compound sätze

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Compound sätze (in englisch)

1. The compound return of 5.
2. He was stuck on the compound.
3. I know their compound layouts.
4. The house was set in a compound.
5. The Magic of Compound Interest.
6. A related compound that occurs.
7. No need to compound the problem.

8. That’s a compound return of 10.
9. The barrier around the compound?
10. Then Bev moved toward the compound.
11. They lived in a guarded compound.
12. The rover bounces into the compound.
13. And to compound the problem, these.
14. They even heard it in the compound.
15. She has been to the compound before.
16. When he arrived in Laban's compound.
17. They have served to compound stigma.
18. Let’s get back to the compound.
19. The leg press is a compound exercise.
20. The vehicles stopped in the compound.
21. Another explosion rocked the compound.
22. The compound lights were blazing as.
23. That the compound is all one property.
24. Throwing Peter out of this compound.
25. He swiveled again to check the compound.
26. Let’s scout the hospital compound.
27. Welcome to the compound, says Zoe.
28. We entered the compound Cameron entered.
29. Nancy to the other side of the compound.
30. I brought it with me into the compound.
31. It was one of the uses of that compound.
32. Olin decided to compound their confusion.
33. LeeAnn awakened to noise in the compound.
34. Focus on compound movements for 80% of.
35. It was Clapper, calling from the compound.
36. The synthetic compound works in two ways.
37. Meanwhile, the compound was awash in noise.
38. You did scout the compound before you.
39. They sat in the woods outside the compound.
40. The compound in the jug being tasted, and.
41. And because this is a compound position (i.
42. The operative had eased inside the compound.
43. The annual average compound returns were 31.
44. Op14 advanced invisibly towards the compound.
45. To compound this, there were other problems.
46. At 9:55 AM I reached the Koflanovich compound.
47. The woman pointed across the compound to the.
48. Just some memories of the compound so far.
49. The main compound had that Heinsian character.
50. Drums thundered through the monastic compound.
51. It's always better to compound more frequently.
52. Compound this with the sailor's big appetite.
53. It's a low molecular weight compound that is.
54. Really? That has to be close to our compound.
55. City we were thrown into another slave compound.
56. Compound Option An option to purchase an option.
57. To compound this problem, there are thousands.
58. I know the range and the layout of the compound.
59. He suffered a dissolution of His compound nature.
60. Everything on the island comes with the compound.
61. That’s an average annual compound return of 18.
62. That’s an average annual compound return of 11.
63. Compound this with the cultural barriers and you.
64. They ran for the fence at the edge of the compound.
65. They would have to build their own camp compound.
66. Divya: But which of you will drink that compound?
67. Tarana: The compound brought me back and changed me.
68. Soon, I was at the turn into Uncle Leo’s compound.
69. Get back in the compound and back to your tower.
70. These people overlook the power of compound interest.
71. Khua Su’s compound was in a jungle clearing in the.
72. That’s Khua Su’s compound, Penn said as he.
73. The established pattern guarding this compound was a.
74. The compound entrance appeared to be made from steel.
75. Divya: Yes, that was one of the uses of this compound.
76. Kyrin waited outside of the compound for a way inside.
77. If I had been at the compound, that would not—.
78. With that Brett turned and walked to the compound gate.
79. Can you climb up a tree overlooking the compound and.
80. The compound itself comprised of three acres that was.
81. The craft landed about two kilometres from the compound.
82. At 1:18 PM I arrived at the compound in a black & white.
83. They could see the lights in the compound when the car.
84. I’m coming with you to the compound, said Cindy.
85. The carriage was eventually drawn into a large compound.
86. Depressed, the three women returned to the cave compound.
87. His approach went unnoticed until he neared the compound.
88. The palace is a compound in which the Emperor resides.
89. Jim returned to the compound North of the city, here he.
90. Nuke said, The orange compound will consume fat cells.
91. When everyone returned to the compound they found it as.
92. For the next few moments, the compound was terrifyingly.
93. We knew better than to stand within the compound of the.
94. Cool air rushes over my face as I walk into the compound.
95. How is this possible, well it’s the power of compound.
96. Arsenious acid and sulphuric, a new compound of, xli, 47.
97. Yes, into the engineering compound, as soon as we can.
98. He chuckled to himself all the way back to the compound.
