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Clientele sätze (in englisch)

  1. We dealing with top clientele.
  2. You can sell to your clientele based on.
  3. I paid him, entered and took in the clientele.
  4. Basically your clientele would be boob doctors.
  5. Their trained eyes scanned the clientele, looking.

  6. Guesthouse was catering to a new clientele these days.
  7. He had soon assembled a lucrative string of clientele.
  8. In their opinion, the clientele seem tight and distant.
  9. The clientele will be from among the elite of society.
  10. The clientele that buy our product, I want them screened.
  11. They had arrived a night early to check out the clientele.
  12. This is why they make up seventy-percent of the clientele.
  13. The privacy of our clientele is of the utmost importance.
  14. And friendly Corpulus would engage others among the clientele.
  15. What disappointed me more than anything else was the clientele.

  16. The main dance floor allowed the clientele to dance with the girls.
  17. Even Bill’s emporium would not cater for that class of clientele.
  18. I told Bob that I was getting increasingly antsy about our clientele.
  19. Now it’s very profitable, and its clientele is downright exclusive.
  20. He had all the Christian clientele and a Moslem barber all the Moslems.
  21. I brought in a mostly first-class clientele and opened offices overseas.
  22. She found the clientele as well as the workers to be eclectic and colorful.
  23. It was pretty profitable and had a fairly select clientele until Leo took over.
  24. I just moved here from Minnesota a couple of weeks ago and need to build up my clientele.
  25. Shulyov’s clientele were probably accustomed to safer and more luxurious travel methods.

