hang sätze

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Hang sätze (in englisch)

  1. But hang on a minute.
  2. You chose to hang on.
  3. He agrees and hang up.
  4. Time to hang the moon.
  5. You hang on every word.

  6. I knew he’d hang on.
  7. You just hang on there.
  8. Okay, okay, hang on now.
  9. Hang in there a second.
  10. They hang you for that.
  11. I can still hang with.
  12. Okay, you hang in there.
  13. We can just hang out.
  14. I told Corey to hang on.
  15. We don’t hang up; we.

  16. She said just hang them.
  17. Guys, hang on for just.
  18. I didn't hang up, either.
  19. Let her hang, blast off.
  20. No, I shan't hang myself.
  21. Stars hang heavy in the.
  22. Hey, hang on a second.
  23. I said, Hang on a sec.
  24. Just hang in there awhile.
  25. Hey, hang in there, lad.

  26. That hang on thy clear brow.
  27. Stone got the hang of it.
  28. I had friends to hang out.
  29. Some men hang with groups.
  30. Than to hang in this place.
  31. I would rather hang myself.
  32. I didn’t hang around to.
  33. But he managed to hang on.
  34. Ah – hang on a second.
  35. Usually he would hang out.
  36. But you hang on to them all.
  37. Yes, yes hang on a minute.
  38. I don’t hang out with.
  39. Once you get the hang of it.
  40. He would hang the door to-.
  41. He was preparing to hang Dr.
  42. Olin let it hang in the air.
  43. Oh, Chris, hang in there.
  44. Hang on to that for a while.
  45. Hang out with a funny friend.
  46. They began to hang out as a.
  47. Once he hang up the phone, Mr.
  48. Don’t hang around with him.
  49. He allows her to hang around.
  50. I can’t hang on for long.
  51. Need to hang him for treason.
  52. I hang there, debating options.
  53. My men would surely hang them.
  54. Hang on, though, because the.
  55. It does not say here to hang.
  56. I can’t hang around, though.
  57. It would hang round the money.
  58. She let the word hang out there.
  59. I’m going to have to hang up.
  60. She was real cool to hang with.
  61. Hang back, let the Hoovers bag.
  62. Kitamura was sentenced to hang.
  63. She didn’t exactly hang up.
  64. You can all bow and go hang.
  65. It was really a mutual hang up.
  66. We must hang this on the tree.
  67. All you had to do was hang up.
  68. I let my receiver drop and hang.
  69. You’ll get the hang of it.
  70. I wanted it to help me hang on.
  71. She’s asked us to hang fire.
  72. But we’re going to hang here.
  73. Just trying to hang in there.
  74. He let the words hang in the air.
  75. The judge said, Hang on, Yuki.
  76. But I don't care a hang about M.
  78. Cynthia, please hang in there.
  79. He shall not hang his shirt etc.
  80. You want to hang around?
  81. Yes, hang up your diplomas and.
  82. The question seemed to hang in.
  83. Just hang in there one more day.
  84. He was tempted to hang up on her.
  85. I didn't hang out with them much.
  86. Why's she hang with Brandi, then.
  87. Lawrence let the words hang there.
  88. Here's a peg to hang your cap on.
  89. Geeks love to hang out in these.
  90. They'll hang about the house--.
  91. But I asked you to hang in there.
  92. You know, I think I’ll hang up.
  93. Hang him! from the slaveholders.
  94. Hang on a sec, Morales said.
  95. You will just call and hang up.
  96. I’ll come by to hang out soon.
  97. We could probably hang around.
  98. So defiantly the males still hang.
  99. Can his friends hang around him?
  100. I know young people hang together.
  1. The Hanging Tree No 4.
  2. Hanging high in the sky.
  3. He was hanging from his.
  4. My mouth was hanging open.
  5. It was hanging in the air.
  6. Still hanging on the wall.
  7. Or hanging up on the floor.
  8. Hanging out with my friends.
  9. He likes hanging out there.
  10. His mouth was hanging open.
  11. He was hanging from one of.
  12. It was hanging from a tree.
  13. Suzy's jaw was hanging open.
  14. Out through the hanging ivy.