99. He can compound his risk and maybe make one more likely.
100. Zechariah, the shining eye is a compound symbol for truth.
1. This is simple compounding math.
2. More time magnifies the effects of compounding.
3. You can thank the power of compounding for that.
4. The combination of debt-based money, compounding.
5. How did it grow? Through the power of compounding!.
6. I think you are compounding the situation yourself.
7. Daily compounding is better than monthly or quarterly.
8. Compounding the hardship of Omori was the food situation.
9. Compounding this treachery, Bombardier hired away from Towers.
10. Compounding, simply put, is earning interest on your interest.
11. With enough time, the power of compounding is powerful indeed.
12. Compounding my resistance was my extremely limited attention span.
13. They don’t see the compounding of costs and compounding of fees.
14. Compounding equipment consisted of non-sealed, open tanks with lids.
15. Compounding all of it is the realization that I never stood a chance.
16. Notice how the effects of compounding become more pronounced in later years.
17. So you want to always choose the shortest compounding period offered to you.
18. Compounding is at the very heart of a get rich slowly approach to investing.
19. Because we are compounding interest over three time periods, the forward price is.
20. To really benefit from compounding, an investor needs time, return, and re-investing.
21. The super big gains from mutual funds come from compounding over a span of many years.
22. Any permanent losses to your investments can wreak havoc on the beauty of compounding.
23. Due to compounding, the price would be nearly 73% higher at the end of the last month.
24. The earlier you get started investing, the better chance you have of compounding wealth over time.
25. Returns the effective annual interest rate of a given nominal rate with its compounding frequency.
26. Compounding our pain was the realization that the stigma of mental illness is still alive and well.
27. Another compounding of obsolescence, like a kick in the teeth for those early pioneers, mused Scott.
28. The compounding over the 30 years’ time helps make a superior long-term record like this possible.
29. If you can locate these consistent ROIC businesses, it will lead to the power of compounding over time.
30. The key is to start investing as early as possible to take full advantage of compounding the interest.
31. It can keep you focused on your long-term goals of compounding your wealth without all the outside noise.
32. Since compounding is fully legal now, we suggest you take full advantage of it as you save for retirement.
33. The effects of compounding become even more evident if your investment earns a higher annual rate of return.
34. That’s $400,000 total you need to invest, with the rest of your portfolio’s growth coming from compounding.
35. This is compounding without taxes! But then I wanted to know, What about when I want to access my money?
36. The couple with no kids has invested $540,000 of their own money and earned $604,000 as a result of compounding.
37. If you’re 35 years old and you suddenly grasp the power of compounding, you’ll wish you got started on it at 25.
38. The main advantage of investing in a growing business is that you can receive the benefits of tax-deferred compounding.
39. Any decomposition is further complicated by various interactions and compounding effects as well as by data mismatches.
40. Returns the nominal rate equivalent to a given annual effective with a given compounding frequency for the nominal rate.
41. The more cash that is produced by the business, the more room for reinvesting which provides for growth and compounding.
42. Pringle, and because they are bleedy, you subconsciously tend to shy off them when you brush, only compounding the problem.
43. That means you can reinvest those returns and tap into the incredible power of compounding without the tax man interfering.
44. I know her fiancé would be much happier if that $1,800 a year was going into their savings account and compounding annually.
45. That does represent an impressive 57% return (ignoring the possibility of compounding profits) in just over a year and a half.
46. We were initially playing with a 10:1 leverage and increasing the stake also had an effect on that leverage by compounding it.
47. With a Roth IRA you invest after-tax dollars, so the faster compounding assumption doesn’t apply to your contribution amounts.
48. Compounding their predicament was the fact that they had already been, putting it kindly, very unsophisticated contract negotiators.
49. It does feel heroic, but ultimately there is much more money to be made compounding a portfolio than scalping £2,000 here and there.
50. And as with any savings account, your money just keeps growing and compounding, meaning it is working for you by just sitting there.
