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    1. She went to bed in late October of 2278, but had she been suspended while the expedition departed? Was this some kind of delayed punishment for stowing away on that base the first time? Could that ship be the Presidente Lula, last of the sleeperships? Could she have been suspended so long that it was here already? It wasn't due to arrive for another sixty years

    2. The guru wastes all our time complaining about delayed fees

    3. Then I hear something that's like an answer to an unspoken prayer, "The preparations for the ceremony have been delayed, due to the heavy rain

    4. "'Analysis of the data was delayed until priorities involving separation were completed

    5. It was hot and busy and I groaned aloud when I heard that my 2230 flight was delayed by almost an hour

    6. My flight was delayed

    7. He would have been out before dark if the Colonel had not delayed him

    8. kept getting delayed in the courts, so she couldn’t put

    9. Alastair is home before me; the trains were delayed yet again

    10. Even so, they were delayed by traffic on a big bridge that reached from an inner ring island, to the main island near the edge of the caldera wall, allowing motor vehicle access to a road system that reached all over the island

    11. She glanced up as Chrissie joined the group; her eyes derisive as though she knew exactly what Chrissie had been delayed doing and considered it ridiculous

    12. He had regular business to conduct that detained him in some of those offices and many of the ladies with private workspace delayed him for the skills of his hands, one fringe benefit of life at the Kassikan he still allowed himself to indulge in

    13. the crossing for communications that absolutely must not be delayed

    14. It was a late morning start; delayed by breakfast and

    15. Then as it was anticipated, though far more delayed than expected, Tania and Poly at last stood on the dock one morning refusing to budge without some explanation

    16. She revisited the evening in the city when they left the theater and were delayed momentarily by that band of four louts

    17. “Actually it is the reason for our being delayed in joining you here

    18. If she delayed a minute more, they would never know she was even there

    19. The flight arrival information board updated and blurted out in red: DELAYED – MH370

    20. "I am sorry," said I, "but the matter cannot be delayed

    21. Later the same day, they found themselves delayed

    22. He proceeded on Hgenattas toward the circle, but it was crowded and he was often delayed

    23. "Honestly, I don't know what has delayed them so long, especially now that I know where they were

    24. They were delayed there for a week by monsoon, there was nothing to do but women with the beach rained out

    25. I had adroitly delayed the

    26. the matter could not be delayed

    27. “What failure? I told you that the storm delayed us… My point is that they gave that

    28. But he very soon was delayed again, when he happened to catch a glimpse of a certain shifty Argonian meandering near the marketplace

    29. “…No,” Was the delayed and leaden reply, “I…I’m quite confident that it’s lingering guilt rather than worry

    30. Justice, too, might frequently be delayed, in order that this present might be repeated

    31. That’s why the orgasm was delayed despite his desperate need

    32. Seeing that he was blockaded, with repairs delayed and with the

    33. Surgery and radiation delayed the inevitable but damaged the language areas of her brain

    34. The following day Simmonds received a communiqué, amongst the thousands of delayed messages on a standard channel, passed to him by his private secretary to his wafer-stand comm-link – providing a comfortable separation (and could easily be turned away from his focus if the caller got heated)

    35. Justice delayed is Justice denied or so say the long hair liberals

    36. Slikit returned to the burrow in a dejected mood, knowing that he would have to tell Soffen about Brock's disappearance, but he delayed, frightened of what her reaction might be

    37. It never delayed the groups long enough and it was not unknown for two or more groups to combine when needed

    38. They had delayed me for more than an hour with their uncalled for visit and the spoor went cold because of it

    39. "Cold War extremism delayed rather than hastened the end of the Soviet Union

    40. Although in some instances our government has failed to fulfill its stated promises or delayed its intended designs, the slavery issue quickly comes to mind, our Constitution has proven itself an instrument worthy of our considered opinion(s); a potential source of unrecognized events whose material and spiritual prospects, properly regarded, are possible

    41. “It came as kind of a delayed shock

    42. What: By his principled opposition to slavery (though he felt bound by the Constitution's recognition of it) Van Buren delayed both a war of aggression with Mexico to expand slavery and the genocide of California Indians that followed

    43. In fact, Reagan delayed and turned down negotiations that Soviet leaders wanted back in 1981

    44. Her long-overdue departure to Marathon Key was further delayed so she could speak with Caroline

    45. Normally, radiation is given right after chemotherapy, but because I had been so sick, my treatment was delayed

    46. The good part of this policy is there would be no war on Native cultures, and attempts to destroy Native languages stop or are at least delayed

    47. She had been putting fire to a joint and so hoped that her startled expression had been hidden behind her hands and that her laughter, delayed until after a long draw, managed to come off as spontaneous

    48. He’s been delayed again

    49. Truman saw them and heard the time delayed thumps from a ridge northwest of town

    50. Had Joseph been delayed? Perhaps he'd had a change of heart? Could he have been discovered, exposed? She didn't know, and the suspense was making her anxious and irritable

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