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    1. grand scheme of your daily life isn't going to make much difference

    2. There was a limited budget and time constraints, and too many variables to meld together an effective color scheme

    3. When you invest in a mutual fund, you do not have to work hard in rotating your money from one scheme to another

    4. Instead a new scheme is likely to be introduced soon wherein one can but Gold Mutual Fund

    5. I’m sure there are some curtains in the roof which would look okay in here … the ones I used to have in the dining room at the old house … I reckon they would be long enough … but it would depend on what colour scheme they decide on

    6. Reluctantly, she admits this is a prudent scheme

    7. Forces that plot and scheme to destroy what we have here, some of which you have yet to understand

    8. Making that decision helps, tiny though it is in the scheme of things

    9. In the scheme of things, in the planning

    10. cared for me in the scheme of love and marriage and potential

    11. ‘The idea is that she and Caderl will live at the villa … though I don’t think that is the best scheme

    12. the large scheme of things, my loss was statistically irrelevant

    13. selfish scheme of things, I suffered the most

    14. “Both I and Colonel Samrova should have been notified about this scheme

    15. In that it is not created in logic as a masterminded scheme of any

    16. You have seen the accommodation, Sarah, there isn’t much in the big scheme of things and the turnover tends to be on a two yearly basis

    17. is, valuing your place in the big scheme of things and knowing you are an

    18. to know and to search out, and to seek wisdom and the scheme of things, and to know

    19. have found this,” says the Preacher, “one to another, to find out the scheme; 28 which

    20. The great chief became more uneasy and consulted with his wisest advisers for a scheme

    21. ’ Ozzie said, ‘He was always going off on some scheme or other – they’ll probably think that he hit pay dirt and buggered off

    22. Several times he paced the floor trying to come up with a scheme whereby they could extract the ore and get it away, but without the car they were completely screwed, and he knew it

    23. To their mother they presented wooden signs, or plaques; one for each of the bungalows, and carved in relief that bungalow's number and each was painted in its own color scheme

    24. “Harry, money is very useful, but it is also of very limited use in the broad scheme of things

    25. She contemplates the room and tries to imagine it with the colour scheme they are discussing

    26. only too willing to play along with any scheme that caused

    27. He considered the scheme for a

    28. A saloon was included in the scheme of arrangements, isolated from the dining hall proper, it was envisioned more of a sitting room with a bar than a bar with a sitting room

    29. ' It was a very ill-conceived scheme

    30. But I can’t help wondering that the whole thing was a gigantic scheme! Why? You ask

    31. We believe he will instigate a backup scheme anytime

    32. He appears to have enquired very carefully into this subject {See his scheme for the maintenance of the poor, in Burn's History of the Poor Laws

    33. He even admitted that his boss thought it was all a scheme she and Luray cooked up

    34. Here is a simple scheme: parents say to the children all

    35. The idea of the possibility of multiplying paper money to almost any extent was the real foundation of what is called the Mississippi scheme, the most extravagant project, both of banking and stock-jobbing, that perhaps the world ever saw

    36. The different operations of this scheme are explained so fully, so clearly, and with so much order and distinctness, by Mr Du Verney, in his Examination of the Political Reflections upon commerce and finances of Mr Du Tot, that I shall not give any account of them

    37. It bears the evident marks of having originally been, what the honest and downright Doctor Douglas assures us it was, a scheme of fraudulent debtors to cheat their creditors

    38. Whatever it wants is most likely related to my parents’ scheme

    39. In the grand scheme this seems to be preordained to a large degree as our normal egos are just puppets for the Universal big mind at large

    40. The seat of such manufactures, as they are generally introduced by the scheme and project of a few individuals, is sometimes established in a maritime city, and sometimes in an inland town, according as their interest, judgment, or caprice, happen to determine

    41. scheme of things, then cut your losses (emotional losses included) and

    42. The Captain and her Security Officer took several turns around the gardens and only the cats, vegetables, flowers and various seedlings were privy to the intricacies of the scheme of actions the Huntress held in store for the loosely federated renegade pirates 'gone to ground' in the Waghtnin

    43. “Alright ladies, we kick this little scheme into gear as soon as I hear from each and everyone of you that you are confident in our Deni's ability to 'pull your favorite asses out of the fire'! And I'd rather that be in a few days---not weeks! Deal?!”

