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Cleavage in a sentence

the barest hint of cleavage.
dress that showed a little cleavage.
It had girls with cleavage on the.
Showing a hint of cleavage in the front.
He had made a great cleavage in his life.
little cleavage and had their hair tied back.
Her ample cleavage would surely get his attention.

He hoped to God the chick with the cleavage run-.
exposes her arms, shoulders, cleavage and thighs’.
cleavage revealed as he stared down the neck of her.
the hint of cleavage down to her perfectly toned legs.
elaborate white gown that highlighted her soft cleavage.
out of my hands and brought her fingers in between her cleavage.
front of her, just above it I could see some wonderful cleavage.
I prefer the col ege girl who has cleavage and a sense of humor.
cut V-cut in the neckline liberally revealed plenty of cleavage.
It wasn‘t clear which of the vertical folds was the cleavage.
Even pulled up the maximum there’s always a sexy bum cleavage.
provided him with a very generous view of her cleavage and soft,.
breasts with a noticeable cleavage between them, the skin creamy.
hairstyle and the amount of cleavage on show, Tom could calculate.
of his finger into the cleavage where the unbuttoned blouse gaped.
Alex’s eyes dropped to her neck, then to her cleavage, then back.
Her black dress clung to her body and revealed cleavage that could.
over his shoulder as he raced off toward the looming jagged cleavage.
The generous swell of cleavage had done nothing to cool his interest.
He would crawl into the chasm of her cleavage, never to be seen again.
in the sleeves, she left the belt hanging loose, and the deep cleavage.
She gave him a nice view of cleavage as she bent down to see who it was.
her bountiful cleavage, with delicate white lace at the cuffs and collar.

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