muddle sätze

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Muddle sätze (in englisch)

  1. Here's a fine muddle.
  2. Someone was in a muddle.
  3. Muddle in the Middle East.
  4. The bridge writhed; everything was a muddle.
  5. Half the adventure is making it up as you muddle along.

  6. Stebelkov said," I added finally; "he talks in a sort of muddle.
  7. Yet somehow, through the muddle and confusion these creatures had.
  8. We are all in a muddle over there now and all through your science.
  9. I was going to check with the motor muddle but I never got around to it.
  10. You can transmute love, ignore it, muddle it, but you can never pull it out of you.
  11. Ah, Avdotya Romanovna, everything is in a muddle now; not that it was ever in very good order.
  12. It shows us what unquestionably leads to misery or happiness – we don’t have to muddle around.
  13. Then, wake him up a half hour earlier than you have been and let him muddle along at his own pace.
  14. Germans, and everyone was convinced that a dangerous muddle had been occasioned by the sausage eaters.
  15. Spiraling in for a closer look, Smitty saw a muddle of yellow rectangular boxes, jostling on the surface.

  16. Combine lemon wedges, mint sprigs, green chillies, ginger, black salt and muddle the ingredients with a muddler.
  17. As the main supplier you should have called us to reach a sensible distribution plan to avoid this muddle, he said.
  18. There are many more variations that could occur, but in the muddle of the middle, color and/or name do not mean much.
  19. What had really been cruel was the terrible muddle his papers and letters had got into owing to her prolonged absence.
  20. My eyes scanned the area for an escape route, but that was about the only path wide enough for the Jeep to muddle through.
  21. While the torpedo-carrying Beauforts were struggling against the continuing ground muddle, Bomber Command finally came to life.
  22. Unable to cope with the muddle of questions inundating her, Karla decided to go to bed and sleep on it before it drove her crazy.
  23. But to avoid a muddle I will, before describing the catastrophe, explain the actual fact, and for the last time anticipate the order of events.
  24. Lorentz wanted to ask him too, but held back since he believed there is nothing much he could extract from anyone, since they themselves were in a muddle.
  25. People’s innate optimism and the financial industry’s marketing machines have been able to muddle these messages, thereby slowing the lure of passive investing.

  26. She has some sort of nervous fits, almost every day, and they are destroying her memory so that afterwards she forgets everything that's just happened, and is always in a muddle over time.
  27. The children and the coppers, the coppers and the children, were mingled together in an utterly incomprehensible muddle, from which every one withdrew baffled, after vain efforts to understand.
  28. Less frankly, and indeed hiding my innermost yearnings, I told her, I did not believe this unfortunate muddle, whatever its outcome, would affect our relationship and we would arrange to see each other soon enough.
  29. There's a regular muddle, and, above all, superstition, scandal; there's as much scandal among us as among you, you know; a little more in fact, and spying, indeed, for we have our secret police department where private information is received.
  30. Unfortunately, as with most tech oriented people, fixing people was the lesser of their skills, and sometimes, it was just best to let people muddle through their own issues rather than have an outside force step in and try to influence things.
  31. You'll spoil it if you do, for the interest of the story is more in the minds than in the actions of the people, and it will be all a muddle if you don't explain as you go on, said Meg, who firmly believed that this book was the most remarkable novel ever written.
  32. And Semyon Ivanovitch went on talking in this way at great length about being a poor man, about his sister-in-law and about roubles, and kept repeating the same thing over and over again to impress it on his audience till he got into a regular muddle and relapsed into silence.
  33. Given the problem of how to muddle a man so that he will be unable to discriminate between two antagonistic conceptions that have been taught to him since his childhood, one could never have devised anything more effectual than the education of every young man in our so-called Christian society.
  34. This was the party of the elders, reasonable men experienced and capable in state affairs, who, without sharing any of those conflicting opinions, were able to take a detached view of what was going on at the staff at headquarters and to consider means of escape from this muddle, indecision, intricacy, and weakness.
  35. Had the Russian army been alone without any allies, it might perhaps have been a long time before this consciousness of mismanagement became a general conviction, but as it was, the disorder was readily and naturally attributed to the stupid Germans, and everyone was convinced that a dangerous muddle had been occasioned by the sausage eaters.
