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    1. There was a knock on the door frame

    2. There’s a knock on the door and he gets up, puts his ring back on

    3. The wood in the hall door was splintering and I hadn't moved a muscle since the first knock

    4. There’s a knock on the door

    5. ‘Some of us had rather a lot to drink and what started out as a race across the lake transmogrified into more of a ‘see who can knock who out of the boat’ challenge

    6. There came a knock on the door

    7. Creditors were furious, they even went so far as to knock on their door and the couple pretended to be absent! So, Alice finally got sick and tired of this all and decided to ask for a divorce

    8. I tried to knock myself unconscious, but there was not enough room to get any force into the blow

    9. I knock and within moments, it slowly creaks open revealing a chubby teenager

    10. Her knock was answered by a friendly-looking man of about her own age – Iain Sweet, the adopted father of JJ

    11. Son would not kill them, but he did knock them down with kicks to

    12. There was a knock on

    13. There was a knock on the door

    14. It took another claw at the spot where they'd climbed into the tree, then began rumbling off after the herd again, brushing against the trunk of the frond Alan was in and shaking it enough to almost knock him out of it

    15. At this point, there was a loud knock on the door of the

    16. Way out here on the plain, big rains hadn't yet come to knock the blooms down

    17. I gave it a knock, but nobody would come

    18. I'd knock you off your chair right now if I hadn't just washed my hands

    19. "It’s direct, to the point and it’s sure to knock your opponents into next week"

    20. A knock at the door, heralds the arrival of our hostess and her acolyte, bearing trays of steaming broth

    21. I’m just clearing away the dishes when there is a knock at the door

    22. Think about it! With modern technology and a few million Euros this place could knock every other playground into a black hole and my dear little Kaliantikos Foundation will provide the bungs

    23. Nevertheless, and at the expected time, there was a knock on the front door

    24. A curt knock on the door interrupted their conversation

    25. Just as Duncan was about to knock she opened the door and stepped out

    26. His reverie was interrupted by a knock on his door; he could tell it was Rayne

    27. There’s a knock at the back door

    28. Naturally, just as I decide to go and look there is a knock at the door – the second visitor

    29. As we are stacking the dishes on the draining board, there’s a knock at the back door – Sally, glancing at the clock, runs to open it

    30. There was a knock on the door and Mistress Sera entered

    31. Searching Scripture states “ask, seek, and knock

    32. I knock at the door and wait

    33. "It’s direct, to the point and it’s sure to knock your opponents into

    34. champion of the world, there was a knock on Terry and Bling's

    35. ” Soon there was a knock on the door and he was

    36. at the expected time, there was a knock on the front door

    37. to stand without, and to knock at the door, saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us; and he

    38. I don’t see why not, Sarah, do you think you could knock it on the head if you had a day at it?’

    39. Brownie swung down and hit Joseph with the hose, hard enough to knock the rifle from his hands and him to the ground

    40. A knock at the door

    41. She’ll knock you in the head when you’re not looking

    42. Jorma felt stupid, he had imagined some drug that would extract his mind or knock him out til he came to in a stew pot

    43. stomach, trying to knock him to the ground, but Roman rolled with the dog’s

    44. ahead of the game in algebra, I heard a knock at the door

    45. And then one Saturday morning there was a knock at the door

    46. to his question, there was a knock at the door and Reynard

    47. knock the stink off him he often said

    48. The rules were quite simple; knock over all the bottles with a ball, and you would win a prize

    49. In the first two games, despite his strength, Tipene failed to knock down a single bottle

    50. Then, there was a knock at the door

    1. · Remove knickknacks and fragile items that can be knocked over inadvertently

    2. Henry knocked weakly on the closed door of the conference room

    3. “Hello, I found it,” Henry whispered again, clutching several pieces of paper in his hand as he knocked again

    4. A shadow crept over his phone and knocked it out of his hand

    5. The wind was knocked out of Silence

    6. He landed on the ceiling with a groan, just before The Operator landed on top of him and knocked the wind out of his lungs

    7. While they were on the way back to the boat she picked up a news magazine because of the headline 'Killer Asteroid on the Way?' and found that "One of Cynd's larger asteroids was knocked out of orbit by an unobserved collision forty years ago and dropped into the gravitational well of the brown dwarf