51. But again, discipline is more key here than in a normal product because the compounding will destroy the trade if you let it fester.
52. Compounding his frustration on the Islamic front, the Meccan gentry looked at Muhammad with suspicion, and treated him with disdain.
53. This is extremely powerful as you are compounding the number of readers to your site as you are joining forces with other bloggers readers.
54. Moat-type businesses have the distinct quality of compounding free cash flow over time, however, they’re typically priced for perfection.
55. Even though the rate of return is a constant 12 percent, the continuous compounding of 12 percent yields different upward and downward moves.
56. However, lower annual recovery rates clearly coincide with higher annual default rates, compounding the adverse effects of clustered defaults.
57. Actually, quite the opposite: Because compounding works so effectively, the more you save now, the more you’ll have later (by a huge amount).
58. Compounding her distress, Rosemary feared her father was displeased by her departure from camp; she so desperately wanted him to approve of her.
59. Besides having to pay taxes at ordinary tax rates plus a 10% penalty fee, you lose out on potentially decades worth of tax-deferred compounding.
60. Successful investing isn’t alchemy; it’s a simple matter of consistently using time-tested strategies and letting compounding work its magic.
61. Expected returns need to be viewed over some time horizon, in some base currency, and using one of many possible averaging and compounding methods.
62. This is depressing; depression shortens your life; this is depressing and causes anxiety, thus compounding the chronic, life-shortening disorders.
63. But don’t feel bad about paying these taxes, since your money will have been compounding at an accelerated rate for the last thirty to forty years.
64. In order to get the most benefit from compounding, you’ll need a carefully selected growth-stock fund, and you’ll need to stick with it over time.
65. In the end, after nine years, the effect of compound interest increased the profit by 28 percent, or 39 percent more than without compounding interest.
66. Compounding helps in both cases, but it is especially important for the parents who have wisely given themselves a longer time horizon in which to invest.
67. Over time, the nature of compounding, dollar cost averaging, and reinvesting dividends will result in his portfolio generating substantial passive income.
68. The income account trades grail in exactly the same way as the main account with the exception that it is played without compounding at a constant leverage.
69. The importance of holding over the long-term through the ebbs and flows of the market is the key to long-term thinking and compounding investment success.
70. Compounding can work its greatest magic if you invest in assets such as stock-based mutual funds that have a strong potential for long-term capital appreciation.
71. But he understood the power of compounding at such an early age that it made a profound impact in his life—and, as it turned out, in the lives of countless others.
72. Compounding its problems, Consumer Reports magazine, in its March 2007 edition, gave McDonald’s filtered coffee a higher rating than Starbucks’ pricier alternative.
73. Compounding is powerful enough that it can take an average investor and make him into a great one simply by virtue of his having started investing at a young enough age.
74. When the percent price changes are normally distributed, the continuous compounding of these price changes will result in a lognormal distribution of prices at expiration.
75. Even compounding at very low rates can bring about massive success, so an investor’s focus should be on understanding the potential for permanent loss in any investment.
76. Your fiduciary or a great tax expert can help you understand all the ways you can produce more net growth in your Freedom Fund so that your compounding process is maximized.
77. However, most investors are interested in wealth compounding and this is better captured by geometric means (GM, also called compound average returns or compound annual returns).
78. You should also reinvest your dividends and capital gains distributions (profits derived from a mutual fund’s sales of stocks and bonds) to benefit from compounding over the years.
79. The idea is that every time £10,000 is safe from drawdown that we then move £10k into the income account and trade it - in effect we are again compounding the compounded winnings.
80. I’m going to hold these companies, and I’m not going to sell them because—correctly and astutely—compound interest or the law of compounding works in my favor if I don’t sell.
81. Thus paying taxes on reinvested dividends and capital gains in a taxable account may make your pocketbook lighter, but it does not generally inhibit the compounding of the investments themselves.
82. Did you know compound interest was once regarded as the worst form of usury and was severely condemned by Roman law? Times certainly have changed: now gladiatorial combat is out and compounding is in.
83. Whether you’ve got 20, 30, or 40 years to invest, no matter where you are, how much you can save, or how many years you’ve got to do it, you can take advantage of the unparalleled power of compounding.