    44. Under so unfavourable an administration, its progress was necessarily very slow, in comparison with that of other new colonies; but it became much more rapid when this company was dissolved, after the fall of what is called the Mississippi scheme

    45. Martin suddenly was aware of the whole scheme Sloan was attempting as he looked at the screening visual which stopped at the entrance way to Georgetown

    46. This life plan of ours is part of the grand scheme of things, which facilitates our learning in this world

    47. According to the scheme of taxing by requisition, the parliament of Great Britain would stand nearly in the same situation towards the colony assemblies, as the king of France does towards the states of those provinces which still enjoy the privilege of having states of their own, the provinces of France which are supposed to be the best governed

    48. But though, according to this scheme, the colonies could have no just reason to fear that their share of the public burdens should ever exceed the proper proportion to that of their

    49. In order to put Great Britain upon a footing of equality with her own colonies, which the law has hitherto supposed to be subject and subordinate, it seems necessary, upon the scheme of taxing them by parliamentary requisition, that parliament should have some means of rendering its requisitions immediately effectual, in case the colony assemblies should attempt to evade or reject them; and what those means are, it is not very easy to conceive, and it has not yet been explained

    50. scheme of things, but it is big enough to actually

    1. Willow and I schemed, and when Izzy looked in the mirror, she stood in horror at the spotted leopard print hair on her head

    2. As his mind schemed, Hevel's eyes began to lite up with a devious fire

    3. At the thought of Cherva, Grindel frowned, pondering the power he'd given this boar, his eyes clouding as he schemed how he might ensure the badger's loyalty

    4. Born extremely sheltered and privileged, Roosevelt's family connections helped get him elected to the New York legislature and several other posts that led to Assistant Secretary of the Navy, where he schemed to get the US involved in the Spanish-American War while the actual Secretary of the Navy was on vacation

    5. It was schemed up with loved ones during Rosh Hashanah when we started reminiscing about my mom’s cooking

    6. towards them while he schemed

    7. “According to a number of sources, not only did Butch verbally threaten to kill his victim; he schemed for several hours how he would corner him in the school’s gymnasium and crush his sternum

    8. Moreover, they schemed to kill him (pth)

    9. The actors themselves dissolved, leaving behind the characters they were playing in their place and with this new return to life they loved, cried, schemed and lamented as

    10. As Bernie, Kurt, and Brian schemed, Victor approached, having slipped off earlier without anyone realizing it

    11. So what would he think when he finds out she just schemed and manipulated her way to the position she's been longing for since the beginning of last year?

    12. Pharaoh said, "Did you believe in Him before I have given you permission? This is surely a conspiracy you schemed in the city, in order to expel its people from it

    13. Those before them also schemed, but God took their structures from the foundations, and the roof caved in on them

    14. master of the house, and had in no sense schemed this party of pleasure

    15. He schemed to make Joe and Jack Massachusetts residents, even though their legal residence was now Florida, in the hopes that his eldest sons would soon enter politics

    16. After tea, and taking a turn in the garden, my particular, who was the master of the house, and had in no sense schemed this party of pleasure for a dry one, proposed to us, with that frankness which his familiarity at Mrs

    17. He had sat in prison for three years and schemed of ways to retaliate against his ex-wife and her colleagues

    18. Mattie brought her iced tea in a plastic cup, and they schemed ways to make a respectful departure

    19. She had fought and schemed and nursed them through the dark times when Yankee confiscation loomed, when money was tight and smart men going to the wall

