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Connive sätze (in englisch)

  1. Neither of us answered the other’s question, and after setting a later date to meet up and connive, we parted in the rain, which had begun to pour.
  2. When their approach is to cheat, lie, connive, plot, stab you in the back, deal creep, be two-faced; then you may have to adopt the same approach to survive.
  3. But, on the second head, can your law be executed? Does the history of the past in our own, or any other country, warrant such an expectation? Can you watch the extended line, of forty-five degrees north, for hundreds of miles, so as to prevent a transit for commercial exchange, indispensable to the necessities of the country? No, sir, it is a vain expectation; your army of 25,000 could not prevent the intercourse: their sympathies would rather lead them to connive at what they could not fail to see.
  4. Bartholomews, there to be deposited, and thence carried in neutral or British bottoms to Jamaica, the Bahamas, or wheresoever else they may be wanted? And again, if, notwithstanding the hostile attitude in which we stand in relation to each other England is compelled to encourage a trade by license, will not her necessities equally induce her to connive at exportation? Can it be doubted, that her armed vessels would not be instructed to allow our provisions to pass unmolested, when, by pursuing a contrary conduct, she would be starving her own colonies? And is it not clear that a traffic, which the war prevents from being direct, would continue to be carried on, as it is at present, through intermediate ports?
  1. A conniving hypocrite.
  2. He does have a conniving mind.
  3. She was a conniving little bitch.
  4. She is such a conniving bitch!.
  5. Youre one real conniving son of a.
  6. The conniving young girl realized that.
  7. Who knew conniving could be so much stress.
  8. I don't see how he was conniving, I said.
  9. He’d been a conniving bastard all year, cocky as.
  10. She had called him a conniving, manipulative, cruel man.
  11. Cruzel was just evil and conniving, sly and political and didn't fit in.
  12. That woman is a conniving wench who had wanted to force my hand in marriage.
  13. No call for help was sent out because you were underhanded and conniving!.
  14. Their unsleeping evil of secret conniving and plotting and orchestrating never stops.
  15. Dick Tesser is the same conniving son of a bitch his father was, Joan announced.
  16. And he was so mad at her conniving that he was determined to ruin her life after they broke up.
  17. The agent’s face soured, but before he could reply, Timmons roared, That conniving bitch!.
  18. Oak's attention was caught by the entrance of Rancor, his expression confident, cloying, and conniving.
  19. Lori’s face took a conniving look of self pride, Why honey, I made him into the beast he is today.
  20. He had hated that woman ever since he had found out how conniving she was but he would never have wished her dead.
  21. Still, if we go with tradition, the Ferengi are most in line with the Book, back stabbing and conniving though they may be.
  22. He had to be careful—extremely careful, for women were very complex creatures and could be tremendously conniving as well.
  23. What a conniving, lying bastard! A worm turned in Jillian's stomach She drove to the Castle after her shift and spoke to the receptionist.
  24. Until one of you conniving jackals mans up enough to kill me, I rule and what I say goes! You do not question my motives or actions!.
  25. Tygo, all this is consistent with the tales of what they look like and their being conniving rascals who more than anything else like to play pranks on us humans.
  26. That cunning, conniving old bastard Rosen! He'd cut off the calls to the training group, even messages! Must send him a Thank-You card, the devious SOB, Lester smiled.
  27. This was exactly what Sir Thomas and Edmund had been separately conniving at, as each proved to the other by the sympathetic alacrity with which they both advised Mrs.
  28. The arrival of Caroline’s car broke their pleasant pastimes, especially as she walked by the car with a conniving grin, waving a mini cassette victoriously above her head.
  29. The Butcher already had his gun out, and it was pointed at the guy in his underwear, aimed at his balls, but then Sullivan moved it up to the heart, if the conniving bastard had one.
  30. Mr Jay then outlined a plan that would keep the job afloat, I came alive again and the red mist cleared, time enough later to settle with them two conniving bastards, Donavan and Crow.
  31. It is history that some business entities were indeed conniving and dishonest, but with closer scrutiny those were usually subsidized by government and inescapably suffered consequences.
  32. Smith, not only with conniving at a conduct improper in itself, because it could only lead to rejection of the arrangement growing out of it, but insinuates that he was the principal actor in the scene.
  33. It seemed as though an imposter slipped into Angela’s body the moment she crossed the door jamb into the main foyer – the alter ego of the vicious, conniving person June struggled with on a daily basis.
  34. It is a book that draws evil people to it: by promising them adventure: and instead giving them double-dealing, conniving, secrecy, cowardice, betrayal, plotting, secrets plans to kill other people, evil, hate, filth, and corruption.
  35. A ruthless, conniving ingénue insinuates her way into the inner circle of a legendary, aging Broadway star, leaving wrecked lives and shattered relationships in her wake, as she claws her way to the very pinnacle of theatrical stardom.
  36. Estulin discusses the conniving greed of a group of people that have been around for centuries – I should correct that to type, since I don’t believe you will find anyone still living who was around when Christ threw the moneychangers out of the temple.
  37. To the objection that this is conniving at self-delusion by the investor, we may answer that on the whole he is likely to fare better by overlooking the price variations of high-grade bonds than by trying to take advantage of them and thus transforming himself into a trader.
  38. Deceiving his father had cost Jacob dearly in that he was forced to leave his home, he lost his beloved mother and had to start all over again, but in all his dealings thereafter, he was honest, and this brought him sons and great wealth at the expense of a conniving, cheating Laban.
  39. In the investment business in particular this is a critical teaching, simply because the investment area is full of Bernie Madoff-like characters who will steal you blind, as well as those of a less insidious, but just as insincere, phony, and conniving class of individual that can be found in any business.
  40. The story of Eve, adapted from a Cosmopolitan short story, is well known—a ruthless, conniving ingénue, Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter), insinuates herself into the life and career of a legendary, aging Broadway star, Margo Channing (Bette Davis), wrecking the lives of all those she touches, as she claws her way to the very pinnacle of theatrical stardom.
  1. Security also connived in this.
  2. As his manhood reached the threshold of her maidenhood, her womanhood connived with him to contrive its crossing.
  3. Come with us, Sola; we might go without you, but your fate would be terrible if they thought you had connived to aid us.
  4. The British Government has been suspected of having connived at this expedition as well as the Government of the United States.
  5. Look at the oldest Chinese symbols that represent the Pat5h of Dow-ism… the downward paths, these undead scum have secretly connived for us to follow.
  6. As the English elite killed each other, hated each other, raped and stole and connived and lied and did every underhanded trick ever invented, and invented some more evils that never existed.
  7. Into the details of the infamy at which I thus connived (for even now I can scarce grant that I committed it) I have no design of entering; I mean but to point out the warnings and the successive steps with which my chastisement approached.

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