84. The theory being that one scenario could apply to the entire population, and at the same time provide sufficient distraction for the recipients, rather than allowing a compounding number of implausible occurrences.
85. A company compounding capital at way above-average rates, when I have great confidence that will continue and the valuation is modest, I want to hold it at a size where it can have a material impact on the portfolio.
86. A higher-income worker, making approximately $90,000 per year, will lose upward of $277,000 in fees in his/her lifetime! Hiltonsmith and Deēmos have done a great social good in exposing the tyranny of compounding costs.
87. Our experience is that we're better off investing in a good business that is constantly compounding value from the beginning of our ownership, without what to us is the unacceptable risk that the turnaround doesn't work.
88. You’ll learn how, with even the smallest amount of money combined with the miracle power of compounding, you can absolutely become financially independent in your life without ever having to make a fortune in annual income.
89. But the parents have invested $300,000 of their own money and earned nearly $830,000 as a result of compounding! They have had to put in a lot less effort to achieve a similar result, thanks to the power of compounding over time.
90. For example, if you purchase $10,000 of a diversified domestic growth-stock fund that averages about 15% a year over a period of 35 years, here is an approximation of what the result might be, compliments of the magic of compounding:.
91. That’s a gap of over $2 million! All because William was able to tap into the awesome power of compounding for an additional 20 years, giving him an insurmountable edge—and saddling him with the family dinner checks for the rest of his life.
92. Financial people tell me: if someone saves from 18-30 and then stops, they’ll have more money; than someone that starts at 30, and saves until 60; because of compounding interest, and the rule of 72 (your money will roughly double every 6 years).
93. Compounding the many dangers of the hall, when the Silvers were corrupted by Cruce’s curse (intended to bar entry to the Unseelie King), the mirrors were altered and now the image they present is no longer a guarantee of what’s on the other side.
94. Are you starting to see how the power of compounding can work for you, even with just a few small, consistent actions? And what if you found some more aggressive savings than $40 a week? Even $100 could mean a $1 million difference at the time you would need it most!.
95. For example, if you have limited money and you’re in your twenties, you’d probably want to buy the stock funds first so you could get their compounding power, whereas you could wait until you’re older and have more money to buy the bond funds to mitigate your risk.
96. But if it’s so awesome, I wondered, why do so few of us take full advantage of it? To illustrate the exponential power of compounding, Malkiel shared with me the story of twin brothers William and James, with investment strategies that couldn’t have been more different.
97. Compounding the many dangers of the hall, when the Silvers were damaged by Cruce’s curse (a thing he tried to blame on his Unseelie brothers, in typical Cruce fashion), the mirrors were corrupted and the image they now present is no guarantee of what’s on the other side.
98. But Carlino’s capital discipline has helped Penn National Gaming become one of the greatest compounding stocks in the last 15 years, compounding at more than 27 percent from its May 1994 initial public offering (IPO) to its stock price at the end of 2010 of more than $27 per share.
99. Compounding his maliciousness, in 2000, when he found out from UTC’s Government Contracts Counsel, Patrick Gnazzo (former head of the Navy Litigation Office—successor to the aptly called CAD, Contract Appeals Division, in those bad old days) that I was headed to Ingalls’ Contracts Dept.
100. And compounding their misery is their penchant to rear more children than their means would will, and that either forces them to reduce their progeny into child labor or consign them to the madrasa education, which only cultivates the fundamentalist mindset that is inimical to their economic wellbeing.
