crapper sätze

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Crapper sätze (in englisch)

  1. I am in the crapper, Sheila thought.
  2. Modern my ass while spinning on his chrome crapper.
  3. County and the economy was nowhere near yet in the crapper.
  4. Hemingway wouldn't sit a two-hole outhouse crapper with you for shared male experience.
  5. That's why I won't let you flyboys bomb the smallest crapper up there without checking with me.

  6. My shoe goes into the crapper, my sock is wet as I speak, but what do I care, because I’ve just cost a living thing its life.
  7. An underlying theme that explained how his parents’ marriage had gone down the crapper the past few years, each of them going their separate ways.
  8. Flushed with Pride: Story of Thomas Crapper professed to reveal the story of the life of Mr Crapper who was said to have invented the flushing lavatory.

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