    8. But the good news is, even though the Heavenly Mother is coming thru at almost exactly the same time, we have a solution that allows them to miss the asteroid and the planet and the debris that will be knocked up by the impact

    9. knocked a double garage door in the rear wall so we could bring the odd car under

    10. Molly turns to see what has knocked me off balance

    11. He pushes himself up sits, shakes his head groggily and looks about, reads the placard -- next to him -- that knocked him cold: "Islam is the Final Solution: For More Information, Contact Shaheet Islamic Center 325567

    12. ‘Hello?’ I squeaked, having knocked the breath out of myself in the process

    13. I was boxed in the head and got knocked out for how long exactly I don't know

    14. I think I broke his jaw and knocked out a few teeth

    15. ‘I just think that your experiences lately have knocked your confidence rather a lot

    16. "It's been under observation two thirds of a decade already," Ava said, "since it was knocked out of its original orbit

    17. In the reflection he saw the first of the pieces of wreckage Audacity had knocked towards them

    18. The debris she knocked in the redsuits’ direction collided with other pieces on the way to create a storm of jagged metal and packing containers coming at them almost as fast as the junk itself

    19. "I'm sure the rock we knocked loose will insure the survivor count is zero," Diam said

    20. The governor failed to see the significance of that data, even when native astronomers noticed a large member of Cynd's asteroid belt had been knocked from its orbit on a course to plunge deep into the gravity well of the brown dwarf

    21. Converted from a small house at some stage in its history, the ground floor front rooms had been knocked into one characterless space painted a boring shade of blue

    22. momentum knocked Catwhiskers and against Cosmicblasto

    23. He was still too terrified to sleep but adrenaline letdown and the injury knocked him out

    24. Joe knocked on the door to the caravan

    25. One of the twins came bounding out of the brush and just about knocked her over

    26. As she reached the door, she knocked

    27. ‘He must have knocked himself out when he went over

    28. Big John looked at the woman again, and she gave him another powerful shove on the shoulder that almost knocked him over

    29. What if he'd fallen and knocked himself unconscious? I waved Alessandra in from the water

    30. She was knocked back a bit by that, but didn’t say anything about it

    31. Annie knocked on the door to her great-aunt’s apartment with some trepidation

    32. It would appear that my imminent arrival has knocked him off balance

    33. Just as she stretched out her arms as if embracing the storm Tarak knocked and stepped into the room

    34. Ever since the moment when Helen convinced her daughter that she had knocked her step-brother’s head off, Lucy sought solace in her own company in her bedroom

    35. I’d knocked myself out and was sprawled on the ground – the lucky thing about it was that because I was feverish I didn’t try to save myself at all, so landed fair and square in the middle of a bush which broke my fall’

    36. She knocked lightly on the door, “Lord Tarak, do you have a moment?”

    37. Towards late afternoon a young runner knocked on Tarak’s study with a request from Master Seatac asking for a meeting

    38. ‘You completely knocked it out of my head when I arrived; I’ve got a present for you in the boot of the car

    39. Instead she was knocked back by one of the finest merlotss she had ever sipped

    40. My lad, Pete was there, he tried to stop her but she was quite a robust woman and knocked him down

    41. Brent ran over and gently picked her up and received a large jolt of electricity for his effort, which knocked him on his ass

    42. Annie knocked on the door to her great-aunt’s apartment with

    43. she had knocked her step-brother’s head off, Lucy sought solace in

    44. knocked Granddad off his feet, he said, and shied the horses

    45. It was nearly three o’clock when Amanda knocked on Brownie’s door

    46. Here I am an old woman, seventy five years of age, three quarters of a century - where did the years go? I have never been a very religious woman and what little faith I had was severely knocked when I realised that however much one prays, angels don’t necessarily come to rescue one

    47. knocked out the embers from his pipe into the stone ashtray and

    48. Petr jumped at Kassim and knocked him out of the

    49. Guzkat knocked on the

    50. It knocked several off their feet and

    1. She whips me with a towel, knocking the brim of my hat halfway off my head

    2. Ruthie is drinking tea, but she looks like she needs to be knocking back some shots of Crown Royal instead

    3. The crowd of spectators had a moment to look on in horror before Bob plowed right into them, knocking at least a dozen students to the ground and managing to land on a good number of them