    20. Peter Ivánovich's eyes became inflamed,—he believed what Pákhtin was telling him,—and he would have continued talking for a long time, if Sónya Petróvna had not schemed to get Natálya Nikoláevna to put on her mantilla, and had not come herself to raise Peter Ivánovich from his seat

    21. 'How much I exacted for myself; how I schemed and did not manage to gain anything but shame and sorrow! and, there now, I require nothing to be happy;' and suddenly a new light seemed to reveal itself to him

    1. This has forced them to curtail on such expenses and also reduce/do away with the assured returns on the pension schemes

    2. They are bickering happily as they leave the house, arguing over the relative merits of various colour schemes … what a pair!

    3. Not only have I saved you and your lovely little miss from that old bastard's schemes and plots, but I've also taught you a lesson

    4. The room became a plotter's den slanted with plans and schemes

    5. The style had a few themes from Minoan times, mainly the color schemes and the fact that there were no depictions of important men, and it was all connected into one building

    6. So, in disappointment of the hopeful schemes of both sets of parents, the match fizzled and faded without consummation

    7. man who brings wicked schemes to

    8. Anon had expected more lies, half-truths and schemes from the mouth of the Dead God, certainly not truth

    9. The Elf continued, “That Husim is still mining the memories of innocent victims to aid his schemes isn't so very surprising I suppose

    10. distinction of ranks has once been completely established, there have been always two different schemes or systems of morality current at the same time; of which the one may be called the strict or austere; the other the liberal, or, if you will, the loose system

    11. ” At that, the two Halfling friends leaned over the countertop and started sketching, dreaming, and conspiring as they often did, especially when they were hatching their best schemes

    12. The litany of abuses predicated in the name of free expression, or proxy ―decisions‖ made on behalf of others who are unable to make informed decisions, are understood by the hordes of mentally ill people roaming the streets, who should be otherwise institutionalized for their own safety, if not for the safety of our society, for that matter, who remain on the streets, unable to properly care for themselves, mandated by civil rights organizations fearful that their rights may be jeopardized, people otherwise incapable of making a rational assessment of their own condition; not to mention conferring legitimacy to sexual deviancy in all its varieties that many of us have casually resigned ourselves to as ―simply‖ alternative lifestyles or championing (equal) protection under the law, that, in some instances, should call for censorship, or implausible assumptions regarding the ―unborn,‖ (Abortion) remanding millions of innocents to an early grave, a convenience for women fretting over their figures or professional careers, abetted by spineless politicians, who for expediency sake, continue advancing legislation denying them (―unborn‖) their own inalienable right to choose, had they the means, or encouraging a culture of death (Euthanasia) for the convenience of (the) would-be custodians of the terminally ill or perhaps to (simply) reduce the increasing costs of Healthcare, or the legalization of drugs because that too is a convenient alternative for a number of individuals who have seemingly lost the will to rid our society of rampant drug abuse and therefore justify such (hare-brained) schemes from the vantage point of opportunity savings or reduced social costs, or movements to eliminate God from the public consciousness lest society be reminded of its sins or perhaps because many of us have (conveniently) chosen to become our own gods

    13. The same people who obviously had been the architects of both schemes endured grueling questioning yet, to his immense relief, not one revealed his operation

    14. Fraudulent investment schemes in reforestation projects, resorts and restaurants took a heavy toll, but, by far, real estate was the worst

    15. Thieves have many schemes for getting your number, ranging from bluetooth skimmers which, installed on top of a legitimate readers, grab information and send it to a nearby laptop, to waitresses simply writing down the data from the card

    16. Caroline took her time, considering dozens of schemes searching for the most wicked, before deciding to inform on him for drug trafficking

    17. They were up against a being of unimaginable power, not based solely on its manipulations, schemes, and outright terror practices