  36. The fact was he had begun instinctively to guess that Lebeziatnikov was not merely a commonplace simpleton, but, perhaps, a liar, too, and that he had no connections of any consequence even in his own circle, but had simply picked things up third-hand; and that very likely he did not even know much about his own work of propaganda, for he was in too great a muddle.
  37. The fact was he had begun instinctively to guess that Lebeziatnikov was not merely a commonplace simpleton, but, perhaps, a liar, too, and that he had no connections of any consequence even in his own circle, but had simply picked things up third‐hand; and that very likely he did not even know much about his own work of propaganda, for he was in too great a muddle.
  38. In ten days the Easter recess would be over, and he was due in the House of Lords, where he had been put down for a speech on the Home Rule Bill from the point of view of simple faith, and how was he to leave things in this muddle at home, and how was he to have the peace of mind, the empty clarity, appropriate to a proper approach of the measure if his inward eye went roving away to Redchester all the time and to the increasing confusion on his study table?
  1. Rather than muddling through years of.
  2. Muddling through the present within our grasp.
  3. He cleared his throat to stop the phlegm from muddling his voice.
  4. He wants to get rid of the smell that's been muddling up his mind and making it so hard to think clearly.
  5. The young teen comes to the conclusion that the adults, despite their assigned roles and titles, have not figured out much and are just muddling through.
  6. But if the qualities appertaining to either point of view are not studied separately, the result is confusion and the "muddling through" method so common in our schools of art.
  7. The muddling thing was, was that it definitely wasn’t Hungary; Mark was sure of that and given that Mark and himself were of the same opinion, conversation on that point had ceased.
  8. Who could tell which of them was to blame, and which was in debt to the other, with their crazy Karamazov way of muddling things so that no one could make head or tail of it? He attributed the tragic crime to the habits that had become ingrained by ages of serfdom and the distressed condition of Russia, due to the lack of appropriate institutions.
