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    1. What good movies has he watched lately? What is his favorite class at school? Did his team win the game last weekend? What friends does he hang out with the most? Do not criticize his friends, habits, or favorites

    2. false brothers that it overcame them, and they began to criticize

    3. criticize others because they could not see clearly

    4. I should have known better than to criticize such an inspired

    5. But it was good to be able to tell someone, especially one who didn't criticize or chide her

    6. Don"t criticize a man until you"ve walked a mile in his

    7. Don't criticize anyone but instead accept them for

    8. It is easy enough, I suppose, for café latte types earning above average salaries to criticize the company from the vantage point of high-rise corporate towers and sprawling industrial parks where office workers, comfortably ensconced in the privacy of their cubicles, routinely shop on their Internets or indulge in a casual game of solitaire while pretending to look busy

    9. Today‘s youth have been subsequently commissioned with the unenviable task of having to navigate through troubled waters on a rudderless boat without a compass only to criticize them for faulty seamanship for having failed to negotiate the prescribed course

    10. The Espionage Act also made it illegal to criticize the war, or the US in even the vaguest way

    11. protect themselves against criticism or to criticize others

    12. It continues to be there to criticize and blame Israel for everything that takes place in Palestine

    13. I don’t mean to criticize, but we don’t have a lot of money left to pay hit men

    14. ANY ailment, and you criticize folks for taking a medication for depression, you are a hypocrite! Yes, I do mean that! How foolish can you be to accept that any of your body's organs can malfunction except for your brain? No, we should not be dependent on medications

    15. Then we snap at our children, we criticize our husband, we gossip about the members of our church, and we become bitter and miserable people

    16. “I don’t mean to criticize

    17. One cannot write, one cannot criticize and most tragically one cannot create to ones heart’s content

    18. “Do something positive”, continued Roger rejecting Castro’s accusation, “and then you can criticize the United States for the negative aspects of their relations with Latin America

    19. they have contributed money, which represent their beliefs, run ads that criticize officeholders, simply because the ads are “negative” or expose things about candidates that the candidates would rather not have exposed

    20. And you have the rights to openly criticize a leader, and to campaign for their replacement, whereas you can do neither with a lord

    21. Mine provided stability and security but were quick to criticize and rarely expressed physical or emotional affection, which prevented me from having the close relationships I missed

    22. Criticize, oppose; oppose, criticize, then block and divert

    23. The question was, why did she need to bring them up? Why would she even have noticed had she not been looking to criticize? But he'd been deeply infatuated with the striking girl, readily overlooking her attitude

    24. Your family and friends are there to rejoice this wonderful event with you and not to criticize your wedding

    25. with the drug cartel was finding reason to criticize his efforts, to

    26. 6 As the dinner progressed, the joy of the diners mounted to heights of good cheer, and everybody was having such a splendid time that the onlooking Pharisees began, in their hearts, to criticize Jesus for his participation in such a lighthearted and carefree affair

    27. Later in the evening, when they were making speeches, one of the more malignant of the Pharisees went so far as to criticize Jesus' conduct to Peter, saying: "How dare you to teach that this man is righteous when he eats with publicans and sinners and thus lends his presence to such scenes of careless pleasure making

    28. Judas was never able to rise above his Judean prejudices against his Galilean associates; he would even criticize in his mind many things about Jesus

    29. Him whom eleven of the apostles looked upon as the perfect man, as the "one altogether lovely and the chiefest among ten thousand," this self-satisfied Judean often dared to criticize in his own heart

    30. 6 When Martha met Jesus, she fell at his feet, exclaiming, "Master, if you had been here, my brother would not have died!" Many fears were passing through Martha's mind, but she gave expression to no doubt, nor did she venture to criticize or question the Master's conduct as related to Lazarus's death

    31. It is so easy to criticize from the sidelines and you seem to have mastered this

    32. Kara had to give her credit for that, despite the fact that Mona would criticize and admonish her regularly

    33. There are things to do, and faces that open their mouths and release words of acknowledgement and some praise, though mostly blandness except when the opportunities to scorn, scoff and criticize present themselves to others, mostly girls and women, who resent her for her appearance or the rumours about her

    34. more than likely she’ll criticize her other half for not

    35. Who are we to criticize God

    36. Spalding wrote a column in the newspaper that was usually the first to criticize the new administration

    37. "He never screamed, but he always found a way to criticize you in a cold,

    38. If people criticize me I can survive that

    39. Lesson 9: How to Criticize Others in a Positive and Effective Way

    40. Anyone who would want to criticize Nancy’s work would be double guessing from behind the safety of a desk

    41. However, Farah was not about to criticize Nancy for being a nice person

    42. I could effectively criticize the leaders of

    43. The fact that Truman had been named to the post of vice-president in 1944, and not elected to it, and that he had become President only because of the death of President Roosevelt, was going to make it only easier to criticize him