1. That strategy compounded at 15.
2. T-bills, which compounded at 5.
3. This situation is further compounded.
4. In contrast, decile 7 compounded at 12.
5. Those mistakes were greatly compounded.
6. Compounded it with dust, whereto 'tis kin.
7. It was compounded of resentment, injured pride.
8. This, compounded by whatever was going on over there.
9. This is where one's responsibilities were compounded.
10. As a result of the increasing market demand, compounded.
11. The pasture of misers is compounded of money and disdain.
12. The 50 stocks with the lowest PE ratios compounded at 14.
13. Panic attack of failing is compounded by a lot of anxiety.
14. The problems are further compounded by the date math that.
15. The risks of flying were compounded exponentially in combat.
16. The only price for using magic was compounded human stupidity.
17. Misery and joy compounded together as she crumpled to the hard.
18. The bad news that year was compounded by the sudden death of Mr.
19. What compounded the effect was that Brittany was looking at him.
20. The heat really compounded the pregnancy sickness, and walking to.
21. The warmth of the coffee, compounded by the whiskey, alerted his.
22. That return helped his partnership post a great compounded return.
23. It appeared that his misery this morning was only to be compounded.
24. Misery compounded by the realisation I'd come to the wrong country.
25. That's how intrinsic value gets compounded over long periods of time.
26. Large trading profits are gained and compounded over time by winning.
27. And he, a Mick to the core, compounded the problem by offering a bribe.
28. I can understand your grief would only be compounded in such a place.
29. The highest-yielding buyback stocks from Large Stocks compounded at 10.
30. If held to maturity the yield works out at 5%, compounded semi-annually.
31. Two 20% gains compounded in one year equals a 44% annual rate of return.
32. A byproduct of this will be compounded returns of your wealth over time.
33. Tobie advanced with an expression compounded of resentment and irritation.
34. It compounded the sadness for Joe’s mother Momma when she learned of this.
35. Decile 1 of Large Stocks based on six-month price momentum compounded at 12.
36. And before long one stupid little mistake was compounded by another bigger one.
37. Simple interest :The interest calculated on a principal sum, not compounded on.
38. If over 30 years you toss 15 heads and 15 tails, you earn a compounded rate of 8.
39. The Tempter also delineated the ramifications of compounded erroneous thought and.
40. They were compounded over the very long history of the series of dominant empires.
41. The same is true for expressing bond yields as continuously compounded or log rates.
42. A great mass of knowledge get thrown away compounded by the soul implant in the mind.
43. Compounded over time, the advantage of private placement life insurance is astounding.
44. His goal has been clear since then: to earn compounded returns of 15 percent per year.
45. For more than ten consecutive years, we’ve realized a compounded 57% annual return.
46. The analysis would be more accurate if I used continuously compounded zero-coupon rates.
47. And the politics of the country as it evolved only compounded the Hindu emotional misery.
48. It shows that US stocks have historically outperformed bonds in compounded annual returns.
49. Here are some lozenges which I have made up on purpose; they are compounded doubly strong.
50. The problem is compounded by the number of business operations that come under his umbrella.
51. Lachey translated, but gave Swann a look compounded of fatigue and despair—almost of anguish.
52. Over the four-year period, the fund had produced a compounded return of more than 100 percent.
53. The rule of 72 says that it takes 72 years to double your money at a 1% compounded rate.
54. Under his tenure, Teledyne’s stock compounded at more than 20 percent for more than 20 years.
55. Perhaps, it finally dawned on me how impenetrable our circumstances were, compounded with her.
56. Between December 31, 1967, and December 31, 2009, the group compounded at an average annual 15.
57. Unfortunately, the faiths of Abraham have created various false expectations based on compounded.
58. Her sorrow and grief was compounded for some reason with guilt at not having made that extra trip.
59. This formula is used throughout this chapter for growth and compounded annual return calculations.
60. The clack of a lock opening roused Melodía from a restless drowse of fatigue compounded by despair.
61. Hyde had a song upon his lips as he compounded the draught, and as he drank it, pledged the dead man.
62. I snapped my Zippo lighter and burned the evidence with full knowledge that I compounded the contempt.
63. So if you’ve got $10,000 to invest at 1% compounded, you may not be around to see that money double.
64. Her sentiments towards him were compounded of all that was respectful, grateful, confiding, and tender.
65. Between 1927 and 1963, the highest-yielding buyback stocks from the All Stocks universe compounded at 11.
66. In our interest-rate example, a continuously compounded rate of return of +12 percent yields a profit of $127.
67. Difficult to reach by road, the isolation was compounded by the fact that radio and telephone links were weak.
68. The fair value of an option combination is a complex characteristic compounded of fair values of its components.
69. You’ll activate this system by deciding on a portion of your income to save and invest for compounded interest.
70. The supernatural power supplies key words to be compounded adding qualities to the idea and enabling further insight.
