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    1. Yorthops was now on her way to the north end of the urban complex, to Eleknane, beyond Chardovia

    2. This is a little complex than it sounds because there will be 2 variables – the rate of return and amount of savings

    3. Men usually find women too complex to understand

    4. A modern apartment complex surrounded by towering palms somewhere in the Los Angeles area

    5. After a series of complex procedures in the Cancer Center my organs

    6. by the apartment complex that he could see set back against the fields and olive

    7. "There’s one control system we have that we could use that’s actually got what it takes to handle that kind of complex input/output and do it fast enough to fire the NS191 emitters in sync a million times a second

    8. Then, when enough is known and the enough soldiers are twenty one years of age, even if it takes generations, using the technology of the Al-Harron, thousands of troops are parachuted in from stealth aircraft to secure the Kassikan complex

    9. That was complex

    10. The urban complex boasted of being within five hundred miles of four of Earth's six busiest spaceports at the time

    11. There were lines of ships and rafts anchored off every lock entry, ropes being paddled in and out, barges being drawn both ways in a complex ballet who's rhythm wasn't obvious at first

    12. He was getting slightly concerned by the apartment complex that he could see set back against the fields and olive groves

    13. " She didn't think their remote sensors were very good if they couldn't detect an urban complex of a hundred million, but as he said, they weren't looking for the right things

    14. He snapped over 1,000 photos of these complex coiffures, from subjects he found on the streets, in offices, and at wedding celebrations

    15. The warehouse in question formed part of a complex of buildings set inside a forbidding stone wall a considerable amount taller than Kara; she presented herself at the gatehouse, offering the authority Berndt had supplied

    16. the most complex patterns, in this grand theatre of starlight

    17. ” He saw that she was very complex in her thinking

    18. On its basic sense, fibre is an example of complex carbohydrate that is relatively essential in the absorption of the other nutrients into the body

    19. ascorbic acid within a vitamin c complex

    20. A meander had been shot thru with a canal, then there was a complex corridor a few miles to the northeast, with a couple sets of tide control locks to pole thru

    21. not more complex for the latter group since when there are kids in the picture, things can

    22. The sound swells, becomes more complex and, as the non-Gottesmen drop out, transforms gradually into a peaceful, lyrical hymn casting a blessing over the assembled throng

    23. ‘Not only is that far too complex for this time of day, but parts of the process are beyond explanation

    24. A glare of sunlight catches my attention and I watch puzzled as we draw nearer to the cause of this brightness … astonished, I see a vast greenhouse complex

    25. 'Sorry to ask again, but a cricket shop in a temple complex? Who will buy?

    26. “You shouldn’t second guess yourself, and how were you to know this war would happen? Yes we might have guessed that Alan’s hack would take over the Brazilian expedition when it got there, but how were we to know they would convince the Brazilian establishment to put a viral complex transmitted from that hack into production?”

    27. There are many things in blogging which are complex

    28. They tried to ask a more complex question, showed her the stitching in her sundress, showed her the stitching in one of their skirts

    29. I’ve got quite a list of questions on my pad by the time I draw up outside the sheltered housing complex where Bert Redfield lives

    30. Humans are social beings in a very complex way

    31. This complex had two large towers, one on each end, each about forty stories above the remainder of the campus, which averaged fifteen stories

    32. Be complex! The Beast is within the deep waters

    33. What a very complex man he is

    34. ’ She admitted, ‘Bunty always struck me as a very complex person, as though what you saw on the surface was only a part of the real woman

    35. As she deteriorated it became more complex as sometimes she would be perfectly straight in her mind and other times

    36. ‘Just what a complex woman she appears to be

    37. At the rate they were going it might cost them a whole week getting to the northern extremities of the urban complex

    38. Downstream of Chardovia they went down a lazy, lon-choked river for a few miles before it widened out into the next lake, backed up by another city in the Yakhan’s urban complex called Sistril that was sixteen miles down the Mindendao river

    39. history is multifaceted, full of complex and occasionally turbulent

    40. in his world, and no complex technology would work in the Other

    41. A complex of emotions crossed his face on seeing her, all of them escaped her understanding

    42. complex key, giving Tom the strong impression that he was not

    43. South along the back of the far barn, walking slowly, looking into angles of shadow and watching for sudden shifts in light, one of the uniformed constables makes his way toward the field at the bottom of the farm complex

    44. Delurna looked up all the committees associated with that end of the complex and what dealings they were involved in during that time

    45. found it hard to believe that Xavier could run this whole complex by himself

    46. Each of these centers, mentioned thus far, also have a representation in the physiology of the human brain complex, as does the intellectual center, that great repository of potential connections in the gray matter of the noggin

    47. “Oh, you want some more, do you?” Justice said with a laugh, and threw the imp with supersonic speed at the train station, blowing up the complex

    48. On Deck was actually a steel sports training complex, one hundred and

    49. complex he owned on the East Side of town next to a church on a corner

    50. Until now I still have an inferiority complex but not the same as before

    1. “He’s got inferiority complexes on his inferiority complexes

    2. Tree plantation can be taken up on sides of roads, within residential complexes, parks and office complexes

    3. You just can't shake your complexes, can you?

    4. But quarks are presumably inanimate particles that are the primary building blocks used to form more complexes creations

