daze sätze

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Daze sätze (in englisch)

  1. I was in a daze.
  2. She was in a daze.
  3. In a daze, she left.
  4. Brenda was in a daze.
  5. Travis was in a daze.

  6. I followed in a daze.
  8. Inacio moved in a daze.
  9. Merthin moved in a daze.
  10. In a daze, Paul grinned.
  11. He looked around in a daze.
  12. Tracey walked home in a daze.
  13. I’m left with only a daze.
  14. My mind was in a total daze.
  15. Then he walked away in a daze.

  16. She came out of a daze when.
  17. After he left, she sat in a daze.
  18. I walked from the room in a daze.
  19. Peter looked up at him in a daze.
  20. I was once, she said in a daze.
  21. In a numbed daze he shook his head.
  22. Janet seemed in a daze as she replied.
  23. I shook off my daze and charged again.
  24. Michael was in a daze ; he had never.
  25. The bark snapped the Fife from his daze.

  26. She stared at my hand in a nervous daze.
  27. What? he said, his eyes in a daze.
  28. I looked at her and drove off in a daze.
  29. I walked in a daze with Aidan next to me.
  30. The next couple of hours passed in a daze.
  31. Peter was in a daze looking out the window.
  32. Will sat with his parents still in a daze.
  33. Thomas sat at the table in a daze as his.
  34. I wrote it literally half asleep in a daze.
  35. To be honest, I was in a daze at that time.
  36. He was clearly exhausted, almost in a daze.
  37. Ryan was in a daze, a transformational daze.
  38. Thomas realized he was staring off in a daze.
  39. I got dressed and left his flat in a daze.
  40. Gomes drove on the motorway still in a daze.
  41. He just seemed to be walking about in a daze.
  42. Travis began to came out of his daze on floor.
  43. I moved in a daze to the remains of the patio.
  44. And the secretary, in a smiling daze as she.
  45. She comes out of her daze and checks her watch.
  46. She hurriedly fixed herself and sat in a daze.
  47. Take anything you want! He said in a daze.
  48. I shook my head slowly, still in a bit of a daze.
  49. He stared up at her in a daze, wonder in his eyes.
  50. Home of the famous Toad Suck Daze music festival.
  51. I lay back on the couch in a daze looking at her.
  52. Why would she spank him? he asked, in a daze.
  53. Feeling his attacker’s daze, he took his chance.
  54. He looked at his parents in daze and then shouted.
  55. He was in a daze and reluctantly loosened his grip.
  56. In the same acute daze they went back to Nottingham.
  57. This had left Charlie in a daze for a moment or two.
  58. The rest of the morning was a daze until 11:55 when.
  59. Di Yang eyes were in a daze and he could not hear him.
  60. Wisdom was still in a daze when he came off the train.
  61. Richard snapped out of his daze and focused on Melissa.
  62. With a daze of thoughts shuffling through his mind, he.
  63. I slowly walked to him while he stared at me in a daze.
  64. She was restless as she started to come out of the daze.
  65. In my daze, I realized that Artemis was no longer with me.
  66. Amid my daze, I answered Him, They all have disappeared.
  67. After I came out of my temporary daze, I decided the best.
  68. Stil half in a daze Josef started for the dais, where the.
  69. She seemed in a daze, caused by New York as well as Marilyn.
  70. The twenty blocks separating me from my apartment were a daze.
  71. I walked out of the hospital in a daze and just kept walking.
  72. She walked down the street in a great daze of wonder of what.
  73. Samantha was now in a daze, imagining that Red Fox was alive.
  74. Newt had finally snapped out of his daze and pushed Gally away.
  75. It was Christina! She stood in a wobbly daze on the back lawn.
  76. Richard woke up and looked around at his surroundings in a daze.
  77. Harry was in a daze as he walked slowly back to his work station.
  78. I was in a daze, but thank God, there were other hunters at the.
  79. In a daze I walked through the house, wading through destruction.
  80. He rose as if in a daze, found a space on the floor and sat down.
  81. Josef must have retired into another daze, for suddenly his arms.
  82. No, that’s it, Jeff replied trying to snap out of his daze.
  83. I watched in a daze as Ray flashed some form of ID at Principal Wood.
  84. Doug’s front door opened and he walked out onto his porch in a daze.
  85. The children, seemingly in a daze, were dressed in their Sunday best.
  86. The daze of death has come in truth: This is what you tried to evade.
  87. Mei Yinxue was in a daze now and she found herself a cool shade to sit.
  88. He felt in a daze, as if he was watching all this happen to a stranger.
  89. Slowly, the questions that needed to be answered crept through the daze.
  90. In a daze of small considerations, I watched her slip on the silk dress.
  91. I was exhausted and sat down on the nearest bench in an emotional daze.
  92. His wits were stil very much with him; they pierced the catatonic daze.
  93. I’ve heard rumors you are often seen sitting in your office in a daze.
  94. Yeah, right, Chuck whispered, staring at the wooden steps in a daze.
  95. Employees, their worst fears now confirmed, were moving around in a daze.
  96. I was still in my daze mode when the doctor said, Congratulations, Mr.
  97. I lived many of my days in a daze because I was tired so much of the time.
  98. In a daze I looked upward and saw that Kuri had a hold of one of my hands.
  99. Meanwhile, Sam was in the forest near the temple wandering around in a daze.