  26. But as Delvin would come to witness, the tavern was not full of only the standard clientele.
  27. He hoped that their young team would come up to the expectations of their esteemed clientele.
  28. Not exactly a swanky place, it was slightly run down and the clientele plainly working class.
  29. Now AJ, a well run club will always attract a higher paying clientele, like this gentleman here.
  30. The surrounding clientele fell silent in shock at this unacceptable breach of political correctness.
  31. It disappears as two of the club's clientele squeeze past a knot of female drinkers and talk to him.
  32. The clientele would come to chuckle that Beauty was cooking the Beasts and relish the thought of it.
  33. He told me funny stories about himself and Johnny, I told him about my rich, spoiled clientele at work.
  34. His clientele was extremely well-heeled, including many members of the episcopate and more than a few vicars.
  35. Belle spent her every spare moment becoming thoroughly familiar with the cafe's management, operation and clientele.
  36. These services have a varied clientele, ranging from the most conservative-minded investor to the rankest speculator.
  37. Yet Ted and his clientele at the Wombat’s Den seemed to have no problems when the wind dropped and the lights dimmed.
  38. Looking at the affluence of the clientele, I wondered which were the nigger nazis, because they all looked the same to me.
  39. Kahn, a clever enough attorney who has a large theatrical clientele and none too savoury a reputation as a local politician.
  40. Tops in her class, pursued by big firms with incredible histories and elite clientele, Lindsey had instead opted for government work.
  41. Since much of the clientele came from the world of culture and journalism, it was hardly surprising that many of them recognized her.
  42. She’s in violation of the law every time she works, and her clientele is made up largely of schoolboys below the age of consent.
  43. This clientele in turn will be able to negotiate for better rates, and lower charges, if they are aware of their own credit worthiness.
  44. I decided to fish for information about their clientele, fortunately Hilary mentioned Chuck as one of the club’s most loyal visitors.
  45. One of Trish’s friends has trained in massage and they now have a small but growing clientele who come for the health spa facilities.
  46. He was clean-cut, intelligent and often the center of lively debates that helped to make regulars of the class of clientele Brian preferred.
  47. The moving lights are twisting and turning in time to the music, casting strange colored light and shadows all over the bar and the clientele.
  48. At ten o’clock on a Saturday evening, the City Tavern was noticeably more crowded, with a younger clientele than we had noticed at lunchtime.
  49. He was well dressed, if not quite to the standards of Mistress Marzho’s more upper-crust clientele, and she smiled as pleasantly as she could.
  50. My one qualm is that it is hard to see how this poor clientele could include the marginal investor who sets the market price in any given situation.
  51. The shows changed every six months just so as not to bore the clientele, not that they would have noticed, they were only there for the girls or the booze.
  52. The elite prefer to rub elbows only with other elite and the knowledge that the clientele would be limited to the very upper level of society enticed them.
  53. I found it very difficult to explain that I was suffocating in his shop with its dowdy clientele, its less than mediocre performance and its cramped space.
  54. The Futurist was not an especially ornate place, although a great deal of money had evidently been expended in fitting it up to attract a recherche clientele.
  55. As you hurry away from the noise before it damages your eardrums, you notice the clientele inside this cyclone of noise sipping and enjoying their tea unperturbed.
  56. As soon as they were at cruising altitude, she went to the galley for a briefing by Margaret and to begin service to what would obviously be a demanding clientele.
  57. And he glanced off at the town where up and down the streets signs were being hung, fresh-painted: LIMITED CLIENTELE: Right to serve customer revokable at any time.
  58. Though they were in the upscale Mokath Ridge neighborhood, where low-paid enforcers would not make up any of the clientele, running into army officers was possible.
  59. As they moved toward the rear of the huge establishment, the furniture and settings were simpler and more robust, the clientele more gregarious and generally younger.
  60. Three weeks had been sufficient for me to realise that ‘serve’ meant ‘serf’ and if I didn't quit soon I’d run amok with a peeling knife amongst the smug clientele.
  61. I left the business with maybe two pounds of weed and some cash too but the mobiles carried a clientele that could make a heap of cash very quickly for any man I left in charge.
  62. The first person I tried sent me a nice response indicating that some of the salon’s other clientele were very conservative and might be uncomfortable with the idea of me being there.
  63. It was a virtual fortress, with shuttle landing available on the top of the mesa for high class clientele, and no doubt secret party rooms and hotel suites, perhaps even a few dungeon cells.
  64. Overall, the furnishings were appropriate for the resort that catered to the upper-class clientele; this suite would undoubtedly live up to many people’s expectations for a vacation getaway.
  65. The leisurely but classy way she allowed her clientele to be comfortable while waiting for their purchases, was also a subtle ploy to inspire them to commission new pieces for their collections.
  66. Car loads of Belgians streamed into Tanganyika and at the Safari Hotel in Arusha revealed rape, murder and mutilation unseen on this scale and ferocity by its local mid-morning coffee clientele.
  67. Heterogeneous trading horizons and limited capital lead to clientele effects in which short-horizon traders focus on the most liquid assets while long-horizon investors focus on less liquid assets.
  68. Apart from my clientele and government and production problems, I was unable to meet the payroll and when I tried to reduce bonuses and fringe benefits, I was faced with a full-fledged insurrection.
  69. We found in his office a mass of evidence that shows that the snuff films were being produced for the benefit of a select but also very wealthy clientele all across the United States and even overseas.
  70. He mostly kept to himself, but during lunch and coffee breaks, William joined Stan in friendly chats with the regular clientele, people who seemed to have perpetual problems with their motorized vehicles.
  71. He had a very lucrative clientele who paid handsomely to watch the producing, and then buy the film, It was a very private and highly specialised business, and Karl had no concern or feelings for his subjects.
  72. He was not only a good tailor but was also reliable in the deliveries of his tailored suits in a profession that was notorious for its delays and false promises to a clientele that always seemed to be in a hurry.
  73. The clientele of the Agami Palace were the young, well-off, suntanned progeny of the more sophisticated and educated classes of Egyptian society and were, even then, straining at the leash of societys conventions.
  74. We stopped, now and then, at roadside canteens that catered to a Bedouin clientele and Corina cheerfully consumed the local tea in barely rinsed glasses and at open-air spots, improvised toilets, to relieve ourselves.
  75. I lived near Adrian and his father for many years, but my business dealings were such that moving here to Springfield allowed me advanced opportunities to come in contact with clientele and merchants on a personal basis.
  76. The tuxedoed valets attended to the numerous Jaguars, BMWs, Lexuses, Lincolns, and Mercedeses among other luxury cars that lined the parking lot and further attested to the type of clientele who frequented the establishment.
  77. I could never draw even the simplest picture, yet there he was with nothing more than a pair of cuticle scissors and a sheet of black paper, producing truly life-like silhouettes of his clientele in only three minutes and for one mark.
  78. What might even be worse for the country is that as calamities follow the follies of man, more and more of India’s political future could be mortgaged in the Muslim Vote Banks, and the bankers do become confiscators for their defaulting clientele.
  79. The local medical establishments and practitioners, after fearing with some reason to see their usual clientele evaporate because anyone could go now to the Temple Mount to be healed instantly, had however been able to stay in business for two reasons.
  80. Scrolling through the messages that had already been read, Wickland discovered an invitation from a local bed-and-breakfast, Four Oaks, offering reduced rates for locals over the summer, hoping to attract a more passive clientele than the usual tourist crowd.
  81. Council House on one side and the cathedral church of St Michael’s behind it, the other three sides filled with bars, restaurants, cafes and coffee houses, an innovation in the area and rapidly becoming very popular, particularly with the student clientele.
  82. How does the world of high finance intersect with the fast-food-selling clown? Because when McDonald’s wanted to launch the new food, it was nervous about the rising cost of chicken and having to up its prices—not an option for its budget-conscious clientele.
  83. Through the sharing of information between public and private sectors (with the appropriate legislation to prevent abuse), a reliable source of information can be provided which will necessitate the banking institutions to become more competitive to attract clientele.
  84. Major department stores enjoyed their heyday for over 50 years with an ancient sales force and a loyal clientele, but they failed to update their marketing programs and modernize their stores; and now higher overhead and advertising rates put a dent in their cash flow.
  85. But thanks to the limited clientele in towns, the whores there can stave off the debilitating sexual burden their ilk in the cities have to bear, yet it’s the so-called call-girls that call the shots, more so, in metros; so all of them, being in the same calling are not on the same footing.
  86. Gordon had offered him a job as chief of security for all his properties many years ago, but Wickland had declined the position, fearing that he would be forced to cross over the bounds of the law or turn a blind eye from time to time, specifically when some of the hotels’ more prominent clientele occasionally got out of hand.
  87. What with the referrals from those philanderers helped her to develop a fetching clientele, her earnings far exceeded her man’s expectations, but as he worked harder than ever to augment their fund, she moved ever emotionally closer to him, and ironically, as if to lighten his burden, she endeared herself more than ever to other men.
  88. The Council was drawn from the same clientele as magistrates and the individuals who serve on our wonderful British juries: the unemployed and the unemployable (the sick, the lame and the remnants of the Women’s Knitting Circle) Chesford was particularly blessed with several 'bright young,' councillors, some of whom could even speak English.
  89. At first curiosity increased the clientele on the forbidden street and there was even word of respectable ladies who disguised themselves as workers in order to observe the novelty of the phonograph from first hand, but from so much and such close observation they soon reached the conclusion that it was not an enchanted mill as everyone had thought and as the matrons had said, but a mechanical trick that could not be compared with something so moving, so human, and so full of everyday truth as a band of musicians.

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