71. Mostly it had been compounded out of vanity and complacent confidence in her she had made a public spectacle of herself.
72. Apparently I’ve made 12% per annum compounded over the ten years though all the profit has come in the last two years.
73. A one-directional short-term move in the underlying results in a compounded directional move in the leveraged derivative.
74. Most investors ignored his personal lifestyle because the stock price rose 46 percent a year, compounded, from 1988 to 1998.
75. With this Owen turned and went out, leaving the door open, and Rushton in a state of mind compounded of fear, amazement and.
76. She insisted on his drinking catsup instead of claret, and ordered the salad compounded with soft hematite instead of paprika.
77. Yet over the next six years, this convention has been upended—since 2003 the 50 stocks with the lowest PSRs compounded at 7.
78. In fact, many that still invest in these types of business have consistently produced over 25% compounded for their portfolios.
79. They needed a target for their seething rage at losing the election, compounded by exposure of their failed attempt to steal it.
80. In the same way that interest can be compounded at different intervals, volatility can also be compounded at different intervals.
81. Debra’s trouble sleeping was compounded by Levi’s absence and his failure to telephone and let her know that he was all right.
82. The soul, I said, being, as is now proven, immortal, must be the fairest of compositions and cannot be compounded of many elements?
83. This may very well be true, and at the same time the rate of increase in value may be substantially less than $3 per annum compounded.
84. Since its inception in November 2008, GJ Investment Funds delivered compounded annual return of more than 72 percent (net to investors).
85. The problem of misleading historical average returns is compounded because current expected returns are lower after valuation increases.
86. For example, buying the decile of stocks from the Market Leaders universe with the best year-over-year growth in sales compounded at 11.
87. I remember one of those men addressing me after a period of mournful silence compounded of mental exhaustion and unexpressed forebodings.
88. It’s also $8 million more than the $1,329,513 you’d have earned with an investment in the All Stocks universe, which compounded at 11.
89. Essentially, Cash Flow Is Great, but Reinvestment Opportunities Are The Driving Force Behind Outsized Compounded Returns Over The Long-Term.
90. First of the four principal kinds of compounds in which two or more words are joined together which, if not compounded, will stand in the.
91. That’s much better than the $872,861 you would have earned with a similar investment in the Large Stocks universe, which compounded at 10.
92. The feeling of isolation for them was compounded by the ensuing troubles there, they being Catholic’s in a predominately Protestant region.
93. That’s considerably better than the $1,411,897 you’d have earned investing in the Market Leaders universe itself, which compounded at 11.
94. With good management and reasonable luck the fair value of the stock would increase with its book value, at the annual rate of 3% compounded.
95. There are rooms in which fire weapons are created, rooms in which steel weapons are forged, and even rooms in which explosives are compounded.
96. When you’re more experienced, you can use full margin (buying power in a margin account), and increase your compounded return to nearly 100%.
97. That secondary computer then compounded its final failure by not awakening its designated first contact crew, contrary to its initial directives.
98. That compares exceptionally well with the $872,861 you would have earned with an investment in the Large Stocks universe, which compounded at 10.
99. Desperate and eager to change this anxious over cast feeling of being in black bubble compounded by the upset stomach she decided to seek psychic.
100. But the confusion of four spellings for rīt is compounded by having to search four different dictionary entries to verify spelling or definition.
