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    1. She whips me with a towel, knocking the brim of my hat halfway off my head

    2. Ruthie is drinking tea, but she looks like she needs to be knocking back some shots of Crown Royal instead

    3. The crowd of spectators had a moment to look on in horror before Bob plowed right into them, knocking at least a dozen students to the ground and managing to land on a good number of them

    4. She stole dad's toolbox and flashlight and started knocking out a crawlspace hole to search for mermaids in the walls

    5. He wrestled with the man to get free, knocking him down and running

    6. The traffic in Bridgwater is bad, knocking my euphoria on the head very quickly

    7. Hammaker says the only way to stop the glaciers from knocking down our back doors within this generation or next, is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, reforest the cities and the country side

    8. Knocking loudly on the shower room door, I call out his name

    9. display of disgustingly twee kiddie birthday cards with his shoulder and knocking

    10. That first night we smoked ourselves silly, knocking back our bottled water as if it were neat vodka, becoming giddy with the sound of each other’s voices

    1. The captain almost knocks Tom over with his elbow

    2. That knocks the wind out of the interrogator’s sails

    3. To think I’d been concerned at Gilla’s apparent lack of enthusiasm for the proposed marriage! And you thought she was making the best of a bad job, settling for any man rather than none at all, Lintze! You idiot! Her delighted welcome for Caderl certainly knocks that idea on the head

    4. With a delighted smile, the child immediately knocks the bricks down again

    5. He knocks politely, coming into the room as soon as I reply

    6. It is more difficult than I anticipated but I achieve it and by the time Berndt knocks on my cabin door, I have the words firmly in my mind and am just putting the finishing touches to my appearance

    7. Unfortunately for Miss Jones there was another sun of which she had taken no account whatsoever in her long and relatively restricted life, and at seven-thirty the next morning she was rudely awakened by a series of loud knocks at her front door

    8. awakened by a series of loud knocks at her front door

    9. 10For every one that asks receives; and he that searches finds; and to him that knocks at

    10. wedding; that when he cometh and knocks at, they may open unto him immediately

    1. · Remove knickknacks and fragile items that can be knocked over inadvertently

    2. Henry knocked weakly on the closed door of the conference room

    3. “Hello, I found it,” Henry whispered again, clutching several pieces of paper in his hand as he knocked again

    4. A shadow crept over his phone and knocked it out of his hand

    5. The wind was knocked out of Silence

    6. He landed on the ceiling with a groan, just before The Operator landed on top of him and knocked the wind out of his lungs

    7. While they were on the way back to the boat she picked up a news magazine because of the headline 'Killer Asteroid on the Way?' and found that "One of Cynd's larger asteroids was knocked out of orbit by an unobserved collision forty years ago and dropped into the gravitational well of the brown dwarf

    8. But the good news is, even though the Heavenly Mother is coming thru at almost exactly the same time, we have a solution that allows them to miss the asteroid and the planet and the debris that will be knocked up by the impact

    9. knocked a double garage door in the rear wall so we could bring the odd car under

    10. Molly turns to see what has knocked me off balance

    1. There was a knock on the door frame

    2. There’s a knock on the door and he gets up, puts his ring back on

    3. The wood in the hall door was splintering and I hadn't moved a muscle since the first knock

    4. There’s a knock on the door

    5. ‘Some of us had rather a lot to drink and what started out as a race across the lake transmogrified into more of a ‘see who can knock who out of the boat’ challenge

    6. There came a knock on the door

    7. Creditors were furious, they even went so far as to knock on their door and the couple pretended to be absent! So, Alice finally got sick and tired of this all and decided to ask for a divorce

    8. I tried to knock myself unconscious, but there was not enough room to get any force into the blow

    9. I knock and within moments, it slowly creaks open revealing a chubby teenager

    10. Her knock was answered by a friendly-looking man of about her own age – Iain Sweet, the adopted father of JJ

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    knock in English

    rap tap thump whack hit pound bang beat thud tapping clang criticize criticise complain carp find fault with judge put down slam bad-mouth

    Synonyme für "knock"

    belt knock rap whack whang roast knocking bang bash smash criticise criticize pick apart strike hard bump ping pink tap thump hit pound beat thud tapping clang complain carp find fault with judge put down slam bad-mouth