  9. Muddling in panic, he pulled on the wrong chord,.
  1. We muddled along well enough.
  2. I am awfully muddled, awfully.
  3. I've muddled him with some one else.
  4. Each time they came out more muddled.
  5. Unlike the water, his mind was muddled.
  6. His talk was altogether rather muddled.
  7. Now if you are still muddled deep within.
  8. But again, the line of the law is muddled.
  9. The muddled track of all those tears.
  10. I guess I'm still a bit muddled from sleep.
  11. Events are muddled; they’re all out of line.
  12. My business would have muddled on for a while.
  13. That muddled approach seemed to influence Rahul too.
  14. My impressionable gelatin plate was getting muddled.
  15. So, I thought, my brain still muddled with exhaustion.
  16. The man’s usually-cheerful, bright brown eyes are muddled.
  17. Muddled, she crossed to the rear door and turned the handle.
  18. Watery eyes eventually opened, muddled emotions stirring her.
  19. This fluid can become thick and can become muddled with debris.
  20. It was like they’d all been opened and the contents muddled up.
  21. The cards can end up muddled and not provide you with a clear message.
  22. The idea of it, the pure idea, not the troubled muddled thing itself.
  23. It being early morning, and me being a poor sleeper, my muddled mind.
  24. He used violent language, accused Smerdyakov, and was fearfully muddled.
  25. He wanted to clarify his muddled thoughts and feelings by writing them out.
  26. I muddled through the day and the crew appeared happier than they had ever.
  27. Before she could gather her muddled thoughts together, her stepfather stood.
  28. Dane’s eyes narrowed as an earlier thought crept into his mind, still muddled.
  29. Sitting up groggily, my muddled wits returning to me, I came to two realisations.
  30. I think you’ve got the rules muddled up in that funny little wizard’s head.
  31. And they have so muddled things up that there is no telling a fool from a wise man.
  32. I just asked a simple question, and now my thoughts are even more muddled than before.
  33. Danglars saw in the muddled look of the tailor the progress of his intoxication, and turning.
  34. Unable to concentrate its forces on America, the British muddled along with the forces they had.
  35. His hair was muddled, his eyes sleepy but stil he looked cuter than I have remembered him to be.
  36. As a sentinel, he’d learned spells that muddled the mind, but not any that reversed such a state.
  37. The script works in a classic three-act structure but Andy's initial motivations are slightly muddled.
  38. The drug in his vein had muddled his mind, but now he remembered; everything was suggestion and mind games.
  39. The news at first was muddled and she initially believed I’d been in an accident and had injured my foot.
  40. It wasn’t exactly true, but my thoughts were so muddled because of my overwhelming attraction towards Ethan.
  41. He refined his muddled thoughts to the point where he doubted that she was the Yingolian ghost for two reasons.
  42. As to your little installments, with the interest, why, there's no end to 'em; one gets quite muddled over 'em.
  43. It is when our goals are muddled and our motivations are conflicting that we become frustrated and ineffective.
  44. Hal pushed his chair back with a scrape, got up, and paced the kitchen, trying to sort out his muddled thoughts.
  45. What's more,' he added, 'Cordelia's got me so muddled I don't know what's in the catechism and what she's invented.
  46. So many other people and animals had overladen it with their effluvia that it became a muddled mess I could not read.
  47. He withdrew to his study with the major’s personal life and emerged at nine pm with a muddled brain succumbing to sleep.
  48. As she muddled around the maze of tables to leave, the plates of hot seafood were delivered by an attractive Bahamian girl.
  49. I didn’t know it was a wig, was the only stupid-ass thing I could think to say, still muddled by hormones and blood loss.
  50. So we muddled along but it was still hard we each had three nights with him and on Sundays as he does to this day he slept alone.
  51. The fluid which lubricates the eye and reduces friction between the lid and the eyeball can become thick and muddled with debris.
  52. He was so muddled and bewildered that on getting home he sat for a quarter of an hour on the sofa, trying to collect his thoughts.
  53. They repeated it again and again, but it got muddled each time until finally they shouted out the words one by one and I heard them.
  54. It had become muddled in her head, and the only things she had focused on were escaping, protecting the Coalition, and killing Jevan.
  55. The old people were obviously muddled for a moment, and did not quite know whether it was they who were in love again or their daughter.
  56. You were a bit, shall we say, under the influence last night, and I know your memories are a bit muddled as a result of the mind probing.
  57. The suicide versus homicide question became muddled when evidence indicated the gun was too far away when it was fired to have been a suicide.
  58. I knew that she would perhaps be muddled and not take it all in exactly, but I knew, too, that she would grasp the gist of it, very well indeed.
  59. When he flipped to the screens concerning her personal history, though, things became clearer, or more muddled, depending on how you looked at it.
  60. Bubbala was in trouble, as usual, she’d written notes to herself to remind herself what day it was and what she was doing but had got them muddled up.
  61. L Slept with another woman apart from Corsatas but l don’t love Anastasia the woman practically forced me into loving her Zion said sounding very muddled.
  62. The little they had said had been so thoroughly unsound and muddled and yet dangerous, that if they one and all emigrated to-morrow England would only be the better.
  63. He ate at odd hours, muddled from head to toe, and he did so in a corner in the kitchen, barely answering the occasional questions asked by Santa Sofía de la Piedad.
  64. With memories of the muddled banana song, tears would run into the folds of raucous faces and overflow with ke so-se all of us: ‘and God save us all’ to their ears.
  65. It all looks rather muddled to us at present— but once we take the map over to the castle and study it there, we may be able to make out how to get down to the hidden dungeons.
  66. So, from valuation levels similar to those of early 2003, the stock market has sometimes done very well in the ensuing 10 years, sometimes poorly, and muddled along the rest of the time.
  67. He seemed rather thoughtful and absent-minded, spoke jerkily and ungrammatically, transposing words in rather a strange way, and getting muddled if he attempted a sentence of any length.
  68. And it is not only confusing for the reader ; even I, the author, am beginning to get muddled by the difiiculty of explaining each step without explaining what led up to it and induced me to take it.
  69. Supposing it had been to some extent muddled, and some revelations had been, as it were, a little delirious and incoherent, he had not, of course, prepared to deliver a speech when he invited me the day before.
