patronage sätze

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Patronage sätze (in englisch)

  1. He clearly had the patronage of.
  2. The patronage had a nice racial mix.
  3. As the layers of patronage shrank: secrets piled up.
  4. There are certain conditions attached to my patronage.
  5. Morel with a certain glibness and Morel with patronage.

  6. The Jews of the town did not refuse him their patronage.
  7. The 10th of queen Anne restored the rights of patronage.
  8. The sage was happy as the ashram was in the royal patronage.
  9. As patronage of arcades declined, many were forced to close down.
  10. I am not anxious to see patronage concentrated in one set of hands.
  11. On the patronage and support which was promised in the letter of Sir J.
  12. As to all that had been said about patronage, it had no weight with him.
  13. At the time, I thought he was just taking his patronage of Satania too far.
  14. Southern Europe rotted in its religious patronage and its Divine Right of Kings.
  15. To move under the patronage of the soul, to get lost in the pursuit of the self-.

  16. There was a shade of condescension and patronage in his treatment of Berg and Vera.
  17. There was a shade of condescension and patronage in his treatment of Berg and Véra.
  18. Sam didn‘t want pity or patronage so Kirby‘s lack of empathy had little effect on him.
  19. The redistribution of that wealth based solely on patronage, whim, and prerogatives of birth.
  20. The impersonal slavery of Ancient Rome is connected to impersonal patronage of Feudal Europe.
  21. Literary patronage was, however, with her as much a mania as was the love of gorgeous clothes.
  22. Bates Otis, an ingenious and enterprising artist of Philadelphia, who, under the patronage of Dr.
  23. Also—and this was more important than all—he had the advantage of being under exalted patronage.
  24. Welcome, my friend, she said in an attempt at friendliness that instead came across as patronage.
  25. Northern Europe threw its religious patronage system away almost completely when the Reformation happened.

  26. We cordially wish him success, and trust that it will be ensured by the patronage of the citizens of Boston.
  27. The prosperous patronage with which he said it, made him look twice as big as he was, and four times as offensive.
  28. He deprecated the extension of Executive patronage, which would result from an increase of the Naval Establishment.
  29. You will often thank you customer for their patronage at this point and this is why it is also called the thank you page.
  30. Scott Stonebridge, he’d also done his internship under her father’s patronage, so he knew Kathy and her family well.
  31. He established his rule on the basis of Roman patronage, and with great diplomatic skill and personal charm succeeded in.
  32. I respectfully invite the patronage of families for the New York Weekly Witness, a paper specially adapted to interest them.
  33. After a near riot the brigadier declared the venue out of bounds to the troops and the nightclub went bust for lack of patronage.
  34. Your most instructive pamphlet has been widely circulated through the patronage of the bishop, and has been of appreciable service.
  35. The impersonal patronage of Feudal Europe is connected to the almost non-existent, completely inhuman patronage of Modern Capitalism.
  36. It seems very unfitting that I should have this patronage, yet I felt that I ought not to let it be used by some one else instead of me.
  37. With the advent of the Sultans and the eclipse of the Rajas, short of royal patronage, the Brahman intellectual pursuits took a back seat.
  38. In that circle they discountenanced those who advised hurried preparations educational establishments under the patronage of the Dowager Empress.
  39. They were anxious that he should enter society under the auspices of this lady, whose patronage was the best of recommendations for any young man.
  40. It was office! patronage! expenditure of public money! And hence it was said (and for no other cause whatever) that these strange votes were seen.
  41. If you were to renounce this patronage and these favors, I suppose you would do so with some faint hope of one day repaying what you have already had.
  42. There is another count put into the indictment against them by Plato, that they are the friends of the tyrant, and bask in the sunshine of his patronage.
  43. Boris was now a rich man who had risen to high honors and no longer sought patronage but stood on an equal footing with the highest of those of his own age.
  44. Borís was now a rich man who had risen to high honors and no longer sought patronage but stood on an equal footing with the highest of those of his own age.
  45. Her patronage partly explained Pyotr Stepanovitch's rapid success in our society—a success with which Stepan Trofimovitch was particularly impressed at the time.
  46. I have always understood that one of the strongest and most popular objections to the Federal Administration was their disposition to increase Executive patronage.
