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    1. He was arrested for crimen injuria I think (criminal defamation) but I believe he was found innocent

    2. a publication of information is false, then a tort of defamation might have

    3. After the mop-bucket incident she tried suing both the janitorial company and the mop bucket for slander and malicious defamation of character

    4. We walked in to court that morning and thankfully former 60 minutes reporter Geoff Carlton I think it was had some defamation case going so the tv cameras stayed away and focused on that

    5. Additionally, they successfully defended themselves against a defamation lawsuit brought against a company affiliated with Belgium’s king

    6. mention all the defamation of character he had to endure

    7. crimination, defamation, abuse and baseless al egations

    8. This was clearly an act of defamation on the part of Sonam

    9. Moreover, they fabricated great defamation against Mary although they heard the speech of our Master Jesus (cpth) in the cradle

    10. Probably, the white man are fighting back to avenge the destruction and defamation of their Sodomic religion and enclave that incurred the wrath of God, according to the word of God

    11. filled with ridiculous defamation and defamation it is because they can’t prove what they declare is true

    12. Pain and pleasure, success and failure, fame and defamation -- all is accidental

    13. Kennedy denied shooting anyone, claimed that the man in the gas station video wasn’t him, and that he was going to sue the city for defamation of character

    14. And as he waxed in years the youth destroyed his creations, which already seemed to him a vile defamation of his ever-present dreams

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    aspersion calumny defamation denigration slander calumniation hatchet job obloquy traducement disgrace blame infamy censure