  70. He was getting rather muddled about it himself, and presently he retired into a corner, where he could be heard muttering, 'Learn 'em, teach 'em, teach 'em, learn 'em!' till the Badger told him rather sharply to leave off.
  71. Everything has been spoiled, everything muddled, everybody thought they knew better than I did, and now you come to me! How mend matters? There is nothing to mend! The principles laid down by me must be strictly adhered to, said he, drumming on the table with his bony fingers.
  72. No doubts were possible! This animal, this monster, this natural phenomenon that had puzzled the whole scientific world, that had muddled and misled the minds of seamen in both hemispheres, was, there could be no escaping it, an even more astonishing phenomenon—a phenomenon made by the hand of man.
  73. He muddled up the stage-boxes with the gallery, the pit with the boxes; asked for explanations, did not understand them; was sent from the box-office to the acting-manager; came back to the inn, returned to the theatre, and thus several times traversed the whole length of the town from the theatre to the boulevard.
  74. This caused them unimaginable distractions, upheavals, confusion, and suffering in general that would not be at all necessary if they only had been appropriately educated from the time they were little tots about the dangers of their massive burgeoning egos dominated by a congested stream of interminable, muddled thoughts.
  75. So I made up my mind finally that it would be best to talk, but to talk stupidly—that is, to talk and talk and talk—to be in a tremendous hurry to explain things, and in the end to get muddled in my own explanations, so that my listener would walk away without hearing the end, with a shrug, or, better still, with a curse.
  76. The fucking POINT is… when you put the words together: Princep’s statement seems to express the muddled illogical thinking of an ignorant young boy who had swallowed a certain political dogma, and was merely repeating what he had been taught… and was belatedly professing his naïve innocence of the realization of the consequences of his own actions.
  77. Some of them were so muddled with beer, and others so besotted with admiration of their Liberal and Tory masters, that they were oblivious of the misery of their own lives, and in a similar way, Owen was so much occupied in trying to rouse them from their lethargy and so engrossed in trying to think out new arguments to convince them of the possibility of bringing.
  78. Incidentally the murder of Lizaveta served indeed to confirm the last hypothesis: a man commits two murders and forgets that the door is open! Finally, the confession, at the very moment when the case was hopelessly muddled by the false evidence given by Nikolay through melancholy and fanaticism, and when, moreover, there were no proofs against the real criminal, no suspicions even (Porfiry Petrovitch fully kept his word)--all this did much to soften the sentence.
  79. When a society begins to lose its moral compass or becomes less critical of questionable points of views or unseemly behavior that diminishes an individual‘s intellectual and moral character, however, and when principled and far-sighted judgments(s) become increasingly muddled and uncertain and when that society fails to exercise reasonable discretion by indiscriminately embracing every hare-brained idea for tolerance sake or taking every (novel) proposition at its face value without giving serious thought to the matter and when an individual, lest he or she be perceived as close-minded or confrontational, remains on the sidelines as a casual observer rather than an active participant, such actions or inactions, whatever the case may be, must inevitably usher the moral and intellectual decline of that society.
  80. Hast thou dared to utter such words in my presence and in that of these illustrious ladies? Hast thou dared to harbour such gross and shameless thoughts in thy muddled imagination? Begone from my presence, thou born monster, storehouse of lies, hoard of untruths, garner of knaveries, inventor of scandals, publisher of absurdities, enemy of the respect due to royal personages! Begone, show thyself no more before me under pain of my wrath; and so saying he knitted his brows, puffed out his cheeks, gazed around him, and stamped on the ground violently with his right foot, showing in every way the rage that was pent up in his heart; and at his words and furious gestures Sancho was so scared and terrified that he would have been glad if the earth had opened that instant and swallowed him, and his only thought was to turn round and make his escape from the angry presence of his master.
  1. Muddles, grief for Mamma.
  2. Then we're outside the law; rent explains nothing for us, but simply muddles us.
  3. How one muddles up sound sometimes! So I lost my temper, and I went on the chance to the address bureau next day, and only fancy, in two minutes they looked you up! Your name is down there.
  4. One burly fellow stops in front of Cap, and then muddles,.

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