  47. I make no apology for taking up this defect in our present system, because it is directly handled in the Church Patronage Bill which is being brought before Parliament.
  48. This gentleman belonged to a German family of decidedly bourgeois origin, but he had a knack of acquiring the patronage of big-wigs, and of retaining their favour.
  49. He dismissed modern Hollywood filmmaking as cheap, salacious pornography in a crazy bastardization of a great art to compete for the patronage of deviates and masturbators.
  50. I say, when you read the rest of this fortress you will see how Al’lah overwhelmed and embraced all the creatures with His compassion and protected them with His patronage and favor.
  51. Implicit in promises of reform was the idea that the opportunities for massive patronage and corruption that this army of aides represented would vanish under nonpartisan administration.
  52. While the culture of mass conformity, mass fear, mass stupidity, mass insanity, and mass obedience called Nationalism … slid down into worse and worse levels of rotten corrupt patronage.
  53. Not in the slightest, and indeed it's an absurdity! I merely hinted at her obtaining temporary assistance as the widow of an official who had died in the service--if only she has patronage.
  54. Several county free schools were in session on my arrival, and I deemed it wise to visit them and urge the patronage of my school, which I intended opening when the free schools were closed.
  55. Having finished his first course, he is now occupied with a second on the same subjects, and we understand receives the patronage of some of the most respectable citizens of Boston and its vicinity.
  56. In that circle they discountenanced those who advised hurried preparations for a removal to Kazán of the court and the girls’ educational establishments under the patronage of the Dowager Empress.
  57. Fifteenth century Italy captured some of the spirit of Athens from two thousand years before, and one of the cities at the heart of the Rennaissance was Florence, under the patronage of the Medici family.
  58. Reputation in business takes long to establish and once established , in spite of poor business policy, the company still remain in business for a long time before it can shut shop due to lack of patronage.
  59. Even if there seems something strange about the match, the general and his wife said to each other, the world will accept Aglaya’s fiance without any question if he is under the patronage of the princess.
  60. If the villain had stopped here, his case would have been sufficiently awful, but he blackened his guilt by proceeding to take me into custody, with a right of patronage that left all his former criminality far behind.
  61. Until this session he said he had been unapprised of the enormities of expenditure in the Navy Department for so little effect; that there had been so much of waste and so much done instrumental to the extension of patronage.
  62. He was saying the affectionate word, however, with a far more grudging condescension and patronage than he could have shown if their relative merits and positions had been reversed (which is invariably the case, all the world over), when Mr.
  63. And by whom was it opposed? By gentlemen who had so long fought under the banners of a Government of "energy," that they were not content to submit to the diminution of its patronage or its power, even in the hands of their political opponents.
  64. I can hardly go to the Taoiseach to suggest that he hands over sovereignty of his country to you, whereas you could go to him to suggest that a unified Ireland and a lasting settlement would be possible under your auspices and with your patronage.
  65. The Empress Marya, concerned for the welfare of the charitable and educational institutions under her patronage, had given directions that they should all be removed to Kazan, and the things belonging to these institutions had already been packed up.
  66. The Empress Márya, concerned for the welfare of the charitable and educational institutions under her patronage, had given directions that they should all be removed to Kazán, and the things belonging to these institutions had already been packed up.
  67. The fanaticism of the caliph Hakim destroyed the church of the Sepulchre and ended the Frankish protectorate (1010); [it was not only a question of Muslim intolerance] and the patronage of the Holy Places, a source of strife between the Greek and Latin.
  68. In Scotland, the most extensive country in which this presbyterian form of church government has ever been established, the rights of patronage were in effect abolished by the act which established presbytery in the beginning of the reign of William III.
  69. The deep humiliation with which he had winced under Caleb Garth's knowledge of his past and rejection of his patronage, alternated with and almost gave way to the sense of safety in the fact that Garth, and no other, had been the man to whom Raffles had spoken.
  70. Need he go back, he asked, to the time when the black cockade was necessary, in some parts of the country, to secure a man from insult from the officers of the navy? He wished to limit the Executive patronage; to adhere closely to the maxims of our forefathers.
  71. To be sure, poor man, he had but little to say in the way of granting favours; for being latterly inclined to a whiggish principle, he was, in consequence, debarred from all manner of government patronage, and had little in his gift but soft words and fair promises.