    5. Before the estimated nuclear strike, predictions for these complexes (this was only one of many hundreds being burrowed by automated drills throughout the world) ranged between twenty square kilometres to as much as fifty

    6. Monique had felt no concern – much less any guilt – for the others below when (as one of the chosen) she’d been confined to deep aquatic complexes, then polycarbonate domes as the world decontaminated

    7. He had access codes to storage complexes in the UK southeast sector

    8. Beyond the Beltway, Baltimore Avenue turned into a highway that led past shopping centers and apartment complexes, then swiftly gave way to cornfields and nature preserves

    9. These four nations all share in common that supposed genocide against whites looms large in the imaginations and fears of white racists, white supremacists, and other whites with persecution complexes

    10. The dormitory was the smallest of the three main complexes

    11. indicated before it has a record of building and tearing down housing complexes

    12. Science has pictured, as I’ve indicated in a previous chapter, the very beginning of life as one-celled things existing in a soup of finite hydrocarbon complexes from which they extracted their being

    13. This enabled us to buy in a quiet place far away from the outer edge of the city, where a few up-market security complexes were being constructed

    14. corporate/industrial/military complexes to run amok

    15. Desperate screams penetrate the air as ferals hunt down unfamiliar men and pack rape the women and children sheltering in nearby apartment complexes

    16. I noticed the guys who boasted the most about their conquests always had the most complexes

    17. You’ll notice that the resort’s and the military academy’s facilities are now linked by tunnels, finished passageways actually, as well as by paths, and that the existing cottage and the dock we’ve added are also joined to the main complexes by tunnels and paths

    18. Having lost the capacity for intelligent decisions, the unconscious would find itself frozen in form, permanently holding whatever opinions, psychological habits, and unresolved emotional complexes it possessed at the moment of death

    19. To build a Sophianalytical star, the kinds of complexes necessary for a

    20. "So when you want to hit this fool?" Travis asked as they all sat in Puerto Loco's apartment in one of Soundview's housing complexes passing a blunt around the room in a cypher

    21. Once they had established a safe route, they began building the tunnel complexes

    22. And now there are thousands of tunnel complexes around the world, each with hundreds of thousands of people huddled in them

    23. Most of the fears, phobias, inhibitions and complexes we carry through life were

    24. As I explained earlier, most of the fears, phobias, complexes and inhibitions a

    25. That water that complexes with salt in the popcorn was supposed to be used in

    26. fears, phobias, complexes and inhibitions we carry through life were instil ed in

    27. complexes, identical up to the point of resolution: the oedipal complex can be fully

    28. The relationship between the unresolved oedipal and antigonal complexes are learned

    29. the oedipal and antigonal complexes and their ínterrelationship

    30. Humanoid's held in hibernation in factory complexes as a fresh food source were revived with the help of Grailem's legions

    31. Many of Africa’s political leaders had enthusiastically entered partnership agreements with foreign powers in the development of power generating complexes, agriculture, and several new Super-Cities

    32. A week after the initial assault, the mercenaries felt that they needed to go after the underground complexes

    33. Morg’s Tesler sensed the distance between it and the ground and stopped between two apartment complexes

    34. If she had to, she would escape into the park, which was further from the apartment complexes than was safe for anyone out after curfew

    35. Her decision to run for the apartment complexes was wrong

    36. The made contact with the managers of the low-income senior housing complexes and started developing relationships

    37. They promoted Confident Kids in the apartment complexes, at the play groups, and in their newsletters

    38. They had a formal high tea at the church where the ladies from the complexes invited daughters and granddaughters

    39. We pass Shepherdson’s Café, Freshlist Groceries, Derin’s Complexes, and more

    40. immune complexes (a type of antigen-antibody reaction), with accompanying inflammatory reaction and a

    41. supplements in these cases can dissolve and clear these immune complexes, helping to improve the patient’s

    42. of BRCA1 and E-cadherin/catenin complexes

    43. At the highest level of mastery of this style, there are no fixed movements or complexes, only the major principles 283

    44. The human personality of the yellow race is rooted with complexes, unclear even to the psychoanalyst

    45. of natural objects and their complexes, associated with annual movement of the

    46. We go to bury the gods of Warchine, we go to bury our allegiance and support of the Nazi-Nigger Death Complexes

    47. When an economy is built upon its military and security complexes, then you cannot reform and curtail these economies to support the people, because to divert funds to public welfare would destroy the war economy that is undergirding the entire institutional structure

    48. Then the Almighty will purify it from its unclean things, its lusts, and its spiritual diseases and complexes, all of which cause it sorrow and insomnia

    49. There were ambitious plans for Lantau to be linked to the mainland by a series of bridges which would bring car and rail transport to the vast potential development areas, and with it huge residential and commercial complexes

    50. I myself had never had such complexes and girlfriends had always come to me easily

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    building complex complex composite coordination compound complicated difficult convoluted involved puzzling intricate perplexing hard elaborate compound conglomerate multiple mixed manifold heterogeneous system structure tangle group complication net phobia mania neurosis fixation repression hang-up delusion