    44. However, someone has found a way to criticize me for my actions, even accusing me of possibly having been in league with the pirates that killed so many poor innocent people aboard the ECLIPSE

    45. In any case, President Clinton and the United States probably just had lost a lot of its clout and influence in Japan by refusing to support it militarily without question, something that some members of Congress and various influential public figures will assuredly be quick to criticize

    46. statistical concepts will be discussed to both criticize this study and propose alternative

    47. writers were forced to use a number of ploys to circumvent censorship such as overtly praising what they intended to criticize, publishing under pseudonyms, setting lessons in the form of dialogues among characters in a story, and criticizing customs of other lands that resembled 87

    48. Who was she to tell me what I could and couldn’t do with my life? Did I criticize her for spending all her time tending to her invalid of a child? Wasting all her energies on a human being that wouldn’t live to see his twenties? I had every right to take precautions against the possibility of being stuck with that same fate

    49. Why interviews and newspaper editorial editions being printed world widely in large quantity the world over to criticize Zulimistan for its policies…?

    50. Even in academics people criticize the excellence of others more brilliant than themselves

    1. Those who are in the place of intense warfare can become offended, or the people who gain the victory and are criticized for it can be offended, both of them because of misunderstanding

    2. Of course, the ‘secret’ got out and he was allowed to use the work but he was criticized at the time for using a relation and the lack of proper scientific technique

    3. Wouldn’t you be criticized for this?”

    4. He was so protective of his feelings that he would not allow himself to be criticized in any form

    5. Thus, when criticized at a press conference due to the fact that some of his domestic policies weren"t exactly producing the expected and desired results, quipped: „I"m a Ford, not a Lincoln

    6. Minorities, especially African Americans and Latinos, have been unfairly criticized for the rapid rate of urban decline, (Remember what a nice neighborhood this used to be before ―they‖ moved into it?) although an honest assessment would inform any fair-minded individual that many of these neighborhoods were already in a transitional state of decline years before ―other‖ groups started moving in following the departure of White working and middle class families to suburbia in search of ―greener pastures‖

    7. I read that Howard Dean recently criticized President Bush for having ―recklessly‖ engaged our nation in a war in order to satisfy a vendetta against ―a pathetic old man

    8. Though much criticized I cannot see how else it could have been done

    9. Yeah I am severely criticized by many because of this piece but I feel the need to warn you to be very careful when a new partner or businessman arrives with his son and the Bible under the arm to speak business to you

    10. In one interview, Clinton, in a rare display of temper, practically shouted at reporter Chris Wallace when criticized about the many deaths at Waco

    11. Jefferson had originally criticized slavery in the Declaration of Independence, but other slave owning delegates forced that passage's removal

    12. They were later criticized

    13. “On this occasion he interpreted his theological presuppositions…in which he criticized Scholastic theology on biblical grounds for its reliance upon Aristotle and its defense of moral freedom

    14. a true Christian example while being criticized by some of the members of

    15. My test will be criticized but so then were the Wright brothers

    16. The media criticized

    17. These camps had been widely criticized from today’s

    18. ” His mother criticized, mistaking his painful tears

    19. What Geshe Kelsang Gyatso writes bears reflecting on: "Whenever we are harmed, abused, criticized and so forth the opportunity arises to create great accumulations of merit

    20. The disciples didn't like the "waste", and they criticized the woman

    21. minister to the Daiichi plant on the morning of March 12 has been criticized by many and

    22. Bush was President the media and other Civil War brigades endlessly criticized, and not infrequently lied about, his policies

    23. Elliott, who couldn't explain why the four officers could be criticized about

    24. My useless anal retentive OCD, devout Roman Catholic, boss Bill Mack, who criticized me frequently for banging the female help, double crossed me twice in one weekend

    25. Because Macmillan continually criticized me via phone, letter, and fax despite his receiving glowing reports about my performance from Admirals McGarrah and Martin, and Captains Passantino and Shafer, in the “front office,” and from all three of my ACOs—Platt, Krummel, and Schroeder—urging my promotion for purposes of retaining me, Macmillan and Kominers both continued to deny my promotion to -14, at one point raising the tautological point that because Pressly worked in OOX, I no longer had the required “direct report

    26. who criticized the president

    27. Each movement would be timed and criticized by a special inspection team

    28. If raises had been granted since the last report, they were individually reviewed and usually roundly criticized even though listed as budget-approved actions

    29. He fiercely criticized a secretive cabal of doubters and manipulators who want to keep the mass of humanity in a state of subjugation, deprivation and fear, and he praised the efforts of those who have attempted to restore a needed balance on Earth