  72. What with the deprived social patronage adding to their economic woes, they became moribund to end up being the parasites and it is probable that the prejudices that bedevil the Hindu spirituality might have been the products of the idle minds in those lazy Brahman bodies.
  73. One day, attracted by the unrivalled opportunities being offered to skilled people by this new broom sweeping through government’s old and crusty cobwebs of social patronage, two provincial public relations specialists arrived in the city determined to make their fortunes.
  74. Will not the same causes produce the same effects now as then? Sir, you may raise this army, you may build up this vast structure of patronage, this mighty apparatus of favoritism; but—"lay not the flattering unction to your souls"—you will never live to enjoy the succession.
  75. Seaver presented a petition of Benjamin Waterhouse, medical doctor, of Boston, stating that he is willing, and wishes to undertake the inoculation of the army of the United States with the "kine-pock inoculation," and praying the aid and patronage of Congress in that undertaking.
  76. In State universities the political bias against conservatives in the hiring process amounts to an illegal political patronage operation, and campus funds available for political activities are inequitably distributed to student groups with leftwing agendas (approximately 50 to 1).
  77. Natural history is only useful in its practical applications; and if it can be shown to throw any light upon an art, which contributes so much to the comfort and happiness of man, we have established one of the strongest considerations, which can recommend it to general patronage and investigation.
  78. Most of the public money is now collected and deposited in the Bank of the United States; if that is destroyed, the Secretary of the Treasury is to deposit in the State banks, and with him is the power of selection—a power and patronage greater than any ever exercised by any officer in this nation.
  79. Yes, sir; for a time so completely had the Republicans been imbued with the principles which they professed whilst in a minority, that, after becoming the majority, the Federalists pressed on their old adversaries power and patronage, to which they absolutely opposed themselves, repelling, for a season, every project of the kind.
  80. In all the presbyterian churches, where the rights of patronage are thoroughly established, it is by nobler and better arts, that the established clergy in general endeavour to gain the favour of their superiors; by their learning, by the irreproachable regularity of their life, and by the faithful and diligent discharge of their duty.
  81. In short, I should have been glad, if instead of telling us that these men are unfortunate and miserable, (for who are so unfortunate and miserable as the truly guilty?) that the members of that committee, or the respectable chairman himself, had come forward and shown the claim of these petitioners to the peculiar patronage of the country.
  82. He had a brilliant position in society thanks to his intimacy with Countess Bezukhova, a brilliant position in the service thanks to the patronage of an important personage whose complete confidence he enjoyed, and he was beginning to make plans for marrying one of the richest heiresses in Petersburg, plans which might very easily be realized.
  83. He had a brilliant position in society thanks to his intimacy with Countess Bezúkhova, a brilliant position in the service thanks to the patronage of an important personage whose complete confidence he enjoyed, and he was beginning to make plans for marrying one of the richest heiresses in Petersburg, plans which might very easily be realized.
  84. On that event they removed to Mansfield; and the Parsonage there, which, under each of its two former owners, Fanny had never been able to approach but with some painful sensation of restraint or alarm, soon grew as dear to her heart, and as thoroughly perfect in her eyes, as everything else within the view and patronage of Mansfield Park had long been.
  85. Stryver, exuding patronage of the most offensive quality from every pore, had walked before him like three sheep to the quiet corner in Soho, and had offered as pupils to Lucie's husband: delicately saying "Halloa! here are three lumps of bread-and-cheese towards your matrimonial picnic, Darnay!" The polite rejection of the three lumps of bread-and-cheese had quite bloated Mr.
  86. What conceivable enterprise which expected to exist on public patronage would assume as the unofficial metaphor of dealings a pair of wild beasts bellowing and growling over the carcass of a lamb, and make this most helpless and stupid of animals the representation of the customer? To call a trader a lamb is as opprobrious an epithet as it was to call a Norman baron an Englishman.
  87. Now that you have convinced yourselves that our art, although it does not enjoy the patronage of high-placed individuals, is nevertheless an art; and you have probably come to my opinion that this art is one which demands many personal qualities besides constant labour, danger, and unpleasant misunderstandings—you will also, I hope, believe that it is possible to become attached to its practice and to love and esteem it, however strange that may appear at first sight.