1. This compounds out to just 4.
2. All patching compounds that are white.
3. No telling what healthy compounds are in it.
4. These compounds fall to the Earth with the rain.
5. This, of course, compounds the already apparent.
6. Phytochemicals are tiny compounds in plants that work.
7. Unfortunately, it is hard to prove if these compounds can.
8. That and two classes on how to weaponize chemical compounds.
9. Both compounds reduced the frequency of migraines by about.
10. I formulate special compounds that resist this deterioration.
11. All compounds of —ducir are conjugated like the verb traducir.
12. Esoteric compounds of world-known religions should be considered.
13. Basically, these compounds cause dilation of blood vessels in the.
14. I’m afraid Sam, said Tara, that compounds the seriousness.
15. Effects of methionine and other sulfur compounds on drug conjugations.
16. The growth of tumors is inhibited by these powerful chemical compounds.
17. Book and movie time simply compounds the issue that much more, so when.
18. There are possible tens of thousands of compounds in edible foods that we.
19. In turn, these chemical compounds protect the cells and their DNA from damage.
20. These lumbers contain natural oils or profiling compounds that resist rot and.
21. Flavonoids are a group of compounds found in some plant foods and medicinal herbs.
22. There is evidence from test tube studies that chamomile contains compounds with a.
23. This is because the different herbs and plants contain various chemical compounds.
24. Because ginger contains some compounds that cause chromosomal mutation in the test.
25. These chemical compounds stimulate the production of a specific enzyme in the liver.
26. These have become addictive because of certain chemical compounds that make the drug.
27. Several copper compounds have been used successfully in treating people with RA, and.
28. Some corals can release chemical compounds into the water that can damage other corals.
29. But more important than compounds and chemicals was the fact that they could actually.
30. These methods typically employ oxidizing agents such as halogenated compounds, hydrogen.
31. The chemical compounds in apples can reduce stomach acid, much like apple cider vinegar.
32. Also depending on the material used for packaging, there could be extractable compounds.
33. The structure is composed of two main compounds: the main castle and the outer defenses.
34. They live in caged, barred exclusive compounds: much like animals in a barred fenced zoo.
35. This plant is packed with various chemical compounds that affect the human body physically.
36. By fighting the free radicals in the body, these chemical compounds promote better health.
37. Benzoic compounds, researches on the radical of benzoic acid, Wöhler and Liebig, xxvi, 261.
38. Fatty fish and seafood are also rich in these chemical compounds so they should be avoided.
39. He explains how fats act as reservoirs for toxic compounds, which lead to cancer and aging.
40. Since only a small number of these compounds have been identified it is difficult to see why.
41. Some doctors recommend eliminating chocolate and other sources of certain chemical compounds.
42. Butt C 2009: Levels and trends of poly- and perfluorinated compounds in the arctic environment.
43. It is estimated that foods have about 4,000 different compounds that have antioxidant qualities.
44. The antioxidants are chemical compounds which prevent free radicals from damaging healthy cells.
45. The chemical compounds in the raw potato will penetrate through the skin and make you feel better.
46. Growing older with diabetes compounds the problems because the symptoms affect my emotional state.
47. He approaches Cara and Caleb and says something about chemical compounds I don’t quite understand.
48. By mixing poisonous mineral compounds in their own mouths with their saliva, and using their hands.
49. They provide corals with carbon compounds (energy) which the zooxanthellae derive from photosynthesis.
50. This home remedy for bloating and gas contains various chemical compounds that aid digestion naturally.
51. So clearly, relatively simple organic compounds are capable of functions commonly associated with life.
52. This is because it contains substances and compounds that are effective in lowering high blood pressure.
53. It is also possible for herbal chemical compounds to interact with certain medications and cause trouble.
54. Since man’s spirit exists inside his body, so it is affected by the taken compounds of swine meat source.
55. The veterinarian probably will give her an injection of calcium compounds and hormones to help the egg pass.
56. Your body produced uric acid in order to process purines, chemical compounds found in certain types of foods.
57. The term catabolic refers to the state of the body in which body compounds are broken down for energy purposes.
58. Aromatherapy, a term created in 1920, involves the use of essential oils that are compounds in their purist state.
59. This was three months ago, during the days when arcane chemical compounds were both focusing and numbing my mind.
60. The researchers have found that the chemical compounds in green tea can protect the brain from various conditions.
61. Atoms interact with other atoms of the same (elements), and different atoms (compounds), that make up the universe.
62. It seems his calculation of JF-31 cells formula using other compounds exceeds the tolerable state of the pig cells.
63. Kale is a rich source of organosulfur compounds, which is great at fighting many cancers, especially colon cancer.
64. These milk drinks are no more expensive than many of the more watery and less useful compounds, so often substituted.