  100. The man seemed clearly to be in a daze and not in full control of his limbs.
  1. Stamped on his head dazing him.
  2. His attack carried all the dazing demoralization of a surprize on the rear.
  3. No that’s not true he flashed his gleaming smile, dazing me momentarily.
  4. It was at that instant that Steele hit him, violently, across the temple with the butt of his heavy sword, dazing him almost to the point of losing consciousness.
  1. I was dazed and groggy.
  2. I sat on the bed dazed.
  3. He appeared to be dazed.
  4. He felt dazed and dis-.
  5. He took it like one dazed.
  6. I was silent, shocked, dazed.
  7. He rolled to the sand dazed.
  8. Justin was dazed and bruised.
  9. But I was too dazed to move.
  10. Dazed, I stared at my account.
  11. Leaving me dazed and confused.
  12. Larson lies on his back, dazed.
  13. The dazed store employee was.
  14. He had a dazed look about him.
  15. Dazed from his fall, he made.
  16. But her friend was still dazed.
  17. Pete nodded again, looking dazed.
  18. He looked dazed, the poor thing.
  19. He was dazed and confused, and.
  20. Ferdy Chicken was a little dazed.
  21. She stood, dazed and heartbroken.
  22. He fell to the floor, half dazed.
  23. Jim was dazed and confused, but.
  24. Dazed and off-balance, he rol ed.
  25. The driver was dazed, but not out.
  26. I was still dazed from the beating.
  27. I head for home, dazed and confused.
  28. Dazed, she sat up and looked at Lee.
  29. She was pale and her eyes were dazed.
  30. He stood back up, dazed and confused.
  31. Meanwhile, Andrastus still was dazed.
  32. No wonder they looked lost and dazed.
  33. Her face was a blank, dazed stare ….
  34. Wolf cocked a dazed eye at his rescuer.
  35. Dazed and confused she opened her eyes.
  36. Louie would emerge dazed and bleeding.
  37. I could see that he was dazed himself.
  38. What the hell? He was dazed and.
  39. Steve stared, and dazed at the traffic.
  40. Haven still felt disoriented and dazed.
  41. The locals were dazed, unsure what to do.
  42. Lazar stood beside her, he appeared dazed.
  43. Zoleka was dazed when it was time to sleep.
  44. Dazed and confused I walked into her house.
  45. Carroll knew he appeared dazed and confused.
  46. He was staring at me with a dazed expression.
  47. Denton got up, not dazed, but a little weary.
  48. Dazed, I could neither resist nor assist him.
  49. The glory of my success dazed me completely.
  50. The enemy was amazed, dazed, completely fazed.
  51. Joe fell sideways and for a moment was dazed.
  52. As it was, I was still dazed, but I could see.
  53. Brunno was dazed momentarily but when he got.
  54. The council members sat with dazed expressions.
  55. Dazed, Hanor took a while to gain his bearings.
  56. For a moment I was stunned, too dazed to move.
  57. I went to the kitchen, all dazed and bummed-out.
  58. There everybody else met them in a dazed state.
  59. A bloodied Bolt wakes up, looks about him, dazed.
  60. The man was dazed, the woman clutching her elbow.
  61. Hit them when they’re dazed after an impact.
  62. What was that for? I asked a little dazed.
  63. He stood feeling dazed and helpless, like a child.
  64. Emily was dazed and trying to crawl away from him.
  65. Stunned, I stared at him in a sort of dazed shock.
  66. For a moment Walter could only stare at her, dazed.
  67. Kifter looked dazed, his thoughts on other matters.
  68. He turned his head looking dazed and confused and.
  69. The men and women looked dazed and unbearably tense.
  70. Leoba looked thin and tired and her eyes were dazed.
  71. That makes some sort of sense to me in my dazed state.
  72. Dazed, as in a dream, he gazed at this vision supreme.
  73. The paramedics helped the dazed girl to the stretcher.
  74. I took them hesitantly, still dazed by his statement.
  75. Still dazed and somewhat confused, the group take in.
  76. And then, suddenly, I was silent, dazed by the light.
  77. They looked back at the apparition with dazed smiles.
  78. Pain made him sick and dazed, but his brain was clear.
  79. Theo emerged dazed from the meeting room of the mosque.
  80. He was dazed as though he was moving slowly in a dream.
  81. Who wouldn't? Darkburst replied, dazed at the thought.
  82. What are you talking about? Ben said, still dazed.
  83. Just a little dazed and confused, she replied as St.
  84. She wore a necklace with a star, says Devon, dazed.
  85. Maybe he was still dazed from the punch Jesse gave him.
  86. Dazed, she walked to the nearest sofa and sat down slowly.
  87. He seems dazed, stunned, his hair and clothes disheveled.
  88. The men in the room were dazed by the audacity of the plan.
  89. Dazed by the miraculous incident, he had not expected to.
  90. I was dazed but more than that, I was petrified with fear.
  91. Her eyes were wide open but they had a dazed look to them.
  92. The Ares folks got up, and Clarisse muttered a dazed curse.
  93. Civilians walked past the camp, eyes dazed, hands in fists.
  94. Arlene was more than star struck, she was completely dazed.
  95. He walked back to the house in a dazed sense of wonderment.
  96. Dazed, she rose again, only to be slammed down even harder.
  97. Through the fifth round, Louis seemed dazed and ineffective.
  98. The pigeons are usually half-starved, dehydrated, dazed and.
  99. For a moment he was dazed, unprepared for the sudden attack.
  100. He couldn’t shake the image of the smug, dazed look on Mr.
  1. It snapped us out of our respective dazes, and we.

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