  88. That the memorialist states that, for the purpose of laying a foundation for the establishment of a first meridian for the United States of America, at the seat of Government, he has made calculations to determine the longitude of the Capitol, in the City of Washington, from Greenwich Observatory, in England; and that he submits the same, together with the data and elements on which his calculations are made, to the consideration and patronage of the National Legislature.
  89. What are they? They have been delivered to you by my honorable colleague—what are they? Love of peace, hatred of offensive war; jealousy of the State Governments towards the General Government, and of the influence of the Executive Government over the co-ordinate branches of that Government; a dread of standing armies; a loathing of public debt, taxes, and excises; tenderness for the liberty of the citizen; jealousy, Argus-eyed jealousy, of the patronage of the President.
  90. With regard to the politics of my worthy friend from North Carolina, I recollect very well, in the days which were called the days of profusion, patronage and terror, his politics were not of that minute and microscopic grade that no scale could be graduated sufficiently low to measure them; that, if his republicanism was a matter of pounds, shillings, and pence, then and now, it was not that sort of republicanism which was too cheap to be measured by the value of the smallest known coin, even by a doit.
  91. It was this: that, as if the character that each party had borne when in collision with one another was indelible, the two parties, after power was transferred from one to the other, did actually maintain the same character which they had derived from impressions received during their late conflict: and the admiring world saw with astonishment the case of an opposition minority attempting to force upon a reluctant Administration patronage and power, which that Administration put by, and sternly refused to accept.
  92. Why? You build a 45,000 tons hotel of thin steel plates to secure the patronage of, say, a couple of thousand rich people (for if it had been for the emigrant trade alone, there would have been no such exaggeration of mere size), you decorate it in the style of the Pharaohs or in the Louis Quinze style--I don't know which--and to please the aforesaid fatuous handful of individuals, who have more money than they know what to do with, and to the applause of two continents, you launch that mass with two thousand people on board at twenty-one knots across the sea--a perfect exhibition of the modern blind trust in mere material and appliances.
  93. In making this communication to you, sir, I deem it incumbent on me distinctly and unequivocally to state that I adopt no party views; that I have not changed any of my political opinions; that I neither seek nor desire the patronage nor countenance of any Government nor of any party; and that, in addition to the motives already expressed, I am influenced by a just resentment of the perfidy and dishonor of those who first violated the conditions upon which I received their confidence; who have injured me and disappointed the expectations of my friends, and left me no choice but between a degrading acquiescence in injustice, and a retaliation which is necessary to secure to me my own respect.
  94. He doubted the policy of engaging in the business at all; for navies, he said, had deceived the hopes of every country which had relied upon them; that we could never expect to be able to meet Great Britain on the ocean; that we had fought through the Revolution without a navy; for in that contest, a single privateer had done more than the few ships of war which were in possession of the old Congress; that except we are able to build and equip a navy equal to meet the British at sea, we were better without one, as our ships would probably fall a prey to their superior force; that his greatest objection against a navy was, that it must be kept up in time of peace as well as in war; that when the gentlemen spoke of a navy as cheaper than an army, they could not mean to say that if we had a navy the army could be dispensed with—they could not, for instance, take possession of Canada by a navy; that the building of a navy would burden the people with oppressive taxes; that such an establishment would serve only to increase Executive patronage; that with respect to commerce, the people were willing to give it all the protection in their power, but they could not provide a navy for that purpose.
  95. I do hope that the worthy gentleman from Pennsylvania, who could not find it in his heart to loosen the purse-strings of the nation for the purpose of preserving the valuable archives of the country, and which, if another fire should break out in the building at the other end of the palace, between this time and the next session of Congress, might be irredeemably destroyed, for which those who were the cause of the destruction would have been answerable—if he would not vote money for this object, I hope he will not insist upon exceeding, in point of expense, as relates to the Navy, the reform which our predecessors, the Federalists, made before they went out of office, which we accepted at their hands and were contented to practise on for four years, and not compel us to go into unnecessary and wanton expenses authorized by the act of April, 1806—when, I have no hesitation in making the assertion, and am prepared to prove it, a material change was effected in the principles of those in Administration, such as I knew them, and such as they were practised upon for about the term of four years, when we began to find that patronage was a very comfortable thing, that office was desirable, that navies were not the bugbear we had thought them, and that armies were very good depositaries for our friends and relatives and dependents who had no better resource.

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