    18. He was caught up in the schemes of the Patriarch

    19. The Scriptures infer the same principle: "When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, the hearts of the people are filled with schemes to do wrong" (Ecclesiastes 8:11)

    20. To raise direct taxes was unthinkable, even in a Congress that was willing to go along with most of Roosevelts schemes

    21. In this way he could get his unconstitutional New Deal schemes declared

    22. And knowing that it quite likely may have been a wasted effort, our unknown enemy no doubt has other schemes afoot to accomplish the same ends

    23. Me, my sister who hates me and is up to her schemes and her boyfriend

    24. We found that Zarkog would allow us our schemes, and that we could get away with almost anything, so long as it caused no open dissension, did not cause a decrease in production, and did not reduce the military capabilities of the army

    25. This is not about reward schemes or tricking someone else into paying for your travels

    26. ” (Italics mine) Out of this mind-set developed the concept of racial preferences (affirmative action) and other anti-individualist schemes

    27. He concluded that the “most potent factor” was “All cooperative schemes which provide equal remuneration to the skilled and industrious and the ignorant and idle, must work their own downfall, for by this unjust plan of remuneration they must of necessity eliminate the valuable members

    28. They are in effect government sponsored ponzi schemes where

    29. I am not surprised by his schemes because the boys imagine these things to be easy

    30. There were other girls who were kept in separate wards of the hospital, hidden from prying eyes, who were involuntary participants in Jacob's schemes

    31. “The history of Guardon’s spawning and the schemes of his Demigod father long have I studied

    32. All the thoughts and schemes in your head, those are where your freedom lies

    33. He is implanted with new thoughts, schemes, and routines

    34. so that no advantage would be taken of us by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his schemes

    35. would provide excellent cover for their many schemes and scams, including the

    36. because it offers many attractive schemes that pay good

    37. You are not obliged to help us, but I thought that as you had already crossed swords with Hu Lyang - and Marianne and yourself had almost been murdered, you might be interested in having his schemes upset…he’s in KwaZulu-Natal for the next two weeks so there is no danger of us running into him and being recognised…what do you say?…’

    38. 4 Though Jesus knew that the plan for his death had its origin in the councils of the rulers of the Jews, he was also aware that all such nefarious schemes had the full approval of Lucifer, Satan, and Caligastia

    39. schemes to make these teachers accountable

    40. “Is this another one of your crazy schemes for my life? You’re

    41. another of her schemes unfolded

    42. look she always got when one of her schemes was about to be

    43. with every one of your little schemes

    44. VUlentary License Schemes

    45. not conform to metered (rhyme) schemes

    46. (rhyme) schemes are eliminated and replaced with enjambment

    47. As their profits increased and as they discovered the ease with which governments could be manipulated they became bolder and designed grander schemes with farther reaching implications

    48. We have suffered two world wars because of the schemes and plans of these individuals

    49. The politician was away in Mumbai where he planned to give talks on his new schemes for bettering the country

    50. (A) There are many schemes devised for the disruption and the continuity of daily life in the united States

    1. It was as if, having opened her mind to the dark side in her plotting and scheming, she had welcomed in the spirit of the lycanthrope, although she remained sufficiently cold-blooded not to have changed her shape

    2. As that scheming Scots bastard says, I need a plan

    3. “Our Deni isn't the meek bean-counter she was when she was tossed into our company by her scheming masters in the Guild

    4. Such a mind must always be thinking, scheming, controlling

    5. It was funny to see the cadets struggling with their boxes, scheming and using their wits to figure how to do it using the least amount of energy

    6. scheming politicians to attract potential voters

    7. Phillipe Bunau Varilla, a corrupt French businessman, played a central role in the scheming for Panamanian independence to get the canal for the US

    8. There had been US efforts to build a canal in Central America for 60 years before the scheming that led to the Panamanian uprising for independence

    9. “The fuck is up cuz…you scheming on my scrilla?” The man said with a

    10. There was something scheming in that mansion and these friends were going to find out

    11. that time, without guile, played his harp to comfort his enemy, the scheming King