65. Simply speaking, these chemical compounds can protect you from all types of infections caused by bacteria and viruses.
66. Steel, which is iron alloyed with other compounds (usually carbon), is still the most widely produced metal in the world.
67. It is, however, similar to real compounds in clinical development that aim to selectively lower levels of amyloid-beta 42.
68. The crash had to come; the sooner the better—when a thing is wrong, each day’s delay compounds the cost of righting it.
69. The chemical compounds in it can effectively aid digestion and improve the functioning of the entire gastrointestinal tract.
70. Jess could still smell traces of alchemical compounds from the Greek Fire, a ghost of the man burning in St Pancras Station.
71. These chemical compounds and one of them, EGCG, in particular, stimulate the nervous system to speed up metabolism naturally.
72. If we follow the evolution of planets we see the emergence of compounds, proteins, and the beginnings of single cell organisms.
73. Faustocine harbors the growth of biological compounds that we introduce to the environment until they can survive on their own.
74. Some of the powerful chemical compounds it contains affect the activity of the neurotransmitters in the brain in a beneficial way.
75. The belly-busting properties of stone fruits may come from powerful phenolic compounds that can modulate the expression of fat genes.
76. It is known to stimulate the immune system and produce antibiotic compounds that inhibit the growth of some pathogenic microorganisms.
77. In truth, lots of people in Pashtun areas live in walled compounds because of purdah and privacy, so the house wasn’t really unusual.
78. Atoms interact with other atoms both similar (elements) and different (compounds) to make up the universe and the world we experience.
79. Great care was used in setting up the plant at the Institute, as MIC is without doubt one of the most dangerous compounds ever produced.
80. Researchers have identified at least 13 different flavonoid compounds in spinach that function as antioxidants and as anti-cancer agents.
81. The chemical compounds in green tea make the blood vessels more flexible and protect them from hardening which is associated with aging.
82. Instead he’d chosen a mix of common compounds that would generate a much more sensational and horrifying death for the traitor Chutani.
83. Because the explosive was surrounded with fuel, a mixture of gasoline, aluminum particles and other compounds, it did not ignite the fuel.
84. First of the four principal kinds of compounds in which two or more words are joined together which, if not compounded, will stand in the.
85. Compounds present in both green tea and black tea have been shown to inhibit the growth and activity of bacteria associated with tooth decay.
86. By aiding digestion and improving the functioning of the large intestine, the chemical compounds in the plant can actually soften the stools.
87. Researchers have suggested that the chemical compounds in the plant can increase the sperm count, just like they enhance the fertility of eggs.
88. These raise hopes that effective cures based on the organic chemical compounds from this plant can be invented and produced in the near future.
89. And if any person compounds with the hundred for less than this penalty, he is to be imprisoned for five years; and any other person may prosecute.
90. There are also indications that these powerful chemical compounds can actually inhibit more dangerous viruses, such as herpes simplex and even HIV.
91. The enzyme catalyses the oxidation of a large variety of monoamine compounds including adrenaline, nor adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine.
92. What is distilled out is that unique combination of interacting chemical compounds that have combined in the presence of that universal solvent H2O, water.
93. Its chemotherapeutic value has not been fully substantiated and the mode of action of its bioactive compounds against diseases has no yet been established.
94. This low weight is sometimes due to the fact that they were exposed to nicotine and other harmful chemical compounds present in cigarettes while in the womb.
95. Fenugreek seeds contain compounds known as steroidal saponins that inhibit both cholesterol absorption in the intestines and cholesterol production by the liver.
96. Our society compounds the difficulty by offering assistance only if the troubled person checks into a facility on his own, something he is not capable of doing.
97. Still, it should be noted that some of the chemical compounds in the plant are not beneficial for children who have different nutrition needs compared to adults.
98. The time of picking of the leaves and their specific processing are also responsible for the differences in taste and in the concentration of chemical compounds.
99. Examination of some of the jars you recovered from the tomb is tremendously exciting because Nahep experimented with all sorts of plant and chemical compounds.
100. Soy is particularly high in naturally occurring compounds called estrogenics, which raise estrogen levels and lower testosterone levels, which promotes fat storage.

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