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    1. There were only fifty million males in the whole urban universe of the Yakahn, and practically all of them that he had ever met, knew Venna intimately

    2. ” The second thing that happens is the universe says, “Ooh, look at this, somebody woke up, somebody knows

    3. Think about all the things that would have to align in order for the universe TOM ANDERSON

    4. If you're not specific you don’t give your brain and the universe an exact point where they need to end up

    5. Your brain and the universe need that in order to get you what you want

    6. The universe praises and rewards

    7. "You don't think it's the most ghoulish thing ever invented in the universe?"

    8. The laws of physical universe are cause and effect laws

    9. This tiny primordial light burned across the Universe, lighting the heavens, unhindered by shadow

    10. Each time the Universe completed one rotation around the star, all the gods gathered at that point

    11. He watched in irritation as the others played through the endless golden plains that stretched across the Universe

    12. The creation process as enunciated in our religious scriptures matches to a great extent with the evolving scientific hypothesis of Big Bang and expanding and contracting universe

    13. This is the same stream of energy that that created the universe, and all things in it

    14. We were aware of the fact that the universe is abundant, and that anything was possible

    15. Some apprehension of cosmic processes is achieved and universe is clearly understood as a play of the cosmic forces

    16. the whole universe is just

    17. It is an uninterrupted flow of concentration aimed to heighten one's awareness and oneness with the universe

    18. It is characterized by the state of ecstasy and the feeling that you and the universe are one

    19. Their hands found their natural space in the universe

    20. Actually, in that universe, I would

    21. did in that universe

    22. Yeah, in this universe

    23. toilet rolls should be, they skipped and floated on the very fabric of the universe

    24. She knew she could have as much air in her universe as she wished, it was more like social air

    25. Glenelle tended to have a separate sun for each room in her universe anyway so this would just be the opening on one side of her home

    26. All I've done in these automatons is rig up a little fuller model of the social universe

    27. Glenelle had shaped the island where her house was docked into the last backup she had of Morg's island in his universe

    28. Ava had a virtual universe set up that she said was copied from data she had gathered from the planet, animated with video and audio that is broadcast in their net

    29. She had gotten used to native standards of bodily contact in social interaction in this universe and enjoyed his fingers in her soft flesh

    30. "Not in this universe," she said

    31. She was lying nude on her beach, though it was actually in Ava's universe, only a few steps from the magic carpet of her entry hall

    32. Glenelle could do some data entry and verification, but she was not going to help with updating the foundations of the virtual universe

    33. " She had to play with drivers and things on screens only visible from her side for awhile to get a voice channel open from a mortal on the ground to Ava's universe here on this idealized Carribean beach

    34. Version three had introduced trans-volitional search, whereby the device would immediately seek and discover throughout the connected universe whatever topics had entered the host's little mind

    35. idea, and He marvelled at the universe that crept into view with the naming of this

    36. Beyond the confines of earth-time, way out beyond the fringes of the universe

    37. every rising phrase, letting the maelstrom notes burn through the universe

    38. universe contained any concept as simple as song, you would have heard Smith sing

    39. considered the symphonic disagreement at the edge of the universe and, after a

    40. harmonic resonance to the song of the universe, and thus was born the conduit

    41. About the only thing he had in his universe that was at all virtual was his interface screen

    42. universe a discordant note took its inevitable place in the skirl of creation

    43. If he wanted to adjust the magic level of his universe he could bring that interface with him, but as it was he allowed it only at the kitchen table and the den of his house and at the desk of the main cabin in his yacht

    44. He had always trusted to his friendship with Ava to keep his opinions expressed in his own universe private

    45. "Ava believes that the base universe contains a huge and ancient human civilization that was given an immense technological boost by whatever third party brought humans here sometime during Earth's last ice age

    46. Exodus 5:2 as though he was the supreme monarch of the universe and there is no

    47. Since all souls personifications had to be evaluated to supply the eyestream of the first, Bahkmar was forced to drop the eye-stream by another clock, and when it gets two clocks behind, souls begin to notice that the universe they see and the universe they feel are out of phase

    48. As a technician it was his job to provide all souls with a universe free from these simulation artifacts, but there were times when he just wasn't able to do so

    49. At the entry to each person's universe there is a grand colonnade or gate as befits the man living in the universe at the end of that colonnade

    50. I feel great, like being born again! Sandra Anderson is a revolutionary cosmonaut, who fights against evil all over the universe

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