    30. works! Pray a prayer of blessing over those who have criticized or

    31. He never criticized, but only suggested

    32. Shades of Marx, Engels, and Fourier! It is obvious that Owen’s system could not succeed because it goes against human nature and individuality, but even though the futility of his experiment might have been pointed out to Owen, he notoriously did not listen to dissenters or to those who criticized him or pointed out the failure of his hoped-for results

    33. Essentially, his success was criticized for operating within free-market parameters

    34. the same behaviors as our parents, even though we have criticized and

    35. Without the ability to learn and to be social as an organization, it lends itself to being criticized by the very communities of people it intends to serve

    36. order to qualify as analogous? Given that analogies are widely used, but just as widely criticized,

    37. In his time, he was criticized for who he

    38. He cursed and criticized our efforts here at this fine facility

    39. People from all walks of life and religions criticized almost everything Gāndhiji said or did from non-violent civil disobedience to Hindu-Muslim unity but he persevered

    40. I, for my part, never criticized the colorful aspects, nor of his soul or of his clothes; respecting his right to wear the attire that he better want

    41. It seems that I have al owed myself to fal into what I previously criticized – generalities

    42. None of the twelve ever criticized Judas

    43. He was a half-hearted believer, and notwithstanding that he might be severely criticized therefor, he dared to invite Jesus and his personal associates, Peter, James, and John, to his home for a social meal

    44. "She has done a clumsy job," criticized the prince, coming to the divan and bending over the bandage

    45. mean is, you’ve always criticized me

    46. truth on this matter even though He would be criticized, rejected, or

    47. may be criticized or rejected by some for sharing this salvation truth

    48. “You know, Tom, you have a lousy program,” his sister, who was also in AA, criticized

    49. This report, published in 2004, criticized most of the main

    50. In the diary that criticized godless civilizations, he did not plead for God to reconstruct the social institutions that oppressed Africans

    1. Carol's eleven-year-old daughter often criticizes her appearance and asks her

    2. In Romania, the editor of the women's magazine Femeia criticizes the Ceauseecus, who were responsible for untold death and torture

    3. · Selfishness always criticizes the generosity or blessings of others to conceal “itself”

    4. criticizes meditation, citing the example of a patient who “escapes

    5. I don't like it when, in giving an account of his travels, someone criticizes the place he is visiting

    6. To find fault with others creates obstacles for everyone all around: for him who criticizes, for him who is blamed, as well as for those who listen to the criticism

    7. As soon as someone accuses me or criticizes me, as soon as I am rejected, left alone, or abandoned, I find myself thinking, "Well, that proves once again that I am a nobody

    8. in May 1939, criticizes severely a number of deals in which the management was interested on the other side

    9. Graham criticizes high P/E ratios in (among other places) Chapters 7 and 11

    10. ' He then criticizes his own achievement, and we shall, in our notes, avail ourselves of some of his remarks

    1. During those five days of vacations, Helen didn't stop for a minute criticizing or belittling me over trifles

    2. He took to criticizing what she wore to class, which was relatively staid by local fashion, things suitable for a duty-hours meeting on Gordon’s Lamp

    3. To be self-conscious about how others may see us is another form of judging or criticizing ourselves

    4. I ask you to please stop imitating the longhaired liberals by criticizing the police (SAPS) all the time

    5. Greenberg‘s column (―Poll-itically Incorrect‖) criticizing the unsportsmanlike manner of some college football coaches who perennially run up scores against weaker opponents in order to impress pollsters, (and thereby secure higher national rankings), inconsistent with previous viewpoints expressed in earlier columns addressing the same issue

    6. Both were targeted purely for their political beliefs and for their art criticizing their governments

    7. Even Spirit of 76, a film about the American Revolution, was censored for criticizing the British, now US allies

    8. Wallace was appointed Secretary of Commerce by Truman, then fired two years later for strongly criticizing Truman's Cold War

    9. her about anything without her criticizing or judging me

    10. and the Girls Sewing Society, and include in the audience all and any Methodists who have been criticizing the Merediths--although I do think if we Presbyterians stopped criticizing and excusing we would find that other denominations would trouble themselves very little about our manse folks

    11. Rather than blaming and criticizing, which only add to the misery; where possible, we respond with compassion and help those suffering, so that ultimately all will benefit

    12. Akito then proceeded to lead me around the room criticizing half the artifacts and how humanity had misinterpreted them

    13. Debs was arrested in Canton, Ohio, for criticizing the war effort and sentenced to ten years in prison under the Espionage Act of 1917

    14. But my father was still picking at every detail, finding fault without recognizing accomplishments, ignoring what the plant was like in the past while criticizing the present, and offering no hope for a better future

    15. correct than the brothers or sisters we were criticizing!

