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    1. It was the conglomeration of all of God’s events

    2. What a conglomeration of colours, textures, and flavours

    3. crust of this conglomeration looked on with frank astonishment

    4. Europe had become a partitioned conglomeration as far as immigration was concerned

    5. The mountains amplified his words, throwing them back at the crowd in a confused conglomeration of echoes

    6. Badachro Sett was a loose conglomeration of smaller badger communities and as each group mistrusted the other, an uneasy alliance existed

    7. Finally, it was the visionary conglomeration of all these and more, put together by its prophet Mohammad

    8. She picked up more and more, a stream of material rising from the bottom of the hole to add itself to the floating conglomeration

    9. let’s refer to that whole before-and-after conglomeration, the it/them/us assembly, as God

    10. They squirmed turbulently on the grassy hills in an angry conglomeration

    11. The conglomeration of life forms also detected the movement of the Hive Builders to a distant location

    12. It is not important to know the complete history but to know that you are a conglomeration in this form of many inputs and outcomes that have been experienced by men since they were first inserted here and filled with the energy being needed for growth and expansion

    13. You create battles in the present to fight a conglomeration of unintegrated battles of the past, bringing about the feeling that you are fighting the right battles, even though they are not entirely real

    14. conglomeration of material completely removed from the message that Jesus brought

    15. When Katrina hit, there was a conglomeration of incompetence and payoffs at the local, state and federal levels

    16. conglomeration of beautiful cherries I ran towards them,

    17. He drove for another half hour winnowing the conglomeration of information through his mind

    18. chance conglomeration of individual souls had spent a day together

    19. So as the Union of India, Allah willing, would forever remain a place of the Hindu Muslim conglomeration, it is only wise for the Indians, irrespective of their religious affinities, to realize that their future is firmly rooted in this common communal ground

    20. The shock-waves from this collision blasted Mercury, Venus and the Earth into Mars, forming a hideously unshapely conglomeration of a planet

    21. The “earth flattening” refers to the vanishing of its conglomeration

    22. The earth could contain all those numerous spirits with their bodies of man, animal and plants and many other creatures by means of its such conglomeration

    23. If the individual is endowed with natural positive conglomeration of traits and embodiments but he is not reared properly in all areas of embodiment, he can be compared in the parable of the seed as a good seed thrown on stony path; hence, there was great resistance for its fruition

    24. She reported on the Watts riots in LA and the conglomeration of riots in the

    25. It is a conglomeration of different things

    26. The view from Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island, spanning the flat roofs of the high-rise conglomeration of the Mid-levels, and over the weathered and heat-gleaming Western and Central districts to the mass of shapes on Kowloon peninsula, is one of the most affecting in the world

    27. Finally Ahmed stopped and studied the nooks and crevices of the huge stone conglomeration

    28. conglomeration of 35 different sales pages on totally unrelated topics, you will not rank

    29. finally a conglomeration of them all in a state of spiritual benediction

    30. Especially in solitude of the immense desert or amid the conglomeration of gigantic mountains man unintentionally plunges into the thoughts of immensibility of the Universe, infinity of the Cosmic space

    31. † This conglomeration of business ventures was matched by a corresponding variety of corporate devices, including the following:

    32. For on the one hand it has an extraordinarily large number of subsidiary companies (at least 24), making an astonishing variety of products, but on the other hand the entire conglomeration adds up to mighty small potatoes by usual Wall Street standards

    33. Built over decades, it was really a conglomeration of lesser castles spliced together

    34. "Thus, uniting into herds of four hundred thousand men, marching day and night without any rest, not thinking of anything, nor studying anything, nor learning anything, nor reading anything, not being useful to a single person, rotting from dirt, sleeping in the mire, living like the brutes in a constant stupor, pillaging cities, burning villages, ruining peoples, then meeting another conglomeration of human flesh, rushing against it, making lakes of blood and fields of battered flesh, mingled with muddy and blood-stained earth and mounds of corpses, being deprived of arms or legs, or having the skull crushed without profit to any one, and dying in the corner of a field, while your old parents, your wife, and your children are starving,—that's what is called not to fall into the most hideous materialism

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    conglobation conglomeration aggregate congeries assortment medley combination composite mélange mixture