    12. such is the impulsive power of the scheming wrong doer

    13. But, doctor, I would wager that this is exactly what the Occidental Union Administrators are scheming

    14. “But, why?” By his expression, she knew the Pastor didn’t know what she was asking, so she said, “I don’t understand why Satan puts all this effort into scheming

    15. With all my family’s scheming and planning we never were found out

    16. I REALIZED how Number One Fan could be that scheming

    17. This scheming, wicked woman started to pay much attention to Egil

    18. Behind the scenes, his son Absalom, is scheming to usurp the throne

    19. He mentally cursed the vainglorious extravagance which had put him in debt to the money-lenders and made him a pawn of scheming politicians

    20. still scheming and plotting and you never knew what she was going

    21. What were the energy vampires up to? Their scheming behavior was highly uncharacteristic

    22. “Oh Popet Shiv wanker! He’s a thieving scheming little rat, but he blows his dirty earnings in here so who am I to complain

    23. Despite the scheming of Kincaid, it may call for some analysis because what he did is not without some merit

    24. ? The scheming bitch! How could she have done this to me

    25. Mitchell glanced at his scheming expression in the mirror

    26. Wedon, being elevated to high priest by the god Quetzalcoatl himself made him the most powerful priest in Anahuac, no priest would dare to usurp this god-given position, all other priests would come under his direct guidance and their usual scheming would be stopped by him, before it could fester and infect the whole priesthood as it had under the Teoti

    27. And as the young man went, he was spotted afar, so the brothers went to scheming of what they could do to rid themselves of the problem of brother Joseph, conspiring to kill him

    28. the man, and his scheming mother, which are not

    29. She knew that some little piece of information, which he had acquired on one of his archaeological expeditions to the ancient computer worlds had changed him from being a loyal servant during his first few years as second-in-command to a scheming usurper of present

    30. of the scheming of brother officers, both superior (Broulard) and

    31. He was also a skilled and shameless liar, rude to subordinates, scheming towards his boss and quickly

    32. He’ll be scheming up a plan, I just know it

    33. They seemed to be scheming and plotting against her

    34. the scheming, the cover-up and the corruption

    35. will enjoy the plotting and scheming that can be employed to ensure winning

    36. I stiffened, sensing the watchful tenseness that flickered over her thoughts, layered with a cold pleasure, almost like she was silently scheming

    37. That ugly monster from down the core of the earth is perhaps laughing hysterically while hearing Grace‘s story, and even scheming for another attack

    38. We finally get it – we are the skeleton pyramid for their billion dollar space house scheming

    39. When she attained her teen years, she already observed the very selfish and scheming attitude of her parents

    40. He had spent a difficult day thinking and scheming for the best way to get rid of his adversary and he needed a short rest before carrying out this duty

    41. Al’lah says: “…Satan’s scheming is weak indeed

    42. When plotting and scheming for your business, pay attention to the ideas that surround you

    43. How much longer would she be able to ride as she had this morning, with the wind gushing through her hair? How many more summers would her body retain the firmness of youth? Her mind went to the King’s patient and scheming mistress, that royal protocol and centuries of infidelity forced her to accept

    44. After I had lamely smacked him in the arm a couple of times, he got a scheming look in his eye

    45. Scheming selling practices are rarely successful when it comes to dealing with

    46. When Kate heard their scheming, she decided it was time to end this

    47. She had been treated shabbily, deprived of a vast fortune that was rightfully hers, by her scheming sister and her vindictive old grandmother

    48. ‘Akhim must have been brought into help’ he thought “Our chats had been about planning and scheming and his knowledge as a forger was unparallel, he must be an expert if he is employed by the Sheik’

    49. He always seemed to be plotting and scheming against me, trying to make the tribe hate me

    50. the scheming and deception is they try to cover

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