    4. She stole dad's toolbox and flashlight and started knocking out a crawlspace hole to search for mermaids in the walls

    5. He wrestled with the man to get free, knocking him down and running

    6. The traffic in Bridgwater is bad, knocking my euphoria on the head very quickly

    7. Hammaker says the only way to stop the glaciers from knocking down our back doors within this generation or next, is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, reforest the cities and the country side

    8. Knocking loudly on the shower room door, I call out his name

    9. display of disgustingly twee kiddie birthday cards with his shoulder and knocking

    10. That first night we smoked ourselves silly, knocking back our bottled water as if it were neat vodka, becoming giddy with the sound of each other’s voices

    11. Can’t have the hostages knocking lumps out of each other

    12. ‘I can see that if they needed someone in that department … it would make sense to create the job for Milli here and install that Chitter bloke to oversee this end, but I can’t see him knocking you over the head, Karal

    13. and heroines, because knocking them off

    14. The knocking at my door ceased in the small hours

    15. She took a taste and thought about maybe knocking Kelthwiss on that spigot and seeing what happened

    16. As promised, Berndt wakes me, knocking on the door and responding to my sleepy grunt, by coming into the room

    17. So, instead of creeping about I took a deep breath and bellowed out his name into the nearest hovel which caused a rattled flock of partridges to explode and clatter into the air right in front of my face almost knocking me over in their escape

    18. Alan nearly jumped out of his skin when his step-mother opened the door to his bedroom without knocking

    19. the door to his bedroom without knocking

    20. She opened it without knocking, stepped inside and stopped by the sink

    21. Without comment, he calmly lashed out with one massive hand and slapped her face, knocking her back against the pillows

    22. was a tornado last year that blew Brunno into the neighbors’ yard knocking him

    23. He settled into a chair, selected a book, and had just begun to read when there came a fervent knocking upon the stateroom door

    24. The grenade blew in mid air, knocking

    25. I entered without knocking

    26. Harold came down the corridor knocking on cabin doors

    27. knocking the chair to the floor

    28. almost knocking over one of his employees

    29. John hit the dirt, knocking his wind out

    30. knocking over a gas can as I went

    31. He’s walking the streets, knocking on doors and

    32. Nobody answered so he kept knocking and knocking till he got an answer

    33. stoop to avoid knocking his head

    34. responded by knocking his hat off

    35. Tetloan quickly swiped a hand across his head, knocking the imp from his perch

    36. He got his chest on the floor above, knocking the wind out of himself but somehow keeping himself from making a sound

    37. Alan got more scrapes scrambling thru the hole and heard the spung of another dart as he swung over, knocking the top of the tank over into the shop with a loud clatter, but maybe no additional damage

    38. Clipear then took aim and hit his ball at Tristan’s once again knocking it right out the way

    39. And Janice knew that her prayers for a miracle had gone the other way as the one man ran forward and hammered Axel across the head, knocking him to the ground

    40. The lance carried on through the hall and down a corridor, stopping at the second door and knocking twice

    41. Willow ran and threw her arms around Savannah; nearly knocking her over in the process

    42. “This conversation was over well before it began-” Before the Justiciar could finish Penelope spurred her horse into the group with a harsh cry, knocking the two elves at the rear to the ground and swinging her blade – her father’s blade – catching the leader at the neck

    43. It took a swipe at the Breton, knocking her halfway to the ground and cutting right through the thin leather armor on her sleeve

    44. “If my father comes back knocking,” he’d said with a delighted grin, “we’ll knock the

    45. She slammed into his shoulder, knocking him

    46. The next thing she knew there was a massive explosion, the blast knocking her off the floor where she knelt and slamming her into the underside of the desk

    47. He stood up after knocking her legs from his shoulders

    48. It was three years ago, and he was knocking on the dorm room door of the then freshman Rachel

    49. “Well, it’s almost dawn by now,” Sebastian said, knocking gently

    50. With a violent jet of flame the flare propelled itself into Lucy’s chest, embedding itself through her HEPO and knocking her a full two steps backwards

    1. The captain almost knocks Tom over with his elbow

    2. That knocks the wind out of the interrogator’s sails

    3. To think I’d been concerned at Gilla’s apparent lack of enthusiasm for the proposed marriage! And you thought she was making the best of a bad job, settling for any man rather than none at all, Lintze! You idiot! Her delighted welcome for Caderl certainly knocks that idea on the head

