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Blame in einem Satz (in englisch)

I do not blame him.
No one is to blame.
I did not blame him.
I am myself to blame.
You are not to blame.
You can't be to blame.
Not that I blame them.

Oh, I don't blame him.
She only was to blame.
Oh! do not blame Zina.
No one would blame you.
There is no blame here.
And the blame? As I am.
Who have thou to blame?
I cant blame her there.
No one is to blame here.
I could hardly blame her.
Dunk could not blame him.
As always I blame no one.
Don't blame it on Borka.
I needed someone to blame.
Simon could not blame him.
Not that I could blame him.
Not that he’d blame her.
By cock, she was to blame.
I can’t say I blame him.
You can't blame the child.
I can’t say I blame her.
Just blame it all on me.
You have yourself to blame.
There was no blame or fault.
And I couldn’t blame him.
You can hardly blame him.
She did not blame her son.
Who can blame the public?
Don’t blame it on her.
And yet I cannot blame you.
Can't say as I blame him.
How can they blame us?
She didn’t even blame Eva.
I was not blaming her.
Stop blaming the victim, bears.
Stop always blaming the horse.
And I swear by the blaming soul.
I don’t want you blaming yourself.
So as long as he blaming you, Hazel.
But no one would think of blaming you.
What you blaming us for? he said.
And Puller was blaming himself for that.
They were blaming God for the hurricane.
I’m not blaming you, not any more.
Instead of blaming himself, he blamed his.
They were blaming themselves for his death.
He knew he had to stop blaming himself for.
The press is blaming it on organized crime.
Eve blaming Satan, who was at this time sliding.
Become aware that you’re blaming others: the.
What! You’re blaming me for all of this?!.
Stop blaming others for this being that stares at.
A guard was shot and killed, and they're blaming me.
He suddenly frowned, as if blaming himself for his.
Then they turned to one another, blaming one another.
Stop blaming the world for problems you have created;.
I had been blaming the world, both for my past and my.
My work is about uncovering the truth and blaming the.
We can’t go on pointing fingers and blaming each other.
You're blaming yourself or others for all the woes that.
Blaming the young was the simplest thing to do as self-.
As these numbers indicate, Democrats blaming Republicans.
He was blaming himself, just what he said he wouldn’t do.
They’re still blaming it on the father, Marie said.
She too has turned against you, blaming you for the smear.
Instead of blaming themselves: they blamed their own hands.
We are always blaming something or someone for our actions.
Don’t you go blaming that on him, Carl said sternly.
Our job involves finding them, not blaming them on someone.
Blaming your actions for their abusive or unhealthy behavior.
I excused his behavior, blaming the mood swings on the new.
I’ll bet that type of blaming happens to a lot of pastors.
Not that I blamed him.
He is not to be blamed.
He blamed Kamil for it.
Some of us have blamed.
I blamed myself for not.
Not that Joey blamed him.
He blamed me for the fight.
Can’t say as I blamed him.
The rapists have blamed the.
The man blamed it on the woman.
Could anyone have blamed me?
They would be blamed for any.
He’d blamed Crass, who had.
Parker, not that I blamed him.
And he was being blamed for it.
The mother still blamed herself.
She hadn’t blamed him, really.
I can‘t say that I blamed him.
Some blamed us for his condition.
They all hated and blamed Rushton.
She blamed this on Tammas as well.
Alf blamed Dob for his late arrival.
I? You’ve blamed the wrong man.
Oh no! But I thought you blamed me.
Well, it's blamed mean—that's all.
I always blamed myself for her death.
The electrician was blamed and fined.
For absent items some had blamed him.
He blamed this on organized religion.
The government blamed it on the heat.
On whom this noise should be blamed!.
He blamed himself for not being able.
Father Ashley blamed it on the drains.
In no way can the righteous be blamed.
Can’t say as I blamed them for that.
And the bush blamed it on the Democrats.
When Eve was asked she blamed the Devil.
She did not blame him: she blamed life.
The doctors blamed it on coffee and dip.
I blamed none of those who repulsed me.
He blames society for it.
He blames everybody else for it.
And he blames the victim….
A poor workman always blames his tools.
He still blames me for Myfanwy’s loss.
He blames you for his mother’s exile.
Pyotr Alexandrovitch here blames me too.
She blames me for bringing attention to you.
She probably blames me that she’s sterilized.
Stallman blames the injury on a tendon in his left.
She's the one who doesn't listen, and she blames me.
He blames Barrons and me equally for his transformation.
He blames the duty laid upon him for his mother's death.
Who blames me? Many, no doubt; and I shall be called discontented.
Not physically, but the poor child blames herself for the accident.
Here at least one blames others for everything and excuses oneself.
Johnny blames his problems on me somewhat, but mostly on his father.
He then blames his luck when he does not secure the things he weakly.
Yes, Liza, one must first learn to live oneself before one blames others!.
My cousin, the current Khan of Anahuac blames me for his mother’s death.
Even the captain blames herself for what happened, Imbrahim pointed out.
The people blames God for the existing misery but the plan was voted by demons.
But he blames you still for the death of your mother, the dark force that killed her.
But what if she blames me for causing her to be ban and want to come after me?!.
He says he's been setup and he blames you, his privacy consultant, for the whole thing.
Only a victim who blames everything and everyone else for all his failures sees no options.
Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.
He can live -- even though he blames himself for the death of thousands -- but, if he lost you.
Although she feels alternately angry and depressed, she blames no one but herself for this situation.
If there is the slightest indication he blames us, we will slip quietly out and return home, I said.
The friend who witnessed the abuse against Anna’s kitten blames herself for not contacting the authorities.
He only blames injustice who, owing to cowardice or age or some weakness, has not the power of being unjust.
May I speak quite freely, and will you remember that it's Mother who blames as well as Mother who sympathizes?
He and his brother survived only because they were in Londal at the time, and I’ve no doubt that he blames himself.
When I go underwater I always end up with an ear infection and then Victor blames me because I don’t close my ear flaps.
Tula blames you for all these calamities and do not cease to repeat it to any place she goes and to those who want to hear her.
Now Ambrosius blames me, Arthur went on, said I should have been here to protect her, and I’ve thought about it, long and hard.
Notice she blames God for the situation? Please go into my maid or have sexual relations with my maid; perhaps I'll obtain children by her.
Notice she blames God for the situation? Please go into my maid, or have sexual relations with my maid; perhaps I'll obtain children by her.
Is it possible that he’s angry for the same reason you think Lester is? Because Laws got out of prison and killed Cassie? And he blames you?

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