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    1. You are as Unlimited as the Cosmos

    2. There will be a time, after the end of the world, where we will somehow see a resurrection of the entire cosmos

    3. I had the clear sensation we are a fundamental ingredient in the structure of the cosmos, or something close to it

    4. Especially since the diner stays put, while the cosmos is in constant motion---Now you see it, now you don't sort of motion

    5. They asked him whether the cosmos was eternal, whether it was finite or infinite, whether the soul and the body were the same or separate, and whether a Buddha existed after death

    6. The fragment of Arimayr obviously wasn't a star at all, but a remnant of a crystallized accumulation of, what the voices in her head called simply, the Tears of the Enthilesté---a substance so imbued with the vital power of the cosmos that it had a life of sorts all its own

    7. The Elf only smiled, “The same as each and every arising and realized individual in the cosmos actually: to aid the most rapid perfecting of all beings, irrespective of their exterior coating, up to the level of the sacred Martfotai

    8. Husim knew the voice, the eyes, the rather familiar form of the one person in the cosmos who had resisted, spoiled and upturned his plans at nearly every turn since first abducting her from that very spot all those years ago

    9. Song wasn't deterred, “I just mean, what's the point of being one of the most powerful individuals in the cosmos, if she insists on appearing in public as just the Elf?”

    10. Ultimately, the upward shift in consciousness taking place on Earth inevitably leads to the expansion of the cosmos

    11. After the screaming swings, they board “The Cosmos Ferris Wheel

    12. A false impression easily discounted with the most cursory knowledge of the cosmos

    13. “Because then we’ll know how the cosmos was formed 10 billion years ago after the Big Bang

    14. of the cosmos, where life is born, and where all things ceaselessly emerge

    15. The entire cosmos becomes a fountain and you the fountainhead

    16. for your evolution and for the evolution of the cosmos

    17. As a conduit for the cosmos, become the cosmos

    18. How could you possible know the truth of the cosmos? You still think of the stars as prickles of light, some of them falling down as they die

    19. That’s a universal truth, one of the few that appears to not be ephemeral, but rather woven into the fabric of the cosmos

    20. As far as he could tell, she hadn’t been as impressed by the sheer scale of the newly found cosmos unfolding before them, unlike himself who spent hours gazing at the projection screen of what amounded to the ship’s bridge

    21. But the cosmos is an orderly and harmonious system and all we need to know is what part of the astrological arrangement we are in and which part we want to be in

    22. Gnosticism has a False God, Jehovah, who rules this physical world, with their Higher Divinity in charge of the spiritual cosmos

    23. “Who needs You?” this heedless apprentice shouts to the cosmos

    24. the man to the cosmos and the coexistence with

    25. A material cosmos always in motion, built within a concept of space and time

    26. “A system within the system, a physical cosmos built within a spiritual environment

    27. Free of the atmosphere’s smudge, the Hubble was able to see galaxies in their vivid disc-shaped or globular forms scattered throughout the Cosmos

    28. Thoughts move throughout the cosmos and are not contained or hindered by solid matter

    29. In the Buddhist tradition, five factors operate in the cosmos that cause things to happen (called the Five Niyamas)

    30. open my mind to the wonders of the cosmos,” shouted Derek

    31. In spirits, spirituality and that the cosmos the souls never leave;

    32. Chaos and cosmos: are

    33. It is ever exciting and all that we have to do is keep on, keeping on! This world, like the cosmos, is infinite, as are the possibilities

    34. ” He further said, “The fact that the cosmos is comprehensible and that it follows laws, is the defining quality of a God, who reveals himself in all that exists

    35. In some techno-surreal futuristic world, man can once again reclaim his immortal throne, stamp his authority over the cowering cosmos, and proclaim himself god of everything

    36. So what gave rise to this countercurrent stream? This revolutionary programme we call life? This programme that conflicts with the second law of thermodynamics and the fabric of the cosmos? And who or what created this deviant programme—and for what purpose? Chance, alone, cannot account for life or increasing order or anti-entropy in a universe bound by increasing entropy over time

    37. It has another agenda: to reduce all the universe and everything in it to a simple material process—a single mathematical equation that captures yet diminishes the complexity of life, reality, and the cosmos

    38. Unravelling the mystery of life and the cosmos

    39. "Okay," I say, "if you despise the concept of God, then what are you left with? An unknown-unknown explanation for life, the cosmos, and reality

    40. For, as I have already told you, this is humanity's last chance to send a message to the past, present, and future—to any one or any thing that might be alive in the cosmos

    41. The single equation that would unlock the mysteries of the cosmos


    43. The cosmos were in motion

    44. cosmos really had in store but he was hopeful and he sat down with

    45. Maybe the cosmos really were in motion

    46. follow the flux of the cosmos, for as the universe changes we may always change, add, or

    47. Of the cosmos

    48. She looked to Dilimon, who smiled and nodded to support Mark’s gambit, whatever that was, and silently pleaded with the cosmos to not let this become a fiasco

    49. “The desert god of chaos,” he had declared, “against whom we have built our cities and walls, to preserve and protect the order of the cosmos!” He hadn’t been sure how much of this Pharan had meant to be taken seriously, but it had been an explanation of why the Egyptians had such a fear of the great western desert

    50. There has been a shift throughout the cosmos

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