    4. With a delighted smile, the child immediately knocks the bricks down again

    5. He knocks politely, coming into the room as soon as I reply

    6. It is more difficult than I anticipated but I achieve it and by the time Berndt knocks on my cabin door, I have the words firmly in my mind and am just putting the finishing touches to my appearance

    7. Unfortunately for Miss Jones there was another sun of which she had taken no account whatsoever in her long and relatively restricted life, and at seven-thirty the next morning she was rudely awakened by a series of loud knocks at her front door

    8. awakened by a series of loud knocks at her front door

    9. 10For every one that asks receives; and he that searches finds; and to him that knocks at

    10. wedding; that when he cometh and knocks at, they may open unto him immediately

    11. Billy knocks on the office door and enters, finding Ted surrounded by the local hoods

    12. She gave the young man a moment to relinquish the sleeve still tight in his fingers then stated clearly and loud enough for his mates and anyone one else out at that time to hear, “You will keep a civil tongue in your foul little mouth, or there's more where that came from! Don't even begin to tell any one else about 'manners!' I don't know from whose foolish talk you picked up that misapplied epithet, but you will do well to remember this: you and your little friends are not even civilized humans yet and until you learn to treat others as you would be treated, I pity you the knocks and bruises in store for you, and not just at the hands of a 'woman' next time;” she glared at them one at a time, “Now get on back to your homes and don't even think of repeating such a foolish stunt!” she added

    13. There were several knocks on

    14. Olorhleng shoved tables and desks up against the door, despite Monica’s insistent knocks

    15. At Roman’s, the red Mustang was in the driveway, but several knocks at

    16. knocks came at the door

    17. minutes for someone to reply to my knocks, and I could

    18. knocks on the door, but His dear beloved has become

    19. KNOCKS on the DOOR

    20. It is a path of disappointment and hard knocks - knocks that become increasingly harder as you gain altitude

    21. He knocks and Penny opens the door to let him in

    22. On the first day of the week, knocks on my door awoke me

    23. Even the Swiss banks took serious knocks the last few years

    24. Took me four or five well aimed knocks before I realised his head does not resemble glass being much softer

    25. It is about realizing that opportunity knocks but once

    26. Then finally, she heard three short knocks at her door

    27. Indeed, a strange kind of challenge echoed backs a series of knocks from the other side of the limestone

    28. Rewe seemed to pause for a while, and then proceeded with a different series of knocks

    29. After two attempts to arouse life at 27 Green Lane with restrained door knocks, Jonno told Gareth, “You can always tell when you’re knocking on the door of an empty house

    30. She knocked thrice and after a brief pause of silence, a reply sounded in the form of two knocks

    31. knocks all but the heavy players out and even they may not have it

    32. Zoe knocks, and a voice within calls out, “Come in!”

    33. She pauses at the door to the labs Matthew and his supervisor use, and knocks

    34. 2 I sleep, but my heart wakes; It is the voice of my beloved who knocks, saying, Open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my

    35. There were continuous knocks at the door but she never

    36. He kicks the chair and knocks over another hot coffee

    37. Allen Cooke was born in a Northern Town and grew up into the school of hard knocks

    38. He knocks off the white bedspread and white sheet covering him onto the floor

    39. Jaden tackles him and he knocks over some other pieces

    40. HAVE you ever been hit in the face so hard that it knocks you

    41. usually knocks you out of reality

    42. The exhibit was to show how the pendulum knocks over long lines of pegs every once in a while the proof that

    43. Its rich singing is a mixture of trills, whistling, dry knocks and cough

    44. As I am trying to recover from the obscene scene confronting me, something shoots out of the darkness and knocks me flat on my back

    45. When he knocks on her door, Janay answers wearing a satin robe

    46. The blast of it knocks Ralph off his feet and a great wind slams him into the bare stone of the castle walls

    47. Without warning, the woman in front of him comes to an abrupt halt, and Ralph all but knocks her over, saving them both at the last moment by wheeling left into the density of trees

    48. 94 Jesus said; "He who seeks will find and he who knocks will be let in

    49. He knocks both of them off-balance, away from any danger to Simon

    50. Every one who asks receives and he who seeks finds and he who knocks it shall be opened to him

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    belt knock rap whack whang roast knocking bang bash smash criticise criticize pick apart strike hard bump ping pink tap thump hit pound beat thud tapping clang complain carp find fault with judge put down slam bad-mouth