The first was one of her bras, which as promised, pushed Leesa’s breasts up into an enticing amount of cleavage.
That friend was smiling as she pulled her chair in closer to Gart and Chandra, showing off cleavage as she did so.

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