    16. that criticizing is infinitely easier than offering solutions

    17. Bennie loved it was teasing and criticizing Devon on every little thing, from his large buck

    18. I am not criticizing anyone because of the misconceptions

    19. never any point in criticizing or questioning an outcome where the predominant source of change

    20. He instead of criticizing Lord Curzon, ‘thanked’ him for educating and raising awareness of Indians about the British policy of ‘divide and rule’ and arrogant, uncaring attitude

    21. Some people with narrow tunnel vision have judged Gāndhiji harshly, criticizing him for almost everything he did

    22. Unfortunately the negative attitudes of people are still looming, but I am sure that they have realized that I had no interest in all the gossiping, criticizing and blame shifting and that was now the challenge of

    23. And to you who stand about criticizing me in your hearts because I have come here to make merry with these friends, let me say that I have come to proclaim joy to the socially downtrodden and spiritual liberty to the moral captives

    24. up the impossibility of criticizing this paradigm from within its own confines

    25. criticizing them? Was I?

    26. you are criticizing nor to inflate your ego; instead it is offered in a spirit of

    27. criticizing, you are really just having a bitch session that‘s going to leave

    28. that the person criticizing you has raised and over time unresolved conflict

    29. A professor of genetics at the University of British Columbia, he has written books on nature and the environment, is known for criticizing governments for their inactivity in protecting the planet and is a long time activist for bringing about a reversal of global warming

    30. Zorokin, who was no fool, had refrained before from publicly criticizing the Moscow leadership, lest he ended up with a bullet in the back of the neck, but this last order was just too much for him

    31. Funnily enough, the ones who were still vocal about criticizing her were some of the leaders of the various Christian faiths represented in Jerusalem

    32. We already have too many so-so generals who only know how to lead a desk in the Pentagon but keep criticizing Dows or complain about her lack of seniority for her rank

    33. Also, a severe loss of face for us in Iraq and Syria due to a failed air campaign may just embolden the extreme conservative Wahabi factions in Saudi Arabia into openly questioning or criticizing their King’s alliance with us

    34. writers were forced to use a number of ploys to circumvent censorship such as overtly praising what they intended to criticize, publishing under pseudonyms, setting lessons in the form of dialogues among characters in a story, and criticizing customs of other lands that resembled 87

    35. We have noticed as well that some have taken to publicly criticizing you on your media channels

    36. President! You are criticizing ZSCIA unreasonably

    37. That is, animal nature tries to preserve its power over the human by rationalizing the phenomenon or criticizing it, when all that is necessary is simple childish faith

    38. Sophie scowled at Hunter’s little criticizing speech, but said nothing in return

    39. criticizing, he stopped the play, suggested possible alternative

    40. On the other hand, our Master Ibrahim (pth) could through his thinking in the universe wonders (signs) be himself led to know the Almighty God and to witness that there is no god except Allah, which means that there is no controller and actuator in the universe except the Almighty God, after that he urged his people to attain this true belief through their thinking of the universal signs, as previously had done, out of his love and compassion towards them, therefore our Master Ibrahim (pth) asked them, criticizing their false creed of worshipping idols, hoping to activate their thinking through his question, the Almighty God says: {When he said to his father and his people: “what are these images, to which you are devoted?”}

    41. It may also be added that freedom of speech vand expression viz-a-viz criticizing religion is not something new to Islamic history

    42. Fatwas have been issued by progressive clerics against terrorism (as has been mentioned in the previous chapter), favouring girls’ education[129] and against cow slaughter to maintain communal harmony, but unfortunately, these don’t get as much media publicity as much as regressive ones like those declaring women working alongside men as being un-Islamic or even to kill critics of Islam like Salman Rushdie (and by the way, Rushdie has used very offensive language against Ram and Sita in Satanic Verses, but the saffron brigade has maintained silence over the same, since the Rushdie episode was disgracing Muslims) and Taslima Nasreen, and these fatwas instructing to kill have given a wrong impression to many as regards the very meaning of the word ‘fatwa’ (the idea of there being a fatwa on an individual, implying some sort of religiously ordained death-warrant, is a misnomer)! In fact, instead of endlessly criticizing regressive fatwas and drawing attention of Muslims towards them, the media should report progressive fatwas more, though our liberal intelligentsia, particularly Muslims, should not close its eyes to regressive fatwas, and ought to counter them strongly

    43. She wasn’t criticizing me

    44. arrested without evidence and criticizing the

    45. We have too much information, a universe of shit-kicking factoids and a cosmic deluge of infonisms: threaded opinions of blogs commenting on blogs criticizing other blogs, creating an endless self-proliferation of information about information, e

    46. repeatedly apologized to the girl she kept brutally criticizing him in her intellect, surmising that

    47. about that voice,” she instinctively pointed accusatorially towards Doguru, as she had so often times before when criticizing his philosophy on her call-in webcast, Who Luvs Their Baby Most? “Sounds too serious

    48. understand why the woman was telling someone that he looked well instead of criticizing him,

    49. Cookham, the more warmly that he seemed to be criticizing it

    50. and mentally criticizing the ugly ones

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