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    1. She continued to cling to the wall, her feet and one hand used to hold her up, she still had her other sword strapped to her back, waiting for the opportunity to use it but feeling helpless without both weapons in her possession

    2. I cling to that thought

    3. It takes a certain kind of suffering to strip us of all the vanity that we so easily cling to

    4. I’ll go and have a word with the doctor or whatever, shall I? I think we ought to cling to the relationship angle, don’t you? Cousin Karal?’

    5. thickening mist vapours that cling to dim, spare

    6. we could not sleep but cling

    7. He can feel a trickle of perspiration running down his side, making the material of his shirt cling to his damp skin

    8. Wind streams through the cabin, whistling on the jagged slivers of glass that cling to the window frames front and back

    9. ‘Sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me,’ I snuffle … bursting into tears; I cling to him helplessly

    10. He just needed to cling; she was distracted by the cabinet in which he'd put his clothes

    1. He did love me, Stephen, I know it makes me sound like a fool clinging to a daydream, but he did

    2. days and weeks, while Benjamin was faintly clinging to life, the Holy

    3. were rusted beyond hope of opening, fused together at hinge and at lock, clinging to

    4. He zoomed in expecting to see a human figure in an exosuit floating out there in the debris, clinging to a piece of rent bulkhead like some parody of a castaway

    5. The redsuits were visible every thirty or forty yards or so, clinging to the ring

    6. Horcheese was fully through the hatch and clinging to a handhold near the NAV console before he turned and saw her

    7. Perhaps JJ would want her around as a sort of honorary aunt … or would that be too weird? As if she were clinging to a facsimile of the man she loved? No, maybe it would be best not to hang around … for the first time she felt the rootlessness of her existence

    8. My boots thick and heavy with clinging sand,

    9. At the water's edge I found tiny bits of waving, organic fluff clinging to the pebbles just where the bubbles melt away; curious purple pieces of seaweed no bigger than a crumb lying on the beach and spiky bits of crab shell attached to the occasional limb

    10. Here was a sense of lost innocence, of delicious isolation precariously clinging to the warm air itself

    1. The storm has passed but John still clings to the wreckage

    2. Russ sees the explosion at the front of the car, starts over to help John, but Ahmed clings to his leg with both arms, stopping him

    3. who clings to this lonely keel with her

    4. that clings to the bottom of his rag-frayed trousers

    5. far from where she clings to my heart

    6. His skin clings to his protruding bones

    7. The pup clings to me with raw paws and buries his tiny head in the folds of my shirt

    8. Her face pales as she clings to the seat

    9. Knead on speed 2 until the dough clings to

    10. The smell of bread and spices, and the bitterness in the cook’s words, clings to his skin for many hour-cycles after

    1. She clung to the companionway rail while he charged thru the remaining canal

    2. He clung to a handhold in front of the chair

    3. Nlara still clung to the mainsail rings high up the mast

    4. They clung to each other tightly; she was still trembling in his arms, her passion so intense

    5. Luray had some color back, but still clung to him

    6. " She clung to him

    7. Onlookers clung to the rooftops, on window ledges and every available vantage point straining for a better view

    8. ” He led her to his bed and they removed their clothes and climbed in and clung to each other as exhaustion overtook them

    9. The cloth clung like wet jersey, but it had glitter that flashed as she jiggled

    10. thereby all the more clung to

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    cling clingstone hang adhere cleave cohere stick depend rely rest