  15. But it's hanging between us.
  16. The height of a man, hanging.
  17. The man sat, hanging his head.
  18. His arms hanging by his side.
  19. Hanging is too good for them.
  20. Hanging? Wait till I show you.
  21. Bye Jasmine says, hanging up.
  22. Her case was hanging in limbo.
  23. It appeared to be hanging on.
  24. It catches the hanging branch.
  25. But I‘m hanging in there.
  26. Others had doors hanging open.
  27. That wench began hanging round.
  28. Clothes are hanging out to dry.
  29. Jesus didn’t leave us hanging.
  30. Hanging would me a moot point.
  31. It was hanging on the door of.
  32. She loved hanging out with them.
  33. Don't leave me hanging like this.
  34. She’s seen you hanging around.
  35. We are now hanging by one finger.
  36. We're hanging on, let's face it.
  37. There’s talk about hanging him.
  38. Each had a towel hanging from it.
  39. Padfield was hanging out washing.
  40. From twigs she saw husks hanging.
  41. Then she lay down after hanging.
  42. He said, I’m hanging in there.
  43. I could leave the reader hanging.
  44. He retrieved a washcloth hanging.
  45. Th ese mourn for the hanging tree.
  46. Hanging above the aluminum rafters.
  47. A pirogue hanging from the ceiling.
  48. Cobwebs were hanging from the roof.
  49. Perhaps hanging clothes out to dry.
  50. He had some nerve hanging up on her.
  51. And leave them hanging on the line.
  52. They want the hanging to be after.
  53. The Hanging Gardens had them in awe.
  54. The Hanging Man suggests a mugging.
  55. He stood there with his jaw hanging.
  56. The witness nodded slowly, hanging.
  57. His Life was hanging on the balance.
  58. Brenda in tow, just hanging out in.
  59. JoJo's hanging in there, she thought.
  60. It was hanging on a hook by the door.
  61. Oh, hanging in there, she said.
  62. He could be hanging out anywhere.
  63. She said he’s still hanging on.
  64. The creature was still hanging back.
  65. Elenir's mouth was just hanging open.
  66. A canary's cage was hanging in the.
  67. What was once hanging in the water.
  68. His head hanging over--like this!.
  69. There we were hanging out with the.
  70. Maggie sees it hanging in the water.
  71. Lukashka went out, hanging his head.
  72. There was a chart hanging on a hook.
  73. He was sentenced to death by hanging.
  74. I’m hanging out here at the laun-.
  75. However, that was better than hanging.
  76. And, hanging down her head, the maid.
  77. And leaves his clothes still hanging.
  78. There’re always some guys hanging.
  79. Chris sat with his mouth hanging open.
  80. This whole place has been hanging on.
  81. I guess thats why I keep him hanging.
  82. In hanging out with my friends, did.
  83. No wonder he keeps hanging around.
  84. He has been hanging about for months.
  85. He had a joint hanging from his mouth.
  86. I stared at her, my mouth hanging open.
  87. Hanging out in the mall won’t tell.
  88. He had seen many people die by hanging.
  89. Hanging on the Edge of a Cliff, Again.
  90. Then it lay still, tongue hanging out.
  91. A towel was hanging over her shoulder.
  92. The discussion ends with me hanging up.
  93. He was hanging around a few nights ago.
  94. Because of who you’re hanging with.
  95. Vic was hanging around on the perimeter.
  96. Quite a feat for an individual hanging.
  97. He left the sentence hanging in the air.
  98. Only just, but he was hanging in there.
  99. Within seconds she was hanging upside.
  100. Hanging out with Jo, Ricky and Dominic.
  1. He hung up on me.
  2. And then he hung up.
  3. He hung up the phone.
  4. I hung my head as I.
  5. The Hung Ones of Kos.
  6. She hung up the phone.
  7. About my neck was hung.
  8. Max only hung his head.
  9. Amy hung up the phone.
  10. Rosy hung up the phone.
  11. The girl hung her head.
  12. Then she hung up on me.
  13. He laughed and hung up.
  14. When she hung up the.
  15. She hung on his words.
  16. I never hung the moon.
  17. Will hung up the phone.
  18. It hung to her ankles.
  19. Jeff hung up on Cynthia.
  20. He hung up and sat back.
  21. I hung my head in shame.
  22. She sobbed and hung up.
  23. Hung on to the survivor.
  24. He cursed me and hung up.
  25. Claire hung up the phone.
  26. Joseph hung up the phone.
  27. All hung on that thread.
  28. He hung as if by a wire.
  29. He called and I hung up.
  30. Thomas hung up the phone.
  31. Stacey hung up the phone.
  32. She hung up and told him.
  33. I hung up and dialed zero.
  34. Simmons said and hung up.
  35. I thanked him and hung up.
  36. He hung on for a second.
  37. But Fanny still hung back.
  38. A sign gently hung from.
  39. Both of us are hung over.
  40. The old guy hung up on me.
  41. He hung his head in shame.
  42. And the mistletoe was hung.
  43. Sue and I hung back with.
  44. She had hung up the phone.
  45. She was hung up in a tree.
  46. He apologized and hung up.
  47. Abigail hung back with Hal.
  48. He hung up his cap wearily.
  49. They hung out quite a bit.
  50. Stan hung up and sat there.
  51. The words hung in my mind.
  52. His father hung the name.
  53. The Professor hung his head.
  54. Who he hung around with.
  55. Dana had hung up the phone.
  56. I hung his face on the wall.
  57. But he hung up the receiver.
  58. From it hung a decorative.
  59. Her terry cloth robe hung.
  60. He hung on for grim death.
  61. So I fixed how it was hung.
  62. He hung there, like there.
  63. The words hung between them.
  64. His breath hung in the air.
  65. Rachel and Wendy hung back.
  66. Her boobs hung on my chest.
  67. NOTES HUNG all over the room.
  68. The question hung in the air.
  69. The dust hung in the clash.
  70. Sadness still hung over her.
  71. Andrew hung his head ashamed.
  72. Sam thanked her and hung up.
  73. Teller hung up the telephone.
  74. Darek hung his head, abashed.
  75. Mistrust hung heavy in the.
  76. They hung on flexible wires.
  77. The boy moaned and hung back.
  78. A similar hose hung on the.
  79. He hung his head and sighed.
  80. More paintings hung in here.
  81. Then whoever it was hung up.
  82. I thanked the lady and hung.
  83. Last time, they just hung up.
  84. She had hung a great kettle.
  85. And with that, Weaver hung up.
  86. Above my head hung a mobile.
  87. Adam hung his head in sadness.
  88. Junya hung up the phone and.
  89. Ferdy Chicken hung in midair.
  90. Cam thinks she hung the moon.
  91. After twenty rings he hung up.
  92. Danny hung up the phone and.
  93. It hung there all around them.
  94. He hung up but I had traced.
  95. My Dad had hung up the call.
  96. He hung up with the FBI agent.
  97. I hung a U-turn and drove west.
  98. Finally she hung up the phone.
  99. I hung Fred’s shirts to dry.
  100. He hung himself with his belt.
  1. In that cabin hangs a.
  2. She hangs up the phone.
  3. Betty hangs up the phone.
  4. The Necro hangs his head.
  5. Hangs in the starry skies.
  6. Gracy hangs up the phone.
  7. A rosy cloud hangs over it.
  8. Tony hangs up the telephone.
  9. He hangs it by the cord in.
  10. She then hangs up the phone.
  12. The Mayor hangs up the phone.
  13. Doom hangs still on a thread.
  14. He hangs his head, as if he.
  15. Missy then hangs up the phone.
  16. Herr Siedler hangs up the phone.
  17. She then hangs up the receiver.
  18. You saw who she hangs out with.
  19. All hangs on the idea ‘I am’.
  20. Between this side and that hangs.
  21. He hangs up and faces the others.
  22. A shadow hangs over all the rest.
  23. The scribe hangs upon his answer.
  24. Gracy then hangs up the telephone.
  25. Katie hangs around in the kitchen.
  26. He angrily hangs up the telephone.
  27. Name the kids he hangs out with.
  28. His body hangs on the rugged cross.
  29. The question hangs from the ceiling.
  30. A bill of fare hangs full in sight.
  31. Without saying good bye he hangs up.
  32. David stunned hangs up the telephone.
  33. The world hangs in rolling suspense.
  34. She hangs her head and begins to sob.
  35. Why hangs He then upon the tree?
  36. He has a gut that hangs over his belt.
  37. Guilt hangs heavy as I think about Mom.
  38. I wonder why he hangs around Weston.
  39. It hangs in my sky on a whim and a sigh.
  40. Thus a fearful depression hangs over us.
  41. A gray pall hangs over the lonely streets.
  42. It hangs there, swinging, as if ready to.
  43. Ah, thereby hangs a rather painful tale.
  44. The air hangs heavy with moisture and, as.
  45. A razor strop hangs in the kitchen for this.
  46. A brown leather holster hangs in her crotch.
  47. He just hangs out on campus now and then.
  48. As push came to shove, now in the air hangs.
  49. He hangs out with that crew at Tobys Gym.
  50. Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer, hangs at his side.
  51. The sentence of death still hangs over him.
  52. Papa thinks he just hangs around the village.
  53. Since my illness, he hangs about a good deal.
  54. The air hangs with salt, staining feathers and.
  55. I shudder as Zeke hangs my sling from the cable.
  56. Drens hangs around with us waiting for our kaht.
  57. She hangs up and says, Did you get that, Mr.
  58. He still hangs around with them? That’s good.
  59. Johanna’s hair now hangs over her lowered face.
  60. The dry, crisp scent of winter hangs around them.
  61. And thus it hangs over us, watching and waiting.
  62. His mouth hangs open, caked in his darkened blood.
  63. Ciere yanks off her jacket and hangs it on a hook.
  64. He shuts the door and hangs something on the back.
  65. It hangs on the wall of our apartment in New York.
  66. The husband takes the advice stoically and hangs up.
  67. I’m coming to get you, he says and hangs up.
  68. He hangs out here sometimes at night with his crew.
  69. She slides to the edge of the roof and hangs onto.
  70. He looks at the telephone receiver then hangs it up.
  71. Cascarino hangs out at a cabaret club in Barnstaple.
  72. He hangs his head out over the embankment and smiles.
  73. His dark gray uniform hangs stiffly on his shoulders.
  74. Her breath hangs in the air and the shadows crowd in.
  75. Job 26:7 mentions that the earth hangs on nothing and.
  76. The word "efficiently" hangs in the air like a bad odor.
  77. The market hangs around this same level into the close.
  78. Taking off his jacket he hangs it on a shiny metal hook.
  79. Ever since he was laid off my husband hangs around the.
  80. The experiment upon which the proof hangs has been made.
  81. A tag of her corsetlace hangs slightly below her jacket.
  82. Her mouth hangs open in confusion as to what is going on.
  83. From the middle of the ceiling hangs a glass fibre Marlin.
  84. She hangs up and Ethan waits in the waiting room for Toni.
  85. There's not a clumsy move in her as she hangs in the water.
  86. Yes, I hear you, he says in a low voice and hangs up.
  87. The sky hangs cloudless overhead, pale blue blazed with gold.
  88. Epsilon hangs on to anything around them that’s rooted to.
  89. The wall it hangs on is no longer vertical, it is transversal.
  90. There’s a reason no one in your school hangs out with them.
  91. At long last, he hangs his head and the fury leaves his eyes.
  92. His friend hangs out for a few minutes, chatting about school.
  93. Christian hangs up by pressing a button on the steering wheel.
  94. Christine's children look at her as she hangs up the telephone.
  95. He hangs up the telephone receiver then turns to his partners.
  96. UPS van comes to a stop and hangs precariously on the cliff's.
  97. Your woman hangs out along the train tracks north of Blackbird.
  98. The bell-rope hangs from the wire just to the right of my desk.
  99. In the morning Jake hangs around the door, watching the horizon.
  100. Toomb hangs up the phone